Liberals Demand We Believe Simone Biles Giving Up Is Noble, Not Cowardly And…Her History Of Using Drugs To Kill Pain


Poor Simone Biles!  She was turned into this perfect goddess and then had a struggle in just one event at the Olympics and then suddenly quit.  Because she is black, everyone running all media systems are making up excuses for her being a quitter.  We are supposed to feel sorry for her and even more, praise her for quitting and calling her ‘brave’ for simply giving up!  What on earth is going on here?  Women, in general, want to be praised for being better than men and are superior is oh-so-many ways and then, when push comes to shove, want to be ‘helpless females’ when this suits themselves!  This is utterly ridiculous and mainstream media is working very hard to turn this ‘quitter’ into a ‘noble winner’ which is ridiculous.


While skimming through stories about this gymnast I notices right away, the storyline now is, she was wonderful for quitting and isn’t a sore loser:



Everyone is rushing forth to praise her for giving up!  HAHAHA.  I bet they will have her on ‘Breakfast for Champion Losers’ cereal boxes, too!  Tons of promotional junk based on her being a winner is now going to rot away in warehouses.  So they have to prop her up, now.



Above is Yahoo’s attempt at denying reality.  She didn’t ‘quit’ she saved the team by giving up!  Yup.  This double toe loop twist turn thinking is Olympic in stature!



Not to be outdone, Associated Press doubled down on the double toe loop twist.  She was noble to quit!  It helper her teammates…to LOSE to RUSSIANS!  HAHAHA.  I bet the Russians are laughing their heads off.



This headline is interesting.  So, the team doesn’t ‘owe’ the American people the gold medals.  But they are the ‘Fighting For’ who are fighting for what?


THEMSELVES, of course!  Their team leader spent the last year, lashing out at half of the US public and she backed the Black Lives Matter looting/burning/killing operations so I am quite content that this female is out of the Olympics!  She is NASTY.  Not admirable.  And I will note that most of the US public is not on her side or think she is heroic, too.


This is worse: the Russian team this year could not march under their flag due to accusations of using drugs.  But who gets to use performance enhancing drugs?  I found this comment at a Russia Today story about their own Russian winners of the gold medal in gymnastics:


Reminder on Olympic history: –> The US and EU accused Russia of systemic cheating with performance enhancing drugs. Thus, Russia was completely banned or partly banned for at least 2 summer Olympics. –>


Then Russian hackers revealed medical data from EU computers. The medical data showed that US and EU athletes were allowed to use more drugs than the Olympics’ standard drug rules, which applied for most other nations and were managed by WADA. The explanation was that US and EU athletes closely worked with their more advanced doctors to ensure their greater drug usage was only for healing, not for performance enhancement. –>


On social media, some Western athletes (Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, etc) insisted their controversial drug test results were justified by their medical doctors. –> WADA released a report showing that the US, EU nations, & Australia had the highest rate of suspicious drug tests for their athletes. Russia and India were next on this list. –> Many years of data showed that the US and EU (or western European nations) spent the most money on R&D and consumption of performance enhancing drugs. –>


The irony is that the US & EU are the most fanatical of accusing and punishing other nations’ athletes for cheating with performance enhancing drugs. In addition, the US & EU insist on taking the lead over managing international sports events and global drug tests.


I decided to look this up and voila:  in 2016, Russian hackers DID post the medical files of Simone Biles and yes, she was allowed to have these drugs!


Hackers linked to the Russian government have posted online what they say are the Olympic drug-testing files of four U.S. athletes, including Serena Williams and gymnastics champion Simone Biles.


The World Anti-Doping Agency confirmed Tuesday that a cyber-espionage group known as Fancy Bear illegally hacked its database of Olympic athletes for the 2016 Rio games, but had no comment on whether the files posted were authentic. NBC News has not confirmed that the files are authentic or, if authentic, are unaltered.


