US Government Says, Heating Costs Will Rise Over 58% This Winter!

People are going to beg Santa Claus to bring them lumps of coal this winter!  So, we will freeze to death during a terrible global warming event (as per always, it seems) and we won’t get any Xmas presents, either.  Store shelves are going more and more empty again as Biden’s ridiculous germ phobia rules shuts down many things again.  Meanwhile, the SJW gang that backs Biden continues to attack businesses for not being PC Woke and now these are going PC Broke.  The latest victim is the company making moccasins!  Good lord, liberals have gone totally insane.


I wore moccasins all my long life, mostly in winter.  I wore Japanese style sandals in summer.  I wore Russian winter boots and cowboy boots and…sailor boots, too.  Humans wear all sorts of gear!  This is normal.  But liberals have gone insane and demand only people whose culture used various foot wear, be the only ones to make or sell that foot ware.  So, since European men designed high heel shoes back in the 17th century, should only French shoe makers make all high heel shoes today?



Maybe we should extend this to absolutely everything white European males created!  Not to mention all the creations by white USA males.  How about telephones?  Or all electrical appliances?  What about medicines created by EU/US creators?  This, when thought through carefully, shows the pure evil of the present woke garbage being used to harass and abuse businesses today.


Meanwhile, far leftists are screaming even here on my own news service (hahaha) that there are too many humans and we must stop using earth resources.  These spoiled brats point blank refuse to eliminate themselves, first and thus, set a fine example of practicing what these lunatics preach.  Instead, they cause nothing but chaos and rage and many people want to kill them, too, and thus, force these crazy loons to practice being eliminated.



What is very infuriating is, unlike with working class men following Tony Robinson who get beaten, put in prison, etc. just for giving speeches in public and singing songs, these crazy leftists are merely moved aside, go back to breaking the law and are carefully removed, not beaten until they leave or arrested.  This is insane and stupid  It is working: people in Britain increasingly want to see these people self-eliminated to ‘save the earth’, too.  But no, these horrible leftist clones adamantly refuse to die for their cause.



AND the royal family announced that they will forego eating meat twice a week to save the earth.  They, too, absolutely refuse to eliminate themselves to save the earth.  They consume vast amounts of resources and have done this for centuries.  These creeps are demanding everyone else starve, instead, and will forego eating one or two things from their regular feats to urge this onwards.  Starve for the Crown, you dirty little peasant people.


Meanwhile, in the US, the illicit imprisonment of US citizens who protested the fake election, is pissing off judges who are beginning to demand the Capitol Police release them from prison:


A federal judge has found the warden of a D.C. jail and the director of the D.C. Department of Corrections in contempt of court Wednesday and called for an investigation by the Department of Justice to determine whether the jail has violated the civil rights of Jan. 6 defendants.


Absolutely, this is criminal.  Holding these people in prison on no charges is pure liberal evil.  Liberals have a long record of tyranny whenever they get full power.  The more power, the nastier they are to their victims.

“For the reasons stated in open court, it is adjudged that the Warden of the D.C. jail Wanda Patten and Director of the D.C. Department of Corrections Quincy Booth are in civil contempt of court,” U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth of Washington ruled Wednesday. “The Clerk of the Court is ordered to transmit a copy of this order to the Attorney General of the United States for appropriate inquiry into potential civil rights violations of Jan. 6 defendants, as exemplified in this case.”


Absolutely, we will soon see the Supreme Court agree with this and the victims will be able to sue for restitution.


And doubling down on the dumb: McCauliffe boasts he’ll ‘build education with no say from parents’! This is insane and waving a red flag in the face of many millions of mothers and fathers.



“I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” the former governor said during a debate against his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”


See how liberals turn into Maoist monsters?  They don’t want to listen to those pesky parents!  How dare they interfere with communist ideological training turning children into mindless fools who have no idea of the bloody, violent, starvation policies all communists impose on their victim populations!


Youngkin has seized on the comments, launching a “Parents Matter” initiative rallying parents across the state.


“It’s pathetic to see Terry McAuliffe recycle the same old empty promises, failed policies, and dishonest attacks that he’s been repeating for 12 years,” Martinez told Fox News. “Now, McAuliffe wants to suppress and silence parents so his special interest allies can force their radical political agenda into classrooms and tell children what to think instead of teaching them how to think. Virginia parents are supporting Glenn Youngkin because he listens to them, respects them, and will restore excellence to our schools, raise teacher pay, and invest in the largest education budget in Virginia history.”


