The Whole World Can See Our ‘President’ Is Insane

The above is the front page of the London Daily Mail today.


Biden is definitely going insane.  He weeps and then he laughs like a lunatic while talking about the complete chaos and destruction of Kabul and the deaths of many US Marines and one Navy officer.  The videos we saw of heartbroken Marines hoisting little children over the wall are the same people slaughtered by Muslim terrorists today.  One top Marine spoke out about all this and the Biden gang in the Pentagon immediately punished him.


Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a Marine Battalion commander is removed from his position because he called for the civilian and military leaders who screwed everything up in Afghanistan be removed from office and so he had to be silenced.  But at Fox News, soldiers are resoundingly backing him up as these examples show in the comments section:



The calls for Biden to resign are rising rapidly.  Democrats still back Biden no matter how horrible he is.  Since the issue of ‘patriotism’ isn’t part of the Democrat’s platforms these days, they don’t give a hoot about our soldiers being slaughtered by terrorists.  They just want their DNC goodies in our dying cities!  To hell with everything else.



Now on to Arizona and the examination of the ballots in the previous messy election.  The mainstream media is screaming that this is stupid and should stop and who cares if non-citizens and dead people vote!  To the DNC, the dead and the foreign have just as much right to run this country as citizens!  Indeed, more dead people and illegal aliens re being groomed as voters these days!


(VIDEO) AZ Audit Update: Report Under Analysis – To Be Released Soon – Audit Opponents “Out In FULL FORCE”


The County has no interest in complying and Senator Sonny Borrelli has requested that Attorney General enforce these subpoenas through SB1487.

Maricopa County has requested that Attorney General Mark Brnovich close his investigation into their violation of the law.


AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward shared a status update on the preliminary draft report.


Ward: The Arizona audit team has delivered a partial report to the Arizona State Senate on the full forensic audit of the Maricopa County 2020 election. Now, there might be a slight delay because three of the five auditors preparing the report for the audit team have come down with COVID. The report is coming though folks.


Now we wish everyone, all of those guys who have COVID a swift recovery, a speedy recovery please please keep them all in your prayers. And also remember that this is only a partial report because the audit team didn’t receive the images of the mail-in ballot envelopes until last Thursday, and they still don’t have the routers, the Splunk logs, or the tokens to enter the machines. There are just under 2 million ballot envelope images that they have got to review to get into the final report. Senate President Karen fan said that the Senate audit and legal team will start reviewing the draft report today for accuracy, for clarity, and to make sure that there is adequate documentation for findings that are included in this report.


Now I’m very, very glad about this because we all know that the Democrats do not want this report released at all. And we all know that this is probably going to end up in court at some point. The state senate has nine people working on that audit and legal team, and once that team is satisfied with the report they are going to release it to the Senate Judiciary Committee that issued the subpoenas and to the public.


The New York Times and Washington Post are foaming at the mouth about attempts at verifying if CITIZENS voted in an election in Arizona!


On increasingly rare occasions the New York Times would allow comments on the sidebar of various articles of interest.  They have dropped this now and go full time with zero communication back from readers.  They do not want to hear any debates from readers at all, now that the DNC is losing popularity at an astonishing rate.


Monday was supposed to be a banner day for former President Donald Trump and the MAGAverse. After multiple delays, legal challenges and public controversies, the results of the third — and hopefully final — review of the presidential voting in Maricopa County, Ariz., was scheduled for delivery to its Republican sponsors in the State Senate. At long last, the proof of mass election fraud would be laid out for all to see! Mr. Trump would be vindicated! Maybe even reinstated!


At least, that’s what MAGA die-hards hunkered down in their bunkers of disinformation were hoping. Most everyone else — including plenty of Arizona officials from both parties — just wanted this gong show to end.


Alas, it was not to be. On Monday, the Republican president of the State Senate, Karen Fann, announced that the Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based firm overseeing the recount, had not yet completed a full draft report after all. It seems the firm’s chief executive and two other members of the “audit team” had come down with Covid-19. Also, the State Senate had only just received images of the ballot envelopes from Maricopa County, which still needed to be analyzed for inclusion in the final report.


Basically, verifying if citizens voted and only citizens voted is evil.  Many power people want the present mess to continue or get much worse because they imagine they will get vast powers this way.  Most US cities are election cheating systems set up to minimize or eliminate most tax paying citizens and have populations dependent on the state for everything, voting for ‘progressives’ who are actually communist radicals.


The clown-car chaos in Arizona is a near-perfect distillation of what Mr. Trump has done to the Republican Party, as well as much of the broader public. On what feels like a daily basis, he beats the drum about a stolen election, setting a tuneful lie that many Republican voters still dance to as the party mandarins look on, in either active support or silence. The political ramifications of this disinformation will be on display in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race next year, as well as those elsewhere, as independents and moderates assess if this is the party they want to reward.


But there’s another cost that should worry all of us: the integrity of election audits, which are important and are necessary. While many secretaries of state are now pushing for new standards for such audits, the Arizona recount stands as an object lesson about the embarrassing damage to democracy that one party can inflict when led by a sore loser who still manages to scare people.


The name calling by the NY Times is disgusting and extremely childish.  They write as if they are making a story for a student newspaper.  The NYT no longer hires adults.  Infantile leftists run that wretched rag.  So sad.


