Frequent Violent Sonic Booms Cumbre Vieja Eruption Greater Dangers


Continuous violent super sonic explosions are happening in the Canary Islands now.  The Cumbre Vieja volcano is now becoming hyper violent.  These explosions are so powerful, they cause walls in buildings downslope to jerk violently repeatedly.  One shot sonic explosions have happened in the past during eruptions of volcanoes but it is unusual to have constant, repeated sonic explosions.  What does this mean?



The volcano had a tourist road to the summit and the observation deck there has been utterly annihilated by this eruption so it is closed now.  Below, we can see the town that has been slowly evacuated until today when it is probably now going to be totally evacuated, one would hope.



The new phase for the volcano is highly dangerous and the evacuation zone has been greatly extended:


Activity of the Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to intensify, explosions have increased in the last hours, generating powerful shock waves, note the shock wave in the video.


New evacuations were ordered for the Tajuya areas and the rest of Tacande. Firefighters on the Spanish Island of La Palma have retreated due to intensifying volcanic explosions.


A social media post from the La Palma fire service said firefighters have “withdrawn from the area due to the intensification of explosive phenomena”.


The super smart woman in charge of tourism to the island just announced that people should come there and visit this dangerous volano!


Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto, speaking to Canal Sur radio on Monday, suggested that the eruption is a potential tourist attraction.


“The island is open,” she said. “If your hotel is affected, we will find you another one,” adding that if security is reinforced, tourists will be able to continue enjoying the island.


“Make the most of this opportunity to enjoy what nature has brought us,” she insisted.


Horrified people demanded she alter her invitation for more visitors so she backed off.  Generally speaking, when a volcano has sonic booms of great power, this is a sign of great danger.


Flights were cancelled today due to the sonic booms making flying anywhere near the island extremely hazardous!  So much for ‘bringing in more tourists’.


There were seven flights scheduled for Friday operated by Binter, Canaryfly and the national carrier, Iberia, but all were scrapped. “It is not yet possible to say when we can resume flights,” Spanish carrier Binter said on Twitter.


The lava flow has slowed down, another danger sign which suggests there is a lot more stuff in the volcano but it is being blocked which is why the sonic booms are nearly continuous now.


This sort of explosive sonic wave has happened before, recently in Papua, New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean:



This was a one time explosion when the vent opened up suddenly.  What is happening in the Canary Islands event is constant sonic explosions.  This is amazing to me and I would suggest the dangers of the eruption are now immensely more dangerous than ever before.


We can watch this live today:




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23 responses to “Frequent Violent Sonic Booms Cumbre Vieja Eruption Greater Dangers

  1. Ken

    I’m surprised that Elaine missed an important item that will be affecting most of the world (and I don’t mean the possible tsunami). The volcano is spewing lots and lots of sulfur dioxide. Historically, volcanoes spewing sulfur dioxide have blocked the sun’s energy from reaching the earth. A brutal cold winter was already projected, and this will only make things worse.

  2. Petruchio

    I remember seeing the film, “Krakatoa: East of Java”.. The loudest explosion in World History. When Krakatoa blew in 1888, not only was it the Loudest sound in History, but it blew off most of the mountain the volcano was in.

  3. Jim R

    How much it affects the weather depends strongly on how much of the sulfur makes it up to the stratosphere. Back in the ’90s, Pinatubo spewed cubic miles of dust and sulfur all the way up there — and it affected weather for a couple years. Some more recent volcanoes failed to loft it so high, and had less of an effect. And it’s hard to tell just by looking at it, we need satellite pictures.

    Maybe the nullschool site has some info on that. Hmm, nope, can’t see anything on that…

  4. Zeke

    So ….. you’re not only a virologist and a climatologist and a medical expert but now you’re a vulcanologist too ?! Wow.

    And all that from box top U and back page of True Detective magazine.

    Heh he he he he heh heh he he.

  5. AT

    Potential Mega-Tsunami destroys Eastern Seagboard?

  6. AT

    Worst case estimates if La Palma collapses range from 25 to 50 meter waves on the east coast.

  7. AT

    Unprecedented continuous sonic explosions may indicate something big is about to happen.

  8. snoosebomb

    way OT :
    u yanks aren’t following the the big CDN news here namely the Mungwung Joe / kovig& spavor affair with china . Ms Mung gets held in Vanc over some iran HawWAy deal so china grabs 2 cdns for ”spying” . No connection of course !!! how dare you !
    yesterday NY judge throws the thing out finally and today kovrig & spavor are back in Canada
    CBC reports , ”some say ” this was hostage diplomacy , ‘some say’ ,,,,, WTF!
    meanwhile Trudope is thanking his chinee masters

  9. lou

    4–EMS is very smart [unlike you] and she has a big knowledge base.

  10. Zeke

    @ 11

    That remark not directed at EMS, dummy.

    Get a clue, Lou.


    ELAINE: Zeke wants to be banned.

  11. Mewswithaview

    The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)

    This is quite a long and interesting read and explains much of the and spread we see with the virus through time.

  12. snoosebomb

    mews , very good link

  13. I love how anti-vaccination people want the good old days.

    THIS IS THE USUAL 50 YEAR EPIDEMIC. Viral epidemics happen all the time but are fairly ‘benign’ that is, kill only 0.5% of people. Bad epidemics kill over 1%.

    Really bad ones like the Spanish and Hong Kong flues kill well over 3% and this epidemic is reaching the 3% kill rate so it is serious.

    The Spanish flu killed much more than 3%. The flues don’t kill nearly as badly as 100 years ago thanks to modern medical care and vaccinations. Note that this flu came from a war disease lab in China. This is why it is peculiar and atypical.

