No Can Do ‘Soh Cah Toa’ Anymore Teaching Physics In High Schools


Update: this teachers name is Candace Reed. She has been doing this since at least 2012.


I noticed that at least one young student was taking a snooze at his desk!  All this, during a big dance routine by the ‘teacher’.  The point of the silly dance was to help these snoozing kids to learn this:


SohCahToa is a device used to remember Sine Cosine and Tangent. When I learned it, we hummed a tune to twinkle twinkle little star. For some reason she relates it to Native Americans and is mocking their culture:/


Sine: Opposite / Hypotenuse

Cosine: Adjacent / Hypotenuse

Tangent: Opposite / Adjacent


Do kids have such poor memory?  I would think memorizing a ‘sounds sort of like’ thing is stupid and useless.  Can’t say simply ‘sine’ and the adding of ‘co’ to ‘sine’ and then the next new word, tangent is hard???  Talk about brainless.  But then, I watch in horror as modern students go through 15 plus years of ‘schooling’ and the have terrible grammar problems!


For example, ‘Me and him are going to the store together,’ sort of grammar is very, very common now.  Good grief.  I fear no grammar is taught in schools these days.  Instead, stupid dances while whooping it up has replaced real educational goals.


Dirtbag St. Louis County Executive and Tyrant Sam Page Caught Maskless Out in Public Again After Just Recently Reinstating Mask Mandate

Once again, a Democrat who has powers to do stuff to us voters decided to impose draconian coronavirus vaccination rules on a reluctant population (I am 100% for all vaccinations but also 100% for the right to choose, too) which is making vaccinations more unpopular, not less unpopular.  This is stupid and short sighted.


Simultaneously, these same Democrats are ordering everyone to wear face masks!  In my community, no one is doing this.  There is a full scale revolt going on mainly due to the elites never practicing what they order us to do and Sam Page is today’s example of ‘peasants have to obey, rulers don’t.’


St. Louis County Executive Sam Page told the local media this week that those St. Louis County residents who are caught out without a mask are “seeking confrontation.”


This clown is suggesting they will be arrested!  So…


Page reinsstated his mask mandate that took effect this week for all county residents regardless of vaccination status.  Then on Saturday, this unpopular leftist elite was caught out in public at the Blues hockey game on Saturday night without a mask.


And they all do this all the time.  When we see photos or videos of our rulers wearing masks, we know this is fake, the minute the cameras turn off, the masks fall off, too, magically.  I want all politicians pushing laws and punishments for not wearing masks be arrested and put in prison!  ALL OF THEM which is the entire leadership of the DNC from the President all the way down to county/city authorities.

The maskless madman, Biden, was at it again, too.  He wants insurrectionists arrested.  Yet, so far, he has not put hardly any ANTIFA or BLM insurrectionists in prison, far from it!  They still riot nightly and did so this weekend, nonstop!  The riots don’t make the news but can be found online at various sites like Andy Ngo’s fine Twitter account.


Click here to see video proof that a government agent provoked young people to riot on January 4th to the 6th. NOT Trump or Giuliani or Breitbart founder any others.


Meanwhile, people checking IDs of ‘voters in swing states continue to find lots and lots of fraud:


In 2020 Election in Wisconsin 60,000 People Registered Whose Identities Didn’t Match Corresponding State Identification


Biden ‘won’ that state with just 20,000 votes so if 60,000 were fake votes, he lost, big time and Trump won by 40,000 votes!  Of course, nothing will be done so long as the Bilderberg gang has a stranglehold on much of the media.  But this further undermines Biden’s claim of winning anything.  He cheated which I have said nearly constantly.


This ‘feed puppies to flies’ story is flying higher and higher and Fauci is facing serious backlash over this story.  Yes, he and his buddies come up with all sorts of strange things to ‘study’.  This goes back years and years and years.  I was outraged by various torments done to innocent animals way back in the very early 1960’s.  Professor Skinner, in particular, horrified me.


The Brits are slowly figuring out that ‘trans’ sex crimes (when men pretending to be women, rape women, for example) should be a separate category than female or male crimes.


Home Secretary Priti Patel has ordered ‘woke’ police to stop recording offences by trans women in female crime statistics. The Home Office is working with forces to ensure crime stats are ‘more accurate’.



