The Vote Verification/Identification of Illegal Votes Continues In Arizona To The Fury Of DNC/RINO Politicians


The non news about the Arizona verification of votes and winnowing out of the voter pool all the fake votes which were tens of thousands such corrupt votes…continues relentlessly forwards.  The fiction we have ‘elections’ continues while real election vote verification shows that rampant cheating is national, not local.  The Real Rulers are terrified of this push to have only citizens vote.  They openly demand that illegal aliens and anyone else should vote, too.  The recent recall vote in California allowed a million illegal votes and they celebrate this as a great victory!  Just amazing to watch.  Meanwhile, the Arizona winnowing out of the voter base all the illicit/illegal votes continues like detective work.

HUGE WIN For Arizona Senate: CyberNinjas WILL Access The Routers As Requested – Questions WILL Be Answered


Other states want to replicate this and continue to push hard for this while the elites and the powerful try mightily to prevent any real vote verifications.  Biden and his gangster buddies opened our borders to millions of illegal aliens deliberately so we tax payers will be swamped with aliens seeking free money.


Ga. secy. of state signs petition to amend state constitution to ensure only citizens can vote


The novel idea that only citizens can vote still lives on in half of the USA.



Yesterday, Trump released his latest letter about voter fraud and why the DNC wants to have aliens vote so they can overwhelm citizens.



In Arizona, the patriots fighting this election theft celebrate another court win so they get more information and data:


In Germany, the dictator from East Germany continues to impose Soviet-style crack down on any free speech:


Gleicher said the new policy allows Facebook to act against the “core network” of a group that commits widespread violations. He said individuals associated with the Querdenken movement regularly violated the platform’s terms of service by spreading health misinformation, inciting violence, bullying, and harassment.


Anyone disputing ‘global warming’ or ‘covid-19 rules’ is being censored and punished.  This is exactly how East Germany was run.  The US Democrats want to do this here, too and are working hard to replicate communist East Germany, here, to my great rage.



Back to Biden and our open borders: he is slamming it shut as an amazing number of invaders showed up, demanding free food and money and housing:


This is 100% the fault of the Democrats and the liberals.  They conspired to create this crisis, this is 100% their doing this and this will destroy the US in no time flat.  Exactly how Rome fell to barbarians 1500 years ago.


And the Brits struggle with their stupid global warming schemes as the winds, as usual this time of year, vanishes and they got rid of all their other systems that used fossil fuels or nuclear energy and now are in deep troubles.



Liberals are on a death march and don’t understand how this ends.  I suggest they read ‘The Decline and Fall of Rome’ to figure out the obvious.


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41 responses to “The Vote Verification/Identification of Illegal Votes Continues In Arizona To The Fury Of DNC/RINO Politicians

  1. Zeke

    “‘CyberNinjas”‘ heh he he heh he he he. An illegitimate group of conspiracy theory enthusiast buffoons.

    The “‘Justice for J6″‘ rally in support of failed coup attempt was a no-show bust.

    The Calif. Recall was a blowout 2 to 1 against the RePukes hopes to undermine Democratic Governor.

    Even Bill Barr told Trump a lot of suburbia thinks you’re an a__hole and are tired of your constant grievance b.s. – from the book “Peril”.

    (The Haitians are being processed back to Haiti.).

  2. Zeke

    EMS wrote:

    “Yesterday, Trump released his latest letter about voter fraud ….. ”

    There for a brief moment I thought you were gonna say ‘Trump released his tax returns’!
    as he had promised to do “as soon as the audit is over”. Which he lied about.
    Promises made; promises broken.
    Just another 40k or so Trump lies ….. but who’s counting, right?!

    An audit has nothing to do with hampering release of info. That was just another sham by Trump.

    But keep on believing in yer ‘lord and savior’ – so sad for y’all.
    Another Q-Anon ‘reinstatement’ date has come and gone but the cultists believe in their idol.
    Heh he he heh heh he he he he.

    It’s so entertaining to see y’all grasping at straws one after the other and all ending in miserable failure. So sad for y’all.

  3. Jim R

    Here’s another climate data point, Elaine — you know how they’re having a horrific drought out in the far west right now — California, Nevada, etc. all the reservoirs are at all-time lows.

    Compare the Rio Grande in these pictures. Texas is having a relatively cool, rainy summer this year. After a brutally cold winter. It never got very hot here.

    Just another data point, to go with the others..


  4. Zeke

    Individual results may vary.
    ….. and …..
    NOAA iprovides more than one data point.
    “The report follows news from U.S. weather officials who announced that July 2021 became the hottest month in 142 years of recordkeeping.”

