Google Wants No Debates About Election Or Climate Change…Or Coronavirus, Too

Google continues to collapse as a means of communication and sharing information as the communists take over all systems there turning Google into a Pravda clone.  Eventually, Google will die as a ‘search engine’ since it is now increasingly a ‘hide engine.’  Now we are going to be prevented from hearing about the weather?  Only ‘weather’ that is pretending it is hotter than ever before will be appearing online?  How insane is this!  There are many old Soviet jokes about lying in the media, often jokes about the weather reports being continuously incorrect, for example.  One thing is certain: leftists are incapable of open debates, period.


Right now, Google is trying to simply defund anyone who posts information that clashes with leftist communist ideological positions.  But the next step was already taken when Google and others banned our President, Trump, and censored any conversations showing obvious vote cheating in the previous election.  This was a COUP.  And the person put in power, Biden, is now highly unpopular and the majority of citizens do not want open borders or censorship at all and a revolt is now brewing since much more than 50% want to see Biden kicked out of the White House…NOW.


Pretending the border crisis doesn’t exist and the coronavirus crisis is over, the Bilderberg gang resumes their utterly unhinged, insane business of destroying civilization because of ‘global warming’:


Both individual action and promotion of systemic change are essential (says the Bilderberg gang members lecturing us all about how going communist and thus, killing capitalism, we will all not roast to death but instead, in classic communist style, will get to freeze to death, instead):


Despite years of aspirational promises from governments and leaders, we have acted too slowly on the climate emergency. Time is running out to reverse, or even halt, the damage done by humanity to our planet.


Time is running out: we are leaving the present warm Interglacial and sliding towards yet another Ice Age.  All geological and astronomical data clearly shows, the planet earth is in this strange Ice Age/short Interglacial cycle that is very scary.  Understanding this is vital but since communists took over NASA and our astronomical systems, they kicked my dad, a founder of many observatories and first astronomer to have a camera orbit the earth, who said we should worry about the next Ice Age and instead, are propagandizing the fake story, we will be forever too ‘warm’.


Climate change is affecting health now, and the effects will increase greatly in the future depending on the actions we take.1


Utter insanity here.  So, more humans live much longer than previous generations.  Warmer weather=bigger crops, more humans survive.  Cold cycles=mass starvation and deaths.  Sometimes too hot weather kills crops like in the Midwest in the 1930’s.  Other times we have wet weather that floods, too like these days.  None of these weather events lasts more than a decade.  The pendulum swings back and forth.


If we are warmer and warmer, the drought in the Midwest would have gotten worse, not vanish entirely.  Why is it so much colder there this last five years than in the 1930’s?  There is more CO2, after all.


Tipping points, such as ice sheet collapse or methane emissions from melting of the Arctic tundra, coral reef die offs, and alterations of oceanic currents, might be closer than we thought, leading to irreversible damage to biophysical systems with severe consequences for human wellbeing.


Funny, how eco systems recover from various events.  Like the near-annihilation of life forms which happened several times due to large objects hitting our planet, life springs back and fills all ecosystems they create.  One thing is certain today: CO2 is creating a lot more life on earth.  Plants eat CO2 and the lunatic communists want to starve plant life which most living things depend on for food and above all…OXYGEN.  We need oxygen!


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates that, even under an intermediate greenhouse gas emissions scenario in which carbon dioxide emissions remain around current levels until 2050, the global average temperature increase is likely to be 2.1-3.5°C by the late 21st century. This emphasises the urgent need for drastic reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.2


As the heat doesn’t happen, they keep upping the ‘climate temperature rise’ higher and higher while screaming louder and louder.  Meanwhile, armies of angry citizens march against Bilderberg climate rules because people already see how they are going to be forced to freeze/starve to death to please the elites pushing this crazy story.


In November 2021, more than 200 countries will meet at the 26th UN climate conference (COP26), one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in history, to agree collective action on the climate emergency.


Since 90% of the attendees don’t have to change a thing or lift a finger, not even the Chinese who are the world’s biggest CO2 producers, of course they are most anxious to impose these crazy edicts on Americans and Europeans!


The evidence is clear: setting targets is no longer enough. We need to act now, both individually and by holding organisations and governments to account. We need to recognise and communicate the harms to health of the climate emergency, create guidance on how to adapt to the change that cannot be prevented, and prevent further damage through mitigation strategies and by motivating behaviour change.


