China Fires Supersonic Low Orbit Missile Over Europe/USA As Warning


As the Chinese economy flatlines due to the coronavirus mess that originated in Wuhan and the building business over building collapse and on top of all that, many, many very bad floods this last year, China is doing what always happens during depressions: goes to war!  Time to menace Australia, menace Taiwan!  The US has an insane old child molester as our ‘leader’ who is extremely unpopular now so the temptation to fix things via wars is enticing to China.  So as a reminder of all this, the Chinese shot a super sonic missile around the world, flying at a low level hard to detect from space.


Our own Pentagon is run mainly by leftists put there by Obama and Biden and these old coots are very stupid and very lazy.  They decided to go to war…against most of their own soldiers and sailors!  They are trying to drive out all patriotic fighters!!!  THIS IS TREASON.  They are much more interested in replacing these with weak women who are half as good as the men they are replacing and to focus on trans males pretending to be females to make these females look stronger.


THIS IS INSANE.  I did ‘men’s work’ almost all my very long life and can still do much of what a man of my own age, can do.  And never was I faster, stronger or more powerful than the average construction worker who is male!  I am a realist, after all.  Also, nearly no women followed in my footsteps with doing ROOF WORK, for example.  Or erecting and climbing all over scaffolding, for that matter, too.


The punishment of the patriotic soldier who told the truth about the utter craven failure of the Biden retreat from Afghanistan is highly unpopular with US real citizens.  Maybe the illegal aliens were OK with Biden doing this but most of us citizens are not happy at all. Far from it.  Biden’s orders that all police, firefighters and soldiers be inoculated is also driving out many and leaving us in danger due to loss of important personnel is also extremely dangerous.


Meanwhile, Harris, dumber than Biden as VP, breaks the law openly:



She is obviously a criminal.  Arrest her, now.  Arrest her for leaving our borders untended and letting in armies of illegal aliens, too.  Arrest Biden, while you are at it.



Angry citizens are ditching major organizations that were taken over by sneaky communists who were trained in our ‘universities’ to infiltrate and destroy all systems.  Alarmed parents are now going after school boards, entire states are now exiting organizations that represent school systems and all this is an open war against ‘liberals’ who are actually Chinese communist cadres.  I have a LOT of experience dealing with the Chinese communists!


I had some live with me while I taught them about capitalism many years ago, my father openly defied Mad Madame Mao inside China itself!  The Chinese know my family very well, that is, the older generation.  So I know their plots and plans, too.  I warned every President from Bush Sr. onwards, the Chinese plans to lure US manufacturing to China and then cutting us off.


“The Final Straw:” Pennsylvania School Board Association Votes Unanimously to End Membership With NSBA Over Biden Letter That Asked For Parents to Be Classified as Domestic Terrorists


The value of the NSBA federation membership has been questioned numerous times over the past several years both within Pennsylvania and amongst many other state school boards associations.


Time to leave!


It has been a struggle for the board and leadership of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association to identify a reason to continue to be a part of a federation that is not focused on bipartisanship, civility, and seeking solutions to the internal problems.  This misguided approach has made our work and that of many school boards more difficult. It has fomented more disputes and cast partisanship on our work on behalf of school directors, when we seek to find common ground and support all school directors in their work, no matter their politics.


Maoists like to have one party rule.  So they never cooperate with anyone.  They CO-OP everyone.


Now is not the time for more politics and posturing, it is the time for solutions to the many challenges facing education.”


Just days earlier, the Florida school board association fired back fiercely, condemning this idiotic leftist coup in school organizations.  Too many communists infiltrated and tried to take over but by next year, I am betting many of these will be kicked out by enraged parents and voters.  Now that the mask is off, it is very easy to identify these communist infiltrators.


Europe is freaking out about the coronavirus and like the US, is doing vicious things to force people to be vaccinated:


I hate seeing this.  Of course, they think this will stop new incarnations of this virus.  It won’t.  Once it escaped from local infections, it has spread across the entire earth, even in Greenland and Antarctica!  We just have to live with it and develop better medicines for it.  Meanwhile, these same people scream about people using horse medicine to stop the coronavirus fever.


I have used horse meds on myself.  Use the correct dose based on body weight, it works!  It has zero side effects.  But there are the same meds in pills for humans and these pills are cheap and are now forbidden for taking to stop the coronavirus fever.  What the hell?  This is insane!  And infuriating.



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18 responses to “China Fires Supersonic Low Orbit Missile Over Europe/USA As Warning

  1. Pete

    Brandon Rules

  2. Pete

    El Trumpo

  3. Pete

    WWIII will be a war between people and their governments !

