Communists At Google Censoring Funny Biden Rap Song!



The communist employees of Google who run YouCan’tTubeAnymore are censoring anyone and everyone mocking Biden these days.  The latest victim of this ‘erase all traces’ work is a black male who made a very funny video mocking Biden’s unpopularity which is soaring higher and higher these days.  How dare a black male sing a rap song making fun of this ridiculous, senile fake President!  Well…so much for ‘black lives matter’ with liberals!  They hate, in particular, any black person who doesn’t march in lockstep with communist ideologies.


Google isn’t censoring all anti-Biden content but they try their best.  We have no idea how much they are censoring now but I assume it is a huge number of sites and postings that have been blacked out by the evil communist trolls working for Google.  They mainly live in California which has the worst economic conditions in the US when it comes to life and limb and overhead costs.


HAHAHA.  Their punishment is to live in the hell hole there that they created, themselves!  Good luck to that mess.  Maybe, just maybe, the average Californian will wake up, too, before it is too late.


President Biden admitted during a CNN town hall Thursday night that he has no immediate solution to the problem of spiking gas prices and suggested that Americans would not start seeing relief at the pump until next year.


See?  According to the Bilderberg gang, all that cheap gas back when evil Trump ran things, was fake.  This is the new reality!  And you better get used to it, it will only get worse because YESTERDAY these elites had yet another international meeting whereby communist China was allowed to use infinite fossil fuels while Europe and the US promised to cut this down to near ZERO in the not distant future!


“My guess is, you’ll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into the winter – I mean, excuse me, into next year, 2022,” the president told moderator Anderson Cooper at the Baltimore event.


Why would it go down in price when Biden deliberately cut supplies suddenly?


“I don’t see anything that’s going to happen in the meantime that’s going to significantly reduce gas prices.


If people get angry enough, they will probably revolt and physically remove this elderly, senile Bilderberg team member and put him in prison for various crimes he already committed especially treason with this son, collecting communist Chinese bribes, for example.


“I must tell you, I don’t have a near-term answer,” Biden added before musing on the possibility that he could “go in the [Strategic] Petroleum Reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so per gallon, [but] it’s still gonna be above three bucks.


HAHAHA.  Thanks to him, it will remain high.  Oil companies don’t mind this, they are making lots of loot right now.


But in the meantime, Biden acknowledged, “it’s gonna be hard. It’s gonna be hard. There’s a possibility to be able to bring it down. It depends on a little bit on Saudi Arabia and a few other things that are in the offing.”


Naturally, this traitor wants us to be saved by a foreign power that has some serious fixations on us like…eliminating all other religions, for example.


Meanwhile, an army of ships from mainly China are waiting to drop off Xmas junk for US mega stores.  This is a huge problem and California’s ruler changed the rules for truckers and trucks and will allow only SMALL trucks taking away this Xmas loot, not big trucks.  Also, truckers now have to have vaccination proofs so many quit and are now drawing on state funds to stay at home because of the coronavirus laws put in place by the Democrats!



DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is laughing his head off and asking these Chinese ships to come to Florida.  But that is an extra 3,000 miles so I doubt any will show up.


Meanwhile, senile criminal Biden is doubling down on persecuting mothers of elementary school children who argue with leftist school boards:


Emails obtained through a public records request by Parents Defending Education (PDE) appear to indicate the top officers of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) worked with the White House prior to sending their September 29 letter to President Joe Biden requesting federal law enforcement assistance to target parents voicing concerns at local school board meetings.


So, the school board association CONSPIRED with BIDEN to write this very threatening letter to all parents daring to argue with communists using our school systems to indoctrinate our children!


The emails, which were reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, reveal that Viola Garcia, NSBA’s president, and its CEO Chip Slaven, sent their letter to Biden without the approval of NSBA board members.


The Hispanic female who did this must love Castro.  Good grief, I hope she is kicked out of office for this act.  A huge number of participating school boards openly revolted and are now leaving this organization which is now a front for communist ideology in our schools.


“PDE received emails between the board that demonstrate that the board was not consulted before such a letter was sent,” the parents’ group stated.



And…Chicago joins San Francisco and is legalizing blatant criminal activity by blacks and allowing rampant crime to flourish.  So ends yet another once-great city.  Everyone in these cities who vote for Democrats get Detroit in return: dead, dangerous and expensive.



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7 responses to “Communists At Google Censoring Funny Biden Rap Song!

  1. I haven’t looked into it, but I suspect one huge reason for high oil and gas prices is the sanctions against Venezuela, which is said to be a communist country. The US has been trying very hard to achieve regime change there with sanctions. Which has never worked – the sanctions against Saddam Hussein all through the 90’s only strengthened his regime. Just because something doesn’t work is no reason for the US to stop doing it though.

  2. Zeke

    The price of EVERYTHING is up . . . which means that the price of nothing is up . . . but rather the purchasing power of the USD (more accurately the FRB note) is down. Due to the continuing insane actions of Chair Mao Powell and his thieving minions.

    Counterfeiting and quantitative easing and pumping of $120 Billion dollars / month to manipulate markets. Other assorted sordid crimes against humanity.

    It takes more and more of the depleted debased currency to buy anything.

    Arrest Jerome Powell along with his criminal underbosses Eric Rosengren and Robert Kaplan and Richard Clarida . . . . .

    (I know it’ll never happen because they are above the law – and run the show.)

  3. @2, yes definitely the money printing is making things much worse. There’s an interesting article in today’s Toronto Star where some researchers have found that Statistics Canada is understating inflation in food prices. Not too shocking, but nice of the Star to print it.

  4. TinaB

    Oh Elaine you are such a sensationalist! Now you’re equating not breeding to killing babies! WOW! That’s some serious MENTAL GYMNASTICS you got going on there. You’ve never heard of anti-natalists?

    I am a compassionate, empathetic person and it breaks my heart to see innocent people, especially children, suffer. And no I don’t care what color they are or what political party they support.


    ELAINE: You are as kindly and compassionate as your buddy, Mad Madame Mao.

  5. LOL

    ”While the chant itself is not new, the idea of the song being in support of Brandon has seemed to capture the imaginations of meme-makers.”


    ”Mass vaccination programs previously conducted to combat viral epidemics/pandemics (e.g., smallpox, polio, measles, yellow fever) have nothing in common with the ongoing mass vaccination campaigns today as those viruses are very different in terms of their pathogenesis, transmissibility, route of infection, potential reservoirs, predominant effector mechanisms involved in antiviral immunity, susceptibility of population segments, as well as with regard to the vaccines used (all prior vaccination campaigns involved live-attenuated virus). ”

  7. Thank GOD we had a mass polio vaccination effort! Sheesh.

    You all are utterly spoiled due vaccinations stopping many, many terrible diseases.

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