This DNC clown yells at the reporter, why isn’t he wearing a mask?  So the reporter goes forth and lists all the times this stupid double dealing Democrat didn’t wear HIS mask:


Every blasted DNC politician does this all the time.  They started doing this way back during the very first months of the epidemic.  ARREST THEM ALL, especially Obama, Biden and Harris.




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37 responses to “US Government Says, Heating Costs Will Rise Over 58% This Winter!

  1. Zeke

    That inflation is the Criminal so called FedResv Jerome Powell effect. Arrest Chair Mao Powell, ship him off to The Hague, charge the vile incubus with currency manipulation and crimes against humanity.

    The incubus lied when he said inflation would be “transitory”. Ya can’t “pump” $120 Billion / month in counterfeit money and other “accommodation” and “Quantitative Easing” without stoking inflation. Lock him up!

    Every blasted RNC politician does this all the time. They started doing this way back during the very first months of the epidemic. ARREST THEM ALL, especially Trump, O’Connell, Majorie, and Cruz and Rand and Elaine.

  2. TinaB

    Elaine says “Instead, they cause nothing but chaos and rage and many people want to kill them, too, and thus, force these crazy loons to practice being eliminated.”

    Is that some sort of thinly veiled threat?

    You are INSANE Elaine! Can’t even understand the difference between “not bringing more children onto the planet vs murder/suicide? And you call yourself smart hahaha! So dumb. You are willfully ignorant. That is NOT SMART ELAINE! Clueless I say!

    So dumb you’re barely worth responding to.


    ELAINE: Tell insane women that they can really really REALLY save the earth via suicide and they blow up in rage. Of course, Tina won’t eliminate her polluting self! She wants OTHER humans to die. Abort babies! That saves the earth. But Tina refuses to do the obvious: abort HERSELF. This is due to pure personal greed on her own part. Shame on her!

  3. TinaB

    As you clearly need more amplification and clarification here you go Elaine.

    “Could we be hitting natural gas limits already?”

    You can only WISH you could compete with Gail but you’re not even close to her level of understanding. She can CHART circles around you!

  4. If parents want to control what their kids learn they should home-school. It’s a recipe for a very conservative society though.
    There were no public schools in medieval Europe, so those parents never had to worry that their kids were learning dangerous ideas. A few might’ve learned to read and write at Church, the wealthy could hire private tutors, but most people were illiterate. Maybe they couldn’t have designed the next generation of iPhone, but they were God-fearing and respected their elders.

  5. we are still medieval under the skin , Elites have better PR now.

    elites = dominance hierarchy is based on IQ

  6. note something new , my debit card interac is now trackiing and selling my offline /retail data.
    a pop up ad showed for an item i just purchased in a store which i had never done an online research for.
    google ”digital ID’ [CDN] , looks like they are setting up for digital currency, which means programmable money to ” save the planet ‘

  7. Zeke

    Facebook IS Evil. It’s real source of income is selling your eyeballs to corporations. Along with all the other info which your boasting self voluntarily provide to FB.
    That’s why you can’t get a pseudonymous FB account. FB is guaranteeing corps it sell data that it’s all real.
    Just try to establish a pseudonymous account and see what happens!
    They kick you off without explanation. You’d be ruining their business model (hint: it’s not to connect the world) which is to sell your eyeballs to corporate. Suckahs. You’ve been commodified and FB has an exact dollar amount each of you is worth.

  8. Petruchio

    Terry McAuliffe. He’s been around since the Clinton Era. McAuliffe had to exit the Political stage because of scandal. But these guys, people like Terry McAuliffe are Insiders. They might fade away for awhile, but they always resurface. I think most people would be surprised at how small of a group our “elites” are.

  9. Yes, bumble bees are vanishing. I am very sad about that. I like bumble bees.

  10. TinaB

    Elaine you “like” bumblebees? Try you and all humans will be dead without them! What’s not to “like”?

    “Pollinators are a good indicator of the health of an ecosystem, but right now, they’re losing the fight against habitat loss and climate change.”

    “Put simply, we cannot live without bees. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that pollinators like bees and butterflies help pollinate approximately 75 percent of the world’s flowering plants. They pollinate roughly 35 percent of the world’s food crops—including fruits and vegetables.”