I wonder, did she drop out due to not being drugged up?  Now, she can feel the pain?  And the bigger question is, why do I have to go to RUSSIA for real news?  HAHAHA.  Of course, we get stories, not news here in the USA.  Leaving out important information is normal!  Lying is OK.


By the way, since many of my readers are terrified of vaccinations, I decided to add this week’s covid-19 vaccination data to assure readers, no one is dropping dead where I live and I live where nearly everyone is vaccinated!


If you click on the above link, it has all the zip codes in New York and shows the vaccination rates.  All states have this data and it can be found online.


70% of the people in my little town of Berlin, NY, are vaccinated now.  Not one has died or had problems with the vaccination.  Next door in Stephentown which is right down Rt 22 from me has a vaccination rate of 80% and all are well and good, too.  No dead people from vaccinations.  Most of my county of Rensselaer have over 60% vaccination coverage now.


Over 50 zip codes in my state of NY has a 95% vaccination rate with the bulk of these at 99%.  No mass deaths, nothing bad at all is happening due to this.  There is a ton of hysterical stories out there on the web claiming, getting vaccinated is deadly.  This is absurd.  One interesting item involved in all this is how people can show antibodies for the disease after getting the shots but this simply means, they were exposed to the disease and it didn’t do much of anything.


Misunderstanding the meaning of ‘antibodies’ is the problem here.  What antibodies do is kill the germs so the entire point is to have the germs not kill the victim.  This sort of virus is rather tricky and this is the first time a ‘common cold’ type virus is being handled with a vaccination.  By the way, people die of the common cold especially the elderly who are the ones who died during this epidemic in the greatest numbers.  I fear the common cold, ever since I had the Hong Kong flu, the thing that gave me the most trouble once the fever was gone was infection in my left lung in particular!







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48 responses to “Liberals Demand We Believe Simone Biles Giving Up Is Noble, Not Cowardly And…Her History Of Using Drugs To Kill Pain

  1. Tacitus

    It’s not about dropping dead, it’s the unknown LT effects. It’s not irrational to have concerns. Apparently this doctor was sacked by his hospital after this interview:

  2. Richard

    The media has left out if Simone was jabbed or not with the
    gene therapy, graphene oxide, blood clotting inoculation for CovID.
    Uncontrollable shakes is a known side effect. So go easy on the
    guy, I mean girl. Vax athletes are dropping out of competitions
    all over the globe.

    The VAxxed people are like people who do illegal, addictive drugs,
    and think they are OK right now.

  3. Richard

    PS, I have personally seen a strong man put down
    to total paralysis after a vaccine stroke adverse reaction.
    Astra Zeneca.
    No help. Doctors gave up. Wife beyond distraught.
    Death would have been a better side effect.

  4. Pertry

    @ 1

    Except we do know the LT effects: blood clots, among others.

    Contrary tho Supkis’ assertions, there have been studies done on the effects of trying to use mRNA therapy to inoculate against corona viruses, and at least one was funded by Fauci. Yes, the same Fauci that lied to Congress about funding illegal corona virus research.

    The conclusions were clear: DO NOT TRY THIS IN HUMANS.

    The question is, who is lying here; the thousands of medical professional whistleblowers, including some top virologists, being censored by big tech or the Bilderberg media systems?

  5. snoosebomb

    haha , your vacceen link doesn’t try to list failures ! and the highest uptakes are in DNC NY city

  6. snoosebomb

    hahaha ! Now its official , Elaine got sucked into the Bilderberg love juice con .

  7. snoosebomb

    and confirmation of the above and it gets worse , our ‘cassandra’s big fail coming down the pipe and it ain’t funny.

  8. snoosebomb

    ”The NSW police have become so ruthless, they have no problem subjecting people to experimental vaccines that are not working. Israel is reporting that the Pfizer vaccine is now down to only 39% effective against the Delta variant. We have to wonder why the police are like the Nazis of World War II with the same identical excuse — I am just following orders! This implies they are incapable of actual free thinking. Scott Morrison changed his position from treating COVID as the flu to a lethal disease that justified destroying the economy. It has been suggested that he is taking his marching order from the World Economic Forum, and this change now justifies Fuller to violate international human rights.”

