Psaki Mistaki Says Inflation Good, More Money Is Spent Buying Stuff!!!

This is proof that ‘liberals’ don’t do math!  Math is, evidently, a white male thing but white male leftists deny their masculinity and claim there is no difference between the sexes so thinking this odd way, claiming that inflation is ‘good’ because it means people are ‘buying things’ is illogical as well as completely stupid.  Inflation works this way: things people HAVE to buy rise rapidly as money printing adds zeros.  Things people don’t need see little inflation.  And Biden’s gang previously claimed, their inflation is merely ‘zeros’ which is hilariously dumb but they are unfortunately, running our country now, totally and fatally.



Just to point out, in 20 hours, only Fox TV stood alone as the ONLY mainstream media that has now reported this news which has been basically concealed by our insane rulers in DC.  I have proof the ‘liberal’ devils didn’t say a peep about this riot.  They hide everything the left mass destroyers do, they ignore ANTIFA and pretend BLM is not a criminal operation that only protests the deaths of outright violent felons, nope.  All swept under the rug.  Here is what I found online, DuckDuckGo has an excellent search engine:



Here is the utterly totally useless Google search which is like it was done by Soviet agents:



Google has finally found how to be utterly useless!  They made things worse and worse over the last four years and finally found perfect non-searchability.  It is officially useless now.  The evil elves running Google are really proud of their good communist efforts at preventing real news from showing up!  Give them all a pay raise!


Twitter is declining, too, but still has some functions operational so far (but not for long, I think):



The communist con artists who took over that school system are running for the hills, people with pitchforks are looking for them.


Meanwhile, their Dear Leader, Joe the Child Molester Biden, gives a speech and then suddenly yells about ‘Nuremberg’ for some reason:


Speaking at the dedication of the Dodd Center, which the university named after both Chris Dodd and his late father Thomas Dodd, Biden praised Chris as being a man who truly cares about people.


HAHAHA.  Sexual molesters love to cover for each other…read on:


Biden specifically mentioned Chris is not the type of person who would claim to care for people and then turn around and “disrespect a waitress.”


OK: here is the punchline….


This comment was oddly particular, especially considering Chriss Dodd was accused of sexually assaulting a waitress in a controversy that received heavy media attention in the 80s and 90s.


Birds of a feather!  The entire DNC super structure is like the Vatican, filled with sexual monsters seeking prey.


Please, PLEASE, someone arrest this man.  We now know he and his con artist son also mingled all their bribes so they both collected loot from the Chinese communists, this is treason, of course.  Note that liberals think open borders and open treason is OK but are scared of warmer weather than the Little Ice Age.  Sheesh.


Some news for germaphobes so you can understand what is going on when we still have huge populations not vaccinated against the virus:



We look at relative risk because the number of people who are vaccinated is not the same as the number who are not fully vaccinated. The two groups are not the same size, so a raw count or percentage of breakthrough cases doesn’t tell us much about how one group’s risk compares with the other. By comparing the rates among vaccinated people with the rates among unvaccinated people, we see that the risks from COVID-19 are far higher if you are not fully vaccinated.


With more than two-thirds of King County’s population fully vaccinated, breakthrough infections are expected. But the dashboard shows the risk of developing COVID-19 infection, especially a severe COVID-19 infection, is much higher for unvaccinated people.
The best way to understand how well the vaccines are protecting us is to look at “age-adjusted relative risk.” This means comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated people of the same age and seeing how their outcomes differ.


For example: To get a true picture of a person’s risk, you would want to compare a vaccinated 85-year old to an unvaccinated 85-year-old. But don’t compare the 85-year-old to an unvaccinated teenager.


This matters because older age groups have higher rates of vaccination, which protects them, and also higher rates of preexisting conditions and other factors that put them at risk for more serious outcomes from COVID-19.


Compare vaccinated people to unvaccinated people, adjust for age, and then we see that vaccinated people are much better protected from getting severely ill or dying from COVID-19. The vaccines are working.


I am fully vaccinated and happy to have it done, too.  Very happy.



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7 responses to “Psaki Mistaki Says Inflation Good, More Money Is Spent Buying Stuff!!!

