Ultra Beauty Stores Openly Looted In DNC Hell Hole Cities

Open looting of all stores in DNC run hell holes is raging onwards, driving businesses out of business at an accelerating speed.  Will anyone stop this madness?  It seems liberals want freebies and think that making stealing up to $1000 per theft event (you can steal all day and all night over and over again) is a fantastic idea!  It is also suicidal and stupid but then, the entire party appeals to stupid people who want free stuff.


The ‘beauty’ stores mainly for black women are a frequent target of black gangs who then resell their loot to their neighbors.  These thefts are now so brazen, it is done leisurely by black gangs who take their time to make selections of booty to steal.  This happened yesterday in Chicago, for example.  This also happened in New York on Long Island, a place also run by criminal communist leftist Democrats:



This happens a lot in California as well as NY and other places.  It is super easy to do and very profitable for the looters.  These same gangs operate all over the US, stealing from this particular store (as well as some others):


The search is on for two thieves who targeted a makeup store in Calabasas.


That is central California.


Video shows a brazen attack at the Ulta Beauty store in the 23700 block of Calabasas Road. According to the store employees, the attack happened on July 22 around 12:30 p.m.


“When we see people stealing, we are told to go up and basically ‘customer service’ them. Which means go up and say, ‘Can I help you with anything?’” explained Cheri, the store employee. “Kind of in a way to get them to stop or run away.”


From two years ago, same thing at an Ultra store in Fresno:


FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The search is on for a suspected beauty bandit with expensive taste who’s wanted in a number of robberies at Ulta stores. The latest heist happened at the retailer’s Northwest Fresno location at Herndon and Highway 99.


Investigators identified the beauty store suspect as 29-year-old Shante Lewis.


Back then, the raiders would run away, fast.  Today, they saunter out of the stores, fearing nothing and the only people punished now are the staff at these dying stores that Democrats turned into ‘freebies for darkies’.


What is being done about all this?  Ask DNC governors!  Here is an example of what they are doing today: Gov. Newsome’s first act after returning into his office was to legalize illegal aliens!


But the law Newsom signed on Friday finishes the job by removing the word from all state laws. The word will be replaced with terms like “noncitizen” or “immigrant.”


“By changing this term, we are ensuring California’s laws reflect our state’s values,” Newsom said.


The DNC loots our Treasury and everything else and their voter base loots DNC cities.  Looting for fun and profit is wonderful if you don’t give a hoot about society surviving very long.  Non-citizens get to vote in NY and California and they vote for looting everything and for bringing in more illegal aliens to boost this looting.


The federal government has used the term “alien” to describe people in the U.S. who are not citizens since at least 1798 with the passage of the “Aliens and Sedition Acts.” But Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, a Democrat from Arleta, said the word “has become weaponized and has been used in place of explicitly racial slurs to dehumanize immigrants.”


Illegal aliens are illegal.  Legalizing anyone and everyone who sneaks into our country is a certain road to utter destruction.  Ask my own ancestors!  They didn’t ask anyone for permission to enter any cities or countries!  They came in and killed anyone who disputed this.


Governments, libraries and news agencies have been updating its immigration language in recent years. The Associated Press updated its widely used stylebook in 2013 to advise against using the phrase “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant.” Harvard Library announced in March it was removing the phrase “illegal alien” from its cataloging language.


And in April, U.S. President Joe Biden ordered federal immigration agencies to stop referring to migrants as “aliens.”


Biden opened the doors to invaders and continues to keep it open even as he becomes terribly unpopular, doing this.  I think the DNC is now an alien organization that is an invasive force and every elected (sic) DNC agent should be arrested for treason.


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31 responses to “Ultra Beauty Stores Openly Looted In DNC Hell Hole Cities

  1. Zeke

    More Republican scum exposed to disinfectant light of day;
    Elaine is COMPLETELY SILENT !!

  2. lou

    blacks? youths?

  3. snoosebomb

    Elaines unelected NY governor great news ! she is pro vax !!