  9. TinaB

    “The media, partly because their talent was so immense and partly because their private lives were so dysfunctional, lionised them on a Monday, crucified them on a Tuesday, praised them on a Wednesday, buried them on a Thursday.

    “That’s how the tabloid media works. It lifts these men, it treats them like heroes and then it spits them out when they think it might sell a few more newspapers.”

    James questioned: “It’s the same mentality that attacks particularly young women, oddly, for speaking honestly. Naomi Osaka, the tennis player and now Simone Biles the gymnast. What would you rather happened to your sporting heroes and heroines? Would you rather they drank themselves to an early death?

    “Or would you rather they spoke honestly and frankly about their mental health, addressed some of the areas where they need help in the hope of healing, and live long and fruitful lives, augmented by this new found ability to help other people?”

  10. Zeke

    @SoB with the moron haha laugh:

    So ….. you follow the marching orders of an ex-con (as in convict) current con (as in confidence man).
    You shill for his website chronically. Does he pay by the post or after the ‘mark’ signs up for his ‘products’?
    Among his pronouncements: Bill Gates is Hitler and vaccines have tracking/ID chips in them:
    The screw loose wing-nut nut job.

  11. nclaughlin

    One site I follow is Chris Martensen’s blog, Peak Prosperity. A lot of his stuff is behind a paywall, but some is on YouTube available to all. Check out this discussion, “Who Did Covid Kill?” (mainly the obese). Here’s the link: Maybe the people who live in your rural area are fit.

  12. lou

    11–I stopped listening to CM on a regular basis, due to his attitude on C19.

    Maybe he has changed his mind. he is a smart man.

  13. Petruchio

    I will wager that the Olympic TV ratings are going to hit a new low in terms of viewership. Serves them right

  14. lou

    Simones Bile.

  15. Zeke

    So …… Climate is no longer a topic EMS will discuss since facts don’t match her pre-set narrative:

    June 2021 was hottest June ever. EVER.

    “Exceptional heat waves from coast to coast helped push June 2021 to the No. 1 spot on the list of hottest Junes on record for the U.S.”


  16. June did NOT have ‘exceptional heat waves’ at all. Quite the contrary. Sigh…these clowns love to rewrite history. This is why I cover the real news all the time, we can no longer rely on ‘scientists’ who are corrupt communists eager to scare stupid people and ‘climate change’ is their latest tool. I have an article about this today here at Culture of LIFE News. Go read it.

    The ‘solution’ to phantom ‘global warming’ is…North Korea style governments reducing consumption of ANYTHING to near zero.

  17. Indeed, as I posted more than once that month, the super warm weather was along the West Coast while right next door in Montana, etc. it was SNOWING. And it SNOWED IN ARIZONA and NEW MEXICO, too!!! Just a few miles to the east of the California heat pump.

    It even snowed in eastern Califonia.

    Sheesh, global warmists are insane people who are also frauds.

  18. Zeke

    So ….. EVERYONE else is lying EXCEPT your Lord & Savior Trump ?!

    I got news for ya. Even Trump has ‘modified’ his original “climate change is a hoax” pronouncement.

    Maybe you didn’t get that memo.

  19. TinaB

    Elaine you are so funny! “Super warm” hahahahahahahahahaha! Gawd you are so twisted now with all your hypocrisy you will NEVER untwist! Just a full blown pretzel!

    And where exactly do YOU get YOUR “information”? I live in Vancouver and I can show you the meter on my deck – I took a picture. It read 115.5 F on June 28th. UNPRECEDENTED! This last week it reaches 80 F at 10am and over 90 by 1pm and stays that way until the sun goes down. I’ve lived here for over 25 years and it is UNPRECEDENTED. Many plants in my garden have bolted. The weather channel reports 75 F.

