Mainstream Media And White House Adamantly Refuse To Carry Real News About Alien Invasion

Pstaki didn’t double down on her lying, she tripled down yesterday.  When asked about the very secretive flights for moving invading teenage illegal aliens to Long Island, NY, she said, there were o middle of the night flights!  When Doocy of Fox News said, ‘2:30 am, 4:29 am…’ she snapped, ‘We are talking about EARLY flights…’  HAHAHA.  She has a different clock then the rest of us.  A coo-coo clock.  Meanwhile, Senator Cruz pushes hard in the Senate to secure our borders again.



That is all we hear now, endless ‘coo-coos’.  Since most media outfits absolutely refuse to report any news anymore, the deafening mocking bird chatter from Democrats is silent in mainstream media.



Note how Yahoo News has a fake story of this.  She didn’t ‘confirm’ the ‘dead of night’ business, she did the opposite.   I tried various ways to see if the trolls working for the fake news New York Times carried this story but alas, they had zero news about this even though this is all about New York, itself!  The other arm of fake news is NO NEWS.  More often than not, real news is ignored.  Any news I generated and I generated a lot of events over the years, were totally ignored by the NY Times or if reported, they left me out of the stories.



Neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post carried these stories.  Nothing!  Nada!  The ignorance levels of liberals is obvious here: they get very little real news now!  This is why they are so stupid.  You can’t claim to be smart if you are too dumb to dig up real news.  These stories I am pointing out are very, very real.  So the only solution leftists have is to pretend it never happened.


They do this a lot.  Like, constantly.  This is why I can call them ‘terminally dumb’.  We can’t have a debate with people who are utterly out of touch with reality.  This bill by Senator Cruz is important and it is news and suppressing this news is criminal.  This isn’t some citizen stopping criminals, this is a Senator with an important bill that covers the true worries of real US citizen voters who worry about the illegal alien invasion.


Which means…both newspapers are in collusion with politicians enabling an invasion!  Which has a name: TREASON.  Arrest them all, I say over and over again.



The surge of often overweight middle aged aliens seeking free food and housing alongside a bigger invasion of military age young males who create huge crime waves is a real problem and can easily destroy our country.


Department of Homeland Invaders head, Mayorkas, hung out with maskless Biden while spreading Covid 19 germs on him!


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has tested positive for COVID-19, DHS said on Tuesday – just days after he attended an event with President Biden.


They hung out very close to each other.  HAHAHA.


He and Biden suddenly decided NEXT MONTH, they might return to using Trump’s border policies minus the ‘fix the damn fence’ part which is still missing and is key to the entire enterprise of securing our borders from obvious invaders.  Mayorkas is directly responsible of letting in over a MILLION invaders who carried the new coronavirus that comes from South and Central America.



Note that by June, 2021, the number of new cases fell to near zero only to shoot rapidly upwards especially in TEXAS, when the invaders poured across the border in record numbers.  Most of these new cases were in Texas:



This is why Cruz is so angry.  It is painfully obvious.  Up to 400 people a day were dying in Texas this last three months.  This is by far and away, the biggest death rate in the country during this time period.



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24 responses to “Mainstream Media And White House Adamantly Refuse To Carry Real News About Alien Invasion

  1. lou

    from, someone riffing about Virginia.

    The rancid Republican Party in its current form of Trump funded by Jew billionaires and the Cheap Labor Faction must be challenged and crushed. Trump did nothing to stop the government workers and government contractors from going bananas in Virginia and other parts of the USA and Trump is a mass legal immigration extremist who has been screaming like a baby boomer nutcake about flooding the USA with mass legal immigration “in the largest numbers ever.”

    Mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and government workers and other government contract profiteers have been attacking the state of Virginia and the USA for decades and the Republican Party is in on the assault.

  2. TinaB

    HAHA! Look – this is what ELAINE WANTS badly and is coming to a theater near HER! Unfortunate for the sane people on the planet but not for the antagonist and aggravator KNOWN (as she so often pens) as EMS! Get those guns out – you and your toadies might want to get out to the shooting range to hone your sniper skills!

