Biden Declares War On US Cars, US Farms, US Citizen Freedoms, Wants Soviet State Controls

As yet another winter descends upon us, Beijing Biden doubles down on the dumb ‘climate change’ nonsense and he and his silly Bilderberg buddies are determined to impose their ‘kill the economy’ rules on Europe and the USA while assisting China in crushing both, economically.  This isn’t insanity, it is TREASON.  Already, we are having problems with oil 100% due to Biden’s gang shutting down oil production as much as possible, this, in turn, is, AS ALWAYS, causing rampant inflation just like in 1974.


I have a long memory.  I remember the oil shortage years caused by the Middle East War.  On top of the oil problems, we had the Vietnam War overhead costs problem, too.  On top of that, the Baby Boomers like myself were hammering the economy, we were rapidly becoming adults and jobs suddenly became ridiculously scarce.


And this caused inflation.


Biden and the Bilderberg gang anticipate zero life style changes due to this supposedly ‘we are going to roast to death due to heating homes and eating food’ nonsense doesn’t affect themselves.  They expect everyone else to freeze in winter and starve all year long!  Not themselves.  They expect to continue living in palaces, flying private jets and sailing in huge yachts while we all up and die.


Stupid liberals still haven’t figured this out.  I am astonished…NOT.  Always, when communists and liberals interact, the liberals are killed by the communists who then take over, violently.  Playing footsie with communists can be quite fatal.


These Mad Madame Mao clones who really do copy that very evil female, are at it again.  They are trying cynically and evilly to eliminate the word ‘woman’.  Madame Mao tried this in China.  She forced all women to dress like men all the time and forbade any forms of feminine grooming including long hair, etc.


This cynical attack on women is being disguised as a form of saving trans men pretending to be women:



So, these ‘trans’ people are NOT WOMEN?  HAHAHA.  Instead of forbidding calling women, ‘women’, don’t these people want to be ‘women’?  Isn’t that the entire point of their efforts?  This is so contradictory yet schools across the nation are now imposing this on all women in the name of being kind to ‘trans’ people pretending to be ‘women’!


I have a daughter who really is ‘trans’ due to birth defects.  She was so happy when Biden jumped the gun and did the trans rules without thinking about the many downside consequences such as ‘when is someone really trans’ in the first place.  The door is wide open for rapists and abusers to dress like a woman and then run rampant in ‘safe places’ which are now ‘high danger zones.’


Not to mention the looming army of males briefly declaring they are females and then winning all competitions and prizes and scholarships, etc.  The top males beat the top females in nearly all venues!  The top 10% of males beats 99.9% top females.  In everything intellectual or physical.


Democrats are insane these days.  The governor of Virginia right now, falsely claimed in mainstream fake news that he never ever said, parents have zero say or input as to what their children are taught in schools.  Very angry parents are now mobbing school board meetings to argue with the communists who took over these school boards in Virginia.



So, we have real proof he is lying.  Will the NY Times report this?  Will the Washington Post report this?  Or any mainstream TV station report this news?  The entire power structure of the left depends on people getting either fake news or more often, no news.  This has been ongoing my entire life.



Yup, Trump has his campaign ready to go.  Biden is burying the Democrats.  The communists always take away guns and take away transportation that isn’t run by the State and takes away stores and we only get State stores that carry little to no goods.  This is the Democrats now: COMMUNISTS.



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18 responses to “Biden Declares War On US Cars, US Farms, US Citizen Freedoms, Wants Soviet State Controls

  1. Nina

    The US has some of the least efficient ports in the world a new report reveals:

    Southern California’s Los Angeles and Long Beach ports handle the most ocean cargo of any ports in the United States, but are some of the least efficient in the world, according to a ranking by the World Bank and IHS Markit.

    In a review of 351 container ports around the globe, Los Angeles was ranked 328, behind Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam and Alaska’s Dutch Harbor. The adjacent port of Long Beach came in even lower, at 333, behind Turkey’s Nemrut Bay and Kenya’s Mombasa, the groups said in their inaugural Container Port Performance Index published in May.

    Not surprisingly, the best ports are located in Asia:
    Top port honors went to Japan’s Yokohama and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on the ranking. Finishing out the top five were Chiwan, part of Shenzhen’s port in Guangdong Province; South China’s Guangzhou port; and Taiwan’s Kaoshiung port.

  2. lou

    O M G

    truckers retiring or unable to pay the fees.