    Without air conditioning there would be a whole lot of dead people. They are now proposing that a/c units be classified as medical devices.

    Guy McPherson and others that know far more than you about climate have been saying for YEARS that there will be extreme weather events. Do you understand that?

    The ONLY upside to what is coming our way is watching Elaine eat crow!

  20. lou

    Los Angeles, or its coastal areas have been mostly cold, since last year. And very dry.

  21. TinaB

    The four types of climate denier, and why you should ignore them all

    “The egomaniacs are also tragic figures. They are disappointed, frustrated people whose careers have stalled and who can’t understand why the world refuses to give full reverence to their brilliance. They are desperate for recognition, and, when it stubbornly refuses to arrive, they are drawn to make increasingly extreme pronouncements, in the hope of finally being proved a dogma-busting, 21st-century Galileo.”

    This is such a perfect description of Elaine and not just about climate change but also .. well really… everything! Another good descriptive word would be KOOK!

    Elaine have you started applying orange self-tanner on your face yet? Cause you’ve clearly followed the footsteps of your dear leader with the “anyone that disagrees with ME is fake news!” and needs to be called names – you know just like how children behave!

  22. TinaB

    Oh yes lou it is SOOOOOOO cold here! We are just shivering! Tell that to the billions of lifeforms that washed up on the shores roasted to death! Tell that to the wildlife running for their lives from the fires! Tell that to the roasted cherries on the trees in the Okanagan Valley! Tell that to the people of Litton! Tell that to the over 3,000 firefighters. And do stay tuned as there is more coming!

    BOE this year or next and it’s bye bye! Game OVER!
    “An “ice-free” Arctic Ocean, sometimes referred to as a “Blue Ocean Event”, is often defined as “having less than 1 million square kilometers of sea ice”, because it is very difficult to melt the thick ice around the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. … A 2006 paper predicted “near ice-free September conditions by 2040.”

    But oops it’s happening faster than expected – gee where I have heard that before?

    “The Arctic is a natural freezer,” says Michael Mann, a climatologist and director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, in an email to The Verge. “Just like you’d be concerned if all of the ice in your freezer melted, so should you be concerned about the loss of Arctic sea ice.”

    Elaine you really need to read up on the “real” data. You need to familiarize yourself with “tipping points”, feeddback loops and polar amplification” . Come on, instead of all your “communist” nonsense and Trump adoration, and self-aggrandizing (to be honest it’s getting a little redundant and well just plain boring) report to us documented evidence of your claims on climate change – not just your magical thinking! What you can’t find scientific, on the ground evidence to support your claim? Again for the umpteenth time – when is this ICE AGE you proclaim coming? Crickets!

  23. snoosebomb

    tinaB doesn’t even know the theory she expounds ,,

  24. TinaB

    snoosebomb – Huh?

    Please define your use of word theory. All of the data and all of the on the ground evidence is just a guess? Apparently I need some of those same glasses that you wear.

  25. TinaB

    And by the way I hope you like crow because that’s all that’s going to be on the menu real soon!

    Here let me help you. Say “I was wrong”. Let’s say it together “I was wrong”. There now was that so bad! Was is so painful? No! And I promise you we will not fault you – we all will appreciate it and we will thank you for the discontinuation of your promulgation of lies! We will admire your strength!

  26. TinaB

    And by the way snoosebomb I saw your comment on Guy’s channel.
    “so the aerosols only absorb one way ? and if they are absorbing heat they must be making things warmer so their reduction would be zero sum”

    He answered you – “Aerosols reflect solar radiation back into space. They do not absorb heat.” but you didn’t respond. Why? Should you not “school” him since you think he is clearly wrong? Do you not want him to stop “lying” to people? Is he not a “danger”?

  27. TinaB

    In case you “forgot” what it is I am referring to in the above comment I post the link below. Sort the comments by Newest and it’s the first one!

