Anti-gun Alex Might Go To Prison, Goth Firearms Female ‘Expert’ Will Probably Be Charged ‘Murder’

Because Bearing lives in Australia, he got the real visuals involved in the movie shooting death.  It clearly shows that the young lady in charge of the guns on the movie set is a Death Cult Black Magic lunatic and Alec is stupid, he was the director who chose to shoot directly at the camera woman, killing her.  This disgusting movie star is ‘anti-gun’ yet deliberately refused to practice basic gun safety while wildly shooting at people.  Hollywood hates 50% of us citizens with hot passion and wish us ill and then recklessly do horrible crimes and don’t give a damn.


These amoral moralists are also satanists.  I have known this my entire life, starting at age 5 I was given the Master Class in Satanism.  Being raped by a satanist who had a Skull and Bones ring on his finger, I have a very clear idea who and what they are and the lunatics in this ‘kill the camera woman’ saga are all satanists.  Here is the person in charge of the firearms props in this satanic movie:



This deranged female is only 24 years old and was put in charge of supervising the firearms.  Her way of doing her job was to allow everyone on the set access to the guns for the movie and to use these with live ammo, shooting things in the desert.  They then would toss the guns back to her and she didn’t check to see the infamous ’round in the chamber’ that Steven Crowder says in every video.


This female worships the Death Devils.  She wants power from these demons and they gave it to her.  I hope she spends significant time in prison since ultimately, she is responsible for this murder.  The director of the movie is, too, and that sap happens to be the ‘actor’ who killed his cinematographer to death.



Note the death stare of this young lady.  I hope she has no children.  Everyone knows if Trump’s son did what these Hollywood haters did, he would be viciously attacked by media giants.  Instead, they desperately try to shift the blame, portray the killer and his side kick as the ‘real victims’, etc.  No morals at all.  So…Trump’s son mocks them with a new T shirt: Guns don’t kill people, alec Baldwin kills people.’



In between all this, we have massive winter hurricane type storms battering the West Coast right after the global warming elites assured everyone, the ‘drought’ is permanent due to ‘global warming’ which is now called ‘climate change’ since it is not getting colder at all, far from it:



Global warming causes violent blizzards, high winds, huge waves batter West Coast which votes overwhelmingly for ‘we are all going to die due to CO2’ lunatics who really think we will never see snow again…after digging out of yet another Cold Cycle blizzard!




And there are the tornadoes that always happen when super cold air displaces warm air:



Now on to other news: mainstream media continues to call the last election which had the most cheating of any election, ever, is still said to be the best and most secure election.  As proof of cheating pours in and courts refuse to see cases and politicians pretend to be deaf and dumb which is easy since they really are both, we have more proof of cheating, massive cheating, millions of cheating ballots:


BREAKING: Fulton County Georgia Ordered More Than One Million Absentee Ballots from Printer Days Before the 2020 Election Knowing There Was No Time to Mail Them Out – Why?


Not only did they order an insane number of ballots right before the election that couldn’t be mailed to anyone, they also had these printed with key changes to enable blatant cheating:


According to Moncla, Fulton County, Georgia ordered and received over 1 million ballots from Runbeck in the last 10 or so days before the election.  The ballots received were absentee ballots based on the size of the ballots ordered and related invoices.


The ballots for DNC areas had NO BAR CODE so they can be traced.  All the ballots in regions won by Trump had these bar codes!  Why is this?


So the votes couldn’t be traced and thus, simply dropped into the counting rooms with zero voters actually voting!  Duh!  I have said since day one, massive cheating happened.


Lastly, crime continues to soar in DNC hell hole cities.  Minneapolis is one fine example of a once functional city now being run as a DNC vote collection site filled with welfare families, criminals, illegal aliens and drug addicts:



No one in the government is talking about crime because they are criminals!  DUH.



I organized street patrols in NYC many years ago.  These were wildly successful.  My local slum became a top real estate choice and my brownstone which was $36,000 back then has been put on the market recently for more than $2 million thanks to our successful crusade against crimes, large AND small.  Especially the small crimes.


Now, it is sinking back into the mire again thanks to my neighbor, de Blasio.  Liberals are against arresting criminals because this is their voter base.