Now for one last story: our Real Rulers including the horrible Brit royals are resuming pushing the infantile, stupid story that we are all going to roast to death while volcanoes erupt thither and yon and the sun goes cold again.  These monsters desperately want to freeze and starve us all to death like in the good old days when rulers ate well and lived in comfort while millions died due to deprivations:



I say, ship to Antarctica all the clowns screaming about global warming if they fly private jets, have palaces, etc. etc. etc.  They all must walk everywhere on foot and eat only veggies and live in little mud huts like third world peasants.  THEN they can whine about the weather!  Until then, arrest them all for fraud.


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12 responses to “No Can Do ‘Soh Cah Toa’ Anymore Teaching Physics In High Schools

  1. SOHCAHTOA isn’t a simple concept. It gives the meanings of sine, cosine and tangent, not just their names. Her indigenous antics would be because it used to be called “Chief SOHCAHTOA.”
    That’s an interesting issue because you can see what she was trying to do.

  2. Zelda

    SOHCAHTOA isn’t “a ‘sounds sort of like’ thing”. It’s an acronym that represents trigonometry formulas.

    And yapping about grammar faults comes across as highly pretentious coming from someone who has yet to master basic subject-verb agreement.

    Torturing puppies is bad, designing and releasing bio-weapons is worse.

    The climate change business is all about rolling out a “carbon rationing” system that will spring out of the “vaccine” passports.

    And just a friendly reminder: no one will ever be “fully vaccinated” against a cold virus, unless they are dead.

  3. Zeke

    a ‘mnemonic device’

    Like this – remember this:

    “Man Very Early Made Jugs Serve Useful Nocturnal Purposes”

    Some were based on goofy or sexist or racist or tasteless or shocking doggerel which made it clever or memorable but not nice

    Evolution of language

  4. lou

    ‘Clowns screaming about AGW’–

    They have been wailing about ‘global warming’ for 40 years.
    Global warming, but the yacht’s keep getting bigger,
    Leo’s is over 300 feet with a helicopter pad.

    carbon credits to impoverish us. and the US. the rich get richer.

  5. shawntoh

    Dads on Duty…


  6. Pete


    Great story!

  7. Jim R

    More about that climate,

    It is snowing in Truckee, California. A blizzard.

    Of course, this is just one data point. Not so unusual in the high Sierras, but Texas looked like that last February. We shall see whet it does this winter..

  8. JimmyJ

    Some People Have
    Curley Brown Hair
    Till Painted Black
    (Opposite=Perpendicular, Adjacent=Base)

  9. I took my first graduate level course at age 18 years way back in the 1960’s.

    I went to college way back in the mid-1960s when very much under age.

    And I NEVER learned ANYTHING via using silly rhymes or other ‘tools’ because back then, remembering the basic facts and basic names was ridiculously easy!

    Sheesh. Jimmy’s rhyme, for example, uses even more syllables than the basic obvious words describing geometric objects! I suppose many people like jumping through mental hoops to remember simple words that clearly describe whatever they wish to remember.

    Indeed, the visual images wrecks any connection to the actual objects being discussed, one has to first learn the NEW ‘words’ and the TRANSLATE these in to the easily remembered REAL words!

    Good lord, this would give me a headache. I would rather learn the Russian words for all this, first. At least that would be useful.

  10. Jim R

    Yeah, same here, Elaine. It’s easier for me to just remember that the sine is a wavy line that starts at 0, cosine starts at 1 and tapers off, and tangent zooms off to infinity. The mnemonics are useless.. Johnny left port with a big red nose.

    Here’s more on the weather in California:

    The season has changed from ‘fire’ to ‘flood’. As Brownie said in another video, the other two California seasons are ‘earthquake’ and ‘riot’…

  11. My calculus teacher in high school shocked us by proclaiming that the way we’d learned sine cosine tangent, basically SOHCAHTOA, was wrong. He pointed out that you can’t make a right-angle triangle with two right angles, so for things like sin (90 degrees) it doesn’t work. Then he taught us to think of cos and sin as x and y coordinates of a point on a unit circle.
    But sohcahtoa is useful, like if you’re building a shed with an angled roof and it needs to be a certain height. Those ratios let you calculate anything you want – the height of the roof at any distance from the wall, how much material you need for the roof. A calculator can do all the work but you have to know which number means what.
    I can see why the ancient Greeks built religions around trigonometry and geometry. It has a mysterious sort of beauty.

  12. JimmyJ

    I was taught that rhyme as a preteen and I’m late 60s now, so it worked for me pretty well. Your abbreviation wouldn’t work for me as I’d get the letters mixed up. In my rhyme all you need to remember is the first letter is the important one. See the XKCD cartoon about passwords as to why it works.

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