VP Kamala Poses At Ho Chi Mihn Shrine While White House Hides From News

While Kamala Kommunist Harris poses in front of massive Ho Chi Minh shrine in Vietnam, Biden returns to his basement crypt for another blood transfusion and US citizens are now locked out of the Kabul Airbase and can’t escape the Taliban, we have approaching total chaos as DNC leaders demand no voter ID to vote so that criminals and illegal aliens can ‘vote’.  They also want to stuff the Supreme Court with more judges so they can impose their will on us but their popularity is rapidly collapsing and is approaching less than 40% support for these destructive actions by the DNC Bilderberg gang.


Some of the fathers of the dead soldiers killed by Afghani terrorists are very angry with Biden:


“They sent my son over there as a paper pusher and then had the Taliban outside providing security,” Steve Nikoui, the father of Kareem Nikoui, told The Daily Beast. “I blame my own military leaders … Biden turned his back on him. That’s it.”


Steve Nikoui told the website that he was notified of his son’s death by a group of Marines who showed up on his doorstep Thursday evening. The elder Nikoui said he had stayed home from work after hearing the news of Thursday’s attack and had been “glued to the TV” waiting for any word of his son.


Nikoui said the Marines who delivered the dreaded news were “more choked up than me.”


“I was actually trying to console them,” he said. “But at the same time, I just wanted them to get out as soon as possible so that no one from my family came back and saw them. I thought it appropriate that I be able to tell them.”


He probably didn’t want his wife to see the military vehicle in the driveway and start screaming and fainting.  I know I would have that sort of reaction, if I were her.  On the other hand, this sort of death and destruction happened nearly nonstop during the Vietnam War.


People partied on in the USA during that war!  It was the ‘free love’ time and hippies who were antiwar, would do the ‘peace, not war’ thing while middle America simply tried to ignore all this.  The middle class sent all their sons to the universities where the guys were exempt from being drafted.


But the working class kids and their parents grew very angry about this and finally, Nixon took away the student deferment scheme.  I remember vividly the day that happened.  The Student Body President who didn’t like me at all, came running into the Peace and Freedom office yelling for me.


I sat down with him and helped him write a speech and then I made a leaflet to distribute.  It was interesting.  My older brother who lived with me said he would commit suicide rather than be drafted.  My father got mad at him but I begged him to help my brother so he made him a part of a government research program which my brother qualified for and was good at, being a genius.


But the fact remains, he didn’t want to go and lots and lots of young men were the same and now everyone had to face reality, at last.  Nixon withdrew from the war very rapidly after that.


The entire war against ‘terror’ after 9/11 was pure fraud.  It was illicit, illegal and many war crimes were done by US authorities.  Withdrawing from the complete mess of these illicit, illegal invasions is proving very difficult and all the young people who died fighting in these ridiculous invasions, died in vain.


I want all the war criminals arrested, of course.  This would remove a huge hunk of our government.  So it won’t happen.  Still, we said after WWII that war crimes have to be punished!!!

As Biden’s boat sinks, the Democrats are still pushing hard, using their captive black inner city, dependent on government money voter base to agitate for voting with zero identifications so illegal aliens can vote!  This, in turn, along with deliberately opening the borders and never deporting even criminal illegal aliens, is suicidal for US black voters.  Guess why?


The illegal aliens are mostly non-blacks!  The black voter base still sits at around 13% and if all illegal aliens vote all the time, it will be more like 6% of voters will be blacks and the DNC will rely nearly entirely on the new voters who flood into the country to vote while not showing any ID.  Will all black voters fall for this scam?  I wonder.  Right now, they think they are marching for ‘civil rights’ because my old enemy, Al Sharpton, is telling them, they will gain more power if they don’t check to see if anyone is really registered to vote properly!


Hello!  Al lies.  He always lied.  He also pretended to be a reverend but I saw him first hand, attacking real black reverends in Brooklyn many years ago.   The DNC leaders these days are spending many hours trying to convince everyone, even the slightest examination of voters to see if they are really residents living where they claim to live or being alive at all, this is ‘discrimination.’


