Nicki Minaj Family Attacked By UK Newspaper Guardian, Looking For Dirt


Nikkie Minaj has gone crazy, she is fighting like a tigress, the entire SJW/Bilderberg gang entities who are turning on this fine BLACK lady and are now caught trying to dig up dirt on her.  The emails that were released yesterday were from reporters for the UK fake newspaper, the leftist ‘Guardian.’  In this exchange the reporters threaten her family members, demanding to talk to them and find dirt on her so they can attack Nikkie.  She is now suing the newspaper.  Hope they go bankrupt.  They are already morally bankrupt.


The reporter in Trinidad, Sharlene Rampersad, said she would ‘dox him (Nikkie’s relative) and his girlfriend’ if they refuse to talk to the reporter.  How very disgusting.  She said she would go after his entire family until he spills the beans and gives her some dirt.



Aren’t our elites charming!  They claim, they don’t spread germs, ever.  Day after day, in our faces, they break every one of their stupid rules while citizens are punished.  The illegal alien population also doesn’t have to follow any of the coronavirus rules, too.  These two privileged groups work in tandem and the elites want more and more illegal aliens so they can run this country like any dying empire that is invaded by barbarians!  I keep brining up history because this is a simple rule: this leads to the collapse of the empires.


The ‘cop’ in this interview story is a NYC DOT agent.  NYC has many agencies who have the power to issue tickets and make fines.  The city hired a bunch of these so they can harass business owners and thus, bring more money into the pockets of the city government.  When NYC goes bankrupt, they do this every time, this same trick.


The NYC agents also are giving tickets to store owners don’t have to have vaccination papers.  The New York people in this video are sad to watch.  They don’t understand what is really happening.  The police are content to hand out tickets to nonviolent tax payers!  This happened in the 1970s/1980s in NYC.  I was there back then.  I had to work hard to get the police to go to the no-go-zones where all the violent crimes were happening.


It was very dangerous!  They cooperated with me because I stood by them, stood for them and went after the anti-cop DNC gangsters, too.  I fought hard for this and put my own life on the line.  They understood this and appreciated this.


NYC votes nearly totally for DNC criminals.  Until the voters figure out the obvious, that liberalism is causing these crime waves and is why giving tickets for various violations is common, then they wake up and say, ‘I won’t vote for these jerks’.  Duh.  This is so obvious and very pathetic.


One other thing here: the agent barely speaks English.  I could hardly understand him, he sounds like he is from Haiti or other Caribbean Islands.  Speaking of islands:



So, the covid restrictions were violated.  Note how in all countries including New Zealand and Australia both of which are surrounded by huge oceans of open water, are doing the ‘restriction’ thing even though they have a much lower infection rate than most countries.  These guys wanted to party!


How dare they.  That is verboten unless you are rich, famous, Hollywood or political entities.  They get to party, dudes!  Party until they drop.


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10 responses to “Nicki Minaj Family Attacked By UK Newspaper Guardian, Looking For Dirt

  1. Jim R

    Michael Jackson went through all those medical treatments and plastic surgery to try to look white. If only he had known.

    Larry Elder or Nicki Minaj just open their mouths and say some things that differ slightly from the ‘official narrative’. And BOOM! all of a sudden they are far-right-wing white supremacists!



  2. lou

    1–blame the jews media.

  3. Petruchio

    “The reporter in Trinidad, Sharlene Rampersad, said she would ‘dox him (Nikkie’s relative) and his girlfriend’ if they refuse to talk to the reporter. How very disgusting. She said she would go after his entire family until he spills the beans and gives her some dirt.” Sooner or later, these types of people will take a run at the WRONG person. The Wrong Person is the type of person who fights back. Physically I mean. When these Bilderberger/SJW/Leftist-Marxist types start getting their head cracked open with a tire iron (or any other such type ‘tool’) we will see how well these Radicals stand up to that. Violence is never good, but if you push people hard enough, sooner or later physical violence erupts.

  4. lou


  5. snoosebomb

    meanwhile in the contest to see which country is most stupid Canada comes in near the top as it is unable to do the obvious thing and dump the ‘great reset ”
    Problem being polarization is causing all views to harden, showing as zero shift from the last election.

  6. Jim R

    Aaand it’s gone. The headline video has been deleted, someone does not want you to see it.

    … because freedom and democracy!

  7. Yes, damn it, my video link is gone!

    Typical these days. Censorship is running out of control now. Or rather, the Bilderberg gang’s operatives are in a panic and deleting everything on earth.

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