Charge Communist Chinese Agent, Pentagon General Milley, With Treason!


The secret deal General Milley made with the communist Chinese leader, Xi, to warn him if America was going to attack, is treason.  We now have total proof, the Democrats put an obvious China communist agent as head of our entire military systems!  McCarthy is laughing in the Afterlife over this obvious treason.  General Milley has done everything possible to weaken the troops from within and one of his biggest pushes has been an effort to remove all patriots from power positions in the Pentagon and replace them with communist agents, it now appears to me.  The entire systems here are being corroded by far leftists who are intent on destroying citizen-only voting, destroying all border protections and thus, allowing outright invaders to enter freely, locking down citizens due to germs while spreading germs, themselves, via mass riots and marches, etc.  TREASON ALL AROUND!


Here is a reminder of what these traitors are doing to the military:





Meanwhile, our defeat and retreat from Afghanistan has tremendous, hurricane force blowback.  On top of this, we saw these same traitors give huge sums of money to the Taliban, too.  Good job, guys!



The Democrats got together and not one of these clowns wore a mask due to disease fears then, when the photo shoot began, suddenly, all were wearing masks.  Twitter is limiting us from seeing Ted Cruz’s site deliberately because they fear him gaining political power.


You cannot see this tweet in full unless you get permission.  All my attempts at getting permission failed, for example.  On the other hand, Cruz got this picture from Carl Higbie and it is easy to access the entire photo from him, just not from Cruz who is a top GOP politician in the Senate and who runs for President!  But then, former President Trump is totally banned by Twitter, too!



This before and after picture of our Congress critters on the Nazi left is hilarious.  Note how Schumer, a huge racist, is hanging his stupid head.  There are a few critters, males, tho refused to put on masks for the photographer.  HAHAHA.  Just the top DNC leaders and the feminist fools are doing this stupid trick.  Here is one funny comment to the picture of all the DNC rascals, faking the mask wearing:



All the workers and the staff, everyone was forced to wear masks while the stars didn’t:



Meanwhile, the left is in hysteria that Trump is building a shadow government that is anti-communist:



Not one minute too soon!


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14 responses to “Charge Communist Chinese Agent, Pentagon General Milley, With Treason!

  1. Zeke

    Thank God for Gen. Milley.
    A true American hero.
    He may have prevented a preemptive nuke strike by the ChiCom.

    In the wake of the Trump instigated insurrection and Jan 6 attempted coup invasion of the Capitol, ChiCom was concerned that the USA had become a ‘failed state’ with ‘loose nukes’.

    Gen. Milley assured his military counterpart in China that the USA remained a stable state and that the failed wannabe Dictator would not launch nukes in a desperate attempt to stay in power .

    Thank you, Gen. Milley, from all right thinking USA citizens.


    ELAINE: Zeke proves he is a good follower of the Communist Chinese. Obey their orders and you will be spared, eh?

  2. Nina

    Attacking China would be the most foolish decision the US would ever make. Same thing with Russia. The counterattack from these countries will be something the US never has experienced before. Unfortunately the US is a country run by warmongring lunatics, so Russia and China must be well prepared for any scenario.

  3. RRW

    Zeke, stop being a pinko commie and a tool to the corrupt leaders of the US government. Stay away from this blog you leftist piece of crap!

  4. TinaB

    It never ceases to amaze me how people somehow think there is always someone else to BLAME for the bane of the misery. Elaine and most of the commenters on this blog are the epitome of evidence for that. I’m sure if we “knew” lou it wouldn’t take long to determine my conclusion is correct!

    Elaine I know you love history but going back to firing squads? Seriously? Statements like this are what make you so disingenuous. Your solutions are nothing more than pining for a future that will never be. Too little too late!
    We are NEVER going back to “normal” life. NO vaccine is going to save us and there are more viruses on the way. It’s OVER! GONE! KAPUT! CAPEESH?

    We have been coddled by the corporations and they control our every move because of our own CONSENT. We wanted “slaves” for our cushy lifestyles and conveniences but didn’t want the consequences as a result. and apparently chose to even ignore them. Hard to focus on that with all those daily trinket deliveries showing up at our doors from Amazon. I mean one only has so much time in a day. What happened to “pay the price” and personal accountability? Sorry, the writing was on the wall and we chose to ignore it. We loved it until the “bill” came due.