  1. Zelda

    What a load of rubbish propaganda. No one will ever be “fully vaccinated” against a cold virus. Here is a real expert, who has not been compromised, explaining how the “vaccines” work:
    Dr. Peter McCullough Presentation Sept. 24, 2021:

    But don’t worry, Bill Gates wears pink sweaters and he loves you.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Evidence of Hunter & Joe Biden’s Shady Conduct Continues to Pile Up, But Nobody Cares, Analyst Says–joe-bidens-shady-conduct-continues-to-pile-up-but-nobody-cares-analyst-says-1089971657.html

    Well it is October the start of Flu’ season in the Northern hemisphere we shall know by March 2022 how effective the vaccines really are against the virus since there is now a control group.

    Anecdotal data point speaking to an ex-colleague last Monday, both he (58) and his son (30) have myocarditis as a reaction of the second dose vaccines, they were in good health prior to this. The effect on the son was immediate and he was rushed to hospital, the effect on his father showed up only 4 weeks afterwards. Both are taking medication and continue to see doctors to have tests done and monitor the condition.

    Shingles seems to have risen in men under 50 in the weeks after taking the vaccine though we will have to wait another year to see if any trend is visible.

    The vaccines are non-sterilizing, not guaranteed to prevent you getting the virus, dying from it or spreading it. For best outcomes in case of infection ensure you know how to recognise the symptoms and treatment protocols and have that agreed with your doctor beforehand. I have had one elderly relative (78) die from this in the first wave and all other relatives who had it survived without hospitalisation, they had no underlying health conditions and survived including one in his 80s. As seen in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, early treatment and prophylactic treatment of close family is most effective and there ought to be enough knowledge among your local medics at this stage, the advise to stay home until you turn blue and have to be rushed to hospital is bad advise, treat it properly right away. There may not be staff to treat you in hospitals this season since sufficient numbers will be fired that hospitals will not be able to maintain service level.

  3. Floridasandy

    There is no such thing as fully vaccinated
    Enjoy your partial vaccination status for now
    I’m surprised you took an experimental unapproved gene therapy jab when you’ve always supported traditional vaccines
    Just make sure you point out that more people have died from this vaccine rollout than all others, and the rollout wasn’t even paused
    Some big money talking there

    Everybody should be reading. Dr Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche , for starters

  4. Mewswithaview

    Whatever path you take on the vaccine you have to consider that you can get the virus following either path, it will never be eliminated and eventually fade into the background. This is from Germany via Russia Today. (you can use google translate)

    Hochwirksam und sicher? Jeder dritte “COVID-Tote” der letzten vier Wochen war durchgeimpft

    It has long been known, however, that the number of “vaccination breakthroughs” is increasing. And in the four weeks before, from August 16 to September 12, it was already higher than officially announced. According to the corresponding weekly report , a total of 27,223 of 114,627 symptomatic COVID-19 patients were vaccinated twice in this previous four-week period. The rate rose from just under a quarter to a good third, and for those over 60, it even rose from 44.8 to 55.4 percent. According to the RKI, the “breakthrough rate” among those hospitalized rose within a month from eleven to 27 percent, among those treated on an ITS from ten to over 20 percent, and among the dead from 23 to 32.3 percent

    It is your health, the logical thing to do is assume you will get the virus and have an action plan in place and agreed with your doctor. Many doctors are pushing steroids as treatment, this is what is used in hospitals, others are following the FLCCC protocol, others the Zelensky protocol. Do you know what those procedures are? The vaccines may help, they are becoming less effective over time the data is showing that. Whether you take the vaccine of not what else are you doing? Are you fit? are you losing weight? Are you upping your dose of vitamin D, this takes time to build up in the body. How will you act when you get it?

    You also have to bear in mind that for a combination of reasons that labour, energy and goods supply lines are at higher risk of disruption this Winter, and severe winter weather will also impede your movement as it does in many seasons despite the global warming narrative.

  5. I hope people read what I write here!

    I, for one, never said any flu vaccine works 100% of the time. Never! But what it does is, it reduces the risks significantly. If you compare the rate of death from the first six months of the epidemic, it was MUCH HIGHER PER MILLION in populations hit first. Each wave after that hit MORE PEOPLE but FEWER DEATHS per million.

    So, when 5 billion people were now exposed, the death numbers were the same as when only 5 million were exposed during the first three months. You can see it in the charts I provide here.

    As I said in the past, each incarnation is weaker, overall, than the previous incarnations and eventually will be over. I noted also, this takes up to three years, too.

    And the germs did the usual thing, taking down the unfit. The Hong Kong flu, on the other hand, HIT HEALTHY PEOPLE VERY HARD. Like, myself! The young, very fit soldier who brought it over from Hong Kong, he, too, suffered tremendously.

    This is why I am pro-vaccination.

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