YouTube Continues War Against Real News: RT News Bans Enrage RT Users


ALL of YouCan’tTube is being censored by California operatives who run this increasingly communist ideological site.  ALL leftist regimes censor citizens of all countries with the misfortune to be ruled by the far left ideologues.  A million videos have been erased by these California communists who run YouCan’tTube.  I watch RT news every day, they are the people who often simply have cameras at events and lets these run nonstop so we can see real news as it happens just like early CNN used to function this way, they began this and then after eliminating Ted Turner, dumped it.



What, pray tell, is wrong with ‘upsetting news’?  Nearly all news is ‘upsetting’ in some way or another.  Right now, we have ‘mainstream media refusing to show real news, 90% of this is hidden from view and we can only see it via say, RT news.



Here is news that our rulers want to avoid reporting: the US general who fought on the ground in Afghanistan, who then criticized Biden for his abrupt and destructive retreat, was quietly put in isolation in a military prison and will be prosecuted for talking to Fox TV.  Even his own parents can’t talk to him now.  They will throw the book at him so that no more soldiers talk about Biden’s treasonous war messes.



This prisoner is a GENERAL, not a lower staff, has many awards who was ‘on the ground’ in Afghanistan.  This hero is in prison now!  This is terrible.  Trump is going to make this one of the issues when he runs for election.  Note that General Miley isn’t being court marshaled for conspiring with the CHINESE communists, telling them he would warn them if war is breaking out so they can nuke us first.



General Miley threw Biden under the bus, claims he was, a la Nazi Nüremberg Trial, ‘Only following orders.’  Biden claims (if he can remember anything) he didn’t give orders to flee, leaving everything behind for the Taliban to use later when fighting in the region.


Not only that, he also claims his private conversations with Chinese military wasn’t treason, it was to stop wars with China by conspiring with the Chinese war teams telling them state secrets!  WOW.  And this traitor has yet to resign or be arrested.


Our country has been taken over by open traitors who hate patriots. They and their leader, Biden, openly talk about how they wish to replace patriots with foreign invaders which is massive levels of treason.



Meanwhile, our senile occupier of the White House claims no one told him this retreat from Afghanistan was an utter failure and destroyed US powers significantly:



Here is Biden’s other treason, starkly reported by FNN:



Meanwhile, across all countries, riots are breaking out as vaccine mandates done with a heavy fist is increasingly unpopular:



Many LIBERAL governments are doing this.  They seriously think that dictatorships to ‘fix society’ is OK:


They also want to totally control all schools so they are all as crummy as US inner city schools which are run by liberals:


Yes, these communists hate the parents of the children they are indoctrinating.  It is real: in ALL communist regimes, little children are encouraged to rat on their parents!  This has been uniformly going on in all communist regimes since WWI.  This is Orwell’s 1984 type of controls on everything via tricking little children.


I have abundant proof that leftists are deliberately stupid here in the comments on my stories!  It is really sad, watching people who are incapable of seeing how destructive they are, doing stupid things because they were taught to be stupid in our ‘universities.’



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40 responses to “YouTube Continues War Against Real News: RT News Bans Enrage RT Users

  1. TinaB

    Elaine says “Note that the leftist leaders are always safe and fat and lazy.”


    “In total, the evidence from these three studies, while not conclusive, is powerfully suggestive that Republicans suffer from nutritional and general health inadequacies more than liberals do, regardless of whether relevant variables are controlled for.”

    Top 10 Unhealthiest states = 9 out of 10 Republican
    Top 10 Healthiest states = All Democrat

    3rd fattest President of all times = trump

    You were saying?

  2. shawntoh

    Mein Dame Elaine…

    The body count keeps going, mein dame,..

    [Btw, I’m NOT anti-vaxx, I’m anti-MANDATE for the vaxx, please see your doctor(s) and listen to what they say, folks, then do your own research and make your OWN decision, it’s up to YOU…!]

    A former Notre Dame professor, 67-year-old Karen Croake Heisler, residing in Orlando, Florida, who routinely characterized unvaccinated people as “selfish”, has DIED after she received her THIRD Covid vaccine…

    They claim she died of “complications” due to “cancer” BUT I demand a full investigation, people…


  3. Zeke

    Nancy Pelosi correctly described ‘the former guy’ (Trump) as “morbidly obese”.

