New York Times Bilderberg Mouthpiece Tom Friedman Thinks Democrats Too Communist! HAHAHA.


Democrats are confused.  They suddenly had total power and instantly became Stalinists and Maoists and begin unilaterally imposing far leftist ‘solutions’ to all things and instantly went on the attack on all patriotic citizens and ran so badly off the rails, our crime rate has doubled in DNC run cities and states and we face economic and energy collapse as ‘collectivization’ is imposed more and more.  And on top of all this, they invited millions of illegal aliens and terrorists into the country via ‘open borders’ which is total TREASON which means…we must arrest these leftists and charge them.  No leftist country survives for long, not even Sweden which has been also invaded and is facing economic and social collapse, too.



Congresswoman Sparz is a Ukrainian-American who knows first hand how horrible communism is when applied to captive populations.  When Stalin took over, millions starved to death, as per always when communists take over.  This ‘starve to death’ part is inevitable when communists take over, it happens every time.  Free stuff is used to enslave.  When one works for things, one values things and one has power over things.  When things are handed out, one is a slave, a dog begging for bones.


NYT top crummy commentator is Tom Friedman. He is worried that leftists are too ‘leftist’ and he wants them now to be ‘middle of the road’ which means, they should vote GOP.  HAHAHA…nope, he wants ‘leftism’ just not all the way left.


New York Times columnist Tom Friedman spoke candidly Wednesday night about why he believed Democrats were struggling in election campaigns in states like Arizona and Virginia: “The party has gone too far to the left for this country that is still center-right and center-left,” Friedman said during an appearance with CNN host Anderson Cooper.


The center moved leftward in the DNC due to pandering to the army of illegal aliens and criminals in the inner cities, the black community is the core of the base, they chase out conservative voters from all cities and then take over and use these for the welfare state that has caused 76% of all black babies being born out of wedlock and most children have to go to court to have tests to see ‘who is the father’.


Click here to see Paternity Court on YouTube.  There is an endless parade of mostly black women taking black me to court to prove paternity so that the State can then take their wages, if any, to support these fatherless children.  It is a total mess now.


For example, Friedman said, the death of George Floyd in police custody in May 2020 captured the attention of the public for a need to make real changes in policing throughout the U.S.  – but he claimed progressive Democrats squandered the opportunity by proposing ideas that the public rejected.


The leftist ‘solution’ to the death of a violent felon who used guns to threaten to kill his girlfriend because she got pregnant and was suing him (see the videos above) was to make it impossible for police to fight these violent black male criminals and voila: black violent crimes skyrocketed.


“They were really open for a both-ends solution — both better policing and more policing in neighborhoods that are really suffering from terrible gun violence,” Friedman said about American public opinion.

The ‘police reforms’ were all ‘eliminate police/eliminate laws’ so in liberal cities, stealing stuff was basically rendered legal so thefts shot through the roof and police no longer could stop murderous gangs so gang warfare blew up and took over many cities and the death rate from gang warfare shot literally shot upwards to new record levels.


Without exception, every ‘reform’ led to higher crime levels, more murders, more destruction and more people fleeing DNC run hell hole cities and even states that once were popular destinations, too.  Friedman watched this happen and then wonders why it happened when HE was 100% responsible for it happening in the first place.  He is a fool, an idiot, a sheltered elite who deserves to be beaten, raped and robbed because he wanted the criminals to be protected and police be eliminated or weakened.  To hell with this creep.


He is also a top BIlderberg gangster who conspires overseas with other horrible men like himself.  That is, he is a traitor and is directly responsible for the collapse of our country into chaos.  Fellow Bilderberg gangsters of Friedman continue on their jihad against the very popular President Trump who is stomping all these creeps in the polls lately:



More than a few elections have been ‘contested’ after the vote counting!  Several in my own lifetime, too!  THIS IS COMMON, not rare.  There was obvious rampant cheating this last election, uncovering this while the State entities tried to prevent oversight of voting systems and there were concerted efforts by people in power to keep the rigged election rigged instead of careful counting and VERIFICATION of votes so we don’t have rampant cheating especially in DNC run hell hole cities that have high crime rates.


This last election was the most unfair, the most corrupt in US history.  And I have been yelling about election systems nearly my entire life!  All electronic systems should be terminated due to insecure systems.  Only people verified directly as citizens can vote.  All parties on the ballot have a right to observe polls closely and question voters to insure only citizens vote.




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16 responses to “New York Times Bilderberg Mouthpiece Tom Friedman Thinks Democrats Too Communist! HAHAHA.

