Three Men And One Fake Female: Men Get Million Dollar Woman Writer Of Year Award!


Funny feminist news today: three males conspired to write an inspiring book for feminists and thus, won the top prize in this literary competition.  While collecting the prize, they chortled that men do everything better than women, even being ‘female’!  This is something I have pointed out time and time again.  Whenever women let men pretend to be women, the men win all the prizes of whatever competition is happening!  Food for thought, eh?  Not just muscle stuff but intellectual stuff: men are better than women.


The men commenting to this story are great fun so I don’t have to do the heavy lifting of trying to be funny here:


“t takes 3 men to do the work of a woman” Me: It took 3 men to fool a bunch of feminists and win over a million dollars.


So very true.  I used the Civil Rights Act to demand to take ‘boy’s classes’ in my high school and won.  I love doing ‘men’s work’ which is often ‘hard work’ which is why very, very few females followed me into the more difficult, hard labor parts of building stuff.  Too dangerous, that work is!


How could 3 men have possibly written such a popular novel with a female protagonist that even women enjoyed so much, they were certain the author was in fact female??? Well spoiler alert, all they had to do was watch As Good As It Gets. Jack Nicholson played a novelist and a woman asks him how he’s able to write women so well. His answer was flawless.


He responds with simply, “I think of a man. Then I take away reason and accountability.”


Well done gentlemen. You’ve totally earned that cash just for making all the typical crazies fall in love with your work (and of course reinforcing their biases) then making all their heads explode by doing nothing more than what those same crazies claim to believe and support….


Will the feminists figure out the obvious?  Of course not!  They will whine and gripe and demand their money back, etc.  The only thing they are good at is playing politics and thus, forcing everyone to follow their leaders or else.  THIS IS HIGHLY UNPOPULAR NOW.


Even women are beginning to see the light or rather, the lights go out.  They are alarmed at the war against real men.  They want more real men, not no real men.


This is a GOD tier troll, and all these dudes will go down in legend.


Men love making jokes.


But anyone can be a woman if you identify as one It’s their own rules




Why is there a separate award for male/female writers, anyway? With sport there’s physical differences.. is the implication that there’s mental differences that makes a female writer inherently inferior or something?


I, a woman, often point this out.  I am very happy to be as good as the average man in doing physical things and never deluded myself into thinking, I was superior.  I just like competing with men and then, even losing can be enjoyable, knowing I did my own best.


I am furious that women have ‘women only’ intellectual awards.  When I competed for scholarships many years ago, it was against mainly boys.  I was happy to win, too!  It took hard work to win.  Now we have special chess awards for women only, for example.


Why?  Women should know where they really stand in that game: way below the top men.  It teaches a very harsh and real lesson: MEN ARE BETTER AT EVERYTHING.  That is, the top males are better.


This is due to natural selection.  All male creatures large or small, have to compete to reproduce with females.  All females have to do is exist.  The males will fight to the death to get to her to get her to reproduce.  This is why male birds are prettier than female birds, often a tremendous amount more beautiful.


Males have to outwit/out fight all other males to reproduce, too.  The fatal ideology of feminism is destroying civilization now as women dispense with ‘true love’ males and use the State to raise children few people want, in the end.



Joe Biden’s decline is harder and harder to conceal.  The mainstream media continues to refuse to report anything about this but even dumb people who are feminists are figuring this out.



Biden’s mandate about coronavirus vaccinations is hitting a brick wall and all systems are now collapsing with a worker’s revolt brewing.  Way to go, liberals.



So, liberals now hate unions except the mostly female Teacher’s Unions.  And the Teacher’s Unions are increasingly unpopular with everyone else including students.


And as I already reported before, the Teacher’s Unions are causing divisions that benefit conservatives as liberalism crashes and burns.



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5 responses to “Three Men And One Fake Female: Men Get Million Dollar Woman Writer Of Year Award!

  1. Timothy Carroll


  2. lou

    When I competed for scholarships many years ago, it was against mainly boys./

    If your IQ really was 170, it must not have been much of a competition.

  3. Virtually all my competitors were BOYS back in 1966. Sheesh!

    I also did sports with boys. At work, it was 100% males doing construction work. Got it, buddy?

  4. lou

    I didnt know you are so easily provoked.
    How many of the boys had IQ 175 or higher?
    If not, there was no real competition, you were a shoe in, girl.

    [some spell it shoo].

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