Biden’s DNC Criminals Pushing Illegal Aliens AT NIGHT To NY, Florida Illegally


Liberals love to claim, they are proud of what they do.  So why all the secrecy all the time with nearly all of their things they do to us all?  This ‘cover up and release’ program has been aimed deliberately at Florida, Texas and New York.  This is being done in the dead of night because the radicals who run the White House for senile old coot, Biden, know this is highly, highly unpopular.  Biden is now very, very unpopular, ratings now are below 35% full support for him and his insane programs he is pushing along passively.  We already have very violent young foreign invaders attacking citizens mainly on Long Island and parts of NYC.  This is disgusting and horrifying to watch unfold.


30,000 ‘migrants’ are poised to invade Mexico and come to Texas/Arizona/New Mexico to join the flood of illegals.  These illegals are well fed, even fat, they have little problems, have extra money to move about for months and months, etc.  They are NOT REFUGEES.


Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned.


The charter flights originate in Texas, where the ongoing border crisis has overwhelmed local immigration officials, and have been underway since at least August, according to sources familiar with the matter.


Last week, The Post saw two planes land at the Westchester County Airport, where most of the passengers who got off appeared to be children and teens, with a small portion appearing to be men in their 20s.


Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed outrage at The Post’s findings, with a spokeswoman saying: “If the Biden Administration is so confident that their open-border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy?”


“Why is the Biden Administration refusing to share even the most basic information about illegal alien resettlement in communities throughout our state and the entire country?” spokeswoman Christina Pushaw said.


Below is a photo of a long line of young teenagers who are at the worst ‘teen gang bang’ age in schools, they are waiting in the semi-darkness for a bus to take them to Syosset.  What is in Syosset?



Syosset is where new gangs are running rampant, they are infiltrating all the small towns on the North Shore of Long Island.  This is also where the most coronavirus cases are showing up this last six months, more than in NYC itself for the last month!  Nearly all of this is via invading illegal aliens.  Meanwhile, we all have to shut down and be scared in NY due to the disease!!!!  Arrest all the Democrats pulling this dirty trick on us all.  Here is proof from the recent past:



This ‘wave of death’ is really a ‘wave of murders’ and ‘wave of crimes’.  Now we are seeing the antithesis of the marches last year by ANTIFA/BLM communists.  Now people are marching in Manhattan, demanding a stop to these illegal alien invaders:


NYC crowd march against ‘woke’ leftist regimes:


Florida is defying the communists running the White House:



At an event on Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said ports in his state will be open to deal with the supply chain crisis.  Meanwhile, the West Coast continues to deteriorate.  More ANTIFA violent riots, no one arrested:



California is being openly attacked, too:



Meanwhile, England is scared of it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age:



As I point out frequently, one great way to get revolutions is to cut food, cut heating in winter and let in invaders!


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10 responses to “Biden’s DNC Criminals Pushing Illegal Aliens AT NIGHT To NY, Florida Illegally

  1. Zelda

    Fomenting “revolution” is the actual plan. They want to collapse civilization and then pose as the “saviors” to come in and enslave everyone; and thereafter kill almost everyone.

    “You’ll, own nothing, you’ll have no privacy, and you will be happy”.
    ~ Klaus Schwab —Rothschild clan member and former head of the Bilderbergs.

    We still have a chance to stop this, but unfortunately it appears that Trump and the rest of the “America first” leadership are utter cowards.

  2. And here it is folks !! , at last , what its all about, orange man bad ! , plandemic ! , vacceens ! , police states !, build back better ! ,

    klaus schwabs dream ,,

  3. Timothy Carroll

    Ha ha ha! Good luck waiting for a revolution. All the ruling oligarchs have to do appease the hungry mob is to offer free Golden Corral buffet tickets provided they board the proper train. Never understood Nazi Germany or Soviet gulags until recently. Any “revolution” will be quickly put down as only 10% of the population actually gives two sh*ts about freedom. Most don’t care about freedom but only yearn for a just master. Hell, a significant percentage can’t even figure out what gender they are without a magnifying glass and a road map.

  4. one comment

    ” I have never heard of getting vaccinated for the same thing multiple times in one year before 2021. This is fricking nuts.”

    great news for elaine , bilderberg love injections forever !

  5. wanna see the hardcore ” anti-vaxers ” ?

  6. Britain’s Covid-19 surge sparks call for probe into Delta Plus mutation

    LONDON – Former US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Scott Gottlieb called for “urgent research” into a mutation of the Delta variant – known as Delta Plus – following a surge in Covid-19 cases in Britain.

    “We need urgent research to figure out if this Delta Plus is more transmissible, has partial immune evasion,” Dr Gottlieb said in a tweet on Sunday (Oct 17). “There’s no clear indication that it’s considerably more transmissible, but we should work to more quickly characterise these and other new variants. We have the tools.”

    His comments come as Britain reported 45,140 new cases on Sunday, the highest daily jump since mid-July – around when Prime Minister Boris Johnson authorised the removal of most Covid-19-related restrictions in what was dubbed “Freedom Day”.

    Weekly deaths from the virus have topped 800 for each of the past six weeks, higher than in other major Western European nations, according to Bloomberg’s coronavirus tracker.

    The Delta Plus strain includes the K417N mutation, which has stoked concern because that’ is also harboured by the Beta variant that is associated with an increased risk of reinfection.

    A German paper earlier this month found while both Delta and Delta Plus infect lung cells more efficiently than the original coronavirus strain, Delta Plus does not appear to be significantly more dangerous than Delta.

  7. Timothy Carroll


    Thank you. Nail hit squarely on head. Vaccine boosters from now until forever. Because this time, it’s different. Ivermectin is now the drug we cannot speak of, because, you know, it’s horse paste, not people drugs. (snort, chuckle, don’t tell Elaine I’m being tongue-in-cheek). BTW, no mention from WHO, CDC, etc. about how LOSING weight, exercising, maintaining low blood sugar will reduce one’s vulnerability to this virus, heh? Crickets…..No, healthy at ANY size. Plus, black women are at risk because……………WHITE women!!! HA Apparently black women shouldn’t need to diet because…..white privilege. White women are in for a WORLD of hurt. Seems kinda fitting, don’t it? They can all piss off! I have no further f*cks to give. Enjoy!

  8. The solution of anti-vaccination people: DIE.

    Great. Fear works in odd ways. We did see a heroic effort in stopping the disease. It didn’t work 100%. It is working a zillion times better than when the first virus hit in February, 2020. The relative death rate when infected was over 20% in NYC, for example, for three weeks which is why we were all very scared of it!

    The Delta virus has a 2 percent kill rate which is higher than normal but no where near the original virus. It pays to carefully examine the data to understand this.


    Also, doing nothing was HIGHLY UNPOPULAR, too, back then.

  9. DM:

    Elaine, perhaps you should book an appointment with your doctor.

    Got this year’s flu shot yet?

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