  28. Kenogami


    Michael Mann is a liar, a fraudster, a crooked scientist.
    He invented his infamous hockey stick graph by neglecting the Medieval warm period, the warmer Roman Empire warm period, the Minoan still warmer period, etc

    He lost his lawsuit against Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball.


    «climate michael mann liar»

    on DuckduckGo.

  29. Jim R

    Here let me help you. Say “I was wrong”. Let’s say it together “I was wrong”. There now was that so bad! Was is so painful? No! And I promise you we will not fault you – we all will appreciate it and we will thank you for the discontinuation of your promulgation of lies! We will admire your strength!

    OK. I was wrong. How’s that?

    Up until 2015 or so, I would always argue with Elaine and point out things like the lack of snow on Kilimanjaro (which sits right near the equator, by the way) …

    But I was wrong, to the extent that it has not been warm. Maybe it’s a grand solar minimum, or something. This past winter, we blew out all the records for cold weather in North America. A hard freeze went all the way to the Gulf, killing off spanish moss, cycads, palmettos, and other semi-tropical plants that used to flourish in the southern states. And right now, Texas is still waiting for triple digit temperatures, which normally start in June.

    But it isn’t just Texas — Siberia was cold last winter, too. And online friends tell me it’s winter in Australia .. well, of course it is. It’s quite cold there, although I don’t know whether they’ve set any records.

    So if Greta points at a world map and says global warming, she is either lying or plain ignorant. It’s hot in California — well, so what? In 2017, they had lots of rain in California, and that was global warming too! You can sit there and claim this or that means global warming, but it’s all just meaningless, isn’t it? Get a copy of the Farmer”s Almanac, if you want the long range weather forecast, its accuracy is above average.

  30. They are setting records in Australia, too.

  31. TinaB

    @Kenogami YUP I totally agree! Michael Mann is a liar. He knows full well how bad it is and he says “we have a decade” to stop using fossil fuels. Like that is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever heard. I am literally laughing out loud while typing it! We had a decade (maybe) in 1970 haha! And what did we do? Oh that’s right NOTHING! The carbon in the atmosphere right now is from 20 years ago – what do you think it will be like in a decade?

    And please pray tell how we feed 8 billion, mine resources, grow food, transport it….etc.. without fossil fuels? But we’ll just keep denying it cause it makes us feel better I guess. There’s no way out now so might as well enjoy your bliss!

    But hey how about those Olympics!

  32. TinaB

    Oh ya and we can’t stop burning them (even if we could) because there’s this pesky little thing called the “aerosol making effect”…. oops!

    “Some scientists now consider that the effects of global dimming have significantly masked the effect of global warming and that resolving global dimming may therefore lead to increases in future temperature rise. [22][23] According to Beate Liepert, “We lived in a global warming plus a global dimming world and now we are taking out global dimming. So we end up with the global warming world, which will be much worse than we thought it will be, much hotter.”[24] The magnitude of this masking effect is one of the central problems in current climate change with significant implications for future climate changes and policy responses to global warming.[23]”

    Well that’s a bummer!

    Burn Baby Burn as much as you possibly can! Forget COVID! After all the slow down in the economy is likely the cause of the “super warm” weather we have here in Western Canada.

  33. TinaB

    Dr Jason Box Says We’re On “Catastrophic Path.”

  34. HAHAHA…so, it is ‘dimmer’ well, this is due to volcanic eruptions! DUH.

    On the other hand, the SUN has little sun spot activity. Hmmm…perhaps that nearby star determines how hot or cold it is? Eh? EH???

    Dr. Box should commit suicide. HE is warming the earth which is why my summer this year is one of the coolest on record. Today’s high, for example, in JULY is only 65 F. Wow. Roasting to death, I am!

    The alarmists are failing in their job of wrecking civilization due to the cold, wet weather. Maybe if they yell louder, we will obey them and commit mass suicide while these clowns refuse to drink their own koolaid.

