10,000 Illegal Aliens Under Bridge In Texas After Biden Announced No More Deportations!


The FAA leader who is a traitor put in power by the Democrats, has dealt with the increasing invasion of covid=19 diseased illegal aliens has decided to forbid anyone using drones to see what is really going on at our open borders!  This is insane and it is TREASON.  I keep calling all these actions ‘treason’ because it fits the events perfectly.  Anyone inviting into a country millions of invaders who are diseased during an epidemic which is shutting down our country…is a traitor. ARREST BIDEN and all those he put in positions of power.


Texas has the most people dying of this disease this last three months.  Hundreds are dying.  And this is 100% due to the invasion of diseased foreigners.  Biden ceased deporting invaders eight days ago and now all the invading populations poured in, you won’t be deported!  This is insane.



I am just amazed by the Democrats doing this stunt.  The people they are importing, by the way, are not ‘liberals’ at all.  Most are moochers so they will want the taxpayers to support them.  Meanwhile, we still have citizens stuck in Afghanistan and Biden made it clear, he isn’t going to lift a finger to airlift them out of that terrible mess.  There are zero rights to being a citizen.


Hell, Biden’s gang of communists even sneered at us, all illegal aliens do NOT have to have the coronavirus vaccination or anything else, for that matter.  But citizens who don’t get vaccinated will lose their jobs!  These communists demand all citizens be vaccinated but non of the invaders who are brining in the germs from sick countries.  Mexico, for example, has a higher coronavirus infection and death rate per million than the USA!



Meanwhile, the uproar over the communist general, Millie, who secretly made a deal with the Chinese communists who control him, that he would secretly tell them if the US is doing anything military that involves China…and Biden didn’t have him arrested and charged with treason.




Well…this is Biden’s plan, too: to turn us over to the communist Chinese!  Incredible, isn’t it?  The Democrats who screamed about Trump and Putin due to Trump doing normal diplomacy (he negotiated with everyone over everything and nearly always, had good results) are silent about obvious treason.  The infiltration of Berkeley-style communists in the DNC and our schools has created a pool of fools who have no idea about history or reality and think communism is a wonderful thing.



So, many are outraged about this and nothing happens.  The DNC Congress, both the House and Senate, are focused on January 6th, not open treason by our top generals put in power by the DNC.  This gets a shrug of the shoulders.  This is why I keep calling for all these traitors to be arrested.  I am not joking.  I have helped Giuliani in getting some DNC gangsters arrested in the past and know this is quite possible.



Trump Jr. nails it.  Trump was for peace.  At the beginning of his Presidency, the Bilderberg gang tried to spook him into wars like always.  He fell for it until he figured out, the ‘rocket attacks’ were frauds and he punished the guys who told him lies and refused to listen to these people thereafter.  All the old dirty tricks of the CIA failed just like KENNEDY learned with the Bay of Pigs fiasco.


Here are tweets about Taliban who Biden praised as people we can ‘work with’ beating reporters nearly to death for reporting a brave women’s right march that was violently dispersed last week.




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48 responses to “10,000 Illegal Aliens Under Bridge In Texas After Biden Announced No More Deportations!

  1. “Khanna has been focusing on Exxon after a senior lobbyist for the company was caught in a secret video bragging that Exxon had fought climate science through “shadow groups” and had targeted influential senators in an effort to weaken President Joe Biden’s climate agenda”
    “oil and gas companies reportedly spent at least $1 billion from 2015 to 2018”
    See Elaine? You could be cashing in. The richest companies on the planet love what you’re doing.

  2. TinaB


    “The egomaniacs are also tragic figures. They are disappointed, frustrated people whose careers have stalled and who can’t understand why the world refuses to give full reverence to their brilliance.

    They are desperate for recognition, and, when it stubbornly refuses to arrive, they are drawn to make increasingly extreme pronouncements, in the hope of finally being proved a dogma-busting, 21st-century Galileo.”

  3. TinaB

    @SteveM Elaine knows full well that she is wrong – she just can’t admit it. I know other people like this. She follows the same playbook as her dear leader trump.

    Did you see this?

    What Greenland’s record-breaking rain means for the planet


  4. TinaB

    There is abundant evidence now and Elaine and her ilk still insist on arguing with no evidence to support their argument I might add. Not once has she addressed “methane”. Crickets. Doesn’t fit her ALL KNOWING beliefs.

    She NEVER discusses the abundance of ecological damage (ecocide) humans have wreaked on this planet like it just doesn’t matter. I used to say to my mother “if I water my plants with bleach, how long before they are dead?” But unfortunately too many people have thick skulls and/or want to be left alone to believe in their fantasies.