    No vaccinations would make things much worse, by the way.

  14. Jim R

    Saw a headline yesterday about Norway.. they just canceled all measures. Schools not closed, no mask orders, just use common sense. Go back to “normal”.
    Like Sweden.

  15. Zeke

    For SOME strange reason, the above poster left out this crucial ‘trivial’ fact:

    “More than 76% of Norway’s population of 5.3 million have received one vaccine dose, and nearly 70% have had both shots, according to official figures.”

    “Norway is the second country in Nordic region to lift COVID-19 restrictions after Denmark did so on Sept. 10.”

    These are Democratic Socialist governments with high vaccination rates.

    Zeke is ‘the truth bringer.’

  16. snoosebomb

    ”No vaccinations would make things much worse, by the way.”


    ”but what we see here is unsettling. new england is still at low absolute rates of death and hospitalization, but they are rising rapidy and are tracking at multiples (sometimes extreme multiples) of last year and cases are exploding even when adjusted for sample rate, which augurs poorly for future hospital and deaths data.

    this also seems to imply that as the cold settles further south, they may need to brace for something more like what’s happening in maine and vermont. (this could also be that maine and VT had milder exposures previously and are now playing catchup. MA, RI, CT have already been pretty well pummeled. this may be protective)

    this result is deeply counter to expectation even without vaccines. with 80% of the over 12’s vaccinated (and under 12’s amounting to an insignificant % of hospitalizations and essentially zero deaths) if vaccines were working to stop spread or severe outcomes, this becomes a difficult claim to explain.”

  17. AT

    “Tremor intensity remains high, but with significant fluctuations over periods of hours. Overall, its trend is either to be stable or even increasing. The latest GPS data suggest that ground deformation is slowing down and coming to a halt, suggesting that the overall magma effusion rate is now in balance with the supply of magma into the shallow reservoir feeding the eruption.
    As to what might happen next, there can only be speculation at this point. For sure, it will be interesting…”

    Interestingly, as the eruption began on September 20, media moved to “debunk” the theory that a collapse of the Old Summit at La Palma could create a mega tsunami.

    “Writing on Facebook, Luis González de Vallejo, director of the Geological Risks Area of Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (Involcan), . . . . . points out that the collapse of the “Old Summit” would require a vast and extremely unlikely combination of eruption and earthquake“

    “In an article written in 2013, earth scientist Professor Dave Pettley pointed out that the supposed mega-tsunami would only be created if all the rock fell into the sea at once”

    So we have a facebook post from a local government official and an observation by a scientist that was also observed and included in the original papers and models that formed the basis of the YouTubes I posted above. That’s not exactly a “debunk”, I’d say.

  18. AT

    “ The mountains form an impressive volcano. The peak is 2430 meters above the sea level but this underestimates the true size of the beast. The base of the volcano is 4 kilometers below sea, making it over 6 kilometers tall. Submarine volcanoes have an advantage as they can grow much steeper and the water helps carry the weight. They grow faster and taller than their aerially exposed counterparts. Still, this is a large one. . .

    “ Garafia reached 23 kilometers across and was at least 2.5 kilometers tall: this was the first shield volcano. . .

    “ One debris flow lies off the east coast and came from somewhere above Santa Cruz. Three debris flows are seen to the southwest. The four events happened between 0.8 an 1.2 million years ago, and together deposited some 650 km3 of debris on the ocean floor. . .

    “ Taburiente reached a height of 3 km, and was 25 km in diameter. . .

    “The peak of Taburiente and the side of the Cumbre Nueva collapsed into the ocean around 500,000 years ago. Compared to Garafia, this was a smaller event. The debris on the ocean floor has a volume of around 100 km3. And whereas Garafia collapsed in what may have been 3 or 4 separate events, a long time apart, Taburiente only had one. The gap it created was not yet the current Caldera de Taburiente. Erosion has deepened and widened the hole since, and also formed an erosion channel at the bottom: the Barrancos de Las Angustias. And there was new growth on the far side. . .

    “By 150,000 years ago, all eruptions were from a new volcano, Cumbre Vieja. Unlike the previous volcanoes it formed a curved ridge. It may have formed along a radial rift zone of Taburiente, activated by the southward migration of the heat. The ridge continues into the sea, with a range of sea mounts which are equally active as the part on-land. Although Cumbre Vieja is no longer young (it has reached a height of almost 2 km), it never developed an eruptive centre. The eruptions are along the entire ridge, and are monogenetic which each one forming its own rift (normally on the flanks, at a slight angle to the ridge) and cones. . . “

    It would seem that history has debunked the yahoo debunking.*

    *Rather than 500 km3 in the initial model, this has happened a grand total of five times with an average of 125 km3. That would reduced the height of the putative east coast wave by 75%, from, say, 50 meters to 12.5 meters.

  19. AT

    5 times in the last 1.2 million years there has been a landslide of 125 km3 on LaPalma island.

    Assuming an eruption every 50 years or so, on average. . .

    Then, the probability that any given eruption on La Palma will cause a 125 km3 landslide with 12.5 meter tsunami on the U.S. east coast is approximately 1 in 4,800.

    Not a huge probability, for sure, but, given the damage it would do, definitely something to plan for a little harder than giving yahoo orders to “debunk” it.

  20. AT

    Given that Cumbre Viejo is around the height of the 5 previous landslides, (within a couple hundred meters). I’d have to estimate the probability closer to ten times 1 in 4,800. 1 in 480 for any given eruption on LaPalma.

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