    ”we start here as governor “never elected” proves once more that those who least earn the big chair are often the ones that feel most entitled to abuse its power once seated.

    first we hear this:

    “the vaccines are from god.”

    “there are people out there not listening to what god wants. and you know who they are.”

    “i need you to be my apostles”’

    There U go Elaine the heavens are opening


    ELAINE: If you ever bother to read my stuff you will notice I never wanted draconian forces to punish people so they get vaccinated. I am against this for obvious reasons.

  4. Petruchio

    ” It is also suicidal and stupid but then, the entire party appeals to stupid people who want free stuff.” How Gov. Newsome survived a recall is beyond me. In some way I guess. You have to look at it like the thieves look at it. If stealing is OK, then there are certain people who look at that as a Green light to steal. The Illegals in this Country have a very low opinion of us Gringos. They know we’re the only Country EVER to let everybody in AND once here Illegals are showered with money and other benefits. I used to work as a cashier at a grocery store. In my home state, when a person uses their EBT the receipt would literally print out their EBT balance. I didn’t have to guess or estimate their benefit; it was printed on their receipt! Some people would buy $150-$200 worth og groceries and still have $1100 on their monthly EBT benefit. Some of them also had an outright cash benefit as well. Most Illegals have contempt for us real Citizens. “How stupid can these Gringos be?” they ask.

  5. I’m noticing a trend in right-wing thinking that’s almost cute. The Fed has been handing out $120 billion per month for a little over a year, and Elaine is very worried that American civilisation is going to collapse _because some black people have stolen some overpriced makeup._

  6. Zeke

    @ SteveM

    EXACTLY !!

    The criminal so called “‘FED”‘ has been counterfeiting and printing and pumping, to the Wall Street parasites for several years now.
    $120 Billion/month + fraudulently suppressing interest rates by more counterfeiting, …..

    The REAL “Free Shit Army” is the RePuke profiteers of that multiyear ‘currency debasement rally’.

    Sub-criminals Eric Rosengren, of Boston Fed and Robert Kaplan of Dallas Fed caught with their hands in the cookie jar insider trading – have just announced their “‘retirement”‘!!
    Capo do tutti capi Jerome Powell is similarly situated!! Still clinging to power.

    “‘The FED”‘ so called “‘Balance Sheet” is astronomical now – a shadow US Treasury!!

    That’s all money stolen from essential wage earners and savers to engorge the rich and eviscerate the poor.

    Elaine is crying about an eyebrow pencil which isn’t the vapor off s drop in the bucket of the real theft.
    Follow the Money!

    Elaine serves as a distraction in wringing her hands about the Bilderbergers when the worst that’s going to happen to you there is getting hit in the head by a popped Champaign cork!
    As they clink glasses and dance the night away at their social club gatherings.

  7. @Zeke, maybe I’m just in a good mood today, but the absurdity of it is really making me laugh. If only we had an army of Elaines making citizens arrests of all these shoplifters, America could be saved! Doesn’t it make you want to put a flag on your shirt and walk straight down to the mall and fight for your country? Never mind the debt ceiling, the real threats to America are poor people sneaking across borders to work for peanuts and decorating their faces with cosmetics only the rich should afford.


    ELAINE: Ahem: this is why ALL leftist cities are hell holes. Leftists cannot fathom that little crimes leads to mass murder. Chaos is chaos! I used to give lectures in NYC about precisely this! Always, leftists would yell at me. But I am right and you all are utterly fatally wrong. It is sad, seeing people like you all, loving the horrors that are around the corner.

    Some time in the future, in a leftist city, you will suddenly see mobs of raging lunatics screaming as they come to loot your home openly and kill you and burn everything. I lived through this very thing in 1977 in NYC and one of my friends survived via shooting the first looter into his store.

  8. snoosebomb

    yup, things are just great in Venezuela !

  9. @9, do they have lots of shoplifters in Venezuela? No makeup left in the stores? God help them.

  10. Zeke

    SoB’s Utopia is North Korea.

    Strong man dictator at the helm.
    Stalinist planned economy similar to so called “‘FedResvBnk”‘.

