Multiple Small Quakes Around And At Fort Tejon, California: San Andreas Great Quake Looms Nearer

Yesterday saw multiple small earthquakes on and around Fort Tejon Pass, this is a precursor for the next giant earthquake in California:


I put the blue box over the Fort Tejon Pass where major fault lines cross the mighty San Andreas Fault.  I’ve tracked the quakes there for years now.  Up until this last spring, no small quakes showed up in the blue box but now they happen every week and worse, now happen multiple times, simultaneously!  This is VERY alarming and means the stress on the San Andreas is now reaching an apex which will lead to the Big Quake we all should rightfully fear.  California is crazy.  Note how they voted using the cheat method of mailing in millions of ballots instead of checking voters at the polls.  They want to self destruct and will get their wish in spades.


Why am I so annoyed about this?  Well…I was chased out of California by leftist radicals who now cruelly rule the place and have turned this into a very nasty dictatorship.  These dictators, right now, this hour, have the disgusting temerity to minimize this INEVITABLE event that will cause massive problems in the near future.  ‘We are prepared,’ they falsely claim!


This is a lie.  There are no preparations that will prevent massive, deadly problems when the INEVITABLE quake happens.  They also ignore the human elements in all this.  Unlike the last major quake in California, or the Santa Barbara quakes, for example, these happened in ‘white’ communities and there was no obvious side effect: rampant riots and looting by people in the slums.


I lived through that in NYC with a mere black out and my community was nearly burned to the ground!  Massive destruction happened thanks entirely and only to violent humans who mostly, were on welfare at taxpayer expense.  There is a massive population in California’s cities and this is the DNC voter base.  Imagine LA with little to no electricity for a month!


My ancestors lived in Southern California when the great 1857 quake happened:


This earthquake occurred on the San Andreas fault, which ruptured from near Parkfield (in the Cholame Valley) almost to Wrightwood (a distance of about 300 kilometers); horizontal displacement of as much as 9 meters was observed on the Carrizo Plain. It caused one fatality. A comparison of this shock to the San Francisco earthquake, which occurred on the San Andreas fault on April 18, 1906, shows that the fault break in 1906 was longer but that the maximum and average displacements in 1857 were larger.


That quake did little harm because aside from Spanish churches, nearly all buildings were one story or a few dozen were two stories tall and most were made of solid wood.  Some Spanish adobe buildings had problems but they were few in number.  The main modern system back then was the railroads and telegraph systems that were brand new and few miles in number.


Property loss was heavy at Fort Tejon, an Army post about 7 kilometers from the San Andreas fault. Two buildings were declared unsafe, three others were damaged extensively but were habitable, and still others sustained moderate damage. About 20 kilometers west of Fort Tejon, trees were uprooted, and buildings were destroyed between Fort Tejon and Elizabeth Lake. One person was killed in the collapse of an adobe house at Gorman. Strong shaking lasted from 1 to 3 minutes.


It wasn’t mere shaking.  Unlike the San Francisco quake, in this quake, the land on the west side of the fault JUMPED NORTH by a couple of feet!  Imagine this happening today!  And this jump is going to be greater, in the next few years, when it inevitably happens.


This northward shift we must see in the near future is going to be greater than the 1957 shift due to more years passing between quakes.  The more time goes by, the greater the reset.



The ‘footprint’ of this event is nearly all of California.  The entire state has many delicate systems that criss cross everything and processes in factories, etc. that can be wrecked or malfunction due to this event.  Computer systems and major computer businesses that run many things including the INTERNET are located in quake-prone building and will be affected if all electrical systems fail simultaneously without any warning.


The ‘experts’ deliberately ignore the news that tiny quakes are now shaking the area around Fort Tejon nearly every other day now. From last month’s news:


But recent quakes striking California, including clusters of low-level tremors in Southern California in June and a “swarm” in April, don’t seem likely to increase the chances of this disaster, which experts believe could cause 1,800 deaths and a $200bn bill when it finally strikes.


