NY Requires Indoor Face Masks But Not At Emmy Awards


Yes, we are in ‘two Americas’ and there is lots of proof of this.  Places run by liberals and places run by conservatives.  Liberals whine about how we are all going to die of germs while they, themselves, run riot, don’t wear masks, don’t clean up after themselves and turn their cities into hell holes of crime, filth and pollution.  This is the bizarre world we live in.  Meanwhile, on TV, these same filthy liberals give each other awards for producing ‘entertainment’ that is dropping rapidly in popularity, locking out popular conservatives totally while patting each other on the back for producing anti-Trump/anti-American garbage.


Everyone in the Emmys auditorium were not wearing masks.  In both NYC and LA, there are strict mask wearing rules which non of the DNC gang politicians nor the super rich/super media powers ever obey.  They do as they please while punishing and abusing the regular, little people who they all despise and hate.


What is most noticeable is the awards for comedic night shows: how utterly boring this all is.  And how easily amused by each other, they are, like little children:



This moment in the awards for most disgusting comedian came when another almost as disgusting anti-Trump bore stood up and made faces and waved at the other boring twerp on stage. Oh my, how…amusing.  Dry cough.


Excuse me!  HAHAHA.  Gutfeld won’t win any awards for his comedy show about the news.  He is also in the regular news feed for much of the last year.  He saved Fox News after it disastrously decided two years ago to go ‘woke’ and nearly died.  The mainstream Bilderberg gang’s minions dutifully attack Gutfeld nonstop now.  Here is a recent example of this childish behavior which amused Gutfeld endlessly, he loves the hate!


Variety magazine, which is dying due to woke Hollywood/NYC nonsense, whines about who watches Gutfeld’s comedy shows at night:


It’s hard to imagine “Gutfeld!,” Fox News’ attempt to enter the late-night wars with a comedy-news hybrid show, accomplishing what these shows do and spreading its message beyond the people who happen to tune in live. For one, this show’s tone of acrid nihilism looks ugly in the light of day. Even by the standards of the network it’s on, this is a nasty, unappealing thing, preying on its viewers’ insecurities in a manner that Fox News, elsewhere, makes at least somewhat subtextual. For another, much of the series relies on a shared language of resentments that is most legible to the hardcore Fox viewer.


Deniel D’Addario is the young male who married his gay buddy a few years ago, they live in Park Slope in Brooklyn.  He is about as ‘in touch’ with the average American as a visitor from outer space so of course, he is a critic who bloviates at all sorts of mainstream media while Gutfeld who is not gay, is mostly locked out of everything due to being too friendly with the average American.


This gay guy from Brooklyn is hilarious due to being a serious ‘critic’ with a huge brain deficit.  While the mainstream media strives hard to make the dying Emmy show appear amusing and fun, he does tell the truth at 11 pm last night:



BOORRRIINNNG!  Sigh.  It was boring.  And this dude who was bored, is also boring.  They are all boring and their only source of merriment was to call Trump names and lie about him and anyone around him.  It was so boring a show, half of the audience fled in the middle.  HAHAHA.


Then there is this monstrosity:  A British black woman working for the BBC did a series about how she was ‘raped’ while very drunk, by a WHITE male.  This is extremely rare, statistically but before I even looked at it, just seeing her name and the title of her ‘win’ I suspected it was about a white man raping a black woman:



What is hilarious about this woman is, she is going to be in the next Black Panther movie where she is a tall black woman just like the muscular tall black woman in the new (collapsing franchise) of the 007 movies where a very tall, very strong black female replaces the weak, old white male.


This woman was so traumatized by her drunken binge sex problem, she ran around in public with her hands on her hips, defiant and obviously not a traumatized woman scared of sex:



Nothing like advertising your big titties if you have been raped!  I was raped as a child and it scarred me badly.  I cannot touch buttons, for example, the thought of this makes me ill.


I went on to be strong and to fight back but the scars remain.  I don’t go around as a full adult, flashing my titties in public and sneering at everyone! That is not a sign of distress but rather, ‘in your face’ stuff.  Good gods. She should join AA and stop drinking with men till she is under the table, for crying out loud.


Now on to the news which doesn’t appear in the news in any mainstream news in the USA:


Yes, ANTIFA is in Germany, this is where it started.  It is very violent.  The Germans allow this I suppose due to this being a mirror image of the early Nazi riots.  These people want censorship and the German government is happily censoring everything in sight.  Germany is now run like communist China.


