Possible FBI Agent Dressed As ANTIFA, Tried To Cause DC Riot But Was Escorted Away When Discovered

Yesterday, a small group of conservatives protested the continuing holding of January 6 rioters without trials.  They demanded a fair hearing.  As per always with demonstrations against the government, the FBI inserted a fake ANTIFA clad man dressed all in black and who carried a GUN.  When the DC cops stopped him, thinking he was ANTIFA, they checked his ID and learned he was there to infiltrate and I suspect, start a riot, so instead of arresting him, they escorted him away!  I knew of this sort of infiltration many years ago.  I will tell a story about this little matter!


Way back in 1969, I was at the desk of our little organization, the Peace And Freedom House.  A young man claiming to be a student walked in and said he wanted to volunteer to do chores.  I supervise people who volunteer to do chores so I set him to work.  After observing him as he tried to stealthily poke around, I decided to test him to see if he was a spy.  So I told him (there were only two of us there that hour) to watch the store while I went out to get supplies.


I deliberately left paperwork on the desk for him to steal.  He took the bait.  When I returned, he was gone but I had him followed by a friend who lived next door to the center.  We tracked him down to the local police station.  I then had a chat with the captain who was embarrassed.  This, I did, age 18 years old.  The FBI spied on me, too, and I tricked them by having a friend call me and tell me, Chairman Mao gave me $600.


This appeared in the news the next day!  HAHAHA.  I then confronted the FBI about tapping my phone.  I had immense fun, playing that trick, too, back then.


In yesterday’s news, the FBI was there to start trouble. Not merely spying, they wanted to create a riot.  They wanted the demonstrators to attack the fake ANTIFA rioter.  This is utterly disgusting.  Speaking of disgusting: yet another DNC big shot who is enforcing shutting down all things public due to the coronavirus epidemic, broke their own rules yet again.



They do this constantly!  Every day, they do this.  In our faces, they break their own rules or write them so they can do as they please like when Obama had the covid rules held off until after his birthday party so he could have 500 people at his ocean front home.  This is disgusting and all DNC creeps doing this should be put in prison.  Of course, they claim they did nothing wrong and why is everyone complaining!



Speaking of complaints: Harris is in charge of border security.  Security has utterly collapsed as mass mobs openly invade our country.  She goofs off, instead of doing her job. Charge her with treason!


This is insane.  This is easily fixed. The entire DNC doesn’t want to fix this because this is their voter base.  This is why they are refusing to force voters to show IDs before voting and want mail in ballots, too.  These traitors want to write Federal laws forbidding proper voting ID procedures which we normally have had for the last 200 years!


This is treason.



And the above video is about the Democrats driving their car right through America and destroying everything in their path.



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36 responses to “Possible FBI Agent Dressed As ANTIFA, Tried To Cause DC Riot But Was Escorted Away When Discovered

  1. TinaB

    Carbon Sources and Sinks
    “Ideally, the carbon cycle would keep Earth’s carbon concentrations in balance, moving the carbon from place to place and keeping atmospheric carbon dioxide levels steady. However, the carbon cycle is changing because of human activity.

    People are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere by using fossil fuels and maintaining large livestock operations. Deforestation is depleting Earth’s supply of carbon sinks. As a result, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is rising.”

    Major natural carbon sink may soon become carbon source

    The above article was written in 2018 Elaine – try to keep up!

    Amazon is on the brink of turning into a carbon source, study warns

    “In the last 20 years alone, forests in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia, have turned into net carbon emitters, and the Amazon threatens to go the same way.

    Most of the Amazon lies in Brazil, and between 2001 and 2019 the Brazilian Amazon acted as a net carbon source, a new study has found.

    What is especially worrying is the loss of pristine swaths of forests in countries like Madagascar that have kept carbon out of the atmosphere for decades, if not centuries.”

    Momgabay is an excellent source of information.

  2. TinaB

    The reason I don’t care to discuss economics is because without a habitable planet there won’t be any need for it! Duh! Like climate change doesn’t affect your beautiful, precious economy that’s in disarray? The supply chains are weakening and why is that?

