Leftist Partisan Censorship Online Getting Worse


The BILDERBERG gang has decided just three weeks ago, to unite across the entire internet to use their crappy online systems to CENSOR anyone who isn’t a far leftist communist radical.  Anyone supporting Trump including Trump, are going to be eliminated across many platforms.  A new internet is rising rapidly that is in defiance of the present Big Leaders and will be kicking ass soon enough!  This is a sign of desperation in the Real Rulers business of taking over all systems and they fear this greatly as they are very, very unpopular now!  Their grip on people is slipping rapidly!


This wholesale censorship started with Alex Jones who is still very much online outside of mainstream Bilderberg platforms.  The same is done to President Trump.  They simply erase him online at Bilderberg run garbage sites like YouCan’tTube at YouTube.  But he is on alternative sites!  And they can’t stop attacking him so he is in public more and more, forcing them to attack him more and more and this makes Trump more and more popular!  Isn’t that hilarious!  Talk about backfiring badly.


Tucker Carlson has been a target of leftist/Bilderberg harassment and they desperately want to eliminate him, too.  So recently, Carlson was on vacation with his family when a total stranger accosted him and began ‘in your face’ badgering him, hoping he would fight back and give this individual an excuse to fight.  And guess what?


This attacker is actually an underground CIA operative!  HAHAHA.  Good lord, they are so desperate!



A Montana Man goes VIRAL after CONFRONTING Tucker Carlson in a Fish Shop. Dan Bailey gets quickly EXPOSED for having ties to suspicious CIA government programs, although he is NOT thought to be an official federal agent. BREAKING: Jack Posobiec CONFIRMS the White House KNEW about the Tucker confrontation and the whole event was PLANNED in advance according to a White House Official. Another story bites the dust. #MontanaMan #TuckerCarlson


It turns out, the attacker posted junk about Tucker and how they met in a sporting goods store and online investigators then went digging into this clown’s life and found out all his dirty laundry.  I know first hand how the CIA operates overseas!  HAHAHA.  And this guy is classic.  Hostile globalists in the White House itself orchestrated this encounter.


Naturally, none of this will show up in mainstream news as headlines.  This is a ‘back page’ story.  I know first hand how this works: many years ago, in NYC, I was the main witness in a policeman being assassinated and guided the police in running down the criminal.  The NY Times refused to report what I did so the 78th Precinct staff and captain hotly complained so the NYT then altered their story to include this information but still lied and said, and unknown woman did what I did!


I complained and offered to be interviewed and they told me to shut up, they already knew it was me!  So why talk about it further!  These globalists are utterly shameless.  The CIA plot to hassle Tucker Carlson so they could have an excuse to arrest him backfired.  Tucker is increasingly aware that they wish to kill him just like Trump is highly aware of this, they didn’t even bother to hide this from us all making videos, plays, songs and vicious speeches about how wonderful it would be to murder the President.


Meanwhile, the brainless nitwit chosen by the Bilderberg gang to rule us after one of the most corrupt elections, ever, continues to be increasingly unpopular:



New York City is being mugged to death by Biden voters who wanted no more police or open borders.



Crime is again rampant in NYC and this is 100% the fault of the Bilderberg gang and their Democratic Party tools.  These people all have private bodyguards and live far from the slums they are pushing all over the place and love illegal aliens who work on the Bilderberg rich people vast estates.  Now for a funny video just for the hell of it:



Joking aside, Biden is deliberately moving as many Covid positive illegal aliens to every possible city and town in the nation so we have another wave of disease deaths.  Since half of the population thinks they don’t need vaccinations, this will thin the herd more effectively, they reason.



And finally, in NY City, a hell hole run by Democrats, a firefighter, complained about the noise from a mob of restless youths and so they tried to beat him to death:



This is identical to an attack just two months earlier by a gang of young people running wild in the streets thanks to DNC policies:



Time to shut down all this chaos in DNC hell hole cities.  Political corruption is causing this and Schumer in the Senate refuses to even talk about all this in his front yard!  Instead, he attacks us, attacks law and order and enables open criminal viciousness of the worst sort!  Arrest Senator Schumer! Here he is, just three days ago, calling Trump ‘vile’ while presiding over a disintegrating state of NY!



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