    The military surgeon who announced ‘the former guy’s’ vitals – got a hefty promotion out of it.

  4. AT

    Why don’t you list some of the alternatives to Utube? etc.

  5. shawntoh


    So What?

    You are probably taking Elaine LITERALLY.

    Besides… In case you haven’t noticed there is also an EPIDEMIC of obesity, lady…

    * “Number of States with High Obesity Prevalence Rises to Sixteen….”

    **”….Obesity Rate Increase Alarming…. ”

    The USA states noted are…

    – Alabama,
    – Arkansas,
    – Delaware (added as of 2020),
    – Indiana,
    – Iowa (added as of 2020),
    – Kansas,
    – Kentucky,
    – Louisiana,
    – Michigan,
    – Mississippi,
    – Ohio (added as of 2020),
    – Oklahoma,
    – South Carolina,
    – Tennessee,
    – Texas (added as of 2020),
    – West Virginia.

    * –
    ** –

    IF that isn’t bad enough, I note this…

    In 2013, The National Library of Medicine/National Center For Biotechnology Information noted this…

    “Morbid obesity rates continue to rise rapidly in the United States”



  6. shawntoh

    Hey Zeke, you are just another evil “fat-shamer” along with the rest of the “Trump haters”!

    Check this out, Zeke…

    “….Epidemiologist Abdul El-Sayed, a CNN commentator, tweeted on Tuesday that Mrs Pelosi’s remarks [about Trump being “morbidly obsese” would only reinforce the STIGMA around OBESITY….”*

    * –


  7. snoosebomb

    Obese , how about morbid obese

    seen whoopi goldberg recently ? , hahaha

  8. Zeke

    Nancy only mentioned that fact (which it tries to disguise with bathrobe size overcoats and Dr. No length neck ties) – because she was concerned about the “former guy’s” health.

  9. Nina

    “Note that General Miley isn’t being court marshaled for conspiring with the CHINESE communists, telling them he would warn them if war is breaking out so they can nuke us first.”

    Just contemplating a nuclear war with a major power like China is insanity, but then again, this is the US. It seems one cannot expect anything sane from the US anymore. Keep in mind that China has a ‘no first strike policy’ unlike the US..

    “Not only that, he also claims his private conversations with Chinese military wasn’t treason, it was to stop wars with China..”

    He wanted to prevent a war with China? And that is supposed to be a bad thing? To most sane people that sounds like a very clever thing to do.

  10. shawntoh

    @4… AT…

    1. Vimeo
    2. DTube
    3. Internet Archives Video Section
    4. Metacafe
    5. 9GAG TV
    6. Dailymotion
    7. Vevo
    8. Twitch
    9. TED
    10. Crackle


    …then there’s this site with some redundancies like the other list(s) …

    No. 1 alternative: Dailymotion
    No. 2 alternative: Vimeo
    No. 3 alternative: Bitchute
    … etc. al…


    AT, if that ain’t enough then check here…

    I note they list TWENTY alternatives… again, with some redundancies…

  11. shawntoh

    @ 9. Nina…

    What you are suggesting is “socially acceptable insanity”… at best!

    The general should be court-martialed for doing something like that and stripped of his rank.

    I’m glad YOU are NOT in charge of our military or WE, the USA, would be finished quickly! What you are suggesting is, perhaps, a hippie pipe dream, my lady. What have you been smoking lately, Nina?

    Presidents and diplomats do the negotiation, Nina. Ask Elaine about that… she knows that and understands better than me! Correct me, Elaine, bitte.

    What about the TRADE war with China? Despite his flaws, Trump attempted to get those USA jobs back that got shipped there (and other places, too). Elaine has done MUCH blogging about that and I invited to review her past posts on the subject, Nina.

    All these attack on Trump about his weight are ad hominem attacks, or personal attacks, which have NOTHING to do with the crucial issues!

    Even if Biden is not obese, so what? Pseudo-President Biden was elected in a fraudulent election. I know because I’ve worked with computers and Elaine has already documented this past election scam. Besides…

    With Biden, metaphorically speaking, you have a pathetic public servant “whose elevator is having trouble going up and down to the top floors.” I don’t want someone like that in the White House. He’s just an “empty suit”! That’s scary! Who’s really in charge of this country? I want to know!

