Watch Hurricane Ida Live Cams Here

I found several web cams that are going to run as long as possible, in New Orleans which is now nearly a bull’s eye target for this very dangerous hurricane.  Also, just a few years ago, there was another hurricane Ida in the Gulf of Mexico which died off before landfall which is why the name is being reused today.  Here are some web cams where the hurricane is hitting right now.  It has super strong winds but the whipsaw of the winds is reducing the footprint of the rain which is good, less overall flooding.  Slow, huge hurricanes cover much more ground and have little wind damage but lots of flooding.



If this hurricane slows down and sits in one place for 24 hours, this can cause a lot of flooding.  So far, the prediction of this hurricane is, it won’t have too much water falling as it moves up the Mississippi River so secondary flooding of water coming back down to the Gulf won’t be totally catastrophic. But the high winds are extremely dangerous and destructive and everything at or near the eye of this storm will be shredded by high winds which is why maximum evacuation of New Orleans is necessary.


Below are some web cams set to run during the storm:


Here is hurricane Katrina which hit the same place more than a decade ago:



It was a category 3 storm which is dangerous enough but it was a lot wetter than the present hurricane due to the lower speed of wind.


I wonder if the faster the hurricane spins (faster winds) the more ‘torn up’ the rain bands become.  Even storms like Sandy caused tremendous damage via the vast floods over vast areas.  The main damage from high wind hurricanes are the high tides and intense winds and any rain that falls is ‘local’ instead of floods pouring in from far away until all systems are overwhelmed over hundreds or thousands of square miles.


Interesting fact: there was a hurricane Ida in 2009 and it was relatively mild and petered out rapidly when it followed nearly the exact same track after passing Cuba as this new Ida hurricane!



So history repeats itself.  Not the first time.






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3 responses to “Watch Hurricane Ida Live Cams Here

  1. lou

    Elaine, what year did you leave NYC?

    Its in decline.

    NYC started its steep decline in the mid to late 60’s thanks to creepy Mayor John Lindsey (who incidentally gave the “Brady Bunch” mother, the late Florence Henderson, crabs after a one-night stand) and continued all through the 70’s & 80’s until Guiliani was elected in 1994.

    there is an old song, The Royal Scam. steely dan [2 art school jewish boys].

    ‘they left their island home for Manhattan
    see the glory of the royal scam.’

    Handsome Johnny removed resident requirement for those applying for welfare.

    word is in PR, the sign in Spanish at airport says best free $ is Massachusetts, hence so many PRs in Massachusetts.

  2. Jim R

    Live feeds from New Orleans have all gone ‘no signal’.

    This is gonna be a bad one.

  3. We are now just beginning to see how bad it was. A terrible storm. New Orleans is still completely without electricity, anywhere, heck, 90% of southern Louisiana is without electricity.

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