Multiple Injuries/Few Arrests As Biden Radical Leftists Storm US Dep. of the Interior, Attacking Violently


In a stunning reversal of January 6, which was grounds for impeaching Trump yet again, Biden told his own followers to fight for stopping the energy industries and to kill our own oil businesses and to fight for ‘stopping climate change’ which is impossible since the climate changes all the time, anyways!  Unlike January’s riot, this one is perfectly OK with the leftist government in DC.  So what, if government guards were injured, fighting to keep the invading mobsters out?  I say, impeach Biden NOW because HE egged this on.


Impeach every Democrat in Congress, too, if they refuse to impeach Biden.  They, too, egged on the rioters!  Here is how the communists at the NY Times covered this violent story:



Oops!  Nothing there!  Wonder why.  I must ask the loonies who are leftists who post silly mainstream media stories in my comment section.  Here is the even more evil Washington Post commies ‘reporting Pravda news’:


HAHAHA.  People in Taiwan are…fishing for squids!  Top story today!   HAHAHA.  Oh, as per always, the communists at the WP are demanding that Biden prosecute the patriots who are in prison due to them ‘invading Congress.’  Not one peep about the criminals on the left.  Nada. Never, they are arrested and then released, if arrested at all by these ‘liberals’ who are really communist operatives working for China.  Arrest them all, I keep saying.


No one in the ‘too many people’ movement volunteer to commit suicide to save the earth.  Nope, they want to impose classic communist ‘solutions’ which involves freezing/starving/beating to death at least half of the population.  These insane leftists are a severe danger to life and limb and their intentions are obvious and evil.



I KNEW STEWART UDALL.  He did things for me in Arizona long ago.  He was a friend of my father!  Like me, he worried about Arizona being too overpopulated.  Yes, that is a problem due to water issues!  I grew up hearing all about water issues in Arizona, my family lived there since before the Civil War.


The leftist attacks on civilization is due to how schools ‘educate’ children.  Being self-centered, these kids don’t ever volunteer to practice what they preach, namely, if there are too many people, we must get rid of the excess!  This is what they are really demanding.  People posting similar tripe in my comments section never, ever volunteer to remove themselves from this planet.


Speaking of spoiled brats whining about the other humans doing things they are doing, here is the stupidest global warming/too many humans person on this planet being very, very blind to his own family being massive energy/resource hogs living in MULTIPLE palaces:



Oooh, Prince William the Spoiled Brat is mad that someone else is burning fossil fuels!  Ever look at the army tank cars he and his nasty ilk drive around in when moving from palace to palace and visiting the peasants on occasion?  Are they walking everywhere, wearing simple clothing?  Do they beg for money to eat because they don’t have gigantic kitchens and massive staff to cook for them and their spoiled brat rich buddies?


Arrest them all!  The French had a solution to ‘let them NOT eat cake’ royals!  Speaking of peasants, here is one in the USA who fought for ‘freedom’ in Afghanistan for years and years.  Because he complained about the disgraceful, disgusting mess of a retreat orchestrated by Biden and his liberal gang, HE is being punished, not Biden:



Last of all here today, in SF there is one person very much like me, doing what the cops are forbidden to do…go after criminals!


A San Francisco man tried to stop thieves breaking into cars along the Embarcadero in broad daylight Wednesday, and was shot at in the process.


Brave man, I suspect this is the first time he is doing what I did 100 times in NYC.


The good Samaritan shouted at two men taking luggage out of a car, then followed them as they broke into another car and began taking photographs. That’s when one of the thieves pulled a gun and fired at him, the witness said. A second good Samaritan found some of the dumped luggage, contacted the victims and they headed off to retrieve what was left.


When he shouted at them, they ignored this!  This is how bold they all are now they know no one will dare to ever arrest or prosecute them.  THEN THEY SHOT A GUN.  I have been shot at in the past.  More than once.  Luckily, the guys had poor aim and were arrested and charged.


One of them was chased by a police helicopter in LA as he tried to run away after shooting six times.


As far as the police response, the people whose cars were broken into were told to fill out an online police report. The witness who was shot at was also told to fill out an online police report, but he called 911 a second time, they agreed to send out an officer to meet with him.


What was even braver was, the witness FORCED the police to respond properly!  HAHAHA.  I remember well how that worked.  The police were under orders to do nothing just like Mayor Beame in NYC did way back in the 1970’s.  I went out of my way to get to know everyone at the 78th Precinct so I could summon them whenever I needed them.


After I helped them go after a murderer who killed a police officer and I was the only witness to the murder, the cops in NYC loved me and assisted happily in all my many arrests to the fury of the DNC political leaders who then conspired to have a Queens detective come to my brownstone to threaten my life which led to me working with Giuliani to put the conspirator DNC leaders in prison except for the one who committed suicide.


So there!  We are in similar times now and I hope the hero in SF reads this story and can see how creative one can be when fighting crime and when the chief criminals are Democratic leaders!  Arrest them all, I keep saying.



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8 responses to “Multiple Injuries/Few Arrests As Biden Radical Leftists Storm US Dep. of the Interior, Attacking Violently

  1. Zeke

    Disgraceful attempt to shirk responsibility.
    That is no comparison to the riotous attempted coup at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

    Elaine, your partisan political hack attempt to whitewash ‘cancel’ gaslight Trump’s attempted coup of 01/06/21 by attempting to equivocate it with a wimpy protest is falling flat.

    The RNC and MAGAworld are gonna have to develop better talking points to distribute to its faithful influencer minions.
    Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    [also, you never substantiate any of your fanciful comic book heroine exploits with any details. Odd.]

  2. lou


    What will power civilization?

  3. Zeke is hilarious! Oh, so when LEFTISTS attack and guards are hospitalized, THIS IS NOTHING.

    HAHAHA. Proof that Zeke is senile. Not crazy like the other leftists who post here, he is sincerely senile and thus, we should be nice to him.

  4. I give a lot of details to my various stunts in NYC, for example. But rarely did it make the news. Why?

    GUESS WHAT!!! It is censored! Sheesh!

    I even explained how, as a teenager, I fooled the CIA into leaking a story about me getting money from Chairman Mao. IT made the news very briefly, I then mocked everyone and it was swiftly eliminated. HAHAHA.

    I was on CNN during the Chinese student uprising, I was in front of the UN. Few people had CNN back then so I didn’t get star status even though Ted Turner liked me.

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