    Trump is a former real estate mogul hustler, to be sure. But as Elaine noted… He’s NOT a member of the Bilderberg Gang! That’s why “Trump hating” was encouraged!

    I was NOT happy with how Trump dealt with Israel but that’s another topic and I will end this reply entry with…


  12. AT

    @10 Shawntoh


  13. @5, “You are probably taking Elaine LITERALLY.”
    Haha yes. Thinking of her as “for entertainment purposes only” is much better for blood pressure.

  14. Zelda

    The UN is in charge, of DC at least.

  15. lou

    back to the flu,

    Denmark, Norway, and Sweden seem to have a different take. I bet that they’re laughing at the stupid Americans, that is, if they’re not mortified of what’s happening in the USA with such buffoonery (Colbert).
    It is kind of scary.

    A journalist should look into the cares act and see how it was designed$$ to bring high covid death numbers.
    I clearly remember DR. Birx stating in March of ’20, that all manner of deaths with SARS/covid symptoms will be labeled as CV 19 deaths, and the symptoms became various.Then came the money.
    Maybe it’s asking alot for a journalist, and even a conservative talking head, to really challenge the count of 600,000 covid deaths.

  16. @15, there was a huge shortage of tests in the US at the beginning of the pandemic, if you remember. First the bureaucracy screwed up, then later there were shortages of equipment and chemicals, then labs were simply overwhelmed. I find the first month or two especially interesting.

  17. Zeke

    Are the Nordic countries among the highest in vaccination rates? Is that why they are now dropping COVID restrictions?

    It’s hard to discern a clear answer with all the static and noise.

  18. Pete

    A good example of commie stupid:
    Growing blackouts in China
    RE bubble bursting…75% of economy
    China is CRASHING!

  19. Zeke

    US stock prices are calving. Will US RE prices follow?
    US pseudo capitalist econ. based on fraud perpetrated by Chair Mao Powell at criminal so called “‘FedResvBank”‘. Fraudulently suppressing interest rates; stealing from wage earners and savers to prop up stock and property prices. They realize now they can’t perpetuate the fraud much longer.
    No legitimate econ has ZIRP or TINA for sustained period.

    How long has Zeke been bringing this truth to you?
    You attempt to mock and ridicule him yet he does not complain.

  20. Pete

    Black Swan lands in Tiananmen Square….
    China is Doomed!

  21. Zeke

    Tawana Brawley

    Duke LaCrosse players

    More ‘incidents’ of projections of theater of the mind.

  22. Every day is a black swan event.

    And note how everyone who hates me is beginning to shift what they whine about here every day, when they attack me.

    The tiresome business of whining about the coronavirus and lying about what I have posted so frequently (such as the issue of forcing people to be vaccinated or the futility of locking down anyone while letting armies of crazed leftist goons run riot in DNC cities) and I have been 100% right nearly 100% of the time and made good predictions based on incoming information WHICH CHANGES AS INFORMATION ARRIVES.

    Yes, changing gears when information comes in is good thinking processes and I do this when necessary.

    As for the coronavirus, it is again, doing what it does all the time: it shoots upwards and then falls, rapidly. Since is EVOLVES thanks to germ pools, it comes back in new forms each cycle but is weaker each cycle.

    For example, the Delta variant, for example, is much weaker than the first Wuhan variant that hit China very hard. Each cycle is weaker, but covers more populations. It went from hitting 100 million to hitting 8 billion people, a huge jump with a small death rate, relatively speaking.


    So, it is approaching 3% deaths in places that had this flu since last year. That is unusually high compared to other flu events outside of the Hong Kong and Spanish flues.

  23. lou

    The tiresome business of whining about the coronavirus and lying about what I have posted so frequently (such as the issue of forcing people to be vaccinated or the futility of locking down anyone while letting armies of crazed leftist goons run riot in DNC cities)

    what did YOU post about forced vaccines? I cannot go walk on the local public college campus w/o being jabbed with the experimental med.

    14000 dead, by gov accounts from the jab.