    It is abundantly clear at least to me at this point that EMS has lost the plot!

    “One way or another Lebanon is our dress rehearsal”

    “We’re heading into darkness’ – generator mafia threatens to cut Lebanon’s power”

  3. TinaB

    Want some more bad news?

    Like the energy shortage is a big SURPRISE! NOT! I’ve known for 2 decades and just watched what I read unfold as predicted! Gee what a surprise! HAHAHA!

    IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to feed 8 billion humans without fossil fuels Capeesh?!

    But people like Elaine deny facts and reality and then BITCH, COMPLAIN, BLAME SOMEONE when what has been warned about actually happens. SMH!

  4. TinaB

    Elaine why is Siberia burning? Seriously, if you know so much about everything then please explain this to us plebes!

    “Aisen Nikolaev, head of Yakutia region, said last week that climate change was the main cause of the fires. … Smoke from the Siberian fires covered more than 2 million square miles, drifting across the Arctic and North Pole, according to satellite images from Copernicus, the European atmospheric monitoring agency.”

    “The wildfires in Siberia are already an out-of-the-ordinary occurrence. The Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, is covered by boreal, or snow, forest, and its northern region is one of the coldest places on the planet, according to the NASA report”

    “For The 1st Time In Recorded History, Smoke From Wildfires Reaches The North Pole”

  5. TinaB

    Hey Elaine here’s some food for thought!

    Maybe the PTB (powers that be) have known for decades (as a person with a brain would also know) that sustaining 8 billion humans without FFs is IMPOSSIBLE! SO bring on the CEP (compassionate extinction plan) – COVID!

    There’s ONLY ONE OPTION! SOME humans or NO humans Capeesh?!

  6. lou

    Tina, are you an alarmist?

  7. Nina

    Is the US heading towards a civil war?

    The dis-United States of America

    More than 150 years after the Civil War ended some in the US are worried that another internal war might break out as the divide between the two main political parties, and their supporters, is very real, as can be deduced from the words of one side of the general public.

    “If Biden wins, we’ comin’ and we’ comin’ in strong.

    … and if I feel I need to go overturn a fraudulent election, then nobody on earth is going to hold me back.

    … the original Civil War has nothing on what’s coming.”


  8. Petruchio

    Media not reporting something? They do it all the time. No Hunter Biden stories. No stories abut Ol’ Joe the Pedo. No stories about who was funding the Looters who trashed numerous Big Cities like Portland OR, run by the DNC. No REAL reporting on the War in Afghanistan–for 20+ years! The American MSM is State run Media. The American MSM is tightly controlled by a tiny group of Billionaires who work hand in glove with the folks who run Washington D.C..

  9. Nina

    “For decades, the United States has broken up countries and nations around the world. It has destroyed most of the original inhabitants of the very land it is built upon and broken up neighboring Mexico to form the union of the United States, and now more than ever, it seems that the chickens are coming home to roost.”

    Frank Buckley, Professor of Law, George Mason University

  10. some big things are never reported here , don’t disturb the narrative ,,,

  11. Pete


    Viral Video – posted Sept 2019 !

  12. @11 that’s freaking amazing , does she have a blog ?

  13. Timothy Carroll

    @11, CAREFUL! That’s NOT the narrative this blog is pushing! VAX for ALL, or else, DEATH will arrive at your doorstep!!!!!

    BTW, I’m labeled, “anti-vax”, despite supporting vaccines in general throughout my life. But no, you have to support THIS vax or else……white supremacist, anti female, right wing terrorist,stupid hillbilly, etc. JUST GET THE VAX! It will protect you who got the vax from me even though the vax works (really, it does, really!) and there are NO deaths or injury from the vax. Also, be sure to wear your mask, morning, afternoon, evening, while sleeping, in the shower, etc.

    Phizer stock down the last few days. Sorry, Elaine!

