New York Times Demands ANYONE Can Vote Even Foreign Visitors And Invaders


This isn’t a nation of ‘people’ this is a Republic with CITIZENS.  Ancient Rome invented the concept of ‘citizen’ and then collapsed due to aliens invading and taking over all systems.  My very own ancestors were alien invaders!  The New York Times is owned by aliens, yes, people who live outside of the USA and NY.  So of course, they don’t want borders!  They want internationalism which is how the Bilderberg gang operates in the first place!  Meanwhile, the Delta variant of the Wuhan Virus is spreading due to slow vaccination rates due to fears.  By the way, if you have the vaccination, this new flu barely effects you at all except for rare cases (which have complications).  Nothing is perfect and they said this in the past, the vaccinations are around 60% or so effective.



Doing nothing is definitely not a good idea but around 40% of the people think it is a great strategy so we get this present mess and will have to live and die with this (my own community and others around me in NY are now 70%+ vaccinated).


About the ‘anyone can vote’ mess: the EU is doing this now, anyone living anywhere in the EU can vote in local elections so…the EU is now collapsing rapidly as political tensions soar higher and higher and people there hate their ‘representatives’ who no longer bother courting votes from the actual ‘citizens’ in these countries.  Invaders like in the US, congregate in the cities and are changing these rapidly as citizens move to the countryside, reproducing the same effects we see in the US.


The countryside is very patriotic and the cities are foreigners who are making a mess of things there.


Governor Abbott of Texas is in a battle with Biden’s White House over the issue of allowing invaders to enter the US illegally and take over everything:

The Biden administration has threatened to legally challenge Gov. Greg Abbott’s order that state troopers pull over drivers transporting migrants who pose a risk of carrying COVID-19, calling it “dangerous and unlawful.”


U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told Abbott in a letter Thursday that the governor’s executive order “violates federal law in numerous respects, and Texas cannot lawfully enforce the Executive Order against any federal official or private parties working with the United States.”


Garland said the Department of Justice “intends to pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government” if Abbott does not rescind the order.


California, Texas and Florida are seeing higher covid rates right now so letting in millions of diseased illegal aliens is…SUICIDAL.  Naturally, leftists will blame all this on Trump!  We shut down our entire economy and wrecked many systems to try to stop this disease only for Biden to fling open the border doors to diseased invaders!  Voila: the disease rate is shooting upwards again thanks to these invaders.


Any and all actions to prevent invaders crossing into the US is being stopped by Democrats who believe, stupidly, they can hold power forever if only they enable as many invaders as possible.  I keep saying every day, THIS IS TREASON.  Arrest them all.



Note that the DNC doesn’t want anti-Castro Cubans!  They know these will vote for Trump so they get dumped back into the ocean to drown.  Anyone wearing Biden T shirts is escorted in and given money.


Thank you, Elise.  She isn’t my Representative, she is next door and I am stuck with a freak Democrat due to vote cheating in the last election when no one in the DNC cities had to show any ID to vote so that illegal aliens could vote to slit our throats.



Illegal alien supporter DNC Rep. Rashida Tlaib demands we all wear masks after letting a million diseased foreigners invade…but won’t wear one, herself!   She should definitely be arrested.



We were told, diseased invaders would be sent home again.  Instead, as always, this was a lie.


And more news about the voter fraud business:  Arizona’s third recount/examination is complete and they are still in court, trying to force the DNC/RINO globalists to release the ROUTERS so these can be examined, too.

BREAKING: AZ Audit’s 3rd Paper Recount Officially Complete, Ballots Loaded Up and Sent Back to County; ROUTERS STILL AWOL

Because of this news, the Arizona Audit’s twitter site was eliminated by the Bilderberg gang.  No more news from these citizens allowed online!


“Voices & Votes” – A Nonprofit Created by OAN’s Chanel Rion and Christina Bobb – Banned From Twitter Permanently In Latest Twitter Purge


Our real rulers are definitely terrified of any news about the voter recount.  Arrest them all.


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31 responses to “New York Times Demands ANYONE Can Vote Even Foreign Visitors And Invaders

  1. Pertry

    OK folks,

    Supkis has now fully embraced Bilderberg propaganda by trying to blame those who are resisting the forced administration of illegal medical procedures for the spread of the so-called “delta variant”, when even a cursory effort at research would reveal that this is an utterly false narrative.

    This is criminal gaslighting. Supkis is officially on board with Nuremberg shattering levels of crimes against humanity.

  2. snoosebomb

    ”Meanwhile, the Delta variant of the Wuhan Virus is spreading due to slow vaccination rates due to fears. By the way, if you have the vaccination, this new flu barely effects you at all except for rare cases (which have complications). Nothing is perfect and they said this in the past, the vaccinations are around 60% or so effective.”

    there lies your contradiction , blame the unvacceenated , yet the vacceened are only 60 % effective.

    but its worse than that of course , or maybe not , it being a fake plandemic

  3. TinaB

    I have been reading Our Finite World blog and the commenters there (from all over the world) are talking about nothing else but “the vaccines”, posting endless “reports of data collection” on the efficacy. My conclusion so far?

