Hurricane Ida Will Be Category 4 Storm Hitting New Orleans

Hurricane Ida is coming to New Orleans, it appears.  This might be a category 4 hurricane which is extremely dangerous.  And the center of the storm will have up to 18 inches of rain, too.  As the hurricane moves up the Mississippi River, it will cause even more flooding down in New Orleans.  People are being advised to remove themselves from potential flood zones and along the shoreline where the winds will be strongest.


All tracking maps show this massive hurricane will slam into the New Orleans Delta area, to the west side of New Orleans.  Already, people are being evacuated.  The necessity of evacuation cannot be stressed enough.



One crisis after another and we have a deranged elderly leader in the White House and our military is run by lunatics more interested in stopping white males waving American flags.  So on top of the utter chaos and mess in Afghanistan we also have a major hurricane while our open borders continue to allow diseased illegal aliens to pour in, too.



So here is a constantly updated video of the hurricane which passed over Cuba last night and is now in the very warm Gulf of Mexico waters and gaining power rapidly:



Of course, any and all storms will be called ‘global warming’ and the hysteria of the Bilderberg gang will pour all over it and they will tell us, it is warmest weather, ever which is a lie, of course:



Cooking the books and making fake graphs won’t change reality!  Since they insist on not being real, we shall get all sorts of unpleasant surprises from them including a refusal to deal with winter blizzards like they did in previous years.  We just had a two week heat wave in the Northeast which is amazing considering we had a very cold spring and a quite cool summer.


It is cool again.  So of course, we are all going to roast to death in between being terrorized by angry Muslims overseas.


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10 responses to “Hurricane Ida Will Be Category 4 Storm Hitting New Orleans

  1. TinaB

    The scientists have been warning about this for decades but ignorant people like you call them ALL liars.

    “They need to prepare”??? Huh? Honestly you really “insult” some of your readers with your posts stating the obvious like you are so “prescient” and all-knowing! It’s really off-putting.

    But hey carry on with your irrelevant blog and trying to convince people that you are some sort of sage when you’re clearly not. Trust me Elaine it’s only in YOUR mind (and a few of your toadies) where this sentiment exists.

    You have lost all respect that I ever had for you and I’m sure I speak for others as well. And you clearly, based on what you write, have NO self-respect.

    Anyone with half a brain can see that the scientists ARE right no matter how many posts you write trying to “prove” with “no evidence whatsoever” them wrong. Unfortunately because of this and YOUR Trump derangement syndrome, you have lost any credibility you may have once had. I sure hope it was worth it to you but I can’t see how.

  2. TinaB

    There is ONLY one thing he gets wrong in his analysis and that is that we need to stop burning fossil fuels. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION! What, we will transport global food distribution with horses and buggies not to mention all the other ways in which we depend upon fossil fuels for our survival? We cannot survive without them PERIOD! In addition, even if we could, global dimming would accelerate the warming.

    And these catastrophic weather events are only going to increase in the years to come. The only thing the scientists got wrong is the time frame – “it’s happening faster than expected”. 2050 or 2100 we will see ramifications? HAHAHA! Ooops it’s happening NOW! Buckle up!

    You really need to brush up on the studies Elaine – get your face out of FOX news for a few minutes and watch Peter or read some credible people to educate yourself. And make sure to encourage everyone you can to keep breeding!

    And a comment for sb and lou – trust me it is not remotely possible for me to care less about what you think of me so don’t waste your time trying to insult me.

  3. snoosebomb

    tell us again how that GW theory works ? can’t do it eh ?

  4. Ken

    TinaB @1,

    If you feel that way about Elaine and her blog why do you keep coming back here? You post more than anyone else on this site. Huge, long, rambling posts. Why?

  5. snoosebomb

    white supremacy

  6. lou

    Ken, she is too self absorbed to notice she puts more words here [lately, at least] than anyone except EMS.

  7. Nina

    “diseased illegal aliens”

    They are human beings just like you and me, some are even young children! While i can agree that illegal mass migration creates a lot of trouble, one has to remember that these migrations are a direct result of US imperialism and interference in Latin-America througout the years. Just like the US and its allies has destabilized Africa and the Middle East for many years which has caused huge migration to Europe. You used to be firmly against imperialism, now you’re not. But as you can see imperialism has many consequences, not only for the countries we ruin and destabilize, but also to ourself.

  8. Floridasandy

    Tina aren’t you reading the irrelevant blog and commenting?
    There’s that 😙
    All the government officials said we got this, don’t worry on Ida so we will see
    Bring in a hurricane state, evacuation is logical
    In a strong storm-then you have a mini vacation instead of a life ending event
    Global warmers and government officials will kill everyone before any “warming”does-with their supply destruction, which we are seeing the beginning of
    The carbon credit crowd would destroy the entire world with their special brand of stupid and greed

  9. Tina is so young, she thinks the weather today is the hottest, ever. I am very old and remember when it really WAS hotter.

    She is easily spooked into doing destructive and silly things by cynical power people who never practice what they preach. They want her and her ilk to live like medieval peasants while the powerful live in huge palaces and fly all over the place in private jets, etc.

    Too silly to see this obvious plan, I feel sorry for dupes like her. She should go outside more to see the real weather and maybe move to upstate NY to enjoy our very cold, long winters.

  10. lou

    very cold, long winters…And very cold summer 2021.

    Tell her to learn about what Volcanoes do to the climate. She can read

    ‘When Life Nearly Died’.

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