Those quakes didn’t matter. But the tiny quakes happening increasingly right where the Fort Tejon Pass crosses the San Andreas: these DO matter, greatly!  Note the ‘cost’ of this pending massive event: $200 billion.  More about that later.


When the Big One hits, it will be 44 times stronger than the Northridge earthquake of 1994, which killed 72 people, injured 9,000, and caused $200 billion in damage.


So, this will be much, much bigger than the Northridge quake which…cost $200 billion?  Good grief!  So, these ‘scientists’ (sic) made a mistake!  This looming event will cost ten times more, I am thinking.


Last year, researchers concluded that a pair of major southern California quakes in 2019, registering 6.4 and 7.1 magnitudes, slightly raised the chances the Big One could strike, though the probability remains low, with about a 1 per cent chance of a major quake along the San Andreas over the next year.


Every year they say, there is only a 1% chance in a year.  This is pure nonsense.  It can happen tomorrow.  It will happen some ‘tomorrow’ and this is inevitable.  Also, the big quakes elsewhere have no ties to the San Andreas because these were on faults that don’t trigger the San Andreas whereas Fort Tejon is a major junction that can and will cause massive quakes.


“What’s next is a really tough problem for us,” seismic expert Dr Kenneth Hudnut told The New York Times, following the release of the study. “But it’s what everybody wants to know,” adding, “But just because we can create a plausible scenario does not mean it’s going to happen.”

Some scientists argued even the 1 per cent forecast was making too big a claim.


They are insane.  I lived there in California and yes, the people there are clueless and insane.  It is part of living there, they are fatalists like the Japanese who know the earthquake gods hate them and want to kill them, in California, people think they will not suffer much if there is a quake.  So they go la-de-dah goofing around and then boom: it happens.  This is more like the Fool in Tarot cards going off a cliff.


According to these experts, there is a 93% chance this major quakes or multiple quakes WILL happen in 20 years!



And so we see there are some sane experts in that state.  Instead of a 1% chance of the major quake, they say there is a nearly total 100% chance this will happen pretty soon, geologically speaking.  And it can hit tomorrow.  Every day, Lady Luck spins the wheel.  You never know each day, will it be The Day of Doom.  But you know, it will eventually happen.  So…party on, dudes!  Whoopee.


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8 responses to “Multiple Small Quakes Around And At Fort Tejon, California: San Andreas Great Quake Looms Nearer

  1. lou

    California is crazy?
    It is ez to dismiss evil as ‘crazy’.
    As a resident, Id say Soros is evil, Newsom, Pelosi etc are evil.

  2. Jim R

    The ‘big one’ will probably happen where you don’t see a lot of little ones on the map. That is, along the fault zone where stress is building up and not being relieved by small quakes.


    ELAINE: If you carefully read the maps, you will see little, tiny tremors where the stress is the greatest. THIS ISN’T RELIEVING THE STRESS. It is a warning sign. The Fort Tejon juncture is well known for blowing out huge every 150 years. It is not a minor earthquake point. It has not one inch of stress but rather, a dozen FEET of stress which is…huge. And it WILL happen, not go away quietly. It is INEVITABLE.

  3. Timothy Carroll


    Evil as well as stupid. They’ve over played their hand and will get their aXses handed to them. I want to be there when they face the firing squad. I’d also pay $$$ to see them hanged until dead.

  4. lou

    3–when? I am in Los Angeles. Where are you?

  5. Lou, you live in LA. That city has caused problems for years now.

  6. lou

    5..Felt like a rocket hit. 4.6 in carson [north of long beach].

  7. Yes, that was a quake on a very short, little earthquake zone. The same day there were two more small quakes both of which were on either side of the key point: Fort Tejon Pass. This is another warning sign, there is intense stress on the frozen part of the San Andreas middle.

  8. lou

    7–Last nite, it was like a bomb hit. Intense jolt, no rolling, no 2nd jolt.

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