    Those who don’t applaud vigorously enuf – get to meet the AAA guns.

    Yup. That’s SoB’s Nirvana.

  11. Nina

    The US has so many social issues. This is why i keep harping on about the urgent need for US policymakers to pay more attention to problems at home.
    Stop acting as the world’s self appointed policeman.

    20-year US war in Afghanistan was a ‘strategic failure’: Gen. Milley

  12. shawntoh

    @2. Zeke, dude, silence is sometimes golden, especially, MAYBE, in your case! Ha, hah… Just kidding, Zeke, ole buddy, old pal…

    The Republican are leading the CHARGE, dude. Get hip, maaaaan, REPUBLICANS are accusing Biden of LYING! Where’s the Demo’s, Joes?

    Here’s the proof* and save your “disinfectant” for your armpit mind! Ah ha, hah! Sorry Elaine, do I get a warning? Hee hee!

    IT’S THE DNC that’s silent, Zeke, WHAT about them, dude? My dear Zeke!

    *Here’s point the REPUBLICANS made… [and Democrats are M.I.A.!]…

    1). Joe Biden is lying in saying he wasn’t WARNED about pulling out the way he intended… in which he really didn’t have a plan… he just scrapped Trump’s plan–a poor decision by the Biden Administration!

    [Remember that TRUMP was the one who worked hard on the negotiations for a workable plan to pull the USA out of Afghanistan and the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION scrapped those plans! The fools! So harp on that Zeke, dude.]

    2). The Biden Administration LIED when THEY said that the USA military would STAY until all AMERICANS were EVACUATED! There are still USA people that want to leave that can’t… because of the bungling Biden Admin… NOT Trump, I note, Zeke, palie!

    3). Biden LIED when he said the Afghanistan was an “extraordinary success”[sic]. Maybe a success for the undertakers since there were many funerals in Afghanistan and the USA due the Biden bungling!

    4). The Biden Administration is as incompetent as well as dishonest with the results… They swindled their way to power and are greedy as swine in their execution of policy!

    SOURCE cited…


  13. snoosebomb

    how stupid are the monkeys ? how stupid do they think the monkeys are ?

    well we got biden/trudope ,, &

    here in bc we have 87 % jabbed yet masks are mandatory? u see more masks than ever, in the cars , stores, outside

    guess those vacceens real effective eh ?

    i wonder , does elaine wear a mask while driving ?

    [ if you can make believe absurdities you can make them commit atrocities ]

  14. AT

    Masks are useless against a virus that can aerosolize.

    Social distancing less then 15 feet is useless against a virus that can aerosolize.

    Good read: The Spartacus Letter

    Click to access COVID-19-The-Spartacus-Letter-1.pdf

  15. snoosebomb

    never mind viruses , i want to know what’s effecive against stupid ?

    a store employee was jumping me about a mask today so i asked if they were vaxed and ”of course they were ! [you can count on that answer ] . Up next , then why are you worried ?
    proud answer ,” masks are mandatory ! ”

    note ; characteristic of the stupid , they are proud of it .

    I , on the other hand, am always open to rational arguement. [ at this point one might have the pleasant image of steam coming out of zekees ears ]

  16. lou

    16–There is or was a Zeke a virus. or zika

  17. Pete

    Throw another Aussie on the Barbie!

  18. lou

    ARTICLE SHOULD START–Though fully vaccinated, each had underlying health conditions that could have made them more susceptible to a breakthrough infection, their daughter, Sarah Dunham, told WXMI-TV after their deaths on Sunday. [did they die of the flu or the jab?


  19. shawntoh

    “Just call me Madam Chancellor….”

    Speaking of war criminals who have crawled out from underneath their rock… Hillary Clinton–still at large–did get heckled in Ireland… at Queen’s University, Belfast…

  20. TinaB

    So many problems happening at once, with impacts rippling out across the global economy. We teeter on the edge of irreversible change and yet as many here point out, few are paying attention or making connections. Those of us living in the developed world are so accustomed to the luxury of fossil fuels we don’t realize all that it gives us; as long as we pay our utility bills the lights come on, the faucets run, the frig keeps our food cold, the furnace keeps our home warm. As long as we have a job we can afford to drive to the store and for the most part buy the food we want.

