Biden Breaks All His Own Mask Rules In Restaurant In DC Yesterday

Fake President Biden decided yesterday, it was time to play ‘do as I say and not as I do’ which all our Real Rulers play with us.  He openly went to a restaurant with no mask in public!  This is verboten via his own demands, he ordered all of us to cover up or else.  Even if you are vaccinated.  Where I live in Upstate NY, most people are ignoring this dictator’s demands and go around, maskless.  Arrest Biden for breaking his own rules, damn it!  Also, the guy, Buttigeig who is in charge of transportation/importation systems went on vacation for two months because he adopted a pair of baby boys!  Kick him out of office!  He is useless and our ports are in great distress and trucking/trains/planes are now in troubles thanks to Biden’s ridiculous demand everyone be fired who isn’t vaccinated!


The NY Times finally noticed not everyone is happy with Biden’s draconian orders to get vaccinated or else:



This return of the germs is something we have to live with.  The kill rate is far lower than when the germs first visited NYC.  Back then, thousands of people died daily in just ONE CITY.  Today, a thousand a day might get sick and only a quarter die, over the entire USA.  Meanwhile, Buttigeig and Biden can’t figure out we are in steep troubles now with inflation taking off and many systems unable to move goods from one place to another and store shelves are poorly stacked and hospitals are losing vital staff, etc.


Chaos worsens rapidly as the dictates of Biden and Buttigeig cause greater and greater harm.


Inflation means poor people can’t buy squat diddly.  I was very, very poor after dropping out of school to care for my baby, it was in the teeth of ferocious inflation at the end of the Vietnam War as the Welfare State spending skyrocketed.  I had to find novel ways to fend for myself and my baby.  Luckily, I ended up working for landlords getting better and better pay rapidly so within four years, was able to buy a house, myself.


Nor are those of his surrogates not on paternity leave offering more reassurance. Last week, Biden chief of staff Ron Klain retweeted a tone-deaf reference to the supply-chain issues as “high-class problems.” Really? It sure doesn’t feel that high class when people are worrying about getting staples for their home. We all remember the toilet-paper shortages during the pandemic last year; did that feel “high class”?


Inflation hits the lower classes with tremendous ferocity.  Especially if it is energy costs, food costs and medicine, etc.


Asked if holiday gifts would arrive on time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was positively arrogant: “We’re not the Postal Service,” she huffed.


True, the postal service isn’t funded by Congress, but the board of directors is appointed by PRESIDENTS.  They are in charge and have to run things properly which isn’t being done too well, lately.


From Vienna, Austria in Europe: nude paintings and statues are now VERBOTEN on Facebook so the museum is putting them in a new venue, ‘Vienna Strips on Only Fans.’




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8 responses to “Biden Breaks All His Own Mask Rules In Restaurant In DC Yesterday

  1. Nina

    Philadelphia rape case a sign that American values are in crisis

  2. Zeke

    @ 1

    The Kitty Genovese effect,
    aka Bystander Effect
    Has since been revisited, reconsidered, re-characterized, and revised.
    Of course that, 1964, was before the prevalence of pocket cameras in iPhones.

  3. Timothy Carroll

    FWIW, the Kitty Genovese effect was a Jewish fake news event. The killing was real. The response, or lack thereof, was a Jewish invention. Several people tried to notify police that night. More of Elaine’s relatives working hard to subvert the truth.

    also, RIP Colin Powell. Your death would have been so much more severe had you not had the clot shot.

    Jew prints all over this:

    Know thine enemy, folks!


    ELAINE: There is this ridiculous thing going on about rewriting history. Many fall for this. In the case of NYC a woman being attacked and no one saving her is REAL. When I arrived, I would, due to growing up on a ranch and being the ‘arm of the law’ there, I would do something even if the criminal was violent!

    The police in NY were over extended back then just like today. People were shutting themselves up at home back then, like today. Democrats ruled the city back then….just like today. Anyone interfering with criminals is openly attacked by the criminals just like today.

    Back in the 1970’s the politicians couldn’t attack ME for stopping criminals because I was a woman and they didn’t want people to know about this so I never made the news. But when I started having a political effect, they conspired to scare me off which badly backfired and ended up with several top politicians going to prison.

    About the Israel attack on our ship many years ago: that was a war crime by Israel who is protected by our politicians via bribes and ownership of media systems. I was aghast when I learned the truth about that event and I wrote about it more than once. Terrible business.

  4. lou

    2 and 3. Yes, Occidental Observer told the facts. A jew at NYT had to make integration seem safe, hence it was the apathy of the WHITE neighbors. wrong jew liar.

    Our Anti-White Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun of Your Past: NYC Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus Pushes to Remove 200-Year Thomas Jefferson Statue. –unz,com

  5. Timothy Carroll

    Women no longer wish or want to be protected by men.Women and the blacks, browns, are our superiors. Whenever a white man attempts to stop any black during the course of a crime, he is placed in jail and deemed a racist. Have a lovely life ladies! You asked for us to stand down. Your black, brown, muslim Hatian rapists will take care of you. Our job is done. I won’t lift a finger to help any of these miserable ingrates. Best of luck, bitcheZ! Revenge is a dish best served cold. 🙂

  6. Zeke

    Yeah, that NYT article has been heavily criticized. It’s been the subject of much analysis and fact checking.
    More moralizing fable than crime or sociological report.
    The actual facts are more involved than the NYT got into.
    There’s a lot about it on the Internet.
    The twists and turns are interesting.

  7. All races commit crimes. All types of people do bad things. This is why we try to have rules and restrictions on various things.

    This is falling apart right now for various reasons. To stop this nonsense, we have to impose rules and laws again. The liberals want one sided rules and laws so they obey no rules or laws but the rest of us have to walk on eggshells and avoid irritating liberals who then arrest us for irritating them even if we break no ‘rules’.

    Google and Facebook do this all the time, too.

  8. lou

    All races commit crimes.
    Stop playing games.
    Remove Blacks, Browns and muslims from USA and BINGO, better society.

    Most killings in USA are done by 3%, or rather some of those in that 3%, young black males.

    Hence fakebook wont allow links to ‘hate sites’ like and its ‘stuff black people dont like’ page that reports on the collapse of USA due to that 3%.

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