    These “experimental” vaccines are NOT going to save humans. They are only going to create “mutations” that will be MORE lethal. But of course humans want something quick and easy to save their asses. But just keep breeding into oblivion! Give the viruses more food! Since humans are too clueless to know to keep their population in control, clearly Mother Nature will do it for them, period.

    And hey make sure to compare it to “past” viruses like it matters not how many humans are on the planet right? Like it’s not easier to transmit now than it would have been 500 hundred years ago when we under a billion and not cavorting all over the planet. Gotta love that air travel!!! No I haven’t flown since 2015 to my mothers funeral 1000 miles away. Have flown few times in my entire life and hated it every single time. And I wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise ship!

    When I say humans I mostly mean the West. They are physically and mentally feeble. Physically – the food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals they ingest on a daily basis may have something to do with it. Mentally – the complete drivel they ingest continually ALL DAY LONG in the media and advertising may have something to do with it. Ya think? I mean why do you need to remember anything – big tech will do it for you – you don’t even NEED to think anymore. What a relief! That was just too damn much to ask really!

    So no I have not been vaccinated and no I don’t plan to be but I do try to limit my contact with most humans. Not just because of the virus but the level of stupidity is simply just too painful for me. I have better things to do.

    OT every time I walk into the huge grocery store I am just amazed how we take this for granted being how very fragile and unsustainable it is. And most of the “food” isn’t even “food” just boxes of chemicals, fat and high fructose corn syrup. And you don’t even have to chew it – just swallow – you know cause not only are we too lazy to grow any food or cook any food we’re too lazy to even chew!

    Isn’t life splendid!


    ELAINE: I expect to hear you are dying of the flu since you are also ‘mentally feeble’. Sorry to hear that. Of course, reading someone like Tina who seems very contemptuous about humans is interesting, too. Even at its worse, this coronavirus is no more dangerous than the Hong Kong flu but unlike that flu, it attacks people who are medically ‘weak’ the worst. The Hong Kong flu nearly killed very healthy people like myself when I was 18 years old!

    About global epidemics: the Black Death took just one year to go from China to all over the place killing 30% to 50% of all humans, back in 1349 AD.

  4. DM:

    “but its worse than that of course , or maybe not , it being a fake plandemic”

    Or put slightly differently – “it” being the quintessential Bilderberg Gang Bang,

    Elaine has already declared an interest, in that she is the proud holder of Pfizer stock,

    Other than this Elaine, I still like to see your take on other topics.

    However, the propensity for toxic trolls to attach themselves to this blog like a nasty carbuncle (TinaB/Zeke) will limit your audience.

  5. Timothy Carroll

    Elaine has already declared an interest, in that she is the proud holder of Pfizer stock,


    By George, we have a winner!!!! ding, ding, ding……..!!!

    Last week I tried to place a link on a comment to this site which disputed the safety and efficacy of the jab, but was blocked no less than 4 times.

    I doubt it was Elaine’s doing, but if everything is on the up and up, why block dissenting viewpoints? Same thing regarding anything the Deep State disagrees with.

    Sorry, this isn’t about medicine or a disease. Even the most brain dead out there surely are beginning to take note, one hopes.

  6. Zeke

    ” ….. if everything is on the up and up, why block dissenting viewpoints? ”

    Indeed. My only answer – they fear and want to suppress the truth.
    Snowflakes who want to retreat to their ‘safe place’.

  7. AT

    The CDC “study” that is being used to show vaccinated people need to mask against spreading the “delta” variant occurred in “Barnstable County”. Apparently some vaccinated people at a concert or gathering there caught the delta variant, although mostly a-symptomatic, and none were hospitalized or died. But, presumably, they could spread it.

    12% of the overall population in Provincetown (a predominately gay community on Cape Cod) are HIV positive and thus on immunosuppressant drugs. In part because of this concern, more than 75% of the population in P-town is vaccinated against COVID. Among the adult males in P-town, the rate is much higher than 12% and thus at the gathering in question, the HIV rate was likely much higher than 12%.

    I’m not making any assumptions or drawing any conclusions, but basing a “study” on this very unique circumstance and then applying it to the rest of the nation is complete nonsense and deception, which is why the psychopathic and homicidal liars at the CDC and in the press tell you “Barnstable County” instead of P-town.

  8. Zeke

    Interesting analysis. Were gays celebrating too soon?

    Plus ….. what do they mean by “come down with COVID” or “get COVID”? What IS a COVID case?

    Do they mean an analog of ‘sero-converting’ or testing positive for antibodies?
    Maybe vaccines don’t help there – maybe that’s job of physical barriers and distancing?
    Do they mean actually coming down with an illness on the known so far spectrum: loss of taste or smell, fatigue, breathing problems, etc.
    Pro vaxers say it prevents infection from getting worse.
    Anti vaxers say what’s the point in vaxing if it really doesn’t matter all that much if at all?

    Other unknowns: does COVID clear? Or is it like chicken pox and reemerges as shingles fifty years later under stress?

    Just a lot of questions, concerns, worries, speculation.
    The news keeps getting worse. The more is known, the worse it seems. Things seemed like they were getting better until Delta.