Well, it is ‘discrimination’ if we think most ‘black’ voters are illegal or fake.  But we know many DNC ‘voters’ are fake!  This is the problem: we must identify the fake voters because our Constitution allows ONLY citizens to vote, not ‘anyone on earth at any time or even dead’ can vote.  Most DNC black and white politicians are telling us now, the many black voters cannot read therefore, we are punishing them by demanding ID as if this is connected.


Also…we spent trillions of dollars in keeping DNC hell hole city school systems functioning so there is zero excuse for any illiteracy.  But we also know, these same schools killed off all systems of discipline so no one learns anything in schools now that are run entirely by the DNC and the Teacher’s Unions so these schools are worthless and another reason for us to demand people be literate, to vote.


The modern slavery system is the welfare system.  It enables deliberate dumbing down of inner city populations.  We are very fortunate that aliens from Asia are coming into our cities, these populations adore schools and demand their children study hard to make themselves better.  It is the exact opposite in black communities.


Now for the last nail in the Biden/Harris coffin:

Kamala Harris Poses In Front Of Communist Ho Chi Minh Bust – “The WORST Photo Op For An American In That Country Since Jane Fonda Donned A Helmet There In 1972.”


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23 responses to “VP Kamala Poses At Ho Chi Mihn Shrine While White House Hides From News

  1. lou

    VP Kamala Poses At Ho Chi Mihn Shrine/ O M G

  2. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!! There are too many US born Blacks out there in the US of A who have such a deep, bitter hatred of Whitey they will believe anything ANY con artist out there tells them. Blacks are never gonna figure out they are being “Played, Slayed and Filleted.”. It’s gonna all be Whitey’s fault. BTW: BLM’s bank account–all of it–has been stolen.

  3. The criminals who founded BLM stole the money? Naturally, it was a con job. Note how I never fell for it.

  4. Pete

    Must see video.
    How China and Soros steal our elections.

  5. lou

    2. She got her mansion in Topanga, California [still a White topia].

    Topanga is country, near Malibu,

    Marxist BLM leader buys $1.4 million home


    Marxist BLM leader buys $1.4 million home in ritzy LA enclave … Once a hippie enclave in the 1960s, Topanga Canyon is now home to sprawling homes where 88 percent of the residents are White.

  6. Zeke

    ~ E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y ~

    Must see YouTube video:

    “Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol” | Visual Investigations

    Summoned by and fighting for – Trump to perpetrate a coup to overturn the election and install Trump as dictator.


    ELAINE: Advertising your side’s stupidity is funny. Of course, the DNC was TERRIFIED that day but were perfectly fine with the DC riots by leftists that torched buildings and killed people.

  7. AT

    “Hey, hey, L. B. J.,
    How many kids did you kill today?”

    “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh,
    N.L.F. Is gonna win.”

    “Hey, hey, ho, ho,
    (Fill in the blank) has got to go”

    Kamala has come full circle.

  8. Our allies finally woke up and figured out that Biden is a catastrophe. These same stupid ‘allies’ hated Trump because he made them pay their bills, what they owed us taxpayers. To hell with them all.

  9. AT

    Our allies figured out that Biden just out trumped Trump by leaving Afghanistan like Trump promised but never did.

    P.S. Not a fan of Biden except on this issue.

  10. Zeke

    @ 7


    Elaine: Did you even watch the video?
    Yes []
    No []

    The entire Congress, Senators and Congress persons, Rep. and Dem., fled for their lives as the Trump incited coup perps rampaged.
    They’re even yelling that they’re here to fight for Trump.

    Fortunately, Pence held steadfast and reconvened to complete his Constitutional duties and tabulate the Electoral College count.

    The perps are being rounded up as we speak.
    It’s dopey to pretend that any national leaders were in favor of crimes committed elsewhere.

    You frantically and desperately want to muddy the waters – from “it was anti-fa” to “it was an ordinary tourist day”.

    That video is indisputable proof of your lies.

  11. TinaB

    Well Elaine you have finally confirmed your position on at least one thing. “Advertising “your side’s” stupidity” so you admit that there are 2 sides so you admit that there is a fight/war. Is it the Bilderbergs against everyone else? Or is it trump supporters vs non-supporters; left vs the right; white vs non-white; poor vs rich; smart vs ignorant or stupid? And with no democracy or diplomacy to unite people?