    The “M” cycles have been disrupted by human activity. Period. But nope not according to Elaine.

    Thank gawd her camp is dwindling fast and I suspect it will even faster as all what the scientists have warned for decades is “happening faster than expected”. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I want humans to persist. There is abundance evidence to support the fact that humans don’t DESERVE to exist. We have destroyed our only home and it;s time for us to go.

    OF COURSE the elites want to reduce population. If they have the power all the more power to them. If humans can’t figure out that you can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet and breed into oblivion then what should they do? Oblivion or reduced population – you choose!

  5. TinaB

    Clear enough for you?

  6. @TinaB I’m pretty much on the same page as your Guardian article, that it’s a waste of time arguing about climate change. Does it matter whether Elaine really believes what she says? The street corners are covered in people preaching nonsense. In a democracy I guess we’ve got to accept that she has as much right to make pronouncements about the climate as anyone at NASA, and rely on the people around us figuring out who’s more credible.

  7. lou

    Haitians are [on average] 96% African DNA.
    Ultra low IQ.

    10,000 more Haitians want to get on welfare in USA.

    Is 1 in 4 Haitians already in the USA?

    If you think africans are smart, go to Congo, then report back to us.

  8. snoosebomb

    ”Hundreds are dying ”

    haha that’s nuthin what’s the population of Texas ?

    ”Divide that number with more than two billion.


    I am not denying there are problems. I am saying these are tremendously exaggerated.”

  9. snoosebomb

    so steve m , i’m sure you can explain to us what is the ‘climate change hypothesis ” you are so passionate about ?

  10. snoosebomb

    quote from KD

    ”Please name one disease through history in which the unvaccinated are why the vaccinated are at risk. Just one please, and do include your reference to whatever you claim to be science that backs your claim up.”

  11. TinaB

    The only thing that the scientists get wrong is their “hopium”. They say we must stop burning fossil fuels. So how do we feed 8 billion people without them? It is NOT an option.

    Agriculture is heavily dependent on them and well as the transportation of food in addition to the myriad of other uses required for our SURVIVAL at this point rather than our conveniences.

  12. snoosebomb

    better yet, go read someone who knows what they are talking about


  13. Zeke

    It’s official now ~ even though the last day of astronomical summer is a few days away (Autumnal Equinox Sept. 22, afternoon) – the Summer of 2021 was the hottest on record since the Dust Bowl days of 1936.
    That’s in about 86 years!



    Yet Elaine assures us that we are entering another Ice Age.
    Heh he he heh he he heh he.
    Ya gotta luv her.

  14. snoosebomb

    from ‘somewhere’

    ”The Euro saved the crisis of debt in Europe kicking the can down the road. But that road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these people are fighting to retain power in the middle of their house of cards collapsing. COVID passes are all about control – not health. Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated no gasoline.”

  15. Zeke

    I keep telling Elaine that’s she’s barking up the wrong tree.
    The Bilderbergers are more of a social group of Elites. THEY HAVE NO POLICY MAKING AUTHORITY.
    The real criminals are the Criminal so called Fed Resv Bank. They DO have policy making authority outsourced to the cabal of international bankers who operate under quasi legal authority to fraudulently suppress interest rates and pump $120 Billion per month into selected markets – all with little or no scrutiny or government oversight whatsoever.
    Now it’s been revealed that highly placed Officers within the Criminal FRB Corp. have been running their own scam side hustle gig – most notably Kaplan of Dallas regional Fed and Rosengren of Boston regional Fed and now master Criminal Chair Jerome Powell himself!
    They are the ones Elaine should be screaming about arresting!

    And remember, money creating was a CORE Constitutional Art. I function before being outsourced to the cabal of International Bankers.
    Like – what could possibly go wrong with that?!
    (“Follow the money”.)

  16. @Snoosebomb, the climate change science has been basically understood for a long time. You can read about “The greenhouse effect” in books from the 1980’s. People studying the planet Venus, for example, realised that its surface temperature is much higher than we’d predict from its position in the solar system if its atmosphere were the same as earth. But its atmosphere is something like 95% carbon dioxide.
    Does science matter to you at all? Carbon dioxide is that stuff that makes your Coca Cola fizz, do you believe it exists? You can go to the store and buy it in CO2 cartridges. Is all that a conspiracy to trick you, or do we accept that CO2 is an actual substance?


    ELAINE: Steve, I wrote about this in the past. VENUS BARELY ROTATES. Mercury has no rotation. The moon has no rotation. Planets that don’t rotate or do so very slowly heat up when right next to the sun. CO2 has nothing to do with this. Any gas would get hot under these circumstances.

