China’s Rulers Desperate To Conceal True Flood Death Rate


How many people die in any situation is a state secret in communist China.  We have zero idea how many died of the China covid-19 disease, for example.  This latest series of floods are the same.  No one is allowed to know how many drowned or how failures to control dams or issue evacuations led to how many deaths.  We saw in first world Europe how this works, too:  IT DOESN’T WORK.  There, people were not evacuated as terrible storms flooded Germany and the Netherlands.


This carelessness of the left is normal.  They profess, unlike nasty conservatives, they love humanity and desperately want to save us all.  Yet, when the left takes over any country, it is one huge, unending, massive disaster as food vanishes, stores are looted, cities are burned, criminals run riot, etc.  Liberalism is one big failure.



No one will learn the true death tolls in China.  Anyone making noise about this will be ruthlessly suppressed.  The news of all this is being suppressed, too.  One has to be very focused on China to figure out that there were any floods at all!  When there are floods, the leftists who are destroying civilization will tell us, civilization is causing bad weather!


Great!  The idea that cooling temperatures could be behind the huge number of ICE STORMS, for example, should be obvious.  Even Saudi Arabia of all places, had repeated ICE STORMS this last spring.  What liberals do is assign all weather events to the category ‘climate change’ which is interesting since a cooling climate is also ‘climate change.’


But the solution is always the same: stop using fossil fuels except in China, of course!  What???  This is ridiculous and they know this but with blank faces, continue to push this childish definition of ‘global warming’ as being all types of weather, hot or cold, all the time!



And here is more proof of cooling: virtually no hurricanes at all this summer!



For nearly the entire month of July, barely a whiff of a proto-hurricane!  Plenty of drenching storms but no hurricanes above a category one and of that, few and far between this hurricane season.  The way leftists have latched onto the ‘global warming’ business is astonishing to see.  The intended end result is to have the US citizens live at a much lower life style and to basically turn this country into Venezuela.


These horrible people openly state, they want half of humanity in the West to die of starvation!  They seriously want this mass death and I keep saying, ALL communist take overs immediately lead to mass starvation deaths!  This is normal for communism.


When a communist country, after misruling for a century, can have a stable population, the habit of letting millions of people die unnecessarily continues!  They can’t stop doing this, they will grimly continue doing this while protecting themselves!  Disgusting.


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2 responses to “China’s Rulers Desperate To Conceal True Flood Death Rate

  1. lou

    Life has been all too cheap in China, for a long time.
    Mao etc made it much worse.

  2. lou

    I found this at and want to share it. The jews Biden has put in power.

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