General Milley Admits He Talked Directly With His Chinese Overlords, Would Follow Their Orders!

The military coup against our previous real President is unprecedented.  What is very nasty here is, Biden isn’t a ‘President’ at all, his handlers handle everything and make all decisions for him, he even asks them for permission to ASK QUESTIONS which they terminated by cutting off his mike before he finished his ‘question.’  This puppet must be removed via Constitutional means and the gang who pull all the strings and circumvent legal protocols should all be arrested and put in prison, pronto.


Thanks to that stupid general Milley is responsible for the mess in North Korea which is happily blowing up things again:



More and more Congress people are demanding there be an investigation in some of these things but the real problem remains, Biden is an obvious oblivious puppet.  He has to be removed after being tested to see if he even has a brain left now.


Meanwhile, ultra-communist AOC commits fashion crimes and collects obvious bribes:



Not only did she get this boon, she got goodies, too:



I hope Stefanik demands she be kicked out of Congress.  The elites kicked others out of Congress due to them not being good buddies of the ruling elites!  Well, they can’t openly break all the rules, all the time!  Of course, they can do this especially with rigged voting systems.


Now on to England where mobs of silly young people, wearing coats because it is cold and wet, are worried about being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age and want it to be much, much colder so they glued their lazy hands to the highway and stopped traffic for hours and hours.  Good lord, this is getting people really riled up.



There is rank insanity everywhere.  Last year, the NBA fretted about Black Lives Matter and drove away 50% or more of their fan base and are now very unpopular and their business is losing money due to people boycotting these clowns.  Now, they are following Biden’s bizarre orders to force everyone to be vaccinated…except…all the top people who say no.  They get to do as they please!



And Black Lives Don’t Matter doesn’t give a hoot about anything at all.  Only one thing motivates them: to run riot when they please, to be able to loot, rape and kill with impunity and they need the DNC gang to enable this and protect them as they do these crimes.  Fight the criminals and you will be arrested!  I used to fight criminals and was never arrested for doing this but they changed all the laws so store owners and home owners and women at night cannot defend themselves or their properties!  Only the criminal class is protected.


The DNC loves this!  Since criminal populations love the DNC and all the free money and free housing while they run riot, they can cheat in elections and stay in power, once in power in cities, the DNC never loses its grip except once: GIULIANI when he managed to take over NYC and voila: crime vanished.  His reward was to be persecuted by criminal DNC political hacks and fake news mainstream media and in general, the entire Bilderberg gang hates and fears him.



Oh, oh, more and more conservative blacks in dying DNC run hell hole cities are running for office!  This will eventually turn into a tsunami of support.  This is why the DNC traitors are importing as many foreign criminals as possible, so these can terrorize our cities and drive out the law abiding black citizens!  They must be chased out like the white populations!



The racist white leftist radicals are very racist.  We see this over and over again.  These monkey-masked creeps think it is OK to be racist so long as the victim is conservative.  This is the entire DNC credo now.


And Biden’s injection mandate is collapsing.  I believe in free choice.  I know there is a lot of hysteria about vaccinations, I have seen this my long, long life.  This is mainly because even with obvious proofs, fear of dying a horrible death from a disease doesn’t scare people who are scared.  Nothing I can do about this!  People are free to take whatever risks they wish.  Right now, everyone talks about how Israel has so many covid cases while heavily vaccinated.  Their covid death rate is less than one THIRD our death rate!  So this is ridiculous to be frantic about.




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10 responses to “General Milley Admits He Talked Directly With His Chinese Overlords, Would Follow Their Orders!

  1. Pete


    $300 Billion Evergrande in default?

  2. Zeke

    ‘Press secretary Jen Psaki went further during her daily White House briefing, saying that Biden believes Milley, a four-star Army general, is committed to the Constitution and that it was important to remember what Trump was trying to do in his final two months in office.

    “The outgoing president of the United States, during this period of time, fomented unrest leading to an insurrection and an attack on our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6,” she said, calling it “one of the darkest days in our nation’s history.”

    She added: “There was broad concern from a range of members of his national security team about his behavior and fitness for office.”’

  3. I’m glad Milley was gutsy enough to do that. We’re still here because a Soviet submarine commander disobeyed orders and refused to fire a nuclear weapon during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  4. Zelda

    RE: death rate

    Americans are notoriously unhealthy in general.

  5. Zelda

    To Supkis’ credit, at least she has the sense to oppose the mandates; that may at least keep Supkis from getting charged in Nuremberg 2.0.

    Mandating a medical procedure with as sketchy a track record as mRNA is an over the top Nuremberg level crime against humanity.

  6. Zeke

    “‘Nuremberg 2.0′” exists only in the realm of brain fart.

    It’s that real. Heh he heh heh he.

  7. Zelda

    Our Patience Has Its Limits

    ~Joseph Goebbels 1933

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