  24. snoosebomb

    ”at the time, moderna was a truly VC darling, the most highly valued company in biotech.

    the problem? they technology was failing. bigly.

    their shiny new mRNA technology was supposed to treat crigler-najjar syndrome. instead, it proved too unsafe to even begin human trials despite having picked a massively optimized target.

    and so a pivot was planned into the backwater of vaccines, a notorious loss leader and graveyard of valuations. (my, how things can change)

    now here’s where it gets just a teensy bit ominous.”

  25. shawntoh

    I hereby nominate Dr. Anthony Fauci for “The Doctor Josef Mengele Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence…”!

    Specifically for outstanding drug experimentation on humans to save the pharma’ industry money in clinical test trials and liability costs to the pharma’ industry and helping to create one of the best dystopia that humans could ever experience…

    Never has so much suffering to humanity been achieved by just one “man”…

    Congratulations, Tony, and may G_D have mercy on your soul-stuff of merde for all the medical misery and harm you have caused for humanity for all time! Peace.

    –Shawntoh, 30-Sept-2021…


    [Note: According to Decibel, the band members {Slayer} had the following to say about the controversy stemming from songs like “Angel of Death” and {Jeff} Hanneman’s preoccupation with Nazi memorabilia:

    Hanneman: I collect medals and other Nazi stuff that my dad got me started on because he gave me all this s*** he got off of dead Nazis. I remember stopping some place where I bought two books on [Nazi “surgeon” Josef] Mengele. I thought, “This has gotta be some sick s***.” So when it came time to do the record, that stuff was still in my head—that’s where the lyrics to “Angel of Death” came from. Next thing I know, we’re neo-Nazis.

    {Kerry} King: Yeah, “Slayer are Nazis, fascists, communists”—all that fun s***. And of course we got the most flack for it in Germany. I was always like, “Read the lyrics and tell me what’s offensive about it. Can you see it as a documentary, or do you think Slayer’s preaching f****** World War II?” People get this THOUGHT in their HEADS—especially in EUROPE—and you’ll NEVER talk them out of it.

    {Dave} Lombardo: We got dropped by Columbia because of that. I mean, “Auschwitz—the meaning of pain!” Any sympathizers with the Holocaust AREN’T gonna have ANY part of it. But they DID’T SEE the DEEP meaning of it—it’s just documented musical awareness. It’s NOT necessarily for it—it’s just something that Jeff {Hanneman} discovered and wrote a song about.

    Hanneman: It was like, “Oh yeah—we’re racists. We’ve got a CUBAN and a CHILEAN in the band. GET REAL.”

    {Tom} Araya: That was one thing I never understood. It’s NOT like there’s four white guys in the band.]

    SOURCES CITED: {Note: following may contain realistic language NOT suitable for children… or adults sensitive to profane language… Use at your own risk! Peace.}

    [NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK, or suitable for children and adults sensitive to realistic language. Use at your own risk!]

    A documentary (auf Deutsche) (i. e. in the German Language) on the notorious Dr. Josef Mengele… There are others in English. Again, some adults and certainly children may find the topics related in the documentary to be TOO disturbing. Use at your own risk! Peace.

  26. Jim R

    .. and yet Elaine continues to shill for the globalists ..

    Is she:
    1. paid by them;
    2. threatened by them;
    3. or fooled by them?

  27. Jim R


    That’s an interesting blogger, el gato malo — I shall bookmark it for later.

  28. shawntoh

    Elaine, cui bono? Who really benefits here? I make my case that BIG PHARMA’ does!

    Elaine, PLEASE refute the following…

    1). Big Pharma’ benefits because they DON’T have to do the full FIVE year clinical trials for the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Thus, they cut costs and that means more PROFIT for them and the shareholders! But we, the public SUFFER! We are made guinea pigs or lab rats! Which one would you like Elaine? Being a guinea pig or a lab rat? I DO NOT want ANYONE to have to make that choice! NO! NO! NO!

    2). Big Pharma’ reaps further benefits because there is NO liability if something goes wrong with the vaccines! Folks, you can’t even sue Big Pharma’ in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! That’s right, people, they got a “sweet, sweet-heart” of a deal! Again, Big Pharma’ saves on legal costs. More PROFIT for the shareholders! PROFIT über alles!

