Tucker Carlson Proves Bilderberg Mainstream Media Paid To Work For CHINESE COMMUNISTS


The New York Times is an arm of the communist Chinese government agents and this is, as I keep noting, treason.  ALL Bilderberg gang operations collected Chinese bribes.  One of the Chinese bribes did was try to erase the words ‘China/Wuhan Virus’.  I noted this during the previous year more than once.  The normal system for all viruses is to name them after the place they first are recognized as a disease.  It doesn’t matter where this is.  Thus, the ‘Spanish Flu’ and the ‘Hong Kong Flu’.  Tucker’s show last night dropped the hammer on the conspirators who deliberately hid their Chinese bribes and who lied to the US public about gross dangers from China.



Hiding the origin of the disease is worse: the mainstream media worked overtime to try to convince citizens here that the lab in Wuhan didn’t do bat disease lab experiments.  All the news systems that collected bribes from communist China to repeat these lies should be investigated and people fined or fired or charged with TREASON.  Especially the New York Times clowns.  I want them all punished severely.  They also lied about the Chinese students I sheltered next to the UN while wrestling with President Bush Sr. and the Chinese communists to prevent them from being deported and tortured.


NO mainstream news would carry the story except of one upstart guy: Ted Turner of the brand new CNN operation who gave me a film crew to cover the story daily.  From that moment on, I had the upper hand in the negotiations and won.


So this cooperation with the communist Chinese goes way back, 40 years.


It now appears the Wuhan lab leak of germs was mid-September 2019 and all information connected with the information about this leak and the contracts set out by the Chinese to rebuild the entire ventilating system of the lab was removed from all records this year in order to hide the origin of the disease inside the lab’s VENTILATION SYSTEMS!!!!


So here we are: what do you call people who spread misinformation from hostile foreign entities that are menacing us with their navy and air force in the Pacific?  Um…TREASON!  DUH.  Arrest them all.


Speaking about arresting people:



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22 responses to “Tucker Carlson Proves Bilderberg Mainstream Media Paid To Work For CHINESE COMMUNISTS

  1. Mike Barry

    Hey, it worked for Drumpf.


    ELAINE: You misspelled Biden’s proper name.

  2. Petruchio

    I feel obligated to point out here that the American Mainstream Media (MSM) is heavily influenced by Money. Once the MSM became a Monopoly, if you wanted to work for the MSM–and get a paycheck–you HAD to do as the Media Owners ordered. Or you were out of a job. To be a Media personality on the MSM, you had to do as you were told. Promote the Chosen Memes. Ignore the News Stories you were told to ignore. The Chinese knew the Media Wh#res could be bribed. And fairly cheap, too! The American MSM has no Integrity. No real journalistic standards. In other words complete ‘Ho’s’. Puppets. Propaganda mouthpieces. This provides just one more reason why the American Media Monopoly must be shattered into a million pieces.


    ELAINE: Thank you for reading the actual article here and commenting on it. Note how leftists are desperately trying to change the conversation. BTW, I spent the afternoon at the dentist. So much fun. Yuck.

  3. TinaB

    Does what you cal it make any difference in the outcome?

    “The Black Swan

    How would the markets react if they knew that 70% of Covid cases and hospitalisations were among the vaccinated…while knowing that 70% of the population is vaccinated…and were told about ADE…and then saw that a lot of people started to die in hospitals?


    The government better stick to the lie that this is “a pandemic among the unvaccinated”.”

    And ARREST THEM? Like that changes anything? Haha! Just more insignificant bluster from Elaine as usual. So boring! I used to come here for some intelligent commentary/discussion but now it’s just for giggles!


    ELAINE; You want no protection? And it doesn’t have a ‘40% failure rate’. When nearly everyone is vaccinated and a NEW germ comes along, this isn’t a ‘failure’ this is due to the Third World countries creating new habitat for these germs. What fools like YOU want is NOTHING AT ALL. Period.

    THAT is ‘stupid’.