  1. TinaB

    Elaine you really should focus on the big picture instead of pouting about how people with a brain are not convinced that you have a clue about reality TODAY! NOT 1,000+ years ago but TODAY! Not what your daddy said 100? years ago about an ice age but what the scientists with technology (you know satellites and record keeping) are saying NOW! Capeesh!

    The Great Inflation of the 2020’s
    We’re on the Cusp of One of the Greatest Inflationary Periods in History. It’s Only Just Begun, and It’s Going to Get a Whole Lot Worse

    Is there not enough evidence yet for you to see WASF (we are so f$cked)? Not enough evidence for you to see that it doesn’t matter one whit whether trump or Biden or this one or that one is in charge. NOT ONE WHIT!

    You should really familiarize yourself with the word LIMITS! Sorry but your humans are not special – just another animal that is subject to the laws of nature no matter how unfortunate you may think this is. Capeesh! SMH!


    ELAINE: Tina, you still here??? I thought you heard me say, if you believe even one word you write, you would eliminate YOURSELF to SAVE THE EARTH. Every hour of every day, YOU consume earth resources and suck down earth oxygen and you take up earth space that some bear or monkey could use better than you. Instead, you hang out online, using evil electricity to hound everyone else while not setting and example and exiting this planet, yourself! Good grief.

  2. You don’t really have “left” and “right” in the US at this point, just dysfunction. Take drug pricing: only pharmaceutical companies benefit from Medicare not being allowed to negotiate lower prices. They claim they need your grandmother to pay high drug prices to fund their R&D, but any glance at their profits would tell you otherwise. That’s not some leftist position, their profits are huge. But in America it’s leftist to protect your grandmother.
    Black communities need public investment, and police need more accountability. Friedman is right that Democrats missed the boat. (More realistically, Democrats tried to divert public attention onto side issues like statues and names of military bases, because their donors don’t want them to fund public investment in black communities.)

  3. lou

    Friedman, jew? Did he write a dreadful book, ‘The Lexus and the Olive Tree’?

  4. At least in his talk, Trump often said things Americans consider left-wing. He championed lower drug prices and infrastructure spending, and wanted businesses to negotiate with labour groups. If you cared about consistency you’d be screaming about what a communist he was.
    Unsurprisingly he never accomplished those parts of his agenda, because the US government is dysfunctional. What he accomplished was lowering taxes on the wealthy, and some pro-Zionist things like giving Netanyahu a free hand in the occupied territories and scuttling the Iran deal and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

  5. TinaB

    TINA: STOP CUSSING. You are a little child throwing temper tantrums.

  6. TinaB

    Bring on more planet nibblers – keep breeding! Anyone who brings a life onto this decaying planet to live a life fraught with suffering should be SHOT!

    Again Elaine, preventing more births does not equal murder/suicide. How do you not understand this? Please – you can’t possibly be that stupid?


    ELAINE: So, killing babies is OK but Tina won’t kill herself. She consumes vast oceans of energy and systems to whine about this online and instead of saving the EARTH she wants to KILL BABIES instead.

    Tina obviously has no morals and no brains.

  7. @Tina, the US is absolutely responding in a politically incompetent way – its government even has a hard time agreeing to borrow enough money to fund its own programs. The US isn’t the world though.

  8. Petruchio

    When you get to the final analysis of the issue, it is hard to believe people could be stupid enough to think that you can allow millions of people into your Country who h who have an entirely different set of morals an entirely different standard of living and think they can or will OR would even WANT to integrate into your Society! It’s amazing how many Countries swallowed this propaganda all under the guise of “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity”. There was never ANY proof that Multiculturalism and Diversity worked anywhere or achieved ANY positive results. In fact, History is filled with examples of Cultural and Racial differences causing all sorts of violence. Of course, the Promoters of This Racist, Hatemongering Dogma are FULLY aware of this; that’s why they promote it.

  9. lou

    9–ha ha ha

    an inconvenient truth, Al Gore is a billionaire.

  10. Pete

    Putin not woke !

  11. some good news , Ont. Doug ford saying all C-19 mandates to end mar.? 2022 incl vex pass. That’s IF the vacceen doesn’t backfire.
    so it may not be the grand reset after all , will see ,,,

  12. Italy is lying about statistics. They had a very high death rate when the first germs hit. Like NY City, it was mainly in Milan. Evolution of the disease caused the death rate to plummet so it never was more than one quarter the death rate when it first hit these cities.

    Revising the death toll is stupid. And fake. And dangerous since it disguises the true nature of the disease.

    The Hong Kong Flu was a big killer when it hit, first. I know this first hand.

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