Anti-Vaccinationists Distort Statistical Evidence: Mississippi Death Rate Highest in America, Vermont Lowest


Tony Heller hates me.  He banned me at his web page in the past because I gave him important data to prove a point.  Oh no!  So here he is, yet again, making his point while lying about reality due to an inability to see ALL the data to understand things.  So I posted this at his video site on YouTube:


The missing information here is simple: Vermont which is less than 20 miles from my own home, has the LOWEST infection/death rate in all the USA. My state, NY, has the second highest death rate due to NYC and Long Island. Vermont’s rate is less than 600 per million NY is nearly 3,000 per million! Vermont had, for the most part, 2 to 3 deaths per day during this spike while NY has had 30 deaths a day this last month.


Mississippi, as of today, now has 3,300 deaths per million which is THE HIGHEST IN THE NATION.


A lot of people are going around, lying about this epidemic. Others are just ill informed. I go to for statistical analysis. Everyone should visit that site. Tons of statistical information there.chillwcat


I love, love, love data.  I spend a lot of effort, digging up data.  I check stuff out and make comparisons and try my best to record scientific points and actual real things instead of assuming things.  Heller, in his video, praises Wyoming as well as Mississippi.  Wyoming isn’t as hideous as Mississippi which got the ‘most dead victims’ crown this week, tearing it out of the hands of New Jersey, Wyoming is catching up with New Jersey:


There were eleven dead in Mississippi yesterday, four in Vermont and none in Wyoming.  This disease comes in, kills and then swiftly leaves again only to return in slightly changed form to kill again.  It kills less and less each cycle compared to the population numbers (not overall numbers).


The graphs look bad for Vermont, the disease is killing one or three people each day!  Oh no!  This is a HUGE spike from ZERO deaths every day!  Hmmmm… here is Mississipi which is the most deaths in the USA per million:


The trick here is to note the numbers on this graph for Mississippi: 0—25—50 etc.  Every line is another 25 people dying.  It peaks at 100 a day dying.


Here is Vermont’s graph which has a totally different scale:



Oh it looks terrible!  Shooting upwards!  It hit a high of SIX people dying at the height.  It normally is nearly no one.  This last week, it it 5 deaths on one day, the several days before, it was 0 deaths.  The scale is 0—2–4—6 etc.  Wow.  The other scale for Mississippi which has the highest death rate in the USA, it is ten times bigger scale so we are comparing a tiny mouse to a huge elephant here.


Heller hides this fact.  This is why he doesn’t talk about the scale of the graphs and what that means nor mentions that Vermont continues to carry the crown of ‘fewest coronavirus deaths in the entire USA.


Since even Vermont has a number of people with no vaccinations, claiming vaccinations don’t work when very, very few people are DYING in that state (they might get sick but not fatally sick) is lunacy.  It is very irritating.  The least vaccinated state now has the most DEATHS.  This should scare everyone with brains!  Hello!


NY and NJ had a very high death rate at the beginning of this epidemic.  No state aside from Mass. and neighbors of Kennedy Airport, had anywhere near the rate NY and NJ had during the first moth of this epidemic.  It killed THOUSANDS a day in just four states for one month!  A frightful number.


Note the number of cases at the beginning of this epidemic. When it was in just four states, mainly, it was under 30,000 a day.  This hit this corner of the US very hard.  When it went national, it peaked at 100,000 a day and has never peaked there again, dropping greatly in the last wave which is now fading, too:


March 7 to May 1, 2020, the graph shows a very small part of the US had the germs.  Look at the death rate:


The death rate, compared to the infection rate, was HUGE from 2020 at the beginning.  On the comparative scale, it dwarfs the infection rate in the graphs.  This last wave is annoying but nowhere near where the top of the disease tsunami when it killed over 4,000 a day but these were shared by 350 million populations unlike the first month of the epidemic with 35 million populations.


Here in NY which is the very first state to have a high coronavirus kill rate a year and a half ago, has statistics about the vaccination rate and how this interfaces with the death/illness rates:


As of data received through October 24, 2021, the New York State Department of Health is aware of:

  • 120,653 laboratory-confirmed breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully-vaccinated people in New York State, which corresponds to 1.0% of the population of fully-vaccinated people 12-years or older.
  • 8,114 hospitalizations with COVID-19 among fully-vaccinated people in New York State, which corresponds to 0.07% of the population of fully-vaccinated people 12-years or older.

These results indicate that laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections and hospitalizations with COVID-19 have been uncommon events among the population of people who are fully-vaccinated (≥14 days after completing their vaccine series).

To understand the above statistics, it is important to consider that they reflect not only the effectiveness of vaccines, but also changes over time in the intensity of the epidemic, circulating variant strains (such as Delta), and protective behaviors (e,g, masking and social distancing) against COVID-19, as well as the growing number of people fully-vaccinated in New York State.


The death rate for NY before the vaccinations was near 3% now it is 0.07%.  A significant drop, thank goodness.  Yes, people who were vaccinated did finally die of the disease but in far fewer numbers than in March, 2020.


99% of the coronavirus cases in NY hospitals now are the Delta variant, by the way.

This graph shows that the re-infected victims are grossly outnumbered by the non-vaccinated victims of the disease since the Delta variant hit NY State.  Since over 60% of the population is vaccinated this means 40% of the people are 70% of the hospital cases.


Evolution is a peculiar thing.  Humans pretty much stopped the ‘survival of the fittest’ (physically fit, that is) when we humans created ‘civilizations’ but our cities are also the hell holes of diseases due to overpopulation (all cities, by definition, are ‘overpopulated’ according to natural conditions) and so these crowded places are the home bases of all major epidemics which is why one of the most populated cities in China…produced this latest epidemic.


The Black Plague swept Europe due not to crowded cities though these certainly had the highest death rates overall, but instead, was spread by RATS who lived in huge numbers all over the place and in the countryside, lived where grain was stored, for example.  So everyone was exposed due to the rats.

Me and my dog, Skyler, in the office, while I use my Medieval computer.  My dog has curly tail and floppy ears.


But virtually no elites died of this disease due to two things: they lived relatively isolated from the rat infested peasants and…THEY HAD DOGS that killed…RATS.  I have a rat catching puppy dog, short legs and very snippy and loves going after rodents and will go down holes, to kill them.  Look at any Medieval tapestries and paintings and the domestic scenes inside and outside castles and you see ladies with rat killing doggies hanging around them just like my little rat catcher pooch is lying near my feet here in the office right now.


If I say, ‘Go get the rat!’ she shoots out and immediately hunts down the rats!  Bang!  Like a rocket.


I love going off on tangents like these.  I didn’t read in any books, how little dogs prevented the Black Plague from killing any of my elite ancestors.  This is why they all survived that epidemic.


This is exactly what my dog looks like today, a perfect Medieval portrait of her little, blonde self.


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59 responses to “Anti-Vaccinationists Distort Statistical Evidence: Mississippi Death Rate Highest in America, Vermont Lowest

  1. TinaB

    Elaine – you love data? Huh? Just not climate science data? You constantly accuse the media, the scientists, all authorities, etc. of being 0iars but you believe the COVID data? Where do you think it comes from? Come on!

    It’s funny how you accuse people of lying when you have NO PROOF but when trump spews lie after lie after lie out of his own mouth for everyone to hear Elaine just turns a blind eye! How convenient!

    It does appear you’ve spun yourself into a corner. Your ego is out of control. Confabulations = mental illness.

    Anyway, the end is nigh!

  2. TinaB

    @Zeke Enuf said? I’ll add this:

    “People who always think they are