    3). What about those who have NATURAL IMMUNITY to Covid-19? Why in heavens name should they take this potential dangerous, potential debilitating, potential lethal drug with NO liability to the manufacturers?

    4). In closing, Elaine, you and many members of YOUR generation experimented with LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). Elaine, did you do a lot of “acid” in the ’60s? Seriously. I regret to inform you, Madame Elaine, that your contemporary, James Howard Kunstler called it correct very early, IMHO… My conclusion is this…

    Big Pharma’, Big Government (specifically the “Shadow Government” or “Deep State”) are the ones who BENEFIT!

    There Zeke! Let’s see if I’m a “teacher’s pet” after all since I dared question Elaine’s vast wisdom. SHE IS HUMAN! Like all of us. But, like all of us, who are burdened with a personal and perishable human ego, she does have “ego problems” like all of us. BUT… I want to close with this…

    My ego is better than yours! If you don’t believe me! Just ASK me! Ah HA HA HA HA HAAAH!

    [Note the following is NSFW and may offend some due to realistic language! Use at your own risk]

    Is Elaine the mighty Jimmy?

  29. shawntoh

    Bravo, snoosebomb! I agree with Jim R., that it’s well worth bookmarking. Excellent work! Thanks to you, too, Jim R.


  30. @29, you can always ask questions like “Who benefits.” Someone in any situation usually does benefit, but it doesn’t mean they created the situation.
    Pharmaceutical companies lobby all the time to get the best deal for themselves. That’s capitalism with American characteristics. Actually they benefit from all illnesses, but that doesn’t mean flu and pneumonia and cancer and headache… are all pharmaceutical company inventions.

  31. snoosebomb

    yes, there are also some others on substack you might bump into .
    this is the picture i love , holly crap ,,

  32. snoosebomb

    heads up ; something smells, not like bacon [ like klaus schwab ] ;

    all the peripheral talk about looming shortages ;


    Dr Oz today , the ‘bacon shortage ‘

    here is a smiling woman to tell you how to have delicious meals with less bacon !

    Dr oz ; 2023 ,

    here is a smiling woman to tell you how to prepare cockroaches to taste just like bacon !

  33. Jim R

    That website i posted was obnoxious. Here is the Rand Paul video with only the youtube ads —

  34. Zeke

    Now that the shambolic incubus is receding to irrelevance more and more disclosures are being made in the form of former insider tell-all exposés:
    e.g.: “Clown car on fire”.
    Just one of many.

  35. All over the internet there is major hysteria. Much of which is based on unvetted rumors. As I explain from day one, we cannot wait FIVE YEARS for vaccines in a major epidemic.

    The handful of possible deaths from vaccinations, none of which have been clinically proven, compared to millions of real deaths from germs, is causing many to be scared and wanting…NOTHING done? Wow.

    Imagine if the government decided to do absolutely nothing. Ahem…there would be riots, heads would roll.

    I am very old and remember anti-vaccination ideology going way back in time. I lived on the horizon of vaccine experimentation, I participated in it when only five years old to get my trial vaccinations against polio.

    I even talk about Sarah who I knew personally, who was crippled by polio.

    Polio was wiped out by vaccinations. We enjoy life thanks to that. In this case, it was tried with covid 19. As many of us suspected, when it moved overseas to places like India, it would mutate which it did.

    THE NEW MUTATION IS FAR, FAR LESS dangerous than the original flu.

    The next mutation will be even weaker, as per all mutations because the disease wants to ‘live’ and not die in the host living entities. Killing one’s host is bad! Germs accidentally do this because they over proliferate, killing hosts which is bad for the germs!

    The fury against me is from natural hysteria which is a mob thing. Once it really takes off, the mob does destructive things until people wake up and figure out the obvious.

    Also: I AM AGAINST FORCED VACCINATIONS. If people want to play Russian roulette with germs, that is their fate.

  36. snoosebomb

    natural hysteria website

    or this natural hysteria ?

  37. Suppressing nonviolent gatherings is easy. Note how these forces are not used by liberal leaders to stop black riots and looting, for example.

    ‘Let them burn their cities’ say the liberals, I assume.

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