MIT Guest Lecturer Kicked Off Campus Due To Conservative Views Of SCIENCE Student ‘Diversity’ Rules


This scientist talked about ‘diversity’ so he is now being censored by ‘schools’ that only teach Maoist dogma, not ‘science’ of any sort, namely, MIT.  Massachusetts  is a ‘liberal’ state which means it hates diversity of opinions.  There is no ‘equity’ of opinion or political positions.  Zero ‘inclusion’ of all people of all ideologies.  Schools are Maoist training camps.  This brave professor, Dorian Abbot, wants to take politics out of schools.  Au contraire!  We need MORE politics, that is, fighting off communist infiltrators is going to be an epic political battle in all our schools!


The insane leftists who hate science and reality have been going after Professor Abbot for quite a while:



Prof. Dorian Abbot is a renowned geophysics professor at the University of Chicago. He was slated to give the prestigious Carlson Lecture for 2021 at MIT. Then the woke mob, who doesn’t like Prof. Abbot’s views on DEI, descended and his lecture was canceled. I recap Prof. Abbot’s story so far, and add my own thoughts. As a climate scientist, I find the actions of the MIT department who invited Prof. Abbot to be absolutely shameful.


One comment to the video: “They’re not banning hate speech, they’re banning speech they hate.” ~ Tom McDonald


I am amazed there is still some open-minded professors at Berkeley, CA, but do note he is leaving due to the censorship insanity in academia these days:



The ‘global warming’ scam continues while hiding under the ‘climate change’ rubric.  We are supposed to think that if only we all stopped using CO2 producing products, the earth will get colder.  BRRR.  This is false but people tend to forget what BRRR means.  I remember our darling winters even in Tucson, AZ, during the BRRR years was so cold, I sewed up several old lady’s fur coats I got second-hand so I could be warm at night in winter.  It was cold for Tucson back then.


Climate changes can take very wild swings and has done this to an astonishing degree for the last 3 million years.  As we watch various volcanoes across the earth spewing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, we should remember this is PLANT FOOD and growing things that change CO2 to O2 are the center of all life on earth.  We need both CO2 and Os and this present warm cycle has greened the earth greatly.


But in certain areas and Kenya is one, the oceanic/atmospheric 20 year cycle from cold to hot climate/el Nino/la Nina business means they have cyclic, COMMON droughts and regular, rainy monsoons alternating.


Here is a typical headline about this obvious cycle from mainstream Bilderberg gangster news media outfits:


Kenya has had droughts off and on for the last…THREE MILLION YEARS.  The time periods with everything green and wet coincide with Ice Ages.  Then, the Sahara isn’t a desert at all.  It rains in these regions while much of Europe is locked deep in ice.  Same with North America: in all Ice Ages, half of the continent is locked under a mile of ice while Alaska and Arizona, for example, have had herds of elephants grazing.


Kenya is very dry off and on during every interglacial.  This is the #1 reason homo sapiens, that evolved there, moved out at the very beginning of the last Interglacial.  Eventually, they reached Europe and killed off most of the Neanderthals who lived right next to the glacial sheets of ice in Europe.



Instead of culling herds, a man’s ‘wealth’ was counted in the number of cattle he ‘owned’ as a member of a clan.  Instead of selling off or killing and then consuming cows when droughts inevitably happen, they continue to hoard the number of cows (this is how they ‘buy’ multiple wives) until these drop dead.  Normally, they sell their cows to other herders who wish to increase their own herds for status and power.


In a panic when a drought happens, everyone tries to sell but no one is expanding herds!  So the value drops.


Historically, the Maasai depended on their cattle to provide all of their primary needs: food, clothing, and shelter. Their traditional diet relies heavily on milk and dairy products, lean beef, cattle fat, and blood…Cattle serve as the key currency in traditional Maasai society, in place of money. Cattle are sold and bartered in many kinds of exchanges involving goods and services.


Because cows=wealth, the more the merrier.  This leads to overgrazing and during droughts, not enough food for the animals.


