Trump In Phoenix AZ Today, Biden Town Hall, Few Voters Bother To Show Up


President Trump is going to have a huge rally in Arizona today.  Meanwhile, the man who was inserted into the office via vast voter frauds holds a speech event that could barely attract flies.  Even the polls show Biden less popular the Trump at this point in time.  The Olympics began but due to so many foolish young people choosing to be annoying to everyone, few people are interested in these ‘games’.  Good riddance.  It is over with, anyways, at this point in time.  All sports and entertainment is shriveling on the vine as SJW radicals redo everything so no one will participate or watch all this silly junk they now create.



Tucker, of Fox fame, is hammering the Biden cadres who, being communists, decided to spy on him and then release private conversations he had on the phone while he arranged possible interviews!  This reminds me when the FBI used to tap into my phones periodically.  Only one time, with Special Prosecutor Giuliani, was it at my request.



The FBI ‘leaked’ these calls to the communist mainstream media so they could attack him and call him…get this…a COMMUNIST.  Russia isn’t ‘communist’ at all!  China, on the other hand, is a Maoist ‘communist’ nation that is very capitalist which is hilarious.  Meanwhile, Biden’s useless son is collecting vast bribes for daddy via his childish ‘artwork’ which is a fraud and an obvious bribe system.  Arrest Biden and his son.  Charge them with being modern ‘artists’ and thus, vandals and destroyers of civilization.



And in shut down NY City, more suicides.  This one was very sad, the poor woman felt helpless and alone so she took her little pup with her and jumped.  There was lots of blood, everywhere.  This is happening regularly in that messed up liberal city that chose to kick out Trump and Giuliani and enjoys endless riots, rising crimes, thefts out of control and murderers running riot in broad daylight.  How delightful.


I hope some of these people remember when Giuliani saved NYC and fixed everything and crimes hardly happened.  Can they remember or are liberals too brain dead to figure out obvious history lessons?


Of Singapore’s 1,096 locally transmitted infections in the last 28 days, 484, or about 44%, were in fully vaccinated people, while 30% were partially vaccinated and just over 25% were unvaccinated, Thursday’s data showed.


“There is continuing evidence that vaccination helps to prevent serious disease when one gets infected,” the health ministry said in a statement, noting fully vaccinated people generally exhibit mild symptoms or none at all.


The unvaccinated better watch out.  Anyone can carry the germs.  But vaccinated people don’t have problems with symptoms, for the most part.  There is a new variant, as happens with all viruses, so we shall see about that over time.


Singapore boasts a high vaccination rate, as 75 percent of the 5.7 million in the country have received the jab.


The Singapore Ministry of Health announced in early July that it would only count recipients of the American made Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines as vaccinated for the purposes of national statistics. Vaccinated individuals who have contracted the coronavirus are presumably recipients of one of the American products. Individuals who received other options such as Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine or one of several Chinese products officially count as unvaccinated.


Anti-vaccinationists are all over the internet howling like hungry wolves.  They stupidly think there would be no epidemic if only people did nothing.  I find that rather odd, considering that the suppression of many very deadly infectious diseases has been eliminated or reduced tremendously thanks to vaccinations for this last 250 years of vaccinating people.


Thanks 100% to vaccinating vast numbers of humans not to mention animals, has given us all much happier, safer lives.  Meanwhile, diseases mutate and change seeking their happy times which is to proliferate greatly and consume living creatures.


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32 responses to “Trump In Phoenix AZ Today, Biden Town Hall, Few Voters Bother To Show Up

  1. Zeke


    You fail to understand the NATURE of the Trump MAGA rallies.
    More ‘call and response’ religious “tent revival meeting” – they chant the same tired old slogans. They even carpool from rally to rally and even try to make ‘love connection’ hookups among the ‘faithful’.
    It’s a lot of the same ‘Front Row Joes’ traveling to each rally.
    What you misinterpret as strength in numbers is really weakness:

    “In Trump, they’d found someone whose endless thirst for a fight encouraged them to speak up for themselves, not just in politics but also in relationships and at work.
    His rallies turned arenas into modern-day tent revivals, where the preacher and the parishioners engaged in an adrenaline-fueled psychic cleansing brought on by chanting and cheering with 15,000 other like-minded loyalists.”

    Very insightful article; explains a lot.
    Of course, Biden (who I loathe) doesn’t have that schtick honed from decades in the entertainment industry.

  2. Zeke

    Try to stay ON TOPIC.

    ADHD much?

    (EMS provides interesting topics for discussion. You mostly want to disregard her topics, tear them up and throw them out, and insert your own.
    Its disrespectful and ignorant.)

  3. Jim R

    Elaine the biomedical expert.

    Question: would anybody notice if it went from a 99.997% survival rate, to a 99.999% rate?

    Another question: who is Tiffany Dover?

    Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19

    A Study by Stephanie Seneff and Greg Nigh, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Harvard University, Cambridge

    “The authors address the possible side effects of mRNA vaccines and those that have already occurred, and present the technology of the mRNA vaccine in an understandable and clear manner. The two authors focus on mRNA vaccines because these vaccines, some also talk about gene therapy, represent a completely new technology, one for which there is no prior knowledge, one that has no drug or vaccine approval whatsoever. The two mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have only conditional or emergency approvals.”

    — International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research

    … this is not about a virus.