  35. lou

    Los Angeles, at least the coastal areas, is cool with strong cold winds from the ocean.
    A climate professor, expert says this is from the cold water.

  36. Zeke

    Mid Atlantic coastal region – relentless heat. Doesn’t even let up at night.

    May be prevailing westerlies driving heat pump of all those western fires.

    Have A/C on 24/7 just to survive.

  37. snoosebomb

    @26 i did reply with this but it might have been removed

    and don’t forget to explain this GW theory to us

  38. TinaB

    It’s called “Global Climate Disruption” or “extreme weather events”. Have you not read ANYTHING at all about this topic Elaine? With what is coming our way suicide WILL BE the preferred option.

    ” HE is warming the earth which is why my summer this year is one of the coolest on record. ”

    Huh? I thought you said the earth was not warming. And why is the global average temperature increasing if the sun spot activity is low? Again when will we see this ice age you predict? Why won’t you answer this question?

    Anyway, you are wrong about many things not just climate change but you refuse to change. As you have said “humans are stupid” and that includes you although in your case I would say “willfully ignorant” is the more appropriate term and worse than stupid. You are so hopeless!

  39. TinaB

    I think the science is settled on this now Elaine – ffs get with the program already! This is BEYOND politics (or the color of one’s skin) but you seem to believe that it matters so much which corrupt leader is in power.

    And with regards to politics please school us on how your dear leader improved your country with some, you know, evidence instead of just constantly bashing the DNC. And really, you should be ashamed of yourself for accusing Biden (or anyone for that matter) of being a pedophile when you have NO EVIDENCE of that most serious claim whatsoever! You do know that name calling is a sign of WEAKNESS! Same with whataboutism.

    “As mentioned, the Sun is currently experiencing a low level of sunspot activity. Some scientists speculate that this may be the beginning of a periodic solar event called a “grand minimum,” while others say there is insufficient evidence to support that position. During a grand minimum, solar magnetism diminishes, sunspots appear infrequently and less ultraviolet radiation reaches Earth. Grand minimums can last several decades to centuries. The largest recent event happened during the “Little Ice Age” (13th to mid-19th century): the “Maunder Minimum,” an extended period of time between 1645 and 1715, when there were few sunspots.

    Several studies in recent years have looked at the effects that another grand minimum might have on global surface temperatures.2 These studies have suggested that while a grand minimum might cool the planet as much as 0.3 degrees C, this would, at best, slow down (but not reverse) human-caused global warming. There would be a small decline of energy reaching Earth, and just three years of current carbon dioxide concentration growth would make up for it. In addition, the grand minimum would be modest and temporary, with global temperatures quickly rebounding once the event concluded.

    Some people have linked the Maunder Minimum’s temporary cooling effect to decreased solar activity, but that change was more likely influenced by increased volcanic activity and ocean circulation shifts.3

    Moreover, even a prolonged “Grand Solar Minimum” or “Maunder Minimum” would only briefly and minimally offset human-caused warming.”

    Enjoy your crow!

  40. TinaB

    “Yes, winter is coming. But that’s about all the Farmers’ Almanac can predict accurately.”
    “While there haven’t been any recent studies on the accuracy of farmers’ almanacs’ seasonal forecasts, a paper published in the journal Weatherwise in 1981 found that, rather than the claim held by The Old Farmer’s Almanac that they forecast with 80 per cent accuracy, the reality was it was closer to 52 per cent, slightly greater than chance.

    In fact, winters in Canada have warmed up by almost 3.4 C since record-keeping began, Phillips said, with some regions — like the Canadian Arctic — facing far warmer temperatures than normal.

    Instead, Phillips explains, climatologists examine a multitude of data that includes water temperatures in oceans around the world, ice conditions and land conditions, as well as the current season.

    That’s not something you can do if you’re forecasting seasons ahead, as the almanacs do.

    “They came out with their forecast now, but they had to prepare it probably eight months ago because of publication dates,” Phillips said.