Yes, businesses are ‘on their own’.  One dear friend of mine shot dead a looter in the NYC blackout riots.  All businesses around his mom’s paint business were looted, this store stood alone, untouched by violent, disgusting rioters.  Well, you can’t do that anymore, it is illegal to protect your home or business from violent looting mobs!  Good lord.  Heaven help us all.


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40 responses to “Anti-gun Alex Might Go To Prison, Goth Firearms Female ‘Expert’ Will Probably Be Charged ‘Murder’

  1. lou

    I am not a legal expert, Id guess manslaughter.

    Was the gun intentionally loaded by ms satanist?

  2. TinaB

    @lou Judging by your useless comments you are no expert on anything! You’re just a sad, lonely racist hence your idolization of Elaine. You must get a major stiffy when you read her posts lol!

    You are too lazy and stupid to judge each individual on their merits. t.

  3. TinaB

    Hey Elaine how would you like 8 billion oh I don’t know let’s say buffalo on the planet….. NO PROBLEM RIGHT?

    YOU (and people like you) are your own worst enemy (and ours)! I am so sick of your stupidity. What’s really funny is that you will continue to wear your stupidity hat when PROVEN WRONG! Or your attack/insult/whataboutism hats! Haha! You have NO SOLUTIONS! Except of course “arrest them all”. Useless and weak! I come here for the amusement to see you get triggered.and to see you get dunked! Your writing is nothing short of infantile.

    “Constraints on all sorts of human activities were suddenly lifted. Soon we were out-competing all other organisms and, in effect, taking over the world.

    During the last two centuries, human per capita energy usage grew eight-fold—while the number of “capitas” also doubled three times over. All this newly available energy found uses in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and warfare. Today, just through mining, we displace far more of the planet’s crust each year than do all of nature’s processes (wind, rain, and earthquakes) combined. Human-made stuff now outweighs all of Earth’s biomass.

    It’s been the biggest power grab on this little planet of ours in tens or hundreds of millions of years. And here we are today, at the top of the evolutionary heap, wielding extraordinary levels of control over the Earth, over other creatures, and over one another. We even have a name for this new era of human super-empowerment: the anthropocene.”

  4. Neep Hazarika

    Aw c’mon Tina. It is well known dat illiterate niggas have a proclivity 4 violence, looting, rape and wat have u??

  5. Petruchio

    @#! lou. Referring to TinaB’s comment just below your s here I’d say you’re doing a bang up job with your comments. Why do the Liberal type ALWAYS have to resort to name calling or labelling someone or calling their comments “Hate speech”? Well Lou. TinaB forgot to call you sexist and misogynist so I will!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!

  6. @3, there are a lot of points I like in that essay, but I’ve never been willing to accept the overpopulation argument. As you know, western people use way more resources than others per capita, but we also use way more than most of us want. Who isn’t horrified by the amount of garbage? We could easily make reusable containers that we could refill, or popularise homemade alternatives to things most people buy. Energy consumption can be way more efficient. Etc.
    As someone pointed out recently, birth rates in developed countries are already well below replacement levels. What we need to do is push governments to change the culture. Otherwise, even if our birth-rate could go to zero, we’d just encourage more immigration and indoctrinate newcomers into this consumerist madness.

  7. @Snoosebomb, there’s an old science book I like, Chaos, by James Gleick. I think it’s from the 1990’s. I don’t think it mentions climate change, which was just becoming a mainstream issue, but it’s about limits on our ability to predict the behaviour of complex systems. Even something that looks simple, like a dripping fosset, the fluid dynamics of the water molecules are so complicated that it’s extremely difficult to predict exactly when the next drip will happen. Or a cup of coffee cooling on a table: we know that it is cooling, but the rate depends on convection currents in the fluid which at a small scale are almost random. Counterintuitively, it’s harder to predict what the temperature of your coffee will be after 5 minutes than it is to predict it after 5 hours. After 5 hours it’ll be about the same temperature as the room, we know; but if it’s 70 deg c now and the room is 25 deg c, how quickly it cools depends on so many tiny factors that we can’t predict it as accuraetly.
    The planet is a hell of a coffee cup.

  8. Zeke

    No one understands gravity.

  9. Elaine, once upon a time you’d have ranted against this idea that’s floating around: that the US can permanently solve its debt ceiling problem by simply printing a trillion dollar coin, and giving a few of them to the Fed. Back in your Money Matters days.

