Baldwin Typical Anti-2nd Amendment: Doesn’t Know How To Handle Guns, Kills Female Employee


In the middle of complete social and economic chaos, we have a story about an anti-gun Trump hating famous actor who scolds the rest of us about how horrible we all are…shoots and kills a young lady, a female, with a gun while making a very stupid, boring movie that will probably lose money.  It turns out the gun ‘expert’ Baldwin hired is a clueless female who did a terrible job, vetting the guns being used in this useless movie.  Hollywood is peppered with hypocrites and on the subject of sex and guns, is particularly hypocritical, they all make money off of sex and guns, after all!  Arrest them all, I say, for being fools and idiots and nasty people, overall.


‘Rust’ armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed once gave unchecked gun to child actor   The young lady got her job via her daddy who did gun effects for movie makers who claim, they hate guns and hate Trump and want to kill the Second Amendment.  The layers of irony here are so intense, one could heat up the iron and forge a gun from it all.


The “inexperienced” armorer in charge of weapons on set of Alec Baldwin’s movie “Rust” had given a gun to an 11-year-old actress without checking properly for safety, a report said.


There is an immense amount of child abuse going on in Hollywood.  Child actors are often utterly destroyed by their own fame.  The outcome for many of them is a life of crime, drugs, despair and suicide.  Many die young.  The entire topic horrifies me.


Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, daughter of prominent Hollywood armorer Thell Reed, was head armorer on set in Santa Fe whereBaldwin fired a prop gun loaded with a live round, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.


Gutierrez-Reed’s alleged misstep happened on the set of the upcoming Nicholas Cage film, “The Old Way” and temporarily halted filming, sources told The Daily Beast.


“She was reloading the gun on the ground, where there were pebbles and stuff,” one source told the outlet. “We didn’t see her check it, we didn’t know if something got in the barrel or not.”


True story: once, many many years ago, I was told about a cattle call for child actors in movies.  As a lark, I decided to take my daughter but forgot about it all when my girlfriend rushed up to me as I was going to the beach with my daughter, to tell me to run over to the place where the tryouts were happening.  So all kitted out for a beach fun day, I took my daughter into the cattle call.


They almost didn’t let me in but one of the staff saw my kid and said, ‘Hey, that is cute!’ and they let her audition.  The director sat in his chair and told her to play with a toy.  She did, he asked her two questions, she answered.


The camera person then said, ‘Oh no, I forgot to record her!’  So the director told her to do it again.  She smiled and repeated exactly what she said, off the cuff, previously.  The director hopped out of his chair and said, ‘This is the one I am looking for!’  Because she could remember her own lines and was ‘acting’ instead of ‘reacting’.


He was very excited, wanted me to sign a contract.  Instead, I asked for consultation with any chid actor to see what they say about all this.  So I was introduced to Mickey Rooney!  He was a very darling, elderly man at that point in time.  Took me alone to a restaurant in Manhattan and then begged me, in tears, to say no to the job of acting as a beautiful child, to me, the future ‘stage mom.’


I was stunned.  I then swore to do as he begged and returned to the set to tell the director, no way was I going to endanger my daughter.  He was rather pissed off about that.  My daughter grew up to be a child and infant toy designer instead.


Halyna Hutchins killed by ‘Rust’ prop gun used by crew off-set for fun: report


The gun, which was fired by Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie “Rust,” may have even been loaded with live rounds when it was used for what was essentially target practice, TMZ reported…Another source who was on set told the outlet that when cops arrived they found live ammo and blank rounds stored in the same area, where the fatal mix-up could have occurred.


Thank god, no child actors were being exposed to this stupidity on that day.  They were exposed earlier.  I hope this is examined closely and Hollywood pay the price, for once.  Every year, new children are fed to the Beast in Hollywood and despite demands something be done to stop this rape/killing/mental destruction of innocent children.


Now on to funny times with the Bidens: their fancy ocean front house will flood in five years due to global warming, according to Biden and his Bilderberg buddies.  They met yet again to plot how to drain all energy systems from first world countries while conspiring with communist Chinese leaders to keep China using coal nonstop and building up all industrial systems.



Google earth showing Biden’s brand new beach house on the Delaware shoreline, it even has a Victorian tower and a swimming pool.  He already has a fence around it but wants a bigger, better fence to keep out illegal aliens wanting to steal stuff from him, I suppose.  This very expensive wall will be paid by the taxpayers, of course.  Obama has his hideout in an area that doesn’t need any walls, it is super isolated from ordinary people who can’t fly into or sail to Martha’s Vineyard Island.



Biden is building a huge wall around his private property to keep out illegal aliens.  He should be locked up in prison where he will be safe and sound.  His buddy, Obama, is said to be really running the government in secret now, all of Biden’s aides are Obama buddies.