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19 responses to “The Whole World Can See Our ‘President’ Is Insane

  1. Zeke

    EMS wrote “On increasingly rare occasions the New York Times would allow comments on the sidebar of various articles of interest. They have dropped this now and go full time with zero communication back from readers. They do not want to hear any debates from readers at all, ….. ”

    EMS, that’s what you do! You are a psychopathic liar – which I have documented and proved. You delete whole posts because they disagree with you.

    Why read the psycho crap of a proven liar (rhetorical question).

  2. Jim R

    …. vice president is also insane …

  3. Zeke, I delete posts where you INSULT PEOPLE HERE BY NAME. Stop doing that I and I won’t need to remove it.

  4. What really pisses me off is, I tell Zeke why I remove his posts and have asked him many times to not attack other posters with obscene words, etc. I hope he has the mind to figure this out.

    Many people who hate Trump are also in mental health difficulties because this mindless hate causes brain damage, I suppose. Look at Biden!

    Brain damage there is obvious.

  5. TinaB

    Elaine you are projecting again! YOU are the one with brain damage! You are your toadies constantly insult readers you don’t agree with you but hey what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  6. lou

    I click here to see people with smarts. Instead I get tina zeke.

  7. TinaB

    Who exactly are these “people with smarts” lou? From what I can see it’s predominantly you and sb that comment here. So what – you read your own posts over and over? Who/where are these “smart people”?

    You clearly think YOU are smart but trust me that is YOUR delusion. And you come here for what? Looking for some sort of validation from who? Elaine? Pitiful.

  8. TinaB

    Stop looking in the mirror Elaine if you don’t want to see “hate”.

    Seriously you have no sense of decorum. Integrity is non-existent. Most often just plain vulgar.

    IF otherwise and your self-proclamations true, why is it that virtually no one recognizes you? Should you not be more influential with all those “credentials”?

  9. TinaB

    And Elaine when you were “praising” trump for all his attempted accomplishments you seem to have omitted “health care”. No mention of this? Is this not as significant as immigration?

    Even IF ALL of trump’s botched attempts at being President were successful, he is still a VULGAR human being and last I checked that is not a favored characteristic in “regular” people let alone the POTUS!

  10. snoosebomb

    hmm , yes i was better without them

  11. “‘progressives’ who are actually communist radicals.”
    You should find out what communism and socialism mean someday. It’s not easy to find out, I admit; for some reason the wealthy people who own publishing companies and newspapers are not very interested in telling the rest of us what ideas like class struggle are about.

  12. lou

    11-them w Z n T?

    Tina, these kind of smarts,

    Tucker’s extraordinary monologue from last night. Since July, 100,000 people have been airlifted out of Afghanistan, making it one of the largest in history. Only five thousand American, but 95,000 Afghans. We don’t know who most of them are, but apparently we do know that 100 of them are known terrorists.

    The utterly shamelessness and the demonic drive to change America forever are on display. Never let a crisis go to waste….

    As Tucker said, the debacle is obvious.
    My thoughts: Where would we get the troops to secure Bagram since “Biden” wanted all the troops “OUT”?
    Why just use some of the troops from the outlying areas to secure it before they leave. What about the Embassy in Kabul? Give it up.

    Are we even sure they wanted us to remain? In any case, the first priority is getting all Americans out safely along with the equipment and documents, destroying anything that couldn’t be taken. If the Taliban wanted, they could invite American diplomats back once conditions were safe. They could have even secured the Embassy building and held it for us if they really wanted to play ball. But we shouldn’t have depended on any of that happening. Get everyone to Bagram and then out. That was the obvious sequence.

    If it’s obvious to non-military people like Tucker and me, it was obvious to the Top Brass. They obviously had other orders coming from treasonous agendas which they didn’t have the courage to resist. Now the Taliban are our “allies”. The banality of evil is on display.

  13. AT

    Lt.Col.Scheller blames the deaths from the car bomb at the gate on the decision to abandon Bagram airbase. (Bagram had plenty of standoff distance around the perimeter to keep car bombs away, and had been doing so for two decades.) He places the decision to leave Bagram on generals and demands they take responsibility for the tactical mistake.

    When I saw that they had abandoned Bagram, I immediately took that as a political, rather than a tactical decision. Anticipating there would be all this pressure to stay in Afghanistan, even if only a smaller presence at Bagram, pressure from the media, the globalist Davos crowd, political figures, and even international terrorists funded by our “allies”, the decision by Biden’s handlers to abandon Bagram made a complete exit irrevocable. But, it also allowed that car bomb attack. Another example of our internal politics trumping tactics and costing American lives.

  14. snoosebomb

    11 , yes

  15. lou

    Something much bigger is going on, EMS dropped the ball,

  16. lou

    Sixty-six progressive Democrats are telling President Joe Biden to open the nation’s border to Afghan migrants because the U.S. bears moral responsibility for the wars in Afghanistan.

    “After decades of disastrous U.S. intervention, one thing is clear: We have a moral responsibility to provide safe harbor and refuge for the Afghan people,” the August 26 letter, which does not set an upper limit on the inflow of Afghan migrants, states.

  17. They want nonstop open borders. And there is a name for this: treason.

  18. lou

    18–Globalism. Destroy nations, no border, no nation.

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