Maoist Communists Running Chicago Art Institute Off Cliff, Fires All White Ladies Who VOLUNTEER There


Communist leftists never sleep. Day and night, they seek ways to crush humanity, destroy institutions, wreck civilizations, kill millions of people via starvation.  This latest example of brainless evil is from Chicago, a dying city.  Democrats on the far left run the joint which is heading straight towards total collapse.  Today’s story is the very expensive art museum there where the communists who took it over, fired all the ladies who escorted groups in the museum, FOR FREE, because ‘most are white women’!  So they were fired for racist reasons.  By the bosses who are all Jews, male and female!


This is so insane.  The Jews who are doing this Maoist junk should realize, their ‘allies’ hate them for being Jews.  The Chicago museum fired these fine ladies with zero warning, all are volunteers!


In museum-speak, a docent is a trained volunteer who greets visitors and guides them through the collection, filling in details of the artists’ lives, speaking to the visual elements of the work on display and adding art-history context. The Art Institute used to have more than 100 docents, 82 of them active, until Veronica Stein, an executive director of learning and engagement, sent a Sept. 3 email canning all of them. In gratitude for their long, unpaid service—averaging 15 years each—the Art Institute offered the involuntarily retired guides a two-year free pass to the museum.


Goodie gum drops, the ladies kicked to the curb may enter for two years, for free so long as they guide no one.


The apparent problem was that the Art Institute docents were mostly older white women of above-average financial means and with plenty of time on their hands. The institute needs to go to a more professional model, Ms. Stein explained, “in a way that allows community members of all income levels to participate, responds to issues of class and income equity, and does not require financial flexibility.”


Good old communist ‘equity’ at work here!  Can’t have volunteers!  Instead, they will hire ghetto people to replace these dear ladies.  I suppose they will also arrange muggings in various corridors of art to supplement income of the new docents who will be curated from lists of hardened criminals belonging to Black Lives Matter gangs.


Though the docents were given no warning before being fired, Mr. Levy insisted that the plan had been in the works for 12 years: “Critical self-reflection and participatory, recuperative action is required if we are to remain relevant to the changing audiences seeking connection to art.”


Pure Maoist communist chit chat used at various universities.  Funny, watching Jews playing this game.  Good lord.  So, all the participants in this story are radical leftist Jews, by the way, not ghetto blacks.  Whoopsies!  This is scary to watch, by the way, not to mention, suicidal.


Funny comment to the story:


The Art Institute is gonna look like a Chicago subway station pretty soon. They won’t be able to remove the sleeping homeless and crazies.


Chicago has a lot of Cultural Revolution junk going on this last year as Maoism takes over all systems thanks to stupid schools teaching fake history to students who now think Mad Madame Mao should be emulated even though the Chinese, themselves, executed her.


Instead, we get celebrations of vicious dead black criminals who died fighting cops trying to restrain them.  Here is some news that isn’t news because it is embarrassing to our Real Rulers and their Fake News friends like the communists at the New York Times, one of the worst newspapers on earth:



These protesters are protesting leftist covid restrictions.  One would have thought that the army of leftists who rioted nearly nonstop during the Trump coronavirus restrictions would be fighting mad at Biden’s much nastier restrictions!  But they are not!  Not at all.  They  have gone quiet, suddenly.  I wonder why!  HAHAHA.


Meanwhile, barely noticed by mainstream news or our Real Rulers, black terrorists continue and escalate attacks on everyone else living in DNC hell hole cities like NY City:



Good grief, she even used a bull horn to yell to everyone and sundry, she was going to burn down the children’s school!  No one stopped her but luckily, the fire department was called and put out the fire.  She is obviously an activist.  Most likely due to her costume, a black lives matter activist.  Now on to dying Minneapolis:



In all DNC cities, gangs on scooters of various sorts run rampant breaking all traffic rules and terrorizing drivers who are following road rules set down by the State and City.  This collapse in public places is a characteristic of all DNC cities even the richest cities.  They let everything go to hell and chaos rule the roost.


And then freak out if you use the ‘wrong’ pronouns for crazy leftists who are confused about what sex they are.




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18 responses to “Maoist Communists Running Chicago Art Institute Off Cliff, Fires All White Ladies Who VOLUNTEER There

  1. Jp bluestar

    Elaine, Veronica Stein is black.

  2. lou

    1–Yes. reported on this a few days ago.
    I think I posted that news here.
    Steins idea of diversity is an all black team.

  3. Petruchio

    “Chicago has a lot of Cultural Revolution junk going on this last year as Maoism takes over all systems thanks to stupid schools teaching fake history to students who now think Mad Madame Mao should be emulated even though the Chinese, themselves, executed her.” Minor point. Madame Mao hanged herself before they could execute her. She was scheduled for the Hangman, but she cheated him by offing herself. They should have guillotined her.