    It’s called DOMINOES! But most people are CLUELESS and have no idea of the magnitude of “problems” coming our way! It’s so funny to watch them. Just carrying on their daily activities with no idea whatsoever that these activities will soon be a thing of the past and they will have NO idea what to do! THEN the panic sets in! It’s already happening because of COVID.

    Nothing to do but enjoy the ride and enjoy each day as anyone of them could be your last!

  3. TinaB

    Hey lou find any accommodation for those 40 million? How is the canvassing going? You’ve got time to prepare you know – get on it. Please let us know. LEAD us with your intelligence and articulate messages. We nominate you as our leader in this mission!

    You can start small by joining a local conservation organization, or participating in public water conservation meetings conducted by local governments or water management districts.

    Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada are the largest cities in the basin, and they use the Colorado River and its tributaries as their primary source of water.

  4. TinaB

    Earth’s tipping points could be closer than we think. Our current plans won’t work


    Elaine you are so ignorant on this topic it is laughable! Or at least you “pretend” to be. Something is not right here. How can you deny all the evidence and research? It’s really quite remarkable!

  5. TinaB

    A comment on Gail’s site Our Finite World (she is VERY well informed on the energy situation and just in general as are her readers).

    “The Tory press in UK is blaming Russia for UK energy problems, and particularly Putin. ‘UK strong, Russia evil.’

    AFAIK, Russia has fulfilled its contracts, and beyond that it is free to sell its gas to the highest bidder. It does not have to make the price cheap and send the gas to UK. Also, UK energy productions has issues of profitability, it is not simply constrained by ‘green’ issues.

    They always have to have someone else to ‘blame’.


    > Environmental hubris has left Britain vulnerable to Putin’s gas blackmail

    Of course Russia will take advantage of Britain’s shocking failure to safeguard its energy security…….”

  6. Ken


    Just set up your own blog and stop trying to hijack this one. An intelligent, balanced debate of ideas would be fine, but your comments are nowhere close to this.

  7. Petruchio

    The FBI is not accountable. They have been a rogue agency since its inception with a cross dressing homosexual, J. Edgar Hoover as its Head. Hoover denied the existence of Organized Crime until it was impossible for him to continue to do so. This event happened in 1954 where literally EVERY Mob Boss met in the town of Appalachin NY, about 190 west of NYC. This meeting was splattered ALL over the headlines Nationally. Now the FBI is a tool for the elites. The Law as a concept means nothing. The FBI should be smashed into a thousand pieces.

  8. lou

    7–and pre 1940, what group was the most over represented in US crime? JEWS.
    When jews got control of (((media))) they spun it as an Italian only thing.

  9. lou

    6–Tina has 5 in a row. She is a wordy bore.

  10. TinaB

    Nature is our government NOT elected officials. Suck that up! How’s that for simplicity!

  11. Mewswithaview

    Here are some more.

  12. Pete


    China on the edge of a crash?

  13. Zeke

    EMS wrote:

    “I then had a chat with the captain who was embarrassed. This, I did, age 18 years old.”

    “The FBI spied on me, too, and I tricked them by having a friend call me and tell me, Chairman Mao gave me $600.”

    “This appeared in the news the next day!”

    “HAHAHA. I then confronted the FBI about tapping my phone. I had immense fun, playing that trick, too, back then.”

    EMS – since that broke out to the news media and appeared in the news – any reference so readers can substantiate your antics?

  14. Zeke

    at the just prior meeting of the criminal so called FedResvBnk with their criminal cabal counterparts, BoC, BoE, ECB, etc. over encrypted Zoom in Jackson Hole, WY to ‘fix’ the price of money, fraudulent interest rates, etc. –
    – I suspect that their ‘ behind closed doors’ so to speak agreement was to taper some of the monetary fraud they perpetrate.
    Although prices are ‘sticky’ that tends to lead to lower stock and real estate prices unsupported by their monetary fraud.

  15. Pete

    Brace for impact 😦

  16. lou

    meanwhile, the wu flu dilemma,

    another post-jab blood analysis.
    The doc has been at it for 30 years. Many of the people have been her patients for years, so she has plenty of before and afters:

    1) The red blood cells are pretty much all deformed, the membranes are pinched and angular instead of smooth and round.

    2) The red blood cells are clumped into globs or balls. There are also lots of towers, like stacks of quarters.