  17. Zeke

    SoB is another Trump Cultist – even though she? he? it? is in Canada.
    She? has accepted Trump as her “‘Lord and Savior”‘ so nothing else matters. It’s idolatry but she’s? all in on it.
    Don’t try arguing FACTS; that’s apostasy to her?
    She? believes in the myth of the “‘stolen election”‘ and the her Trumpy never told a lie and that Jan. 6 was just a typical tourist day. Etc.
    She? has a brilliant mind of the 12th Century.
    Heh heh he he he heh he he.

  18. SurfBoy

    13..”The only thing that the scientists get wrong is their “hopium”. They say we must stop burning fossil fuels. So how do we feed 8 billion people without them? It is NOT an option.”

    Nuclear Power is the way to power the future and not burn fossil fuels.
    Traveling Wave Reactors.. https://www.terrapower.com

  19. snoosebomb

    @ 18 , there are a number of papers showing that planetary gas temp is tied to density not composition .
    Exactly how does that co2 thing work ?

  20. TinaB

    the tipping point was in the 70s now sit back and enjoy the ride!


    ELAINE: Tina, all panicky leftists should commit mass suicide and thus, save the earth. Since you burn fossil fuels, too, you will fix this problem via dying. I marvel why so very few of you ‘end of times’ people refuse to save the earth.

  21. Zeke

    We were expecting a protracted gradual change.
    Maybe at the tipping point – it’ll be a step function change.
    Warmer air contains more moisture so more rain so more floods.

    Reading above your grade level can cause frustration and constant chronic questioning.

    “It’s not good to fool Mother Nature”.

  22. TinaB

    @SurfBoy Is nuclear power going to fuel the combines & tractors and trucks REQUIRED for food production and distribution for 8 billion? And when will this fantasy be ready? Because you do know that we are increasing the population by 250,000 per day births minus deaths.

    I suggest you put a fire under someone’s ass!

  23. TinaB

    @Surfboy Have you ever heard of EROI?

  24. @Snoosebomb, I’m curious what papers you mean. Density is related to composition, so I’m not sure how someone would argue that one is important but not the other.
    This video is a reasonable explanation of the greenhouse effect. Basically, symmetrical molecules absorb much less infrared radiation than molecules where the electrical charge is not evenly distributed. Since most of our atmosphere is nitrogen and oxygen (N2 and O2) which are symmetrical, infrared passes through them no problem. Electrical charge in water and CO2 is not so evenly distributed, because carbon and oxygen and hydrogen have different nuclei which attract electrons more or less strongly, so they absorb and reemit infrared radiation.
    I don’t know the explanation for why infrared passes straight through symmetrical molecules but is absorbed by charged ones, if we have one. But we use infrared for lots of things, including night vision, so how it works is well understood, even if not why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlKWZmrNms4

  25. TinaB

    @SteveM I have been following Guy McPherson since about 2010 and he is the ONLY person I trust on the matter. He is also one of a handful(?) not motivated by money.

    I heave read and listened to Derrick Jensen, JMG, Peter Wadhams, Jason Box, Peter Carter, Paul Ehrlich, Dimitri Orlov, over the years to name a few.
    I have listened to countless interviews on Radio Ecoshock with scientists from all over the world. The message is clear and indisputable!

    Guy is the only one who gets it completely right or at least the only one willing to say it.

    It’s a hard pill to swallow, I get it. It’s no easier for me – it pisses me off beyond belief! But I will follow Guy’s message on how to live not just on the climate science. Life is a joy and a privilege and I want for nothing because what I have is sufficient (at least for now).

  26. TinaB

    Nature Bats Last!

  27. TinaB

    And I will practice the 4 A’s of Stoicism – Awareness, Acceptance, Action & Anti-fragility as best I can.

  28. @TinaB, I’ve been paying attention to climate change discussions for a long time. 30 years ago it was an issue for “environmentalists,” not a mainstream issue, and oil companies and car companies were openly lobbying against it. But by about 2006 there was too much evidence to be squashed by even oil company money.
    I think the solutions are going to come from Asia. The US has too little respect for science, too much corruption, it’s not going to lead on this.

  29. snoosebomb

    @ stevem ? atmospheric densities are not related to composition but to the various factors that determined the atmospheres of the planets.
    its very simple really, mass gets hot [ yes molecules in the ionosphere are ‘hot’ but they are to thin to make you warm ] So on a hot day its generally much cooler in the mountains because the atmosphere is thinner.

    Why was there no concern about co2 until the 70’s ?

  30. snoosebomb

    & 30 years of failed predictions, how many years will it take before you notice?