  5. @Snoosebomb, that video does a great job of mockery
    If you want to know what Environment Canada says about arctic sea ice on its website, as opposed to getting the information second hand through Tony Heller:
    “• All sub-regions exhibit statistically significant decreasing trends in summer sea ice area over the 1968 to 2020 period, ranging from a 3.7% decrease per decade in the Kane Basin to a 15.3% decrease per decade in the Northern Labrador Sea”
    The prediction of Al Gore’s that he mocks, Gore said was based on US Navy research. It could be interesting to look at that research and evaluate it knowing what we know now. But you’d look at the actual report, not Al Gore’s account of it, and keep in mind that the US Navy isn’t a great source for scientific research on this particular topic.
    Then he goes on to talk about 1911, apparently unaware that there was less sophisticated data collection 110 years ago, such as no satellites. He brings up a heatwave in Texas in 1911. You’re supposed to think well, if there were heatwaves in 1911, that means there haven’t been unusual numbers of wild fires and hurricanes and higher than average temperatures in recent years, since there was a heatwave in 1911.

  6. @Snoosebomb, “why was co2 NOT a concern till the late 70 s ?”
    There’s always been CO2 in our atmosphere. Plants breathe it in, we breathe it out. It’s always helped warm the earth to a liveable temperature, through the greenhouse effect.
    In the industrial revolution we started burning coal. Then we found oil worked even better. They’re all fossil fuels, all carbon-based, which turn into CO2 when they burn. As a species we’ve been increasing our burning of fossil fuels dramatically for a century and a half.
    The problem isn’t that there’s CO2 in the atmosphere, the problem is that we’re increasing its concentration by burning something like a trillion tons a year of fossil fuels, by now. That is also increasing the greenhouse effect.
    Is it making sense?

  7. Except it has little to do with how warm it is. The sun controls that. And we are entering another Ice Age.

    We are on the backside of the present Interglacial. Alarmists refuse to even think about the next Ice Age. I worry about it all the time.

  8. Elaine, the moon is the same distance from the sun as we are, but it’s much colder. That’s because the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere. On earth the atmosphere holds in the sun’s heat, especially at night. The composition of the atmosphere effects how much heat it can absorb.

  9. snoosebomb

    @ 8 Didn’t answer question , they knew about increasing co2 @ 1900’s . why werent’ they concerned ?

  10. snoosebomb

    @ 10, so a thin layer of co2 on the moon would heat it up like , say Mars ?

    [[[ ”When sunlight hits the moon’s surface, the temperature can reach 260 degrees Fahrenheit (127 degrees Celsius).”’]]]

  11. snoosebomb

    nobody knows nutt’in

  12. lou


    (The Haitians are being processed back to Haiti.).
    1 in 3 or 4 Haitians is already in the USA and on the ‘give me dat’ lifestyle, welfare and crime.

  13. @Snoosebomb, the atmosphere has a moderating effect on earth’s temperature. The ozone layer absorbs some of the high-energy UV, and the CO2 helps keep some of the heat down here even at night, when the sun isn’t shining on us. So we get less extreme heat and cold than otherwise.
    The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere. When sunlight hits it, it’s hitting the surface unfiltered; when sunlight doesn’t hit it, the surface temperature drops very fast.
    Mars is far away from the sun compared to us, so not much sunlight hits it. Take away the thin CO2 atmosphere of Mars and it would be even cooler than it is now.

  14. snoosebomb

    a complete list of things caused by global warming !!!!!

  15. @Snoosebomb, is there a point you’re making?

  16. snoosebomb

    @15– what gets warm , ?


    does N2 or O2 get warm ?

    still no answer @ 11

  17. snoosebomb

    @ 18 , yes , i want you to find it

  18. I did answer both of those. We weren’t burning a trillion tons a year of fossil fuel in 1900. N2 and O2 are symmetrical molecules in which electrical charge is quite evenly distributed, causing them to not absorb infrared rays.

  19. I’m thinking your point is that you can’t do math or science. Oh well.

  20. snoosebomb

    @steve & tinb ,

    nobody takes GW seriously , this passed thru MSM and no one said a word

    money & power , now that’s serious

  21. snoosebomb

    @21 haha , so on a warm day its not warm ?

  22. N2 and O2 can warm through convection, which is different from warming by absorbing radiation. Like a conventional oven vs. a microwave oven. The microwaves pass through the air in the oven without heating it, but are absorbed by the food.
    CO2 and H2O can absorb the infrared energy which the earth radiates when it’s cooling.

  23. snoosebomb

    convection is heat transfer

  24. @26, the basic idea of the sun pumping heat in and the earth radiating it out, so that it stays roughly balanced, is good. I don’t think the explanation of how CO2 and H2O interact with infrared radiation in the atmosphere is quite right. As she says, these molecules both absorb and reemit infrared. But crucially, they reemit it in a random direction. So it might get absorbed and then get shot out again towards space, or laterally, or back down at the earth. So you have infrared rays bouncing around all over the place, eventually making it out to space, but the more greenhouse gasses there are the more likely they are to bounce around for longer. So I wouldn’t say the CO2 and H2O down here are already absorbing as much as they can.