    “If bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live. The line is usually attributed to Einstein, and it seems plausible enough. After all, Einstein knew a lot about science and nature, and bees help us produce food.”

    “Bees play a significant role in the food we eat directly through pollination. Although some plants rely on wind for cross-pollination, while others rely on animals, other insects, or birds, most rely on bees for pollination. Without pollination, seeds won’t form and thus we won’t have the food supply.”

    CAPEESH Elaine?


    ELAINE: Tiny Tina: YOU are directly responsible for all this. YOU refuse to eliminate yourself to save the bumble bees. Get hopping. I am impatiently waiting for you to realize YOU did this via existing.

  11. TinaB

    Elaine you are “SAD” about the bees disappearing? SAD – try DEAD!

    BooHoo! Well let’s see how much sadder you will be in the next year! HAHA! Call 1-800-CRY NOW!

  12. TinaB

    Well looks like I am RIGHT and Elaine is WRONG once again! Keep breeding faster than ever people! Hey Elaine maybe you could start an apiary! Be useful!t

    “There are many reasons why bees are dying, with humans being the ones largely responsible for their dwindling numbers.

    The variety of factors include pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution, and global warming, with pesticides and habitat destruction regarded as two of the most prominent causes.

    Urban development across the world and intensive farming have destroyed a number of pollinator-friendly habitats.

    Bees need lots of flowers to survive and flourish, as well as areas among vegetation to nest in.

    According to Friends of the Earth, 97% of the planet’s vital grasslands have disappeared since the Second World War, taking the bees’ habitat along with it.

    Climate change, namely warmer wetter winters, is affecting bees hibernation patterns, as well as the timing of plants flowering, which is a key food source for bees.

    Toxic properties in pesticides have also contributed, namely by affecting different species’ ability to breed as well as their disease resistance.”

  13. TinaB

    “Capitalism is bad. Capitalism ignores peoples’ needs, results in wealth inequality, and does not promote equal opportunity.

    Capitalism also encourages mass consumption, is unsustainable, and provides an incentive for business owners to harm the environment for monetary gain.

    Capitalism is also ineffective and unstable.”

    THIS is why I am a fan of Socialism. What’s really funny is that ALL of you on this blog like it too but only when it suits YOU! Brainwashed bunch of imbeciles! But hey cheer on trump to put an end to those pesky regulations! GAWD the level of stupidity is over-the-top! SMH!

    Just like my trump supporter friend who would have been dead 3 months ago without socialized medicine. When I pointed this out to him he had NO comment!! He also hated unions of course until he joined one – film industry carpenter making $30+ /hour and plenty of overtime $54/hour plus benefits and retirement. Hypocrite!!! Just like you Elaine.

    The “jobs” that you gladly traded for useless trinkets that you now pine for are NOT COMING BACK! CAPEESH! You should have done something long ago about it but nope you were too busy defending the imbecile trump and couldn’t see past your infatuation with the grifter-in-charge trump!

    “Capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich”.

  14. TinaB

    Gotta love that capitalism! HAHA! If this isn’t socialism I don’t know what is! But I guess socialism is okay with Elaine when it benefits her as without it there would be NO FOOD = bye bye humans!

    “Farmers Got Billions From Taxpayers In 2019, And Hardly Anyone Objected”

    In your defense Elaine and you do get an “A” for effort trying to defend your contradictory “opinions”.

    It’s so funny to hear you repeatedly call humans stupid but then cheer on making an infinite number of them!! WHEE! Math? What is that?

    China’s record factory inflation poses another threat to supply chains

  15. lou

    5 in a row from Tina.

  16. Petruchio

    Fuel costs could rise 158% and the Government wouldn’t care.

  17. Zeke

    Everything costs more.

    That’s the work of the criminal FRB Corp., aka currency debasement agency.

    It costs more and more of the debased currency to buy a share of stock, any real estate, other assets, commodities such as oil and minerals, and now consumables from oranges to onions.

    Chair Mao Powell has de facto outlawed savings with his accommodative theft rate. Continuing to pump $120 Billion / month and Quantitative Easing. Necessary to crush the working class and engorge the parasitic class.

    The Office of Moving the Goal Post.

