After Kamala Border Visit, Illegal Invasion Increases Out Of Control


As Beijing Biden collapses due to brain malfunctions, Harris is in charge of our borders.  She visited Texas and left the border even more open than before and came back to DC to praise illegal aliens openly.  Arrest both for treason!  So the invasion increased while mainstream news ignored giving us news about this invasion.  What are the Democrats doing now about all this?  Ah, attacking suburban families, demanding they have the same wretched schools and crime rates as all DNC run hell hole cities!  Suicidal actions killing our empire mirrors the collapse of the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.



Ranchers and farmers are under siege now.  They are forbidden to shoot to kill when spotting invaders.  When I was a child, we did have this right.  I, myself, used armed force when only a child to keep away invaders!  I remember when we could no longer have ‘shoot to kill’ signs.  You had to try to arrest people so I leaned how to do citizen arrests which became very useful in California and then New York, arresting criminals while keeping them locked down one way or another.


The DNC solution for crimes is to decriminalize crimes so they can claim, ‘crime is dropping’ when really, justice is falling into the ditch.  Justice is certainly in a ditch now that the DNC controls all of this:



A Democrat can kill thousands of elderly and get away with it because it is OK to kill elderly people if you are Cuomo.  This is so ridiculous.  Meanwhile, desperate Democrats turn over every rock to find something, anything, no matter how small or private, to put Trump in prison!  This is everywhere.  Rioters are released with zero charges by DNC politicians while Trump supporters are severely punished for doing far less damage and that, on extremely rare occasions.


So we have nonstop leftist riots and everyone else is increasingly angry about this twisted justice system leading to serious problems if this dual system continues thanks to DNC criminals running our country.



And the DOJ won’t investigate ANY DNC crimes at all.  No surprise to me.



The Democrats desperately hope that hiding crime stories, never reporting what is really going on, deliberately hiding descriptions of who the criminals really are, all this will give them more power thanks to lying to everyone and hiding the truth.  Meanwhile, blacks demand all sorts of goodies due to ‘history of racism’ while anti-white racism is imposed on the majority of the people who are told, they get no protection under the Civil Rights Act because…whites deserve no civil rights, of course!


This is insane and disgusting and leading to civil war.  So, Biden declares war  on suburbs while all DNC leaders live in gated communities with nearly no welfare black families to loot their richer neighbors!  These Democrats go to great lengths to avoid living anywhere near their own voter base.



Larry Elder made this movie called ‘Uncle Tom’:



Larry Elder was in the news this last week due to the DNC machine in California knocked him from running for Governor there!  He went to court, won and is back on the ballot.  Nothing enrages white Democrats more than uppity blacks who join Trump.


About ‘Uncle Tom’: the character is a hero in this anti-slavery novel by an abolitionist Victorian author, this is all so sad.  I was very fortunate to get to know, via my abolitionist ancestors in Arizona and California and NY who saved run away slaves and then pretty much ‘adopt’ them and teach them so they could become scientists like the gentleman who was 100 years old at my grandfather’s funeral, who sat down and told me how he was saved by my great grandmother at the end of the Civil War.  This was in 1958.


The DNC needs hate to grow worse and for blacks to be angry at anyone else so they are a reliable voter base for things that HURT blacks which is why marriages and children with fathers is now less than 25% of the black communities.




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3 responses to “After Kamala Border Visit, Illegal Invasion Increases Out Of Control

  1. Zeke

    Most of the crimes in cities other than D.C. by BLM George Floyd killing protestors or ‘anti-fa’ demonstrators were State Crimes; no DOJ jurisdiction.

    The attempted coup of Jan. 6 AT and INSIDE the Nation’s Capitol is a federal crime, on federal property, interfering with federal gov’t constitutional activities thus DOJ Jurisdiction.

  2. Floridasandy

    Off topic
    According to Mikovits, SARS-CoV-2 is a cloned virus manufactured in a monkey cell line and it is therefore a monkey virus. It’s the result of a bat coronavirus being grown in a Vero monkey kidney cell line known to be contaminated with retroviruses including XMRV

    Trust China, Fauci, and the spike protein out of China vaccine 🙄

  3. Germ warfare is insanity. But listen carefully: ALL powers do this! For example, the Black Death nearly 1,000 years ago, besieged cities would see diseased bodies trebucheted into the cities to bring chaos. Actually, epidemics due to sieges is common.

    This is also why stopping this disease by locking up people didn’t work, by the way.

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