  14. The woman in the comment 11 video makes no sense. Bill Gates commented there would be a pandemic and Trump wanted to improve flu shots, so it’s obvious to her there’d be a global conspiracy to inject her with “toxic shit.”
    Say what you want about Trump, but he cares about his image. If he’d been part of a global conspiracy to create a pandemic he would not have downplayed the threat for the first 5 months. How many times did Trump confidently say “You’ll see, one day it will just go away?” Then he looked like an idiot when it didn’t, and he lost the election.

  15. IT IS GOING AWAY. Just like the Hong Kong flu and the Spanish flu. Takes slightly over two years and fades away, bit by bit so by five years, it is gone.

    Every 50 years this happens. I talked about this way back at the beginning. The ‘flatten the curve’ didn’t work, it peaks just like the other two flu events in history. The kill rate is way below the Spanish flu kill rate, thank god.

    I wisely provide graphs, charts, numbers, data points nearly every day here and note the yappers here whining about this epidemic and throwing blame all over the place like children in a mud flinging battle, ignore this wonderful trove of information and my explanations about it all. Alas and alack!

    What posters here complaining about vaccinations want is…NOTHING. Just…deaths. Wow. Way to go.

    The vast majority of people didn’t want this at all and the fear mongering going on is now out of control and with the germs fading faster and faster (no where near as dangerous as in April 2020) the fringe hysteria will fade, too, over time and then be forgotten until the next time we have to rush to save people from something.

  16. Note also here, I repeatedly since day one, wanted ONLY voluntary flu shots. I am indifferent if people choose to play Russian Roulette with germs. Hey, have it and go! Fun times, the Gates of Death don’t worry. That is, the three headed hound dog is fine with that.

  17. And this is why I don’t believe in forcing people to be saved. I tell this real story from my own childhood: whenever dry Tucson had floods, I would mount my horse, Socksie, and ride to the local streams coming off of Mt. Lemmon.

    I would then stop traffic and force them to find another road.

    One day, an angry lady said to me, ‘Little girl, you better get out of the way or else!’ I said, ‘You will drown if you drive into the river.’ She snapped back at me so I clicked my horse to step aside and he did and we watched her drive in and begin drowning.

    ‘HELP, save me,’ cried this much older adult. I struggled with the deep, childish desire to get revenge and watch her drown but my better part decided to throw her a rope and pull her to safety. I then told the sheriff later, what happened and he laughed. She is so lucky, I am not stupid like some humans.

  18. The worst thing that happened to black families (so many things are this way) was, when they rioted for little or no good reasons (killing violent criminals is no reason to riot!) they were not ordered to rebuild it all, THEMSELVES. Instead, they get more welfare money.

    I worked with black men from prisons and..we rebuilt stuff. They liked doing this and were good at doing this but when offered free money if they get women pregnant, they run off to do that, instead and hang out on street corners, instead!!!

    Then people like Lou here blame them for this mess created by liberals. I blame the liberals, not them.

  19. cliff notes:

    measuring vaccine efficacy as % reduction in likelihood of severe outcomes can be misleading

    we must also measure absolute risk reduction. 50% drop from 20% risk is very different from 50% drop on 0.2% risk

    vaccines seem to show % efficacy in reducing hospitalization and death

    but for the young, healthy, and recovered, risk was already so low that the absolute drop does not look like good risk/reward vs side effect profile of the vaccines

    vaccines do not provide sterilizing protection against spread and seem to make it worse. there is no case to be made for societal obligation to vaccinate to protect others.

    mandating vaccination rather than allowing personal choice based on individual circumstance will inflict net harm on a great many people

    that’s immoral and represents medical malpractice

  20. lou

    See if Fathers day is celebrated in the hood.

    fat black chance.

    ‘The worst thing that happened to black families’ is a welfare system that gave the woman power. And with that the black population tripled in USA.

  21. what the cbc says when it seems your vacceen ain’t working

    ,” get yer booster ” !

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