    “So when you think about the fact that we can’t even get it right tomorrow, and then when you’re trying to get it right a year and a half in advance, it just really is the joke it is. I mean, they could be right by the law of averages, but there’s just no science into it.”

  41. TinaB

    And please explain this:

    “The Amazon, which accounts for more than half of the world’s rainforest cover, is on the verge of turning into a carbon source. … Overall, forests remain a carbon sink, stashing away 7.6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, according to a recent study published in Nature Climate Change”

    And this:
    “Prior to the 1800s, the balance between incoming and outgoing energy (radiation) at the top of the atmosphere (the greenhouse effect) maintained global average temperatures for many centuries. Only small changes in solar output and occasional volcanic eruptions caused periods of relative warming and cooling. For example, the Little Ice Age was a cooler period between 1300 and 1870.

    Today carbon dioxide levels are near 420ppm and all greenhouse gases are rising rapidly due to the burning of fossil fuels, industrial processes, tropical forest destruction, landfills and agriculture. The global average temperature has increased by a little more than 1℃ since 1900.
    This figure seems small, but the Arctic region has warmed by about 2℃ in this time — twice as fast.
    This warming differential between the poles and the tropics is known as Arctic (or polar) amplification.”

    And by the way why have they have changed the baseline from 1750 to 1900? Oh I don’t know maybe because it doesn’t sound so bad? We are well past 2C – you know the limit that we could not cross – so let’s move the baseline right?

    GAME OVER! Get out there any enjoy life while you still can! The writing is on the wall folks!

  42. TinaB

    My error. It is close to 2C not beyond it. Earth is well beyond 1 C of warming above the 1750 baseline.


    Right now, July 31, 2021, it is 42 degrees F where I live which is RIDICULOUSLY cold and this cold isn’t local, many places this summer are way below normal and some, very chilly indeed. Global warming is ‘global’ only when it is global, not local in a few places.

  44. SILLY GOOSE: You chose the coldest year of the ‘LITTLE ICE AGE’ to show ‘warming.’ DUH.

    Thank god we are not at that cold level…so far.

  45. lou

    Will New York have summer crops?

  46. TinaB

    Ok so when will we be in this ice age? One year, two years, three years, 10 years? When?? When??? Do you have “insider” information? Or do you have a crystal ball? Or do you have messengers that show up during the night while you sleep?

    And why do you keep blabbering on about how what happened on this planet hundreds if not thousands of years ago with a fraction of the population of humans and an intact ecosystem like it has any significance on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLANET today! Maybe that’s the problem humans have. They can’t adapt to current situations because they’re stuck in the past which has no relevance. The only thing that is the SAME or has repeated itself it that HUMANS ARE STUPID and have not evolved into a more sophisticated, decent, empathetic, compassionate and intelligent lifeform! They are the worst lifeform to ever live on this planet. Dogs (just one example) are more compassionate and loyal than humans!

    Humans (at least the ones in the West) do NOTHING for the common good – it’s just ME, ME, ME! I have more money, I have a cuter face, I have bigger tits, I have a nicer car, I have a bigger house….. and who gives a shit if my offspring can’t breathe without an oxygen tank in the future. And please eliminate all those “other” people who don’t have white skin so I can have even MORE!!!!! Wheeeeee! I’m so happy I need anti-depressants!

    Never mind that you’re perfectly happy to sit there sipping your “cheap” morning coffee without thinking for one second who picked those coffee beans and under what (horrific) conditions. OH but a few of you will buy “ethically sourced” coffee at Whole Foods hahahaha what a joke! – like you’re making some sort of difference. Give me a break! You’ll gladly create horrific conditions in other countries and exploit all kinds of other humans (mostly ones that just want to live in their own countries living a simple life instead of the hedonistic ones like the West) to save a buck on your monthly coffee bill. And that’s just one example of thousands!