I suggest we copy the Bilderberg gang leaders: build bigger houses, travel by jet more often, buy big armored vehicles, buy yachts, etc.  This way, we will save the earth.  Conversely, we should all demand all these ‘world leaders’ and top business people and academics and everyone who thinks it is too hot, show us how to live in small hovels and eat only vegetables and walk everywhere on foot and not wear shoes made with leather, too.  Oh, and do this in winter where it snows.


Of course, they will never, ever do any of this so to hell with them all.




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26 responses to “Google Wants No Debates About Election Or Climate Change…Or Coronavirus, Too

  1. lou

    if people want to use Google [jew owned or started by] let them.

  2. lou


    90,000 more Haitians trekking thru the Darien Peninsula, headed our way. Should arrive sometime around Christmas.

    Meanwhile, Cal. has banned lawn mowers, chainsaws, portable generators and so on. Anything that runs on a piston engine, 2 or 4 stroke, has been eliminated.




    It’s not uncommon for organizations to fire well-paid older white workers in the name of fighting racism and replace them with poorer-paid People of Diverseness, such as that orchestra in Britain. But here’s a case in which unpaid white women were fired in order to pay women of color to do the same work (worse, no doubt). From Jerry Coyne’s blog Why Evolution Is True:
    The Art Institute of Chicago fires all 122 of its (unpaid and volunteer) docents because they aren’t sufficiently “diverse”

  3. TinaB

    So let’s just forget about climate change – what is your solution for all the ecological degradation Elaine? Nothing to worry about? I mean the planet is after all our only home right? Do you trash your own environment like humans trash the planet?

    “Chemicals found in food containers, shampoo and children’s toys may contribute to 100,000 early deaths a year among people aged 55-64 in the US, study claims”


    ELAINE: Tina, I keep telling you to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. You are freaking out due to too many humans. SO ELIMINATE YOURSELF AND SAVE THE EARTH. Thank you in advance.

  4. TinaB

    Perfect analogy! Are you going to try to dispute this Elaine? What says you in your delusional mind?

  5. wots up with the ‘rolling blackouts ? india now too

  6. TinaB

    “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius

  7. TinaB

    @snoosebomb – oh YOU are surprised? Not ME! Like we haven’t been warned for decades right? Try to keep up!

    But hey keep breeding – encourage all your children to have as MANY children as possible! SMH!
    More human planet eaters is the answer right?

  8. DM:


    Waste no more time arguing that there are too many human planet eaters. Kill yourself now!

    ELAINE: I keep telling her to do that and that jerk absolutely refuses to practice what she preaches. This is utterly disgusting. None of the ‘end of times’ lunatics do this unlike Jim Jones. They should copy him.

  9. @Tina, I’ve been reading about the evolution of viruses, and maybe that’s a good analogy for political debates in a democracy. E.G., Elaine is never going to be convinced about climate change. Her arguments against it are that her daddy told her there’s going to be an ice age, and rich people are continuing to fly around in private jets, so the whole thing must be a scam. She doesn’t understand anything about the issue really, just that her daddy was really smart and look at those private jets.
    Evolution works like that too, though. Random mutations get tested in the real world and almost always turn out to have been bad ideas. But every now and then one of them gets lucky.
    The only tragedy is that we don’t have time to throw a bunch of stupid ideas at the wall and see what sticks.


    ELAINE: Do you read your own stuff? Who on earth doesn’t know the climate CHANGES CONSTANTLY??? How childish and insane the global warmists are these days. They cannot say ‘global warming’ because people know this isn’t happening.

    Stupid people don’t notice BLIZZARDS starting in SEPTEMBER in the US, for example. Wyoming is having one right now!!!! This isn’t ‘warm’ and huge hunks of the earth aren’t warm, far from hot. The real climate change staring at us in the face is the NEXT ICE AGE.

    I write about that quite frequently. That is massive, deadly ‘climate change’. But the morons in power and poor saps who listen to these creeps, never talk about this INEVITABLE event.

  10. lou

    Cal. has banned lawn mowers, chainsaws, portable generators and so on. Anything that runs on a piston engine, 2 or 4 stroke, has been eliminated.

