Biden Handed List Of All US Allies And Staff To TALIBAN! Pentagon Celebrates ‘Women’s Equality Day’ Yesterday!!!


An hour before many Afghanis and a number of US (male) soldiers were blown up at the Kabul Airport gates, Biden’s top general in charge of fighting for the rainbow flag of ‘inclusion’ gave a bravo speech praising the rising number of women in the military (none of whom were at Kabul Airport entrance).  Biden is relying on Taliban invaders to protect the airport.  They, in turn, are allowing violent suicide bombers to repeatedly go there and blow things up.  It gets worse: Biden handed over a list of all American and their Afghan friends to the Taliban, telling them to please let these individuals come to the airport.  Too stupid to figure out, this list is now being used by the Taliban to hold HOSTAGE these people, Biden is once again showing the problems we have when our leaders are insane.


As our military Titanic sinks, Biden and his buddies in the Pentagon are pushing ‘more women in the military’ trope.  The Sargeant Major of the Army continued to push and prioritize ‘diversity’ even as our military is being blown to smithereens in Afghanistan in a history defeat.  Here is a reply to the story at Fox News written by a military officer who once fought the Taliban in Afghanistan:


Simple answer….he’s not mission focused. He has given in to filling squares. His smoke and mirrors sound good but I’d rather be surrounded by the best available. I want those who have the right mix of talent to make the team the best it can be.


Another former fighter in Afghanistan replied:


I hate to say Pave99 – he is mission focused. Unfortunately, people like him, SecDef Austin, Gen Milley, are Obama supporters. Combat training is not a priority nor a current mission. SecDef Austin, almost immediately after confirmation, declared white supremacists and man-made climate change his number one and number two national security issues.


I remember that and talked about it.  Yes, they want to fight ‘global warming’ which should mean, we are training horse cavalry again and using sailing ships and cease using equipment and tools that use fossil fuels.  Yes, we have nuclear subs and ships but these pollute, too!  Best stick to pre-WW1 equipment.


Gen Milley has stated something to the effect “we need to understand ‘white rage’ and rid the services of that problem. Those are the new missions for the U.S. Army. All three have the identical mission that Obama started: a military that will accept anyone and everyone, regardless of their chosen sex, previous mental health conditions or even criminal history. Oh and by the way, if you are transgender, join the Army. Get your surgery at no cost. Then for 18 months to two years, you can’t deploy because you need special behavioral health care for your transgender process. Then, when that time is up, ask you psychologist for a medical separation for chronic adjustment disorder, get a rating of 30% or higher from the VA for that condition, and you are permanently retired without every having done anything.


This is true with the women.  As I keep pointing out, no military can run on females dying while fighting.  It is two fold: a dead woman can’t reproduce.  No men can reproduce without women.  This is why ‘women’ are prizes for fighters!  Also, killing off women means no more females to raise any children who are born.  This was the Achille’s tendon for the Spartans, for example.  Their women didn’t fight but their men didn’t have enough time or energy for creating children with their women so the birth rate was very low.


Joe Biden’s German Shepard is trying to kill the Secret Service guards! HAHAHA.



So…the dog attacks were kept secret?  The Secret Service was under orders to keep the dog secret?  What else is Biden hiding?  Does he have a dog that molests little girls, too?  Humping them while their Democratic parents carefully avoid looking at the dog drooling on their little girls at photo ops?  Oh, it is the President, not the dog doing this!


Speaking of Presidents, the real one chatted with Breitbart yesterday, talking about the mess in Afghanistan:


“I had that (Afghanistan draw down of troops) so locked down; we were going to get every (soldier out)— because I was all for getting out of the endless war,” Trump told Breitbart News. “I was for it more than anybody was, and I was doing it. But we had total control of the country. And as soon as the election was rigged, and they won the election — they didn’t win — look, they didn’t win anything. The election was totally rigged. And as soon as these fake results came out, these people started taking over Afghanistan because they were dealing with Biden, not me. They knew — and I dealt with Abdul. I dealt with the whole group; they knew that there would be hell to pay if anything happened like this. But they’ve taken over from our military. I believe it was the single most embarrassing moment in the history of our country, having to do with prestige and having to do with our military. And our military is devastated by it. They look so bad — the wokesters that are running it. I said it very strongly in Alabama. Woke means loser, and that’s exactly what we’ve become.”


Both Russia and China have women in the military but both do NOT have them as combat troops.  They are support personnel.  Women did this during WWII, for example.  Our military leaders put in power by the Democrats are pretending we must have real ‘equality’ and I warned young women about this: it means you all have to DIE in equal numbers, in wars, as men!


Of course, in times of war, women suddenly become pregnant!  History is clear about that.  The Pentagon last month showed new uniforms for pregnant women!  HAHAHA.  So they continue even when carrying a baby.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!


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6 responses to “Biden Handed List Of All US Allies And Staff To TALIBAN! Pentagon Celebrates ‘Women’s Equality Day’ Yesterday!!!

  1. lou

    whose side is Joe Pedo on?

  2. Kenogami

    The top leaders in the Pentagon and in Washington are all completely insane. The Pentagon is the organization with the biggest carbon footprint on planet earth. If climate change was their priority, they would close the 1000 military bases they have all over the world, and stop their insane military exercices near the borders of China, Korea and Russia, which produce so much CO2.

    Sane Americans must take back control of their country from the raving lunatics by any means; otherwise, the USA will not survive, and probably neither will the world. Because these Pentagon monsters have the most number of bioterrorist laboratories all over the world and they have started bioterrorist attacks against Russia and China since a few years ago. At some point, the leaders of Russia and China will decide that enough is enough, and there will be a massive counter-attack on North America and millions of innocents will die.

  3. Petruchio

    Biden being US President is a big Inside Joke for the Bilderbergers and the rest of the so-called “elites”.. Biden in The White House reflects the sneering contempt these groups have for the average American. Think about it. Even as idle speculation, can you imagine a more UNqualified person to be President than a senile pedo like Joe Biden? Or Kamala Harris as VP? What were Harris’ ‘quals’ to be VP again?

  4. AT

    Right now, at least, none of the Taliban grunts at the checkpoints wants to end up in a basement hanging by their balls should their commanders find out they hassled an American.

    A list? Great. Without such a list, foreign fighters and foreign intelligence assets can pretend to be American and the Taliban would let them through, suicide vest and all. Thus far, AQ and ISIS have shown remarkably little proficiency at counterfeiting western identification documentation. So, a list is an imperfect but sensible safeguard.

    Incidentally, we provide such lists to every nation when we visit.

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