    What;is clearly happening is there are 8 billion humans fighting over the dwindling resources required for our survival. Period.

    Not only did no one here question if 8 billion was too many, nope instead you just hammered on about your rights to have children that most of you don’t have the mental, emotional or physical skills to take care of!!!! I see an abundance of evidence of this every single day!

    Bring on the abortions please!!!!!!!!! NO MORE PARASITIC HUMANS PLEASE! For the love of GAWD and our fellow earthlings please!!!!

    The ship is sinking fast and it appears there is no saving humans and we DESERVE IT. Every single ones of us is responsible and had we taken that approach from day one we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I choose to get out there and enjoy every single moment while I still can which from what I see not many of this bog choose to do.. It’s great and I highly recommend it. Choices people!

  5. TinaB

    Elaine you DON’T believe in Justice and your statement about “copy/pasting” part of an article as “theft” is incorrect.

    Your solutions are nothing less than draconian. Firing squads! – get a grip! Do you really believe this or is it bluster?

    And you DO believe in censorship (however only when it suits you) and find all kinds of disingenuous reasons (read excuses) to justify it!

    You and your dear leader trump are the epitome of snowflakes!


    ELAINE: I didn’t eliminate you, just the illicit stuff you stole from someone else and parked here. I hope you can figure out something this obvious.

  6. TinaB

    @lou How is your canvassing your area to find accommodation for all those 40 million people (or at least the white ones) soon to be out of water going? YOU must do something to save the white people! Whining on this blog won’t cut it! Please be sure to keep us abreast of your mission and guide us and others. We will follow your lead! We’ll call it “SAVE the white people” mission!

    ACTION is the antidote to despair!


    ELAINE: You should try using mirrors, if you are not a vampire, you will see how you are the monster you hate, Tina.

  7. snoosebomb

    the CBC this morning ; [all in single program 45min ]

    all parties promise to save the planet from climate change !!!

    80 % of canadas oil production to be left in ground !!!!

    and , great news ,

    ”Yet the company forecast anticipates a full air travel recovery from today’s steep pandemic-driven downturn by 2024 and then a resumption of long-term demand growth that would double the size of the world’s commercial airplane fleet by 2040. ”

  8. lou

    6-SAVE the white people”


    ELAINE: Lou, you do that name calling again, I will eliminate posts.

  9. Petruchio

    Milley is just a distraction and Elaine you’re taking the bait! Milley is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! You have to ask, “How did he (Milley) get there?” And, “Why isn’t he getting his ass fired immediately?” Elaine, we’re talking about a Government so corroded that it flies HUGE LGBTQ flags on the side of their Embassies. Promoting the LGBTQ agenda is the Government’s top priority!! TPTB could bounce Gen. Milley out the door any time they wanted, but they don’t; he’s just the designated sh#tcatcher for this manipulation going on in the Media. Look for more signs the US Rulers are owned by the China.

  10. Jim R

    When you post a link like that, please trim off the ‘?’ and everything after that. And, it’s the Guardian.. I’m not clicking it. Whole story is in the link, anyway.

    Remember what General Flynn’s “crime” was? A phone call to the Russian ambassador. Not making a deal, just called up to introduce himself.

    ZH reposted this article this morning –
    Seems like a reasonable proposal. They are not defending the Constitution, as they pledged. Fire ’em all. Bust ’em down to ‘private’ first.

  11. Zeke

    That was not Gen. Flynn’s “crime”.
    One of his crimes was perjury – lying under oath about such contacts.
    Get it straight.

    You are mimicking Stalin, perhaps the most evil ‘person’ ever to slither on earth. One of ‘its’ many purges was the “liquidation” of the military officer corps.

  12. Flynn was attacked and had to follow rules our rulers never follow. They ignore gross crimes and getting them in prison is not easy but Guiliani and I did this pretty easily! HAHAHA.

    I am very proud of that fact. The politicians attacked me with total ferocity THREATENING TO KILL ME…and I had them all put in prison.

    To everyone here: I feel little mercy towards these mass KILLERS. They are KILLERS and deserve to be hung. WE HUNG NAZIS after WWII. My dad was at the Nuremberg Trials!

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