    I don’t get it. Don’t most human beings want the same things?

    You seem to long for the 1950s USA with mostly white people as well as old white men running everything. If not, please for the love of gawd tell us what exactly you want!

    And correct me if I’m wrong but it doesn’t sound like you are in favor of democracy because there are too many stupid people/illegals/dead people voting? Correct?

    From what I have seen of trump supporters (your side) most are white, middle class, unhealthy, uneducated, unsophisticated people. Sorta like trump. Very crude. Why should anyone want to aspire to the lowest common denominator and be proud of it to boot?

  12. Zeke

    @ 14

    Still shilling for the Con Con man?

    Ex Convict

    Confidence man

    Alex Jones has wild unproven theories too. Oh, that’s right. He was another riot mob instigator.

    You are unaware that you are arguing FOR an investigation of the “typical tourist day”.
    Hah ha ha hah ha.

  13. AT

    It’s one thing to post things that are off topic now and then.

    continually doing so and then arguing over the off topic issues is simply a trolling technique.

    It shuts down meaningful discourse about the actually topic(s) posted, and the arguing and name calling has been shown to turn people off and turn off their critical thinking. That’s why it’s an effective trolling technique. Unless you wish to be presumed a troll, please refrain.

  14. Zeke

    @ 16

    You should talk?

    I’m simply following the thread.

    Pay attention.

  15. Zelda

    That video is a classic propaganda film.

    Whatever value it may or may not have, even when considered as a matter of neutral observation an assertion that it constitutes “indisputable proof” of anything does indeed seem to militate in favor of a finding of utter stupidity.

  16. AT


    I wasn’t specifically addressing you. I think most folks here have already made up their mind whether you are a troll or not.

  17. Zeke

    I won’t presume to speak for anyone other than myself. So I won’t pretend to know if most readers identify you as a pompous name calling troll or just a fool. I leave that for others to decide.

    Re. That awesome documentary – the stupidity is not in the video but rather in your stupid inability to see and hear the presentation of reality enough to offset your tainted perspective bias.
    Documentary was in their own words and actions – no propaganda needed.

  18. The people who support a mindless idiot as President want also to pretend their version of reality and history is correct when it is childish propaganda by desperate rules who meet secretly several times a year to do MAGIC SPELLS and to plot how to control the global economy and control ‘democratic elections’ so only Bilderberg gang minions control nations…and this is collapsing while poor Zeke and that ‘female’ called ‘Tina’ love so much…


    HAHAHA. And fewer and fewer citizens agree with you two losers.

  19. Zeke

    Why the gratuitous name calling?
    Yes, Biden seems to be an utterly incompetent brain dead empty suit.
    Just about everyone wanted an end to war in Afghanistan. But just about nobody wanted it to end in such colossal rout failure.
    Now that the foreign infidels are out of the country. Taliban 2.0 and others can do what they really want to do; kill each other.

    You chronically yap about the Builderbergers. And how Trump is their arch foe. Hmmm. Don’t you think it’s strange that Trump never once mentioned them?

    Plus, the meeting just concluded in Jackson Hole, WY is billed by MSM as an exclusively (criminal) “Fed” event. BUT it’s my understanding that it’s actually a meeting of other major North Atlantic (criminal) Central Banks (BoC, BoE, ECB …. ) to conspire to price fix the cost of money, debase their currencies, make the rich richer, more money for them; less for everyone else.
    All behind closed doors in out of the way places. Bohemian Grove, Davos, the Crypt, movable feast of Bilderbergers, …..

    Ironic that ZIRP is in adherence to hebraic law. Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen are laughing. Powell is a tool.

  20. Trump already has been utterly silenced by the mainstream media. Alex Jones talks about this topic and did so with Trump several years ago. Note how Alex, too has been removed from most online platforms!!!

    THEY REMOVED TRUMP, TOO, and you are too stupid to understand what that means!

    I get censored, too. Anyone doing this is censored. I own this site so no one is censoring me…SO FAR. So I can yap about it.

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