Speaking of Obama, This Super Spreader In Chief says:


Former President Barack Obama traveled to New Jersey on Saturday to campaign for Gov. Phil Murphy and claimed that he understands why Americans are questioning when COVID-19 mandates will end.


“The science says it’s the right thing to do,” Obama said in reference to COVID-19 mask and vaccine requirements to a crowd of Murphy supporters in Newark. “You do it because you’re not just protecting yourself, but people you love, people who are vulnerable. But, you know, I don’t know how folks just decide everything’s got to suddenly be political.”


Obama thinks, since his Bilderberg gang buddies never publish negative news stories about him, he can do as he pleases and no one will notice.  But half of the USA population now knows this clown held a very huge, fancy birthday party on his exclusive island and this caused a major outbreak in coronavirus cases due to this party!  So he is a super spreader enabler.  Yet plows on, pretending he is setting a good example and must scold all of us for not being as good as he is…NOT!


That man is a disgrace.



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23 responses to “Baldwin Typical Anti-2nd Amendment: Doesn’t Know How To Handle Guns, Kills Female Employee

  1. Mewswithaview

    Karl Denningerrs opinion on the matter

    Reality is that Alec Baldwin intentionally pointed a firearm at a person and pulled the trigger. Exactly why he did so remains in question, as the slaughter did not occur during the “action” portion of filming — that is, he was not pointing it at one of the other actors in the film at the time.

    In fact he pointed it at cinematographer, killing her and and wounding the director behind her who the round also struck.

    This is, at best, voluntary manslaughter. I do not care if you’re on a movie set or otherwise; a firearm is handed to you with the action open and thus unable to discharge — always. A firearm is always loaded, even if you’re told it is not. You never point a firearm at anything you’re unwilling to destroy, even momentarily. And you never pull the trigger of a firearm until and unless you are pointing it at whatever you are willing to destroy.

    That it is occasionally necessary in film production to violate one or more of these rules doesn’t change the rules. It simply means that you had damn well better make certain you’re not going to shoot someone as a result of doing so.

    In this particular case there is zero evidence Alec Baldwin had any valid reason within the context of the film to point that weapon, believed loaded or not, at a cinematographer. She was not an actor in the film. There is no claim that the weapon malfunctioned (e.g. was dropped) either; older guns, which would be rather common in a western, might not have the safety features of a modern firearm that prohibit them from firing if dropped or otherwise mishandled so that is not at issue in this instance.

    It is hypocritical that actors complain about the second amendment and then continually make movies with weapons. Maybe if they were serious they would not do these films and instead star in films that use diplomacy to resolve conflicts which is a skill the American state department and presidents have lost many decades ago.

    Seeing as Hollywood insists on making movies with guns and explosives and the town is located in the peoples socialist republic of California then the state government must now mandate that all actors and film directors & producers pass gun safety certification before each film they shoot and that any who fails cannot be allowed to take the role. If it saves just one life . . .

  2. Zeke


    There is too much preoccupation with ‘gunplay’ without consequences in movies and tv.
    ‘Violence porn’.

    Drama without violence doesn’t sell. “Westerns” and crime shows and police procedurals.

    There is a statistic of the number of killings a tv watching child witnesses. A shockingly high number. Desensitizes violence, ‘gunplay’ and killings.

    Don’t care what his thoughts on 2nd Amendment are.
    Will wait for a court determination and not prejudge.
    Clearly something went horribly wrong. Negligence or malice to be determined.

    Movies and tv are fantasies and lies.
    “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets killed.”

  3. lou

    Mickey Rooney, who allegedly called himself ‘one shot’, got Monroe preg that first night and she got an abortion. That sweet old man?

    ‘Every year, new children are fed to the Beast in Hollywood and despite demands something be done to stop this rape/killing/mental destruction of innocent children.’
    Uh, the Talmudists do do child sacrifice. Read the Old Testament.

    That man is a disgrace./ So you changed your tune from years back. Even an old dog can learn.

    Google earth showing Biden’s brand new beach house on the Delaware shoreline, it even has a Victorian tower and a swimming pool. TINA, YOU STILL HERE?

    Mews, yes he killed someone and injured someone else.
    Will he do a few years in prison, that is the question.

  4. I’d feel better if you’re right that Obama is secretly running the government. Biden’s comment that the US is committed to defending Taiwan was dangerous. For years Biden’s “gaffes” have been a joke, but the Taiwanese might not realise that.

  5. TinaB

    Congratulations Elaine!


    ELAINE: Thank you. Here is my speech about you:

    Despite your self appointed prescient abilities you’ve just been crowned the QUEEN of mental gymnastics and confabulations!