Speaking about China:



ARREST THIS MAN.  He is insane, he is a traitor.  He had no ‘rights’ to tell the Chinese he would betray the US by alerting them about military matters so the Chinese can strike us first!  This is lunacy.



Mainstream people are calling for him to resign.  But he doesn’t have to, Biden has to kick him out. Biden won’t do this because he is a traitor, too.  They are in cahoots and both should be arrested.



Yes, he did.  And yes, he should be arrested and Shapiro should be ashamed of himself, he never supported Trump.



And this is comedy news!  HAHAHA.   I hope Aurora James is arrested for tax evasion, too.


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24 responses to “NY Requires Indoor Face Masks But Not At Emmy Awards

  1. lou

    the wu flu story, at 22 minutes she calls funeral homes.
    No huge uptick in business.
    Same with insurance companies. no huge increase in death benefit payouts.

  2. TinaB

    Elaine may I return the insult. YOU are insane, willfully & unwillfully ignorant and your have a fragile ego! Insane? That’s all you got? Come on you do better than that can’t you?

  3. TinaB

    There is ONLY ONE government and it’s called NATURE! Humans think THEY can rule? HAHAHAHAHAH that’s humans for ya full of hubris while heading over the cliff to their demise!

    Well you’re all about to get a lesson. Hang on tight cause it’s gonna be hell! All those catastrophic weather events the horizon tsk tsk what will we do? Who will pay for all this destruction? Oh the conundrums!

    And what are Elaine and lou doing to prepare? We’re waiting…….

  4. TinaB

    @lou There’s going to be some very severe weather com and according to Elaine an ice age. So what have YOU done to prepare? Please SHARE!

  5. Petruchio

    Just one look at this Black “female” who claims to have been raped by a white male: She wishes!!!! I like that natural color of her hair. The people who set this up to do damage to white people should be ashamed of themselves! This attempt by this black “woman” is amateurish. Clumsy. Embarrassing even. It just goes to show you that without a rigged system, our “elites” would be dumpster divers who sleep in cardboard boxes. And as for this woman who claims to have been raped by a white dude, it looks to me like SHE is a HE. An obvious tranny.

  6. shawntoh

    The following is a encore video performance at the link below that is dedicated to TinaB and everybody else who’s reading this blog …

    I hope you enjoy this performance as I show my impersonation of the last days of the Biden Administration…

    TinaB (and others reading this blog), Madame Elaine is perhaps too busy to translate for you, but I hallucinate that you will get the picture…

    For those of you who are deaf, here’s what I’m saying in German in the video…

    “My Leader!… My Leader!
    “The war is lost!”
    “Please, please, please… I beg of you! Reconsider [your crazy plans]!
    “Hail my leader… Excuse me, please…”

    Now, what’s the epilogue…? I know you’re curious… Well, it goes like this… the general I portray commanders a KING TIGER tank… Outside on the turret, he screams in German at the tank crew to head to the Allied lines… Guess what happens next…?

    A Kaytusha rocket from the Red Army taking over Berlin in 1945… makes a direct hit at the turret of the said KING TIGER tank!


    There are NO survivors… outside the Fuehrer Bunker… The characters… The deranged general outside the turret of the King Tiger tank…. Hysterically and uselessly screaming orders at the tank commander… is dead… Also, the entire tank crew is dead… too…

    In closing, I am THE son of a Nazi Killer… you can dox me on that… Why? My father killed more NAZIS then anyone that I personally know… If you want to know… Just a suggestion here… You may want thank him next time in your prayers that you are FREE from the REAL Nazis from WWII. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did…

    Thanks in advance…!


  7. Zeke

    One problem with trying to link the current stock market selloff to ChiCom property prices is that stock prices didn’t go up with rising ChiCom realty prices – so it’s unlikely that falling ChiCom real estate prices are pulling USA stock prices lower.

    USA stock prices did about double with the monetary fraud perpetrated by the criminal FRB Corp. when it starting ‘pumping’ $120 Billion/month into financial markets and fraudulently suppressed interest rates into non-existence with ZIRP. And TINA.

    After the Jackson Hole, WY meeting of the FRB and BoE and BoC and ECB, etc. to conspire to coordinate to exit the fraud by ‘tapering’ – the stock market reversed its direction as upon the commencement of the perpetrated fraud.
    (Note that the Bank of China was not invited to the Jackson Hole, WY confab.)