  3. TinaB

    OMG lou are you an alarmist?

  4. Pete


    Mt Aso Japan erupts

  5. Pete

    Build Back Better ?

  6. lou

    Am I an alarmist? Sound the alarm for
    hyper inflation

    White genocide

  7. @5, western sources are always predicting that China is about to collapse. What pisses our ruling class off about Evergrand is they had a lot of money invested in it, and Xi is refusing to bail them out. Poor darlings are used to governments that do as they’re told, especially when media reports scream at them. Xi doesn’t care though.

  8. lou

    8–Who is ‘they’? Name names or its a lie.

  9. Zeke

    US already has a Soviet style Central Planning top down Monetary system.
    Congress out-sourced duties to cartel of International Bankers in 1913.
    Office of Currency Debasement.
    “I never question the Federal Reserve.”

  10. lou

    NIKE [or nig gee] praises killers confession.

    White guy, Coach Gruen was fired for very old emails.

    ew links to the story about Nike employing a murderer:…/nike-exec-confesses-to-murder……/Nike-boss-Larry-Miller……/nike-ceo-praises-exec-for…/

  11. Zelda

    Child sacrifice is now the official policy of the Biden regime:

    White House rolls out plan to vaccinate kids ages 5 to 11 against Covid

  12. Zeke

    still shilling for the con con man .

    everything is up in price b/c it costs more and more of the debased currency to buy anything.

    Thanks to Chair Mao Jerry Powell – still pumping at $120 Billion per month !

    the punishment will continue until morale improves.

    still distorting the ‘free marketplace’.

  13. All systems are now collapsing due to stupid response to the germs, for example. They thought, shutting down things would stop the germs. It didn’t and I was not surprised. Even Trump said it was to ‘flatten the curve’ so hospitals would not be swamped back when the germs first hit. Back then, the death rate was very high, not like to day when it is much, much dangerous.

    Then they decided to totally stop the germs. That has now failed, it is global and finds any corner to re-erupt so we just have to live with it. But the ‘close everything down’ mania continues and this is, as I predicted long ago, lead to economic chaos and more people would die from that than from any germs.

    We are now seeing an overreaction to the germs which is just plain silly and the insane part is, the increase in germs is directly due to the alien invasion on our southern border when diseased armies of illegal aliens poured in thanks to Biden opening the doors to invaders.

    Arrest Biden, charge him with treason!

  14. Zeke

    Two of Chairman Powell’s criminal underbosses were caught red handed trading on FdrResv insider info. Eric Rosengren of Boston region and Robert Kaplan of Dallas region. Each was allowed to ‘retire’ without consequences.

    Typical remedies would be indictment, disgorgement of ill gotten gains, clawback of illegal profiteering, possible jail time and banishment from future working in financial markets.
    But they are above the law.
    Fed Gov Clarida and Chair Powell himself are also implicated in insider dealings.
    Upon the resignations, Powell praised their dedicated ‘service’. (!)
    The institution is totally corrupt and proposed replacements are all insiders. When what’s needed are outsiders to go in and clean house.
    One might think Elaine would be screaming at the top of her lungs calling for the arrest of these actual criminals. Running around with her hair on fire pulling her hair out.
    But one would be wrong.
    Nothing. She is completely silent.


    ELAINE: Zeke, you earned the ‘Ass of the Year’ award except Tina is huge competition. You two should get married.

    Look, darling, I don’t do ALL the news ALL the time. This is why we go around reading more than one news service. Each day, I pick and choose stuff. You do that, too. Accusing people of being dumb because they don’t do what you do is…D..U…M…B. Thank you.

  15. @Lou, specific names of investors who lost money in Evergrand aren’t easy to come by. They aren’t anxious to publicise it. But there are lots of vague statements like “Last week, a deadline to make an $83 million payment to foreign investors came and went with no indication that Evergrande had met its obligations” (New York Times, last month).
    That same NYT article says a lot about how things work differently in a socialist state. Protest and media are controlled, it says, so Chinese investors have a hard time organising. But the Chinese banking industry is also largely government controlled, so it can’t really panic. Capital controls restrict the ability of both foreign and domestic investors to move their money out of the country in protest.
    In the ‘free’ world, where none of those restrictions exist, investors could hold the government hostage and demand a bailout, e.g. 2008. But under the sort of ‘communism’ Elaine is always ranting about, they don’t have that power.

  16. lou

    17–explanation accepted.

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