    The only close contender for the crown would be trump but you 2 are clearly in a league of your own! Deranged liars!

    Yes, Tina, you are the one getting crowned for freaking out here about Trump and myself. Congratulations!

  6. TinaB

    The “producers” are completely responsible for what happened on the set of “Rust”. AB is not responsible because he pulled the trigger but because he was cutting costs leaving the crew exhausted and therefore they walked off and replaced by “scabs” and unqualified people when it should have been shut down. But hey it’s all about the MONEY and all Americans are certainly on board with that!

    But hey that’s the American way. DON”T want to pay anyone for the labour that they don’t want to do themselves because they want a life of luxury dontcha know. They only bitch about people in positions that THEY WANT TO BE IN and have no hope of!

    All of you wailing about how bad it is for you and not for the elites boohoo! YOU clearly have NO IDEA how bad things are going to get – GUARANTEED! You heard it here from me first! HAHA! You ain’t seen nothing yet! Get out there and enjoy your privilege while you still can! LOU YOU STILL HERE!

  7. Jim R

    The layers of irony here are so intense, one could heat up the iron and forge a gun from it all.

    …. thanks, Elaine! Well said.

    And Denninger is right, of course. That stupid actor is guilty of voluntary manslaughter, or worse.

    But of course, no one ever prosecutes celebrity criminals these days. .

  8. Zeke

    My working assumption is that the ‘action’ called for the POV of audience to be the person A.B. was opposing. And he was supposed to shoot the blank in the direction of the camera lens.

    But someone* had substituted a blank with a real live 44 mag. cartridge.
    *maybe disgruntled employee who was part of the labor action walkout two hours earlier.

    Wadding from a blank would not do the damage that occurred.
    The real live 44 bullet killed and went thru the cinematographer who was right behind the camera and then gravely injured the other person behind her.

    Maybe fingerprints on the casing will reveal the culprit.

  9. lou

    Baldwin Doesn’t Know How To Handle Guns, Kills Female Employee.

    Or he does know how to handle a gun, if he intended to kill her?

  10. lou

    Elaine, at 11 minutes. The guy, Mr Hall, who handed AB the gun, worked on Brandon Lees final film. odd

    at 11 minutes>

  11. Zeke

    Or ….. or ….. could the (disgruntled?) prop handler who walked off the job in a labour action .. or .. the replacement prop handler have been a MAGA Trump cultist who switched out the blank with a real bullet in an attempt to make A.B. look bad?

  12. If Elaine’s source is right and the police found live ammo being stored in the same place as the blanks, it could just have been old-fashioned stupidity. It’s such an Agatha Christie novel though. You can just see Poirot interviewing everyone from the set one after another.

  13. Pete

    Hannah Gutierrez
    Non-union worker
    brought in at last minute

  14. lou

    Reopen Our “COVID” Country

    QUOTEABLE: “Myocarditis and pericarditis, both types of inflammation of the heart, are known side effects of the Covid vaccines, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even warns that the condition may develop in young males after vaccination.
    Heart inflammation is also a symptom of many viral infections like COVID-19, though, and the likelihood of developing the inflammation after infection is much higher than it is after vaccination.”

    ASIDE: And, NO DOUBT, Oberführer Zuckerberg and his Brownshirt vaccination Nazis, will attempt to censor, if not outright ban, this HONEST, REAL SCIENCE information.
    Because it doesn’t fit the Biden Administration’s deceptive narrative.

    Meanwhile, pretend-President Bumblefuch (pronounced with a ‘k’), and fear monger Fauci move forward on plans to FORCE VACCINATE your kids.

  15. @15, “the likelihood of developing the inflammation after infection is much higher than it is after vaccination.”
    Right. So what’s your problem with the vaccine then?

  16. So, the FEMALE who replaced the gun expert is a BLACK MAGIC person!!!!

    Sheesh. Human sacrifices, anyone? Hollywood is filled to the brim with satanists, I have written many, many stories about this matter, I was raped by a satanist when I was a child, my family was in Hollywood way back when it was ranch territory. We all grew up inside that mess called ‘Hollywood’ which is why my father removed us to Arizona.

    More than one famous satanist from Hollywood asked to take me out to dinner in the past, interacted with me in various ways…creepy place!

  17. lou

    17–‘Cosmic Corpse’ and her dads in show biz as well.

    ultra creepy.

  18. Kenogami

    Diversity kills.
    Affirmative action kills.

  19. lou

    19 die versity, fixed that for you.

  20. Zeke

    “Actor Alec Baldwin was practicing removing a revolver from its holster and aiming toward the camera during rehearsal for the movie “Rust” ….. ”

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