  4. Petruchio

    “This collapse in public places is a characteristic of all DNC cities even the richest cities. They let everything go to hell and chaos rule the roost.” The saying these Radicals follow is “Out of chaos comes Order.” Sometimes they use the Latin version of that saying. The DNC are fully aware of the damage they are doing. They do it on purpose!! These smug, arrogant little brats think they can impose THEIR version of ORDER. They do it this way because the DNC knows nobody they are currently playing for fools would agree to it if they knew the REAL Gameplan of the DNC.

  5. next , replace all the art with revolutionary socialist stuff

  6. lou

    Muzzys are going to town in France, 3 Frenchies stabbed at a Cathedral in Nice (which I have visited, that very church) one of th victims, a woman, decapitated.
    Some other Frenchies shot outside Paris.
    Why now? Last week in the UK it was an MP stabbed to death also in a church, and in Norway a Muzzy convert killed 5 Norwegians with a bow and arrow. Just a coincidence?

    Maybe a runup to COP26, an attempt to destabilize W Europe, radicalized Muzzys doing the ground work, taking the fight to the streets, hitting Whitey in their sacred spaces, whilst at Glascow, WEF, Davos, & UN Climate Changepounders, Freaks, activist climate cranks and Elitist Child Molesters hammering legacy Europe from high above.
    These same f#kkrs will be turning their attentions toward us pretty soon, indeed, they already have.


    outraged that passengers just watched as a Black immigrant raped a woman on a train.

    Blacks are clearly now above the law. And if said Black was injured in any scuffle, the interveners would be ruined in court as the media chortled in collective glee.

  7. Mewswithaview

  8. haha a 2 fer’ , nothing like steady hand on the wheel !

  9. Timothy Carroll

    Well, you gotta look at the positive side of all this. With those pesky white males out of the way, which seems to be the major plan, all of these empowered, educated, superior beings, blacks, women, browns, etc. a true Utopia will finally emerge. I’m long popcorn!

  10. lou

    Elaine, you know the tale of Zimbabwe? It was called Rhodesia and exported food.
    Then the blacks took over…fill in the rest.

    You know of Mandela and his land. can the nogs even keep the lites on?

    over at Zero Hedge, I found these,

    My Sister-in-law is a nurse in Michigan with over 30 years in. She is the last in her dept to be unjabbed. She said she will retire 7 years before she wanted to if she loses her fight.

    The No Vax Mandate Job Board – Gab News

    In-Depth: Job websites for non-vaccinated people emerge

    As mandates grow, sites connect the unvaccinated to jobs that …

    Anti-Vaccine Job Boards Are Full of Laid-Off Medical Workers

    No Vax Mandate Job Board: Job Listings – – No Vax Jobs – Companies that do not require the vaccine and for companies who share our values and do not have mask or vaccine mandates.

    To find the medical and scientific information that is being censored by MSM, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc, go to the Doctors for COVID Ethics website and

    Google won’t help you find the site if you search for it! Blocking the posts of reputable doctors and scientists is what totalitarian governments do when they want to hide the truth. Fight for your freedom or lose it.

    go here as well:

  11. Timothy Carroll

    @#11, The vax is safe cuz Dr. Fauci said so!!! He did an amazing job with AIDS 40 years ago! Ask anybody who was HIV positive back then (whoops, they’re……..dead!) Plus, Phizer, Blackstone, etc. own CNN, major networks! And they wouldn’t lie, EVER! GET the JAB! It’s good for ya!!!

    Ivermectin is horse paste and can never be effective as anything other than a de-wormer. Jeeze, you guys are so dumb! Buncha conspiracy theorists!

  12. Ivermectin is also the same meds used for arthritis. So is that fake? HAHAHA. Sheesh. Carroll, don’t do ‘dumb’, please.

    And the ‘jabs’ are ‘good’, too but due to the swift evolution of this virus, it is not 100% effective at all. But taking Ivermectin helps stop the fever, I know this first hand. So did my horse, Sparky.

    By the way, both Sparky and I are mammals. Did you know we test drugs on animals due to the fact, we have genetic similarities?

  13. About Stein: she may have ‘black’ skin but the name is a Jewish name. Did you know, Jews who are liberal, marry blacks? This happens all the time. ‘Black’ covers people who are barely tan to very, very dark even a bluish hue to the skin if they are from equatorial Africa.

    Prince Harry married a ‘black’ woman who never called herself ‘black’ until she moved to England. She is very nearly white and her babies are very white.

  14. lou

    A jewish name and being a jew are not always the same.

    The stein story is one more example of ‘YT to the back of the line’ in clown world.

  15. uum,, i think timothy was being sarcastic

  16. I vividly remember AIDS. One of the very first NY dancers to get it lived on my block in NYC and had one of my kittens as his pet. He died VERY quickly, it was horrifying.

    As AIDS evolved, it got ‘safer’ over time just like viruses, etc. Diseases that kill everyone don’t last very long due to killing off their resident population that keeps them alive.

    So the germs that ‘survive’ usually are weaker than when they first hit.

  17. lou

    I know someone who owned a biz in SF, 1982.
    ‘so many men dying from AIDS, I dont know anyone who is dead from the new flu’.

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