  11. lou

    a Polar Vortex might be slamming into the UK just as the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glascow, Scotland kicks off in a few weeks.

    It’ll be funny watching Greta scold attendees with “The world is on fire”, when the ambient temp, outside the window is 14°F. Ahahahahaha

    This reminds me of an event about 15 years ago when Al Gore hosted a Global Warming (that’s what the hoax was called then) event at Cooper Union in NYC in what turned out to be one of the coldest days in NYC history.

  12. vacceen effectiveness haha

  13. Zeke

    “Cal. has banned lawn mowers, chainsaws, portable generators and so on ….. ”

    I hope misnamed “leaf blower” is included in the “and so on ….. ” whether combustion or electric.

    “Leaf blowers” are really ‘debris scatterers’. Bad for hearing and respiratory system.

    That’s good news. Reason alone to move to California.

    Bring back traditional push mowers, rakes, and hedge clippers. Quiet equanimity for weekends again.

  14. I have a wonderful ELECTRIC BATTERY lawn mower. This is very quiet and quick and efficient.

    It is much more expensive than the gas type. And unlike my previous electric lawn mower which has a long difficult to keep control of electrical cord, this one is free of such encumberances.

  15. TinaB

    What good is a f&#king LAWN! Plant a garden or something useful at least! Humans are SO STUPID!

  16. Elaine, you don’t know basic math concepts like “average” and “ratio,” so you can’t understand the climate change predictions. But your writing is an interesting window into how people without basic math comprehension might see it.

  17. TinaB


    You people clearly have no RESPECT for the planet – your ONLY home! So keep destroying it and see what happens! It’s plain as the nose on your face!

    And hey go ahead bring more children (planet nibblers) on to the planet. Shoot for 50 billion humans and give them all the conveniences that Americans have!

    You people are so stupid it’s laughable! You clearly don’t understand LIMITS!

    “There’s no question that disposable diapers create more landfill waste: a baby is likely to go through between 5,000 and 6,000 disposable diapers before becoming potty trained. A 2014 Environmental Protection Agency report found that disposable diapers account for 7 percent of nondurable household waste in landfills.

    Studies indicate that diapers in landfills take up to 500 years to degrade, creating methane and other toxic gasses in the process, and their manufacture uses volatile chemicals that also end up in the eco-system.”

  18. Tina, I try to hold onto some hope for democracy, even after reading this blog. But I don’t know. We’re just not very rational beings.

  19. I’m beginning to think we’ll get Chinese-style government here as well, because our system is failing. The dream 250 years ago was that people would discuss and debate things and arrive at smart conclusions. But it doesn’t seem to work that way.
    Readers here will always have some group of conspirators to blame – Bilderberg, ‘socialists,’ the Democratic party, infinite permutations of Fauci and Gates and god knows who. But to me the problem just seems to be that the world turned out to be too complicated for a bunch of busy hairless apes to figure out in our spare time.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  20. Kenogami

    @20 TinaB wrote:
    ” And hey go ahead bring more children (planet nibblers) on to the planet. Shoot for 50 billion humans ”

    If you are the least bit informed, you know that Europeans and North Americans make so few children that they breed below replacement level.
    The Africans and the Moslems breed uncontrolably; so you must address your reprimand to them, not to us.

  21. TinaB

    You are not the least bit informed Kenogami but it’s not surprising, Are you ignorant or in denial?

    “It is well known that Americans consume far more natural resources and live much less sustainably than people from any other large country of the world.

    “A child born in the United States will create thirteen times as much ecological damage over the course of his or her lifetime than a child born in Brazil,” reports the Sierra Club’s Dave Tilford, adding that the average American will drain as many resources as 35 natives of India and consume 53 times more goods and services than someone from China.”

  22. TinaB

    But hey don’t you worry about over-population. Mother Earth will fix it. She has been around for billions of years as opposed to the superior humans paltry 250,000 years.

    She will do what she needs to do to rid herself of parasites that want to destroy her. Humans are NO MATCH! She will shake us off like a bad case of fleas, As she should!

    Stay tuned!

  23. lou

    23 Kengo>

    The Africans and the Moslems breed uncontrollably; so you must address your reprimand to them, not to us. [right back at Tina]

    You forgot all asians, including Indians and Pakistanis, but not Koreans and Japanese, they are dying breeds.

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