Biden Can’t Speak English Clearly Anymore, Impeach Him For Incompetence


Our ‘President’ is insane.  This is easy to foresee, the DNC stuffed ballot boxes so this obviously senile old man could ‘win’ with ‘the most votes, ever, in history’ while being immensely unpopular within six months as President.  Biden is obviously brain damaged. People wanting free stuff don’t care, they want free stuff.  But the rest of us want a sane leader not a senile lunatic.  Yesterday’s video of this crazy man blurting out nonsense is a particular scary thing indeed: ‘my butt’s been what?’ he may have said.  It isn’t totally clear but then, he ‘says’ things in very odd ways these days.



One comment:


Not a fan, but I think he says “a path to what?” And they she says immigration. But who knows with him.


It is always hard to tell what he is saying anymore.  ‘My butts been wet’ is another scenario, it is very confusing.  The #1 tool of any ‘leader’ is the ability to tell people what to do and inform them about anything and everything.  This doddering old man can’t carry out this very basic function.  This is so ridiculous.



This isn’t a speech defect, this is also a memory deficit problem from hell.  Here is a silly story claiming Biden ‘stammers’ and we should feel sorry for him.  When I was a child, I had speech problems and had to have special teachers to help me articulate words.  I remember the word ‘flip’ vividly: it took forever to be able to say that pesky word!


Biden isn’t ‘stammering’ he is ‘on repeat’ where he clings to a word over and over again while desperately trying to remember the sentence he is trying to say.  This is not ‘stammering’ at all.  I had tremendous memory skills when a child and vividly remember my speech therapy lessons, too.  Biden can barely remember his wife’s name!  This is brain damage.



Turning obvious brain damage into mere speech impediments is a false story being pushed lately in desperation as the Bilderberg gang grinds their collective fangs in fury, trying to figure out, how to move Biden forwards while he is in the teeth of obvious dementia.



‘Close the door’ is what Biden says in answer to a stupid, easy question.  Inappropriate answers to softball questions leads us to think, he cannot answer real important questions when we have a crisis or are negotiating with foreign powers. He must be impeached for being impaired as well as being a creep with small girls, etc. Not to mention, soliciting bribes from foreign powers via his nasty son.



Should everyone struggle to figure out what this lunatic is saying, all the time?  In crisis, are they going to listen to this idiot?  I hope not.  But pushing this clown along is a crime, the people backing him need to be arrested for fraud.  Media covering up his obvious mental/speech problems are criminals.  Speaking of criminals, all systems run by Bilderberg gangsters are collapsing due to being ‘woke’ and thus, are all going broke.  The Olympics are the latest example of this:



Few patriots left so there are few viewers watching whiners whine.  The US isn’t doing too hot at the Olympics this time around so there is no need to show apathy, it is going to be a good strategic action in this case.



Germany collapses regularly.  Every third generation, it appears.  This is sad to watch.  Germany isn’t a sunny place.  It also doesn’t have regular winds like the Great Plains in the US.  But Germany has decided to pretend to be ‘green’ while sucking up Russian gas and oil.  Typical, double standards and fake junk to rile up German youths.


Meanwhile, Tony Heller talks about the cold heat waves this last two years:



A tiny corner of the planet is too hot: liberal West Coast communities.  Arizona is drowning in water and is quite cool this summer by LA is hot so the whole earth is too hot.  This is exactly how liberals ‘think’.  In NY, they can’t pretend it is too hot this cold, wet summer so they pretend there is nothing unusual going on. Why talk about why it is so cold?  Naw.


Eventually, we will have a couple more hot days!  Then they can resume whining about it being too hot, again.  Poor saps.


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6 responses to “Biden Can’t Speak English Clearly Anymore, Impeach Him For Incompetence

  1. Richard

    Elaine, Stop it. The enemy put JoeB in the position.
    Keep him there as long as you can. You want Joe.
    MSM is beginning the dementia narrative, but its better
    to keep Joe in. Keep Kamala as VP as long as you can.
    2022 and 2024 are soon approaching. Leave Joe alone.
    He is the best representative of the Democratic party.

  2. Zeke

    Impeachment is designed to counter criminal behavior by the President. High crimes & misdemeanors.

    Invoking the 25th Amendment is more on point with what you are contending. Removal for disability, incapacity.

    Present a super cut of hair sniffing and crazy talk.


    ELAINE: Soliciting BRIBES overseas and at home is ILLEGAL as well as TREASON. Arrest both Bidens.

  3. Petruchio

    The video posted here titled, “Media Protection Racket Hides…” nails it. It was–and is–venomous rage towards Donald Trump from the American MSM. For Joe Biden–and Kamala Harris–it is extreme partisanship in FAVOR of Biden. It is impossible to find a better example of how partisan, how biased American Media is. Why is that? This is because US Media outlets–96% of them–are owned by 4 Mega Media Companies and 2 smaller Mega Media companies. All of these companies are owned by Billionaires who tightly control the information on THEIR Media. Our current Media configuration of highly censored, highly partisan News outlets is proof positive that there were VERY good reasons for having Laws against the formation of Media Monopolies. Today’s MSM is what you get when you allow Mega Media mergers. Controlling the News, controlling Politicians, is why these Billionaires want to own the entire Media system. This is exactly why there were Laws preventing Media mergers in the first place.

  4. Petruchio

    There is a rumor making the rounds on the Internet quoting a ‘White House Doctor’ who claims he has inside information that Biden will resign soon because of his mental condition. Who knows what happens next.

  5. nclaughlin

    “What’s up good wife.” Was that what Biden was saying?

  6. Jim R

    All of these companies are owned by Billionaires who tightly control the information on THEIR Media.

    @Petruchio, you are giving the billionaires way too much credit for being able to think independently. All of them get their talking points from the Ministry of Truth. It has become increasingly obvious over the last ten years or so. Make what you will of MinTru — it goes by many names, and certainly never gets mentioned by anyone who lives very long after.

    It’s what I liked best about Mr. Trump — he is not a member of that club.

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