  4. lou


  5. Zeke

    Back to Elaine’s topic:

    Yes, Trump will draw larger crowds, because he is steeped in the Entertainment Industry for so many years.
    And as that article pointed out, a lot of that crowd are essentially groupies who carpool to his events. Same people, including the “Front Row Joes” who camp out early and are there for the ‘tent revival’ aspects and chant “Build That Wall” and “Lock Her Up” for the camaraderie.

    Biden on the other hand is no ‘Mister Excitement’, no ‘Mr. Entertainment’. An empty suit prone to gaffs and stumbling over his words. He did undergo a brain operation years ago.
    Looks more like the Crypt-keeper than anything else.

    Maybe when people go into the voting booth they become more reflective and somber and less swayed by glitz and entertainment.

  6. Pertry

    Supkis has had every opportunity to research these illegal jabs.


  7. lou

    2–that rapper is the one with the Satan Shoes.

  8. Zeke

    What’s the illegality?

    The inoculations (vaccines) were approved at warp speed via Trump on an emergency basis.

    Because – the deaths and illness of the pandemic is an emergency.

  9. Zeke

    The road to serfdom and feudalism runs thru the criminal so called “‘Federal Reserve Bank”‘ and its cohort criminal Central Banks; Bank of Canada, Bank of England, ECB, etc. feeding Wall Street parasites by transfer of wealth from wage earners and savers.

  10. Pertry

    Also, D-dimer tests in COVID 19 jab recipients reflect the accuracy of these findings.

  11. People who fear vaccinations have the easiest solution: they get to get the diseases! This fixes the problem, over time. I call this ‘rough justice’.

    Look, hysteria over stories many of which are not verifiable via investigative research, is no cause to then yell, ‘Let’s all have deadly viruses run rampant’ as the ‘solution.’

    All things have risks. This disease has a 2% kill rate which is many times greater than the common flues and after tremendous efforts to stop the disease, is now greater than the very nasty Hong Kong Flu but not yet at Spanish Flu rates, so far.

    How brave of you all to hang out, feeling smug over not being vaccinated while the majority of your neighbors get vaccinated! Sheesh.

  12. snoosebomb

    i’ll feel even smugger while the majority of your neighbors die

  13. lou

    This disease has a 2% kill rate which is many times greater than the common flues…where is proof?

    And CDC does not have millions of extra dead in 2020 and 2021.

    This is not the Black Plague.

  14. Pertry


    I posted the actual research.

    Unbelievable! Gaslight much?

  15. Kemogami

    It has been known for quite a while that COVID has a kill rate of 0.15%

  16. Suit yourselves. Whistling past graveyards and all that. Anti Vaccinationists are interesting people to observe in the real world. Most entertaining for placing bets and all that.

  17. snoosebomb

    Elaine can’t answer simple questions such as ;

    why are the RNAvacceened being told to be afraid of the unvacceened when the RNAvacceen is 90+% effective ?

    why do they want 100% RNAvacceened for the first time in the history of vaccination ?

    why does the country of C-19 origin have zero RNAvacceen ?

  18. Pertry

    Except there is no “suits yourselves”. The Bilderbergs are heavily pushing forced “inoculations” as part of their world wide depopulation agenda. Thankfully, there are hundreds of thousands of “anti vaccinationists” (as Supkis likes to smear us) in the streets all over the world fighting back right now.* And “anti vaccinationists” must not be that interesting to watch because coverage of these massive events is conspicuously missing from this “so-called” news service.

    *Hint: you had better hope they succeed. “First they came for forced ‘inoculation’ resistors, and I did not speak out—because I was not a forced ‘inoculation’ resistor.” And if you think you will escape just because you live on a remote mountain you may get your own version of “rough justice”. This isn’t 476 AD.

  19. If the elites were scared of the flu shots, why did they all get these shots FIRST??? Good lord, when making up stories about this disease at least get your facts straight but then, this wrecks paranoid stories.

    Pertry: no one is going to go into heavily armed rural places to loot stuff. This is ridiculous.

    INVADERS might try this but I doubt it, personally.

  20. lou

    26– I do not use the term ‘elites’ for those in power.
    Did they take the experimental shot? I doubt that they did.

    No more than clinton ‘not inhaling’.

  21. They did. They aren’t ninnies scared of their own shadows.

    I grew up an ‘elite’ and for example, when the polio shots were being tested on children, the elites lined up us brats to get the very first shots!

  22. Pertry

    @26 So you are prepared to defend against 476 AD type threats. Good for you.

    What about New World Order depopulation using 21st century technology such as AI, drones, and biological warfare? They’ve announced they want to reduce the population to 500,000,000 by 2030. It’s goes without saying they do not intend for those folks to be independent actors living in remote areas, but rather well behaved slaves living in cities they control.

    That’s why you had better hope the “anti-vaccinationists” are successful their efforts to stop them and hold Nuremberg style tribunals before it gets to that point.

  23. Already the ‘slaves’ most of whom don’t work, in cities will RIOT and boom: all collapses. The owners of slaves need the rural people to support them in shutting down city rioters.

    I hope you figure out what happens next. History is a great place to look for information about all this.

  24. lou

    There is immunity for the MRNA gene therapy manufacturers and of course for the government. You might inquire whether your employer has sufficient liability insurance to cover the loss of your ability to work or live as a result of adverse reaction.

  25. Pertry

    Yes, I know you are fixated on history. That is why I keep warning you that it is not 476 AD, or even 1914.

    Another “great place to look for information about what happens next” is intelligence, a.k.a. “enemy plans”; e.g., Rockefeller foundation white papers, etc.

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