    In brief: the flight out of USA stocks may be incidental to ChiCom housing prices but the causative reason is the rejiggering of the fraud of the criminal FRB Corp.

  8. Zelda

    How can Supkis just ignore this?:
    It boggles the mind.

    Oh, and it turns out more people died from Remdesivir than ever died from COVID.

  9. Zelda

    Project Veritas
    PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

  10. Pete

    La Palma update:
    Big eruption looks likely

  11. lou

    Elaine, LONDON, Sept 20 (Reuters) – Britain’s meat processors will start running out of carbon dioxide (CO2) within five days, forcing them to halt production and impacting supplies to retailers, the industry’s lobby group warned on Monday.

    A jump in gas prices has forced several domestic energy suppliers out of business and has shut fertiliser plants that also make CO2 as a by-product of their production process. read more

    The CO2 gas is used to stun animals before slaughter, in the vacuum packing of food products to extend their shelf life, and to put the fizz into beer, cider and soft drinks. CO2’s solid form is dry ice, which is used in food deliveries

  12. Pete

    China debt/gdp ratio hits 150%

  13. snoosebomb

    @11 ,,, Elaine – anti vaxers !

  14. People come up with the oddest junk when desperately trying to convince everyone to not be vaccinated. I am fascinated by this. Seriously, we ceased having massive real bad epidemics like the Black Death thanks to vaccinations during the last 200 years, more and more ability to stop many nasty diseases.

    Naturally, people then imagine there is no need for this and they decide they are smart to not get vaccinated at all. Well, I say, welcome to the Dark Ages!

    I am baffled why city people who are the first to be eliminated during all Dark Ages want Dark Ages. But then, this same attitude happens over and over again when a culture is very urban rather than rural.

    Even still rural nations are going urban rapidly. Japan leads the way: nearly all the population in the countryside has moved into overcrowded cities. Same is happening in China, in Europe and is beginning to happen in North America.

  15. snoosebomb

    Elaine loves Project Veritas ! , till she doesn’t .
    So why isn’t that link the next blog post ?

    cause its like MSM here now

    slowly we sink

  16. Zelda

    Because government data and inside whistleblowers are now the “oddest junk”.

  17. Zelda

    That is such a load of bogus crap. We are sounding the alarm against ONE so-called “vaccine” regimen. GOT THAT????

  18. Zelda

    More whistleblowers are coming out so it looks like the wheels might be coming off this phase of the Bilderberg takeover:

    Hospital Physician’s Assistant, Deborah Conrad, has come forward with her testimony of the massive amount of Adverse Events not being reported by hospitals. She recorded a call with her hospital’s president.


    Beijing Biden, however, announced at the UN that “more pandemics (read: bio-weapon attacks) are coming”.

    Folks, this doesn’t end until we are all dead or Fauci et al. are in prison.

  19. Zeke

    “Folks, this doesn’t end until we are all dead or Fauci et al. are in prison.”

    Or ….. a tad dramatic, no? You do seem to be a manic depressive member of a doomsday cult.
    Or ….. until you take yur meds.

  20. All this hysteria of people dying: most of the deaths are from people who have had no vaccinations. We have nearly FIFTY PERCENT unvaccinated.

    YES, there is a NEW VARIANT germ that is half as toxic as the previous one and at the beginning of this epidemic, there was at least three variants already, the US research dealt with the variant that hit NYC first. Not the one on the West Coast.

    NOW we have a NEW one brought in from South America via INVADERS IN TEXAS that has been spreading for the last three months.

    This would require a new vaccine variation. Not hard to produce but takes time.

    ALREADY the new variant disease is declining just like the previous ones. This is very much like the Spanish Flu and the Hong Kong flu, both also shot upwards and was worse when first happening then would mysteriously fade away only to return in a slightly new form and then fade away and then do this again, even weaker than before.

    AND this is global, not local and can’t be stopped via forcing people to stop socializing.

  21. snoosebomb

    looking like the vacceen does nothing , in israel booster shots are killing within the first weeks [ this is being hidden by declaring you R not vacceenated till after 14 days ]

    but next door in palestine the vaxed rate is 30 % the death rate is exactly the same


  22. lou

    23–Thanks Snoose. The world [or some of it] shut down over the Wu Flu. Why?

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