  31. Zeke

    – the botched and fumbled withdrawal from Afghanistan;
    – the ongoing COVID calamity response;
    – the “‘processing”‘of now 15,000? Haitians under the bridge in Texas;
    – the diplomatic failure of the double crossing of ally France on the submarine contract betrayal:
    – – all scream of the utter incompetence of Joe Biden.

  32. Floridasandy

    Tina and Steve don’t understand economics so they push “ climate chsnge”
    Not supply chain starvation because that’s hard to understand
    Global warming well that’s easy- except in the winter

  33. Floridasandy

    I know we lost president potato on the border crossings, but is the governor around ?
    Did he go missing too ?

  34. The climate is cooling. During all cool downs, we have massive floods, lots of rain, snow, sleet and hail. In Europe this summer, they had many hail storms, they had hail storms in the Sahara Desert countries. We had these here in the USA, too.

    It is not getting hotter everywhere at all. Yes, California is hot and dry and maybe half of Arizona. It snowed in northern New Mexico YESTERDAY, for example. This is not a sign of global warming at all.

    We barely had a summer here in the NE USA.

  35. Zeke

    “We barely had a summer here in the NE USA.”


    You must be insane.

    The people who know; who track the data say otherwise.

    THIS – Summer of 2021 was THE HOTTEST SUMMER in 86 YEARS – since the 1936 Dust Bowl.

  36. Zeke

    @ FLA Sandy

    I guess it would never even occur to you; your mind couldn’t grasp that it’s you who doesn’t understand Economics.

    It’s easier to cast aspersions at other posters and ignore your own glaring inadequacy.

  37. Jim R

    ELAINE: Steve, I wrote about this in the past. VENUS BARELY ROTATES. Mercury has no rotation. The moon has no rotation. Planets that don’t rotate or do so very slowly heat up when right next to the sun. CO2 has nothing to do with this. Any gas would get hot under these circumstances.

    Also, and this is very important: Venus is about half as far from the sun, meaning it roasts in four times as much light/heat (inverse square law)… Of course, the lack of rotation also doesn’t help.

    Mars has an atmosphere that is almost 100% carbon dioxide, and according to warmist logic, it should also be hot. But guess what? It is farther away from the sun! Yes, that’s right, farther away! As a consequence, Mars has patches of dry ice at its poles!

  38. lou

    It’s easier to cast aspersions at other posters and ignore your own glaring inadequacy.

    Kettle calls the pot black.

  39. @JimR the atmosphere of Mars is overwhelmingly CO2, what there is of it. But the Martian atmosphere is simply much thinner than earth’s. Of course it’s further from the sun as well, so although the CO2 would cause a greenhouse effect, there’s less sunlight hitting Mars for the atmosphere to capture.
    The moon has no atmosphere to speak of, and its temperatures fluctuate wildly as a result. No ozone layer filters out high-energy UV, no atmosphere stores the heat. So the side facing the sun gets very hot and the side turned away gets very cold. The moon does rotate, so different parts of it face the sun at different times. One face of the moon is turned towards us, but it’s moving around us in an orbit, so relative to the sun it is rotating.

  40. Zeke

    At least you’re not calling the pot the ‘n’ word – so you may be showing some improvement Lou.
    Pat yerself on the back for that.

    Heh he he heh heh he he he.

  41. @JimR, no one is suggesting that the greenhouse effect is the only factor determining the temperature on different planets. Distance from the sun is obviously important.
    The greenhouse effect is also not something we want to eliminate completely. There’s been some CO2 in our atmosphere for billions of years. It’s one of the reasons the earth is warmer than the moon, although the moon is about the same distance from the sun as we are. No one wants earth’s climate to be like the moon.
    The problem is that we’re adding a few trillion tons a year of CO2 to our atmosphere, increasing the concentration of it. That’s been measured. So we’re getting more greenhouse effect than in the past. If that isn’t frightening enough, there are potential feedback loops that make the outcomes unpredictable.

  42. We are on the verge of the next Ice Age.

    Only fools would worry about it being too warm. It isn’t as warm today even in the Southwest which isn’t the entire earth even though the Democrats want us to think this, today is not near as hot as the 1930s or even the 1950s.

    We aren’t as warm as the Egyptian Warm Cycle 2,500 BC or the Minoan Warm Cycle 1600 BC or the Roman Warm Cycle 2000 years ago or the Medieval Warm Cycle 1000 years ago!

    Warmists lie about the past and are trying hard to erase the past so they can fool people who are foolish into believing we will roast to death.

    Meanwhile, we have had snow in April and even MAY where I live which has freaked out even the insane leftists who hate reality!

  43. lou

    Freaked out even the insane leftists who hate reality!

  44. lou

    Mother Nature isnt kind.

    Take that, Tina B.

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