  18. RRW

    TinaB, until humanity is forced to confront all disastrous scenarios on the planet, nothing will be done. You are only driving yourself crazy thinking about all of it. You can bellyache until the end of time, but things will stay the same until they are not. Insulting everyone, primarily Elaine, isn’t going to solve anything.


    ELAINE: I keep saying the ideal solution: all people whining about all this and whining there are too many humans should set a good example and commit suicide and thus, save the earth. I wait very impatiently for them all to do this and NONE do this, ever. It is disgusting and infuriating. How dare any of you consume even one plant or drink water needed for the trees? Got it?

  19. timothy carroll


    Please don’t feed the trolls.

  20. shawntoh

    The causalities list for extinction grows… The Ivory-billed Woodpecker is dead forever… along with 22 other species that are now dead. Humans will be extinct probably before the century is through at this rate, sad to say…

    Nice “going away” party we got going there, folks!

    [That’s the name of my political party, btw now, I’ve formally decided for a political stance… It’s going to be the “Going Away” Party! My platform? I’ll continue to fight for YOUR right to party hardy, people!” Hooray!]

    Please forgive me if I’ve attempted to add something to the din of opinions here on the Culture of Life reply area that doesn’t fit the ongoing narrative. Whether we realize it or not, I fear that’s what we’ve got… it’s just another unintentional “going away” party…


  21. years ago experts ! said bullfrogs were a threat to all other frog species here , now 20 some yrs later i have all frogs alive and well here.

    the human population will stabilize or decline naturally , boomer die off , sjw gen will refuse to reproduce , declining sperm counts , rising standard of living though out the world.

    eg, think africa is a big population ? [some parts are but go watch ” itchy boots” on utoob see the place first hand , its mostly empty.

  22. lou


    The homeless,
    8 million Chinese students,
    all of the employees of the vaccine manufacturers,
    all of the illegals,
    Congress, White house staff –

    more here: OOPS. Link given doesnt lead to information.

  23. Pete

    Bare Shelves Biden

  24. Nina

    ‘THIS is why I am a fan of Socialism’ – TinaB

    At least there should be a mixture of socialism with capitalism. The pure form of capitalism practiced in the US and some other countries is not only unsustainable, it is actually quite vile.

  25. Biden is paying people to stay home and consume goods from China only no one is moving the junk from the ships to the cities so…off the cliff we go!

    Leftists celebrate this and Trump is thanking all of them for revealing how nasty they all are, they really want outright Maoism which involves starving everyone to death.

  26. Zeke

    The USA does not have a Capitalist economy.
    It is a Kleptocracy and Soviet style top down planned economy where the money supply is controlled by a cartel of international bankers, the criminal FRB Corp.

  27. Nina

    Elaine: ‘Leftists celebrate this and Trump is thanking all of them for revealing how nasty they all are, they really want outright Maoism which involves starving everyone to death.’

    Facts about poverty and hunger in America

    Even in the world’s greatest food-producing nation, children and adults face poverty and hunger in every county across America.

    – 34 million people lived in poverty in America. For a family of four, that means earning just $25,000 per year.

    – In 2020, more than 38 million people faced hunger in the United States, including more than 12 million children.

    – Children are more likely to face food insecurity than any other group in the United States.

    Seems like US capitalism is pretty good at starving people as well…

  28. lou

    32–USA population has almost doubled since 1965. Do you know what law
    was brought in in 1965?

    The flood gate opened.

  29. America has the fattest poor people on earth….unless they are drug addicts or speed freaks. The druggies are scrawny. But have expensive drug habits. So they are not ‘poor’ at all.

  30. Also those ‘poor are hungry’ stats do not count government feeding them constantly. Just visit any slum and you see whales waddling all over the place now.

  31. Kenogami

    The US has one of the fattest population on Earth, but they are starving fatties. They eat poison disguised as food, produced by the US poison industry (mistakenly called the US food industry). The few US americans who start eating real food see dramatic change in their body fat, their allergies, their energy, their health, etc. Every once in a while, we read the happy thoughts of one of these lucky US americans who have seen the light,
    and have started to eat real food.

    I don’t blame the Americans for the tragedy of unhealthy US americans; I blame the criminal corporations and the corrupted politicians whose jobs is to protect the people against organized crime.

  32. The crazy leftists DO claim…utterly falsely…Americans are starving to death. NOT FAT. And this is a lie.

    Also, forcing poor people to not be ‘fat’ will lead to riots. Trust me on that.

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