Mainstream Media Ignores Arizona Border Invaders, Barely Notices Texas Border Invaders


We are supposed to not see any news stories about the border crisis in Arizona.  The crisis in Texas which is now immense, barely makes any news, too.  The mainstream Bilderberg gang media is in collusion with alien invaders.  This makes them traitors who should be arrested, now.  But they have the power right now so they breeze onwards even as citizens turn against the DNC machine more and more, even the dumber females who hate Trump are beginning to realize, they have been conned.  My county in Arizona, Pima County, is very ‘liberal’ and has been declining into crime and self-destruction for quite a long while, even there, they are realizing this invasion is very bad.


So I am going back in time to the beginning of the Biden treason when he flung the border wide open to any and all invaders across the entire planet.  Some of these invaders came across vast oceans from distant lands and then hopped over the Texas border.


January 26, 2021:



Biden laughed.  His gang sneered.  They then advertised to the entire earth, the border of Texas was totally open, come right in and over a million people did exactly that.


From April 29th, 2021


Biden insults anyone and everyone who questions his insane edicts.  He claims to unite while creating incredible divisions only this activity is backfiring.  More and more people oppose him, the majority of Americans oppose him greatly.


July 24, 2021:



It just got worse and worse.  Biden’s denial of taking care of our own borders is treason.  His main job is to protect our borders from foreign powers.  His biggest job is to prevent invasions.  He has not only totally failed in this basic job, he actively is conspiring with the invading armies which is…TREASON.  He must be arrested!


Also in the news: Project Veritas which liberals hate because this organization wins in court while revealing media/politial/Silicone Valley Bilderberg gang activities.  So it is quite likely some computer experts paid by these people have hacked the Veritas banking activities and stole their money.



So, they use Microsoft systems?  No…Microsoft is totally Bilderberg!  Sometimes people who are fighting the Machine forget to do all their business away from the Machine run by the Bilderberg gang.  Next on their plans is to assassinate the people running Project Veritas.



That was the email that let the attackers into the back door.  I noticed immediately because I think it is important, the systems used by one of the people associated with Project Veritas.  Anyone using Microsoft should realize, they are using CIA operational systems.  This has been true for several decades now!




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3 responses to “Mainstream Media Ignores Arizona Border Invaders, Barely Notices Texas Border Invaders

  1. shawntoh

    That’s why I go Linux OS all the way. NO MS OS for me! Linux now! Folks.

    Linux is the answer!

    Elaine… That’s the best I can do. After all, with APPLE, isn’t Tim Cook a member of the Bilderberg Gang?


  2. shawntoh

    I note that Tim Cook attended a seminar by Obama on August 8, 2013 on cybersecurity… Please note citations… [50][51]… [50][51]


  3. Yes, the tech giants are all insane now.

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