    3) The white blood cells are dead or destroyed, with weird projectiles on their edges.

    4) There are bizarre structures in the plasma never seen before. She suspected graphene oxide, but really had no idea what they were.

    The interviewer asked what could be done and she rattled off a series of what I would assume are prescription blood thinners due to the obvious clotting, but at the very least advised daily aspirin.

    As an aside, I saw another video featuring a 15-year mortician somewhere in Great Britain. He all but confirmed, due to the frequency, patterns, and causes of death, that the entire initial Covid drama was staged without a doubt (mostly with hospice and nursing home residents) and that the current ramp up of deaths are due almost entirely to post-vaccination effects.

    The first group was entirely elderly or severely ill. The latter group are of all ages and prior health conditions.

  17. Zeke

    Comedian Chris Rock isn’t laughing now.
    He contracted COVID and is suffering.
    In photos he looks sick.
    He is urging people to please get vaccinated.

  18. snoosebomb

    lou , follow that link i posted , well versed info there,

    vacceen is falling apart

    i got this from the utoob suggested propaganda feed !

    what do we do now ? oMG !

  19. snoosebomb

    and here’s a nasty thought, things are getting confusing now . what happens if/when they release a new virus ?

  20. Pete

    La Palma volcano erupts- live
    Oh no…hope no tsunami hits east coast
    if mt slides.

  21. Zeke

    Another ‘denier’ now in desperate straits:
    And these are real searchable people – not ‘I heard somebody say they knew a person whose relative got sick after second jab’ blah blah blah.

  22. lou

    Evergrande Property Services Group Ltd (6666) real-time quote,

    666 6

  23. Zeke

    If the criminal FRB Corp. (misnamed Federal Reserve Bank) withdraws its fraud support – the ‘currency debasement rally’ will fizzle and stock prices will tumble.

  24. TinaB

    Here you go Elaine! You don’t even have to read – just listen.

    Dr. Judah Cohen explains why waves of extreme cold and snow are more likely – BECAUSE the world is warming.

    Then we go to a last stand for the mighty Amazon rainforest with veteran Kerry Bowman. The Amazon absorbs up to 10% of the greenhouse gases we dump into the atmosphere daily. Now it is starting to leak carbon dioxide. That’s bad.


  25. TinaB

    ELAINE: Tina pounds sand.

  26. @Pete, Evergrand isn’t going to bring down the whole Chinese economy. There are protests because the company pressured its employees to lend it money, which now looks like won’t be repaid. So people want the government to step in, understandably.
    Western news has been predicting the imminent death of the Chinese economy for 20 years.

  27. Tina is typical of mindless people: she thinks snow happens due to it being too hot.


  28. lou

    29–Long ago, I heard a UN official do the same.

    Now the propaganda is better, terms like ‘Extreme Weather’ ‘Climate Change’ have replaced AGW.

    Tina is a bore.

  29. Zeke

    Mainstream “Economics Reporting” wants you to blame Chinese real estate collapse for USA stock market tumble.
    The cannot admit that the reason is “tapering” of FRB Corp. enormous fraud stimulus.
    $120 Billion/mo. plus other fraud by FRB Corp.’s “currency debasement rally” is ending.

  30. Yes, out of control government spending will bankrupt us all.

    Look, to pay for millions of invading illegal aliens and the DNC inner city voter bases, our rulers spend tons of money but this base gives our rulers more power so they do this, the rulers hate the tax paying middle class.

  31. @Pete, that article is unusually honest. Xi is clamping down on debt in real estate companies because he wants to reduce wealth inequality. Global investors don’t like that, of course, and want a bailout. So they’re throwing a hissy fit. In the US it would work like a charm. In China, I suspect not so much.

  32. Elaine: “Tina is typical of mindless people: she thinks snow happens due to it being too hot.”
    Probably in grade 5 or 6 math you learned what an “average” is. Many people forget though.
    The average of 4 and 6 is 5. The average of 3 and 9 is 6.
    In the second case the average is higher: 6 is greater than 5. And yet, 3 is a smaller number than either 4 or 6. So the smallest number is in the second average, even though it’s bigger.
    People think this stuff is boring though. Math, science, who cares? Especially in America?
    I worry about democracy.

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