Texas Gov Will Hire All Border Guard Cavalry Officers To Protect Texas From Biden Invaders

The Traitor In Chief is the man who ordered all the illegal aliens held back by Texas, all 14,000 plus, be released into all 50 states.  He did this secretly and we all discovered this only after drone flights showed all the invaders under the highway overpass were gone and the place leveled by bulldozers.  So the Homeland Insecurity chief, Mayorkas, finally admitted hours later that he carried out Biden’s treasonous order.  This is certainly grounds for both men to be arrested and charged with treason.  Meanwhile, last night, they falsely claimed all these invaders will be closely monitored which is an open lie.  They can’t monitor any invaders they invited into our country.


We are talking about over a  million invaders in six months.  This is ridiculous and Biden’s approval ratings are dropping rapidly to near zero.



HAHAHA.  Nothing new!  It is totally new compared to Trump’s job of protecting our country from invaders.  The fact that these clowns say things like this is also grounds for the utter removal of any and all supporters in the DNC who want illegal alien invasions.  The DNC made it totally clear, they want invaders because they will vote for the DNC!  This makes the Democratic Party the Illegal Alien Invasion Force Party.


Meanwhile, the traitors in the White House continue to punish border guards who do their duties:



These calvary cops are now kept at the stables to hang out with their horses which they are  no longer allowed to use anymore due to Biden’s personal orders.  He plans to punish them but they are now saying, they will only lose a week’s pay instead of being put in prison like Biden first said.  The Governor of Texas said he wishes to hire all of them now but I suspect they will stay in place knowing that Biden’s days are numbered.  This is all very insane.


I, personally, have been far rougher when taking down criminals and the invaders are criminals, than the men riding these horses!  This is absurd.  In all DNC cities, police are now unable to fight criminals and the crime rates in all DNC cities without exception have exploded upwards this last year thanks to them all being run by crooks and traitors who hate America.



The new governor of NY is showing her communist urges to rule via fiat and destructive orders and no choices typical of all leftist regimes.  She is not only firing any state workers who won’t get vaccinated, she will prevent them from collecting unemployment insurance!


This will go to court, of course.  Liberals want ‘freedom’ until they have power and then rule draconian style.  I say this all the time: EVERY leftist regime ends up a vile dictatorship!  EVERY TIME.  They use the Force of State Power to force people to obey any and all edicts.  These days, they openly talk about eliminating most of our Constitution especially the pesky First and Second Amendment parts.


Dear readers posting stuff here in the comments sections: your blind trust in these vile agents is dissolving, I hope.  I wonder what it will take to wake up people accustomed to not thinking?


I am pro-vaccination, big, big time.  But I also believe in self agency.  That is, people do things because it is smart and not all people do smart things but we hope they can, over time, figure out the obvious.


And if we are to force people to do things, we have to be HONEST about it.  I am very honest about my right to make citizen arrests.  We are no longer allowed to do this in the DNC-run USA.  This is ridiculous.  The State should not have sole power to stop criminals and the criminals running the State right now need to be arrested by citizens!


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12 responses to “Texas Gov Will Hire All Border Guard Cavalry Officers To Protect Texas From Biden Invaders

  1. Zeke

    There needs to be a Congressional investigation not into where the 16,000 Haitian invaders went – but where they were TAKEN TO.

    In a legerdemain head fake fake out Biden deported the first couple hundred or thousand back to Port-au-Prince.
    But the remainder were stealthily given color coded tickets and dispersed thru out the USA. Biden thought he was being slick. The dope. And given “orders to appear” in sixty days for a court hearing. What a joke!

    Our gallant equestrian border guards behaved heroically. They “whipped” no one; didn’t even have whips. They were attacked by the invaders, laughing at them, never dropping their loot.

    A severe price must be paid for this treachery.
    Today is Monday – this should be the ONLY item on the congressional legislative agenda!

    Were they even quarantined or checked for what variant of COVID they were bringing up from Brazil or Guatemala?
    They transited maybe half to a full dozen countries before ‘immigration-on-demand’ invading the USA.
    This is outrageous.