  9. Zeke

    What was going on in Provincetown?

    You nailed it.

    Not yer typical ‘normal’ town.

  10. AT

    It’s questionable whether someone who is HIV positive and taking immunosuppressive medication would have been effectively vaccinated by the vaccine. In order to be successfully vaccinated, one’s body must produce a sufficient immune response when injected.

    this calls into question the CDC conclusion that vaccinated people can pass on COVID so easily based on the “Barnstable study”.

  11. Timothy Carroll

    It’s pretty clear to anyone with half a brain cell left: immune compromised individuals; obese, old, AIDS, diabetic, etc., you’re gonna f’cking die if you get the coof! Delta, Alpha, Omega……….it’s all been pre-planned! Sorry! Elaine and her ilk will collect their shekels when you fat, stupid goyem are gone from this earth for good. And thanks for playing!

  12. lou

    7 and 8…see Drudge, news on P town.

  13. Ahem, as a survivor of the Hong Kong flu, I have a very powerful idea what flues can do to a victim.

    The immune suppression medical systems set up today didn’t exist back then and young people got the flu, the most, back in 1969.

    It appears that even with flu shots, people with the co-morbidity problems are having problems with this mutation of a mutation. Over a100 million had the vaccinations here and we shall see how this germ affects people who are vaccinated and HEALTHY.

    When I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu, I was very healthy back then.

  14. Also, due to a lack of realistic talk about the Spanish flu and the Hong Kong flu, these ‘mega flues’ happen every 50 years or so. I said this from DAY ONE when this made the news a year and a half ago. And I was right.

    I also said way back then, once the germs are out, they can go global in a matter of less than three months.

  15. snoosebomb

    so what did gov agencies do at the time re Hong Kong flu ? did they become totalitarian , were our rights/freedoms taken from us ? . how’d all that work out ?
    did we worry about mutations ?

    wake up

  16. Zeke

    Hysterical Canuck scold much ?

  17. TinaB

    ELAINE! YOU constantly call humans stupid! I am just agreeing with you! Still no word on the Ice Age?

  18. TinaB

    @4DM – Like Elaine has such a large readership! HAHA! From what I can see there are like maybe 4. The same people – Lou and snoosebomb being the dominate and least intelligible. So much for a conversation!

    And the questions I ask that Elaine can’t answer she just ignores instead of saying she is maybe unsure?

    She can call humans stupid but I can’t?

    Sorry for questioning anything that she blurts out or asking for evidence to support her claims. That makes me nasty I guess.

  19. lou

    Tina, calm down. You wont find many on this blog who fear climate.
    We have been told theres a crisis for 30 or more years. yawn.

  20. lou

    Lou and snoosebomb being the dominate and least intelligible. So much for a conversation!

    You post way more words than I do.
    hoist by your own petard, girl.

  21. AT

    It’s worse than I thought. Apparently it was no concert; it was “bear week” in P-town, lots of kissing. The CDC is increasing their delta ro based on this “study” but the transmissibility has nothing to do with the general population. The CDC is projecting the infection rate within a gay sex party weekend onto the general population.

  22. Jim R

    it’s worth noting here:

    HIV patients do not take immunosuppressive medication. They take antivirals to try to save what’s left of their immune systems.

    It is the virus itself, HIV, that trashes their immune systems. The medications are intended to save their immune responses.

    But, yeah, they should get the vaccine … not everyone should take such a sh*tty vaccine, but HIV patients need it.

    And, it’s a shame that the residents of P-Town are being petri dishes to brew up newly-evolved immune-escape variants.

  23. AT


    The purpose of the medications obviously is not immunosuppressive, but that is an unintended side effect, as far as I understand. Somehow it’s related to AIDS being the immune system attacking itself, and preventing that means quieting things down, but I’m no doctor.

  24. AT

    Here’s an interesting take from a gay rights activist:


  25. lou

    Muslim [?] r DNC Rep. Rashida Tlaib demands we all wear masks after letting a million diseased foreigners invade…but won’t wear one, herself!

    Typical, along w Newsom and Pelosi and Biden.

    Tlaib is part of the squad. anti White squad.

  26. Virtually no one is really taking this seriously. People are in hysterics, of course, but not serious. If they were, all borders would be shut tight, not pried open and letting millions of diseased people to invade.

    In particular, EVERYONE on the left is doing this insanity. I want them all to be punished, but then, this disease is punishing them, big time.

  27. lou

    29–No borders, no nation.

    Or as Newsweek [or was it TIME?] chimed,



  28. TinaB

    lou you don’t like GLOBALIZATION! STOP buying or using ANYTHING that is not found or manufactured in the US. Got it?

    And IF you can’t do that then please consider FAIR trade! Unfortunately privileged, white people like you think you can exploit “others” for your GAIN! Just cheat and lie! And are of no “value” whatsoever. USELESS and damn PROUD of it!

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have an organic vegetable garden to tend to and work to do on the MS Access database I am designing (my 50th since 2000) for a local (planet eating) fabricating company that sells/makes attachments for EXCAVATORS! Self-taught by the way! And damn PROUD of it!

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