    And when those exploited people want to flee the horrific conditions that you have created? Oooooooh no they can’t come here! HAHAHA!

    And by the way, why don’t you EVER mention all the things that the “colored” people have done to enable your cushy lifestyle because there are PLENTY of them.

    In fact I’ll go even further and say that most immigrants work HARDER and many are more EDUCATED than American “citizens?” or whatever you call yourselves. I make this claim based on 12+ years of observation and experience working with immigrants! Oh and they are humble something Americans have never been nor ever will be. Take a look around outside your little bubble for a minute. Who do you think is cleaning up the vomit and feces in the care homes where YOUR parents reside? Certainly not you or any privileged white people and they are YOUR PARENTS!

    I am doing some landscaping right now and needed some help with some heavy (concrete removal – don’t get me started on that) and every single company/person I have called to do the job is…. wait for it….. immigrants and people of color! NOT ONE WHITE PERSON!

    WE create the horrific conditions that we howl and bitch about by creating the horrific environment in which they thrive. Yes I know we are lazy and we need our “conveniences” and “desires” you know like porn, but if we want a a better world we have to participate in making it that way and yes it requires heavy lifting at times! Suck it up pussies!

    We reap what we sow!

  47. INVADERS ARE INVADERS. Note how Tina leaves out the many, many CRIMINALS invading as well as welfare leeches.

    Taking away jobs is also happening! DUH.

    On top of this, no nation should allow invaders to invade.

  48. TinaB

    HAHA the United States is the epitome of “invaders”. You know under the guise of bringing democracy to them – like the US is the beacon of democracy haha! That’s their cover anyway – all they really want is slaves! Stop destroying their countries for your “interests” and maybe they wouldn’t need to flee their homes. Shall we talk about the CIA and cocaine (and opioids) that the Americans love so much? Read Michael Rupert’s “Crossing the Rubicon”.

    Taking jobs away?! HAHA ya right! Come on Elaine! Take a look around ffs! The fat, lazy, unhealthy, uneducated Americans don’t want those jobs you know because they’re white and privileged they’re above it!

    Start producing something, I mean anything, for yourselves instead of expecting others to do it for you and cheaply I might add.

    – “The US production of soybeans, meat, poultry, and corn benefits the most from government farm subsidies.”
    Why do they need subsidizing?

    – “Produce – The United States imports half of its total volume from five countries: China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. Although the United States can manufacture goods it imports, these exporting countries have the comparative advantage over it.”

    – “The small village of Bhati Dalwan is suffering a water crisis following the development of a Nestle water bottling facility. Image source. Indeed, unsustainable usage of aquifer water can lead to a significant decrease in water levels, and can even exhaust the aquifer.”
    What’s wrong with your tap water? Oh that’s right it’s contaminated!

    – “Why Nestle is one of the most hated companies in the world? Child labor, unethical promotion, manipulating uneducated mothers, pollution, price fixing and mislabeling – those are not words you want to see associated with your company. Nestle is the world’s largest foodstuff company, and it has a history that would make even hardcore industrialists shiver. “
    No child labour here but we love it over “there”!

    – While the United States spends more on health care than any other country, we are not achieving comparable performance. We have poor health outcomes, including low life expectancy and high suicide rates, compared to our peer nations.

    – “America has the ninth highest rate of obesity in the world with 35 percent of the adult population classified as dangerously overweight. However, its lower tobacco and alcohol consumption prevented the nation from earning a higher spot on the list.”

    – What is the most medicated country in the world? Prescription pills are practically a part of American culture. In fact US is the most medicated country in the world. Which drugs people in the US take varies with their age, the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) numbers show.

    – “Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined. By my calculation, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in fiscal year 2014; the total with bases and troops in warzones is $160 to $200 billion.”
    Why? Could that money not be better spent on improving your country?

    Why doesn’t the US manufacture anything anymore? Please someone answer that question!!! Medications, clothing, cars, something, anything!!!

    Americans are their own worst enemy!

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