Families seek to build up large herds to show their wealth and importance.


When I was a child, I saw this with my own eyes in Arizona and Mexico during droughts in the years before LBJ changed everything via giving welfare money to everyone.  Back in the 1950’s, when there was a drought, the natives would not kill and use their cattle quickly, they clung to them because they represented value and the by products like milk were valuable.


In medieval Europe, cows were used like in modern third world countries to plow and provide milk and for leather products.  I used to have an ox team so I am very familiar with farming with cows!  Cows were mobile ‘banks’ for ancient societies.


Cattle are almost always part of a young woman’s marriage price, delivered by the groom to the bride’s family. Men may take more than one wife if they own enough cattle. A community will offer one or more cattle as a gift to a young warrior who exhibits exceptional bravery. Payment in cattle may also be demanded as a fine for dishonorable or criminal behavior.


With a growing population in Africa thanks to VACCINATIONS so the majority of children no longer die of diseases and adults now live longer than 30 years average, we see overpopulation which leads to more land usage stresses.


Liberals think these common droughts in East Africa are caused by CO2 and not by climate cycles that have been ongoing for the last three million years.  This infantile view of world climate conditions is now required by our schools and our evil rulers who want to eliminate most humans in order to ‘save the earth’ but dare not say openly what their true goal is: death of at least 2 to 3 BILLION people.



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10 responses to “MIT Guest Lecturer Kicked Off Campus Due To Conservative Views Of SCIENCE Student ‘Diversity’ Rules

  1. Petruchio

    Wanna know how to cure the kind of crud that goes on in places like MIT? Strip them of their taxpayer funding sources. Throw these Maoist/Bolshevik Radicals out onto the Street. Let them make their own way in the World. It’s strange how the terms “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” are just cover words for the exact opposite. This is just more warfare on the part of those who want to tear down White Western European Culture and its Institutions.

  2. Zeke

    “Schools are Maoist training camps.”
    A tad hysterical, eh?

  3. Zeke, I dealt with that at Berkeley, 1970. I know exactly how this works and why. I am also one of the very few Americans who had dealings with the Chinese in 1978, too. My dad KNEW MAO, himself! While doing diplomacy in China.

    So I know exactly what I am talking about here.

  4. Zelda

    Except you’ve underestimated the “true goal” by around 4 billion.

  5. “We are supposed to think that if only we all stopped using CO2 producing products, the earth will get colder.”
    That’s your understanding. Actually, the CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere won’t suddenly disappear if we quit adding more. We can’t make the planet colder, just slow the rate at which it’s warming.

  6. HAHAHA. Pray tell, what percentage of CO2 is caused by humans? It isn’t all that large. Today, we had yet another volcano burb out enough CO2 and other by products from the center of our earth, in Japan. Mount Aso in Japan:

  7. I hope all the deranged leftists are ready to attack CHINA because the #1 producer of CO2 right now is your leftist buddies in China.

    I don’t hear a peep. Not only that, we are told, China MUST continue onwards, spewing CO2, NOT STOPPING AT ALL.

    Sheesh. Fools are born every hour of every day.

  8. See all the ‘pollution’ especially the plant food CO2 on the little island in the Atlantic Ocean. Everything grows better after volcanoes erupt! Plants love volcanoes. These things produce lots and lots of plant food.

    We get O2 from the plants after they eat the CO2 the humans and volcanoes produce.

  9. China manufactures for much of the world, as your rightist buddy Trump never tired of pointing out. Trade deficit, remember? Manufacturing generates a lot of CO2.
    China is taking aggressive measures to reduce its footprint though.

  10. China leads the world now in a number of high-tech fields relating to renewable energy, like solar panels and batteries. US car companies have recently climbed onto the bandwagon, because Tesla is kicking their asses, but GM et al are a long way behind in the technology. The US can’t subsidise such things because it has a lot of people like you. You’re interested in concepts like decline and fall, but you don’t see how taking money out of the public school system has generated a lot of Americans like yourself who don’t know much about science and care less.

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