    Watching the news this evening there was a story about child labor and the announcer claimed “every child deserves to go to school, to play, to live a childhood.” I wonder when people in the developed nations will finally realize that without the cheap energy from fossil fuels we will all have to do more physical labor. We may think children deserve a carefree life, that we deserve a good paying job with good benefits, that we deserve to be treated with respect….but all of these conditions are human creations. And they are only possible when we have surplus energy, surplus resources. In the absence of surplus we face limits, some catastrophic. Nature doesn’t extend “rights” to any species. We either survive, reproduce, and evolve….or we don’t. We don’t have the luxury of claiming ‘rights’ any longer.

  21. The present epidemic is dropping rapidly now. The hysteria of the elites is greatly misplaced.

    This new variant germ is not even half as dangerous as the mid-epidemic variant and that was half as dangerous as the original disease a year and a half ago.

    This is TYPICAL of all virus epidemics.

    Also: being in poor health due to being too fat is a serious problem especially in minority communities and should be examined much more closely.

    ALSO: people are going insane right now which I understand well, fear and anxiety shuts down brains so brainless stuff is done including not reading all my past stories carefully or looking at all my past cartoons, etc.

  22. @Snoosebomb, so you’re one of those people who hassles store employees about having to wear a mask.
    Look at it this way: you’re required to wear a seatbelt. You could say “What about the air bags, the rear view cameras, and all the other safety features on cars these days? Don’t they work? What’s the point of wearing a seatbelt when I have an airbag?”

  23. snoosebomb

    seatbelts work , masks ? liars want me to wear leakey masks.

    the vacceenated want me to wear masks , explain to me the reasoning behind that ?

    are people being told to act rationally ?

    [ actually i’m a nice guy i don’t bother the staffs

  24. No safety precautions work 100% of the time. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective. Seatbelts aren’t 100% effective. Etc.
    Masks reduce the amount of moisture escaping when you breathe out, as well as the amount you breathe in. They’re more effective at blocking what you breathe out, I believe.

  25. Zelda

    Good barking grief: the “hysteria” of the elites is not “greatly misplaced”. It’s the plan.

    Operation lockstep is all about using fear of a virus to bring in world government. The fake “vaccines” are all about control and depopulation. Th

    This is obvious to anyone using critical thinking who is not running a Dark Arts propaganda site.

    [UPDATE: as of 10:30am ET on 9/29 over 7,200 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration. Please join us by reading and signing below.]
    Including Dr. Robert W. Malone, gene therapy, bio-defense, vaccines and immunology; discoverer of in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and architect of mRNA vaccine platform.

  26. Zelda

    Examples of people that insist you take the frankenjabs:

    Tony Fauci – architect of the plandemic.
    Bill Gates – known eugenicist and close associate of Jeffrey Epstein.
    Albert Bourla – stands to gain billions from pushing endless boosters.

    Example of someone warning about the dangers of the frankenjabs:

    Dr. Robert W. Malone–the guy who INVENTED THE mRNA TECHNOLOGY.

    This issue is a matter of 3rd grade level reasoning.

  27. @Zelda, that’s not logic.
    Examples of people who thought that water freezes into ice: Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goring, Adolf Eichmann.
    Examples of people who don’t think water freezes into ice: six-month-old babies all over the world, who also have no political opinions.
    Clearly, people who think water freezes into ice are Nazis.

  28. lou

    28–this is factual, hence it is alarming,


  29. I love it when leftists who demand there be fewer humans to ‘save the planet’ are also screaming at us warning us we might die of various fearful things like…vaccinations?

    Good lord.

    I often remind leftists, they want the world to have far fewer humans. The record of leftists murdering/starving/working to death millions and millions and millions of people is a clue about their future plans. Note that the leftist leaders are always safe and fat and lazy.

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