  4. TinaB


    “It’s 50 percent more infectious than the previous variant, which was 50 percent more infectious than the original one,”

    She added that 50 percent of the current infections are vaccinated individuals. “Previously we thought that fully vaccinated individuals are protected, but we now see that vaccine effectiveness is roughly 40 percent.” She noted that while effectiveness remains high for severe disease, Israel is seeing diminished protection, particularly for those who have been vaccinated longer.”


  5. TinaB

    Elaine you should really try to look at NEW evidence instead of repeatedly telling us about your experience with the HK flu. It appears that In YOUR world nothing has changed since the 1800s.

    You have no answers or solutions to the myriad problems/predicaments we face. All you got is “ARREST THEM”. You contradict yourself DAILY!

    You are clearly in a state of “delusions of grandeur”. Where is your family? I’m thinking an intervention is in order ASAP!


    ELAINE: YOU are in the 18th century, silly goose. YOUR ‘solution’ is NOTHING. Good lord.

  6. TinaB


  7. shawntoh

    We keep forgetting something that was brought up that’s important…

    Global cooling…

    Sunspot activity has dropped and that’s not good, folks. Peace.


  8. SurfBoy

    @TinaB.. so this article is about how NYT, CNN.. (MSM) are bought and paid for by CCP and you deflect the discussion to vaccinations, delta variant, ad hominem attacks, and global dimming. why is that?

  9. She isn’t very smart and is quite annoying which is her only skill set here.

    She also probably is paid by the Chinese to do this stuff.

  10. Pertry

    I mean, its not like Bilberbergs are hiding their depopulation agenda:
    KARGU – Autonomous Tactical Multi-Rotor Attack UAV

  11. Pertry

    Correct, COVID stabs don’t have a “40% failure rate”.

    64% tested positive for blood clots. Its working to perfection.

  12. Pertry

    When the death toll from these jabs really starts piling up the Bilberberg media will scream its a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”; then any Supkises still alive will cheerlead as the resisters are hauled off to the camps. But then guess who’s next? (Hint: see #12)

  13. Hell Soonish

    The pure madness of Elaine. NYT paid for by Chinese? You will be hard pressed to find even 1 article on NYT that does positive reporting on China.

    In Elaine’s world:
    China owns NYT.
    China owns Biden.
    China owns congress.
    China owns WTO.
    China owns WHO.

    China doesn’t even have a friggin lobbying entity in USA. AIPAC on the other hand, lol.

    Elaine will never admit:
    Israel owns Trump.
    Israel owns congress.
    Israel owns Elaine.

  14. Zeke

    True dat.

    Elaine’s world is one torn asunder.
    A country where 1/2 the country is urged to arrest the other half.
    She lives in crazy town.
    Pitting people at each other’s throats.

    Putin is smiling.

  15. Too bad my ‘crazy world’ isn’t what you all are talking about. You are talking about your own fantasy worlds.

    Since when I have I said the Chinese own the NYT? A MEXICAN owned the NYT, for example. Duh.

    Good lord, it pays to actually read my blog.

  16. All mainstream media in the US is partially or even totally owned by foreigners. CNN is Ted Turner but he no longer lives in the US. This is probably why all these media giants hate patriotism which some of my posters here who refuse to read my blog or look at my links, are doing, too.

    Hate patriots! Then you all who hate patriots accuse me of not being patriotic which is rich. HAHAHA. Good grief, this is so sad to watch.

  17. Hell Soonish

    “Mainstream Media Paid To Work For CHINESE COMMUNISTS”

    “The New York Times is an arm of the communist Chinese government”

    “Since when I have I said the Chinese own the NYT?”

    Anyone sane wouldn’t write those 3 lines on the same page. Elaine you really really need help.

  18. lou

    I thought NY Times was an anti White paper. See the blog–Crimes of the Times.

  19. The anti-China bias of the NYT really is annoying. If their editorial board ever had to list things they appreciated about Trump, his willingness to demonize China might be the only item.

  20. The Chinese didn’t take over the Times, a MEXICAN BILLIONAIRE bought it. A gigantic difference.

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