  4. lou

    Elaine is aware of Jim K and his

    comments there,

    Our friend’s 21 year son just died of a heart attack. Paramedics couldnt reach him in time after it happened. He didnt use drugs and there was no family history of heart disease. He was strong and healthy and worked on a fishing boat.

    He was fully vaxed and got the 2nd shot in August. What else could it be?

    REPLY Beryl of Oyl
    October 18, 2021 at 10:33 am # We need a tribunal.

    REPLY MaryQueen October 18, 2021 at 10:49 am #

    Another 21 years old died – same. Notice the headline? Of covid19. Not of vaccine injury. They wait a couple of paragraphs down to mention he was double-jabbed:

    18 year old gets shot and has heart problems.

  5. Um, hate to say this, vaccinate 3 BILLION people and random chance that some other thing would happen within a month or three or four of the shots is random chance at work.

    One thing doesn’t mean another without an investigation, etc.

    As for the shots not working 100%, early on, no one said that, even Trump didn’t say that. Then Biden demanded us to get shots and said it, not Trump.

  6. Petruchio

    Couple the title to this commentary with the resignation of a -maybe THE top official at NSA in charge of Cyber Hacking because the Chinese so dominate Cyber warfare techniques and that the USA is so far behind the US War Machine stands NO chance of success against the Chinese. He is basically saying that if the Chinese want to, we in the USA are F###ed up beyond repair. Kind of amazing if true–and it likely is. Research the NSA. How much taxpayer money they get each and every year. Check out their main facility. It’s supposed to have 10 acres of supercomputers! WTF have those nincompoops at NSA been doing all these years??

  7. As for the shots not working 100%, early on, no one said that, even Trump didn’t say that.”

    that’s a lie & u f*k’g know it

    proof ;

  8. DM:

    I’ll try to keep the math simple for your female brain Elaine, but I hold out no hope (zero) – that facts will get in the way of your emotions.

    Firstly – take a smaller sample to KISS.

    Number of “Covid Deaths” [NCD] (we will even allow for all the bullshit about 92 year-olds with multiple co-morbidities dying of “Covid”

    Official Government Website: Number of deaths from “vaccine”[NVD]

    Official Government Website: Number of Injuries from “vaccine”[NOI]

    NCD = 1,100
    NVD = 700
    NVI = 60,000

    So – by the Australian Government count:-
    (Population 26 million) – 1,100 Covid Deaths

    The “Vaccine” has killed 700 and caused 60,000 of injuries (many permanent, severe, and life changing)

    … for a disease that has “caused’ 1,100 deaths (if you choose to believe that)

    So, do we stop jabbing when NVD > NCD, or do we continue forever ’cause, well, it’s a good business model ?

  9. lou

    thanks DM and Snoosebomb.
    since when do teens get heart attacks?
    she tries to wish away the facts with a coincidence does not mean correlation type wish.

    can you explain,
    NCD = 1,100
    NVD = 700
    NVI = 60,000

  10. Good lord. So, anything and everything that happens after nearly 100% of people get a vaccination, is the fault of the vaccinations! Wow.

    Illogical, of course. Look, we are looking at the oddest cases when BILLIONS of people get vaccinated.

    You may think the number of these coincidences is huge but you are not comparing this to the overall number of vaccinations which is multiple BILLIONS.

  11. DM:

    Pay attention Elaine. Focus, Sheesh! This is why females are shit at math..

    You were given a very simple sum to analyze..

    The case study is 26 million. Not billions.

    So don’t conflate anything. Just do the simple math.

    Logic, btw, is also simple math (algebra), which is why women are shit at that too.

  12. NONTHELESS, it is NOT a huge number you advertise.

    WORSE: the direct connection isn’t proven at all, it is SPECULATION. We need autopsies, etc. to even begin to see what is happening.

  13. so why don’t we get them ? hint ; they don’t want us to know

    u can’t fix stupid

  14. and it is a HUGE # relative to past actual vaccine campaigns that were shut down with tiny numbers by comparison

  15. Zelda

    Except we have more than mere “speculation”:

    The Bradford Hill criteria, otherwise known as Hill’s criteria for causation, are a group of nine principles that can be useful in establishing epidemiologic evidence of a causal relationship between a presumed cause and an observed effect and have been widely used in public health research

    And analysis of data in light of these criteria is pointing squarely in the direction of these so-called “vaccines” being extremely unsafe by immunological standards. And the adverse events are in fact far from “rare”, quite the opposite.

    And the autopsies we have seen are showing hideous effects such as massive blood clots and other massive organ degeneration.

    Not to mention that blood tests are demonstrating that the shots actually destroy the immune system, similar to AIDS.

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