  10. steve , yes i read that at the time , wonderful book , very important.

    here is a thought i had about that ,

    chaos is the result of the products of a system being fed back into that system. So consider the universe, seems to be considered a chaotic system
    but distances are so great products can only backfeed locally. So might not different parts of the universe evolve differently ? Proving universal laws i guess ,,

  11. so Elaine how is the being 100% right 100% of the time working out ?

  12. 9 , no one understands entropy , if things fall apart how did the universe organize us ?

  13. lou

    4 and 5. Thanks. A bit of praise goes a long way.

  14. Zeke

    ‘If you go back far enough – we’re all descended from Adam and Eve.’

    As people who do genealogy know – the farther back you go, the number of ancestors increases; 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents – – So, when do they start decreasing to get back to Adam and Eve?

  15. ”There was a Mirror article about “terrible colds for the double jabbed”, describing people fighting for their life after colds. It mirrors experience with someone I know (I will be vague since my name is here), where a minor cold turned to a pneumonia for one formerly healthy individual.”

  16. Zelda

    And so it begins:
    ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID

    And they will blame the “unvaccinated”.

    We must expose the truth about these infernal frankenjabs. But can we break through the trance?

  17. Zeke

    ….. a lot of deferred medical attention during the past 18 mos. of the pandemic …..

  18. Pete

    BlackRock is Huge !
    China China China

  19. I love the hysteria here: NO ONE DOES A THING to ‘stop’ the ‘destruction of the earth’ and that ‘thing’ they should do is eliminate themselves.

    I don’t imitate the leftist rulers. I don’t live in a huge palace next to the ocean that supposedly is rising rapidly. I don’t fly private jets. I don’t do anything these clowns do.

    I note the hysterics who post here never mention how they intend to stop the elites who are screaming about fake global warming. Do note, they never call it that anymore because it doesn’t exist.

    Seeing through all this takes some logical sense which seems quite difficult for many people who instead, follow the fools leading them off the cliff, instead of examining the cliff, itself.

    The earth’s history: for THREE MILLION YEARS it has been getting colder and colder. Even the warmest warm cycle this last three million years is colder than the colder years of previous cycles. Our rulers never talk about this, our schools no longer teach the history of the earth or anything else except as propaganda for the present regimes.

  20. @11, “chaos is the result of the products of a system being fed back into that system.” Yes a lot of examples in the book were like that. Populations of predators and prey, where a decrease in the predators leads to an increase in the prey, which leads again to an increase in predators… Feedback loops.
    There’s lots of that going on in the atmosphere and the oceans, too. Water vapour is a greenhouse gas, for example, and as temperatures rise more water evaporates. But water can also form clouds which can block sunlight from hitting the earth. Or ice that reflects sunlight melts; earth that’s been frozen a long time may release methane when it thaws; warmer dryer temperatures make wildfires more likely, which in turn release CO2…
    In the short-term it’s practically impossible to figure out how all the factors will interact. We know that we’re trapping more of the sun’s energy, which will make the climate warmer and less stable, but it’s so chaotic that short-term predictions are difficult.

  21. Kenogami

    The Earth started getting colder 23 millions years ago; but it got much colder in the last 3 millions years; with long ice ages where Canada and a good part of the USA are under one mile of ice, and short warming periods in-between.

    The climate science is very complicated. The most important greenhouse gas is water vapor but it is extremely hard to analyze and modelize: rain, evaporation, ice, snow, albedo, ocean currents, atmospheric water currents, winds, jet stream, monsoon, salinity of the ocean, erosion due to rain and other reasons which increase the salinity of the oceans, which modify ocean currents and evaporation, which…, etc

    CO2 is not so important as a greenhouse gaz, but is very easy to modelize on computers. That is why crackpots maskerading as scientists build these worthless computer models on CO2: that is where the money is. The globalists want people hysterical about the climate and CO2, and they will give good money to those “scientists” who come to the “right” conclusions.

  22. 100% correct, Kenogami. It is a model that explains NOTHING. It doesn’t explain why we have Interglacials. Suddenly, at a very mad pace, just when it is coldest in an Ice Age, it suddenly warms up like a rocket taking off.

    It reaches a peak warmth quickly and then over a few thousand years, declines more and more until suddenly plunging into yet another Ice Age. The CO2 explanation doesn’t explain how or why this happens repeatedly.

    The real reason they are desperately pushing this is due to oil. They want to hog it for the elites, only. The rest of us, they are indifferent and are OK with freezing us all to death.

