Biden Budget Bill Has Many Blank Pages!



There is this budget proposed in Congress for trillions of dollars to be spent any which-way by Democrats.  This budget proposal is many blank pages of nothing stated which is in violation of our Constitution.  The Democrats are engineering a coup but they are too late, their popularity is plummeting rapidly and unlike many other countries, the ‘red’ portions of America are heavily armed and has transportation systems and are educated and worse, know how to run, fix things and invent stuff!



Biden is a traitor.  He opened our borders to invaders.  Massive amounts of dangerous addictive drugs are crossing over our borders and criminals are surging into the country while in our cities, crime is shooting upwards rapidly while DNC rulers eliminate laws against theft so gangs can steal up to a thousand dollars and have zero repercussions.


In LA this week, a Rite Aid employee was shot and killed by Hispanic looters who have been caught but this still is very irritating to watch.  Allowing criminals to run riot is highly dangerous.



Now that Texas declared they are going to be in charge of their borders, they are daring the Feds to try to stop them.  The US will disintegrate if the DNC continues to insist on running our country in this extremely hostile and violent way.



The trans community has decided to be bold and dangerous and use force to gain their many different goals.  This is doomed to failure as people become more and more enraged.  Women, in particular, will quickly see all their treasured ‘girls only’ systems collapse as men pretending to be women take over all things set aside for girls.


Men are faster, stronger, smarter and have many things women don’t have because they have to compete with other men to gain access to females to bear their offspring while women don’t even has to look for men, they come on their own!  This is simple evolution at work.


The clown giving this hostile speech where he promises to be violent in order to take over all systems while pretending to be a ‘female’ is freaking out right now due to many very angry people now seeking him out to give him a piece of their minds.



Back to the crime issue: NYC is a hell hole now thanks to my former neighbor who is the mayor of that dying city.  I wish I could flush de Blasio down a toilet only he would clog it:


This crime was done right in front of a police station.  Good lord.


My biggest group arrest was on the subway to Manhattan from downtown Brooklyn many years ago.  Crime is rampant on the subways now and to fix this is simple: arrest de Blasio, arrest Cuomo, arrest Biden and arrest Harris.


And Pelosi and the RINOs in Congress and any and all criminals determined to destroy our nation.

Hayley Yasgar said Monday on “Fox & Friends” in an appearance alongside her mother, Kelsey Yasgar, that the survey’s questions were confusing and made her “very nervous and uncomfortable” when she and her classmates were told not to tell their parents about the survey.

Hayley’s mother said they were informed the equity audit would take place, but added that there was a lack of transparency from the Sartell-St. Stephen School District and the Equity Alliance of Minnesota, the third-party brought in by the school district to conduct the survey she told Fox News. She said parents were not made aware of the details, such as the day the survey would take place and the questions it would ask.




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8 responses to “Biden Budget Bill Has Many Blank Pages!

  1. Pete


    There is no Civid 19 Virus.
    The whole pandemic is a SCAM!

    Please share video.

  2. lou

    Pete—FAUCI n AZT.

  3. TinaB

    Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences – it happened in the Little Ice Age

    Like I said it is the “rate” of change that matters. Organisms cannot adapt fast enough.

  4. Tina, did you know there has been a number of Ice Ages that come like clockwork for the last three million years? Over and over again, it goes! It hasn’t stopped.

    Also, the rate of adaptation during changes is actually rather high. Only when there is some terrible global event that kills nearly everything, does it take a while to rebound.

  5. TinaB

    You clearly didn’t read the article. Anything to cling to your “beliefs:”. Science is only good when it suits “your” narrative.

    I repeat: “Intelligent individuals learn from every thing and every one; average people, from their experiences. The stupid already have all the answers” Socrates

  6. Zeke

    A “Know It All” NEVER Learns.

    What’s to learn? They already know it all.

    (Also – Dunning-Kruger Effect.)

  7. A perfect description of yourself. Mirrors are useful tools!

    Tina: you already have all the answers so why would I listen to someone who is stupid? Eh? HAHAHA.

  8. lou

    7–Zeke doesnt have yor capacity for reasoning nor your knowledge base, as judged by his posts.

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