  2. Jim R

    I am pro-vaccination, big, big time. But I also believe in self agency. That is, people do things because it is smart and not all people do smart things but we hope they can, over time, figure out the obvious.

    Elaine, we your readers are happy that you have survived the injections. But you do not need to persist in referring to this witches’ brew as a ‘vaccine’.

    Dr. Peter McCullough has given vaccines to thousands of people. And as recently as spring of this year, he was recommending the mRNA jabs to people. But by now, he has seen enough to say they should be dropped. Nurses and other front line workers are refusing it — there is a reason for that.

  3. “The State should not have sole power to stop criminals”
    Ideally it would. The famous definition of what a state is, going back to Max Weber, is “A political organisation which claims a monopoly on the legitimate use of force within a given territory.” I.E., only the state can legitimately use violence to achieve its goals. After about a thousand years of clan feuding between rival warlords, most Europeans decided that would be better.
    But there are lots of places in the world where the state isn’t strong enough to enforce any laws. Academics label such places “failed states.” If you went somewhere like that you could do lots of law enforcement yourself, even shoot people you decide are criminals. Or you could stay where you are and keep trying to make the US more like that.

  4. AT

    Facilitating illegal immigration is one type of predicate offense to Federal Criminal RICO conspiracy liability, for everyone in the conspiracy.

    Any government official who shares in that conspiracy can be guilty of a felony RICO violation even though they themselves committed no other crime.

    It would be very interesting to find out who is paying for and who is providing transportation from Haiti to Columbia for tens of thousands of migrants, and why?

  5. Zelda


    Except the study is called “Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the
    SARS Virus.
    That study was funded by Tony “grim reaper” Fauci, (who also helped develop COVID-19 and many other much worse bio-weapons) which means he is already aware aware of the carnage about to ensue when cold season hits. In fact, he is already ramping up the rhetoric to blame the “unvaccinated”. Do you think the people that took the jabs will just say “mea culpa“? No. They will latch on to any excuse, no matter absurd, to avoid admitting they were fooled.

    And the head of Pfizer is now saying that it’s wonderful to defy all the regulators and inject children. On a scale of 1 to 10 this is 1,000,000,000 level evil.

  6. Zeke

    “They will latch on to any excuse, no matter absurd, to avoid admitting they were fooled.”

    Don’t be so hard on yurself.

  7. Jim R


    About injecting children — and here is a podcast I watched all last year.
    The guy has several other podcast series, including one in which he and other virologists get together and chat and discuss sciencey papers and stuff.

    These guys are supposed to be experts. The scruffy one’s claim to fame is that, in 2002 or thereabouts, he demonstrated that polio virus could be recreated from nothing but the published sequence of its RNA molecule. The bald guy with the bowtie is one of those doctors the rich go to, if they have the Fauci Flu.

    Some time in the spring of 2020, they apparently got ‘the memo’. . . both of them are now just shilling for Pfizer (and the globalists), all the more effectively with their scientism. You do not need to watch the whole video. I don’t watch them so much any more.

    Infuriatingly, the bald guy asserts that the jab is safe for children, even though we cannot know for 20 years, whether it will affect their reproductive capabilities.

    The rot is complete, it is ubiquitous.

  8. lou

    the jab is safe for children, ..NO NO NO. It is not safe.



  9. Zelda

    It’s much, much worse than that:
    Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID

    It’s more like ritual human sacrifice.

  10. lou

    9–by the jews? blood ritual?

  11. Zelda

    Look, there are plenty of bad Jews, e.g., Kissinger and the Rothschilds and so forth; but, for example, the Bushes are Skull and Bones satanists—not Jewish.

    Satanists come in all stripes; plenty of Jews are good people.

    I would refrain from making judgments based on racial characteristics, that is part of the divide and conquer agenda. The New World Order will exploit anyone stupid enough to follow their satanic agenda regardless of race.

    Nevertheless the CEO of Pfizer is in fact a jew and he is apparently our latest sovereign satanic overlord.

  12. snoosebomb

    satanists ? here is a list of things i agree with . odd stuff , US army was giving lectures on this calling anti vaxers” satanists ??!


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