  23. @Ken, the money has been on the other side for a long time. Elaine believes the rich want to hoard oil, but actually they like selling it. There are trillions already invested in infrastructure to drill oil, refine it, move it in pipelines, sell gasoline at gas stations. That system has taken a century to build and it’s made owners of the major oil companies unimaginably rich. In Elaine’s world they’re trying to hoard oil for themselves, but I’m willing to bet there’s a gasoline station near you that’s quite happy to sell it.
    So think critically about the arguments and decide for yourself. Are the rich owners of the oil companies trying to hoard oil for themselves, or do they seem to be trying to sell oil?

  24. Sorry to rant, but it bothers me that anyone thinks the little guy in this dispute is Exxon and Shell and British Petroleum, or that those companies are trying to push green energy because they want to hoard oil. What’s an undersea drilling rig cost them to build, maybe $20 billion? Refineries and pipelines? Millions of gas stations on prime real estate? Tanker ships?
    They own all this equipment, and it’s only useful for extracting and selling oil. I can’t even imagine how many trillions of dollars they have invested for that one thing. And it’s been insanely profitable. Whole countries are funded by it – Russia, Saudi Arabia, half the Middle East – but there are also people who’ve made fortunes that could fund a whole country.
    Elaine’s theory is, what? That these people are involved in a huge conspiracy to make their own investments worthless because they want to keep the oil for themselves? They have fleets of tanker ships that they want to sell for scrap so they can keep more oil for their personal use?

  25. 22 , yes water vapor , i bet every brainless GW screamer thinks its co2 . Plus as you say, how do you measure ? meaning there is no historical record to back the GW hypothesis

  26. Zeke

    SoB – if only you had a brain – you’d realise you’re brainless.

  27. ”Now I can safely say that the rumors I have been hearing are true. Governor Murphy’s staff in New Jersey has been caught on tape saying that after the election next week, he will wage war on Independents and Republicans making it law that vaccines will be MANDATED for everyone. That will be down to 5-year-olds following New York. The exact quote he does not want to hear: “it’s my rights, my s—t.” The courts have torn up the Constitution for the NY Supreme Court told the cops, no vaccine no pay since they were mandated with no exceptions, be it medical or religious. They cannot test cops for weed or drugs, only COVID.”

  28. vacceen = path to freedom !

  29. Zeke

    Still shilling for the Con Con Man.

  30. Kenogami

    Steve M. wrote: “That system has taken a century to build and it’s made owners of the major oil companies unimaginably rich. ”

    You are right that the oil oligarchs have been selling as much oil as possible for a hundred years and have gotten filthy rich in the process, They may even want to sell their oil for a while longer. But we are past peak oil: the US, the UK and Saudi Arabia are much past their peak oil.

    Without oil, it is impossible to feed 8 billions humans, much less give them a middle class life. That is why we see many of these oligarchs trying to destroy and starve and eliminate most of the humans by first destroying the economy, by poisonous fake vaccines, by wars, by destroying every beliefs and mores that allow a healthy and prosperous society. Many of them have said explicitly they want to reduce the human population and save the earth.

    When we see billionnaires flying their private jets all over the world, while preaching austerity and deprivation for the proles, we can reasonnably conclude that they want to keep the oil and the Earth resources for themselves.

    Besides, these filthy rich globalists often fund both sides of any issue; the goal is to create as much strife and enmity as possible amongst the proles. This way, the proles will not unite and search for those responsible for their misery and impoverishment.

  31. Zeke

    Amazing book – now out of print (why?) “The Seven Sisters” no longer available because it represented a ‘snap shot’ in time that seemed like it was set in stone. Historically accurate but not current.

    It does go to show that the major components of the parties and players in the oil industry have been rejiggered over time.

  32. HELLO: earth to everyone here…look, Trump’s fundraising is roaring along while Biden’s fund raising is collapsing.

    Guess what? Oil companies LOVE TRUMP. They do not love the lunatics on the left at all.

    Sheesh. People say I am stupid. That is stupid. Click here to see that I am, as always, 100% right:

  33. Zeke, you have a computer. If you dared, you could have done a simple google search to learn what is happening TODAY. It is laughably simple.

  34. Zeke

    EMS posts “I am, as always, 100% right”

    Enuf said.

  35. Correct, you are nearly always wrong or off topic. Or both.

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