  25. @27, convection is heat transfer like in a convection oven (regular oven). The air in the oven heats up where it’s touching the element or the flame, then it heats up everything else it’s touching.
    The sun can’t heat the earth through convection because there’s nothing in-between us and the sun to transfer heat like that. But the sun radiates heat, like a microwave. And sunlight passes through the N2 and O2 in the air without heating them up, like a microwave oven doesn’t heat up the air (although water and CO2 in the air can absorb some of that heat).
    It makes sense if you notice that the air is cooler the higher up you go. Since heat is coming from the sun, you might expect it to be hotter higher up. But the sunlight passes through all that air without losing much heat, until it heats the earth.

  26. snoosebomb

    29 , you are talking about conduction , which as i said heats all our gases

    28 ,”I wouldn’t say the CO2 and H2O down here are already absorbing as
    much as they can”
    but that’s what the physics says , what the climate ‘expert’ in that article says

    but there’s moar ,,,,,,,

  27. @30, you’re right, my explanation covered only conduction. Convection includes the fact that heated gases and liquids have lower densities, which causes currents which help distribute the heat.
    The basic point is unchanged. The sun does not heat the earth by either conduction or convection, because the earth thankfully is not touching the sun, and there is no gas or fluid in space to spread heat from the sun through convection. It heats us like a microwave oven. Just like in a microwave, radiation from the sun passes through the air in the atmosphere without heating it much. It heats the earth, which then heats the air above it through conduction and convection.
    The earth cools by radiating infrared, which mostly passes through our atmosphere, but not through CO2 or water vapour.
    It shouldn’t surprise me that there are whole websites dedicated to arguing against this. Oil is such big money. You can probably point me to links explaining that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer and asbestos is healthy and lead in drinking water is harmless. Even tobacco money is nothing to Exxon or Shell though, so I suppose you have even more links for this.

  28. Zeke

    ” but there’s moar ,,,,,,, ”

    Heh he he heh he he he

    Infomercial huckster Ron Popeil:
    “Wait, wait ….. there’s MORE!”

    Audience: “There’s M O R E ?”

    He heh heh he he he heh he.

  29. People love being insane. The earth cools when the SUN cools. The assumption that our local star is always the same is insane. We know from the last three million years, there is this disturbing cycle in our climate caused by a drop in solar power called ‘Ice Ages’ and all Ice Ages are far longer than the brief Interglacials.

    God spare us all, we better pray there is ‘global warming’ due to mere CO2 gases! Then we might evade the inevitable.

  30. Zeke

    Madison Avenue honchos described their objective in the ‘Smoking wing hurt you’ campaign:
    “Our Product is DOUBT”.

    In the ‘wake’ of overwhelming evidence that smoking causes cancer of various organs and tissues and causes premature deaths and horrible suffering and the Surgeon General Luther Terry report:
    Madison Avenue set about to “manufacture Doubt”.

    Fires in homes where smokers fell asleep smoking in bed or in lounge chairs wasn’t the fault of cigarettes – it was because such furniture and household items weren’t fire proof or fire resistant.
    ‘Sow Doubt – when Truth is against you.’

  31. snoosebomb

    @ 31 , ” whole websites dedicated to arguing against this ”

    indeed but the one i just showed you is a warmist site

  32. @36, I looked into it some more. This article is a more detailed version of the saturation argument you linked to in 27. It eventually concludes that:
    “(a) You’d still get an increase in greenhouse warming even if the atmosphere were saturated, because it’s the absorption in the thin upper atmosphere (which is unsaturated) that counts” (same as your article argues)
    But also “(b) It’s not even true that the atmosphere is actually saturated with respect to absorption by CO2,”
    The article you linked doesn’t give any justification for its idea that the lower atmosphere is already saturated, and I can’t find that in any academic sources (except one German guy talking about a theory from the 1970’s). So I figure it’s simply wrong.

  33. Also, sorry, I think my 1 trillion tons fossil fuel burning per year is wrong. We may be burning just 9 billion tons.

  34. snoosebomb

    @37 ,

    a ] now you are really arguing that the upper thin atmosphere [ which is always around – 60 C] is going to somehow warm the troposphere ! ? All this from tiny amounts of co2 !
    GW became an issue in the 70’s when they realized co2 was unsaturated at/above the tropopause.
    Yes you can argue that more heat will be retained overall but its a pedantic point as the tropopause is defined by temp and if you warm that layer it simply rises. My analogy would be that of increased traffic volume at an intersection , traffic takes longer to get through that point but 10 miles away flow is unaffected.

    B ] Its a log curve so yes large increases in co2 will raise temp but by progressively smaller increments.
    To quote from your reference,
    ” Any saturation at lower levels would not change this, since it is the layers from which radiation does escape that determine the planet’s heat balance. ”

    finally, the actual GW claim is that co2 would be a minor player with small co2 induced heat increases driving more water vapour which is the real ‘greenhouse gas’. Yet where is that stuff? how would you measure it and where are the historical measures to prove your case?
    The picture i’ve presented is much different than the cartoon version that the Bilderbergs promote.

  35. Zeke

    . . . . . * yawn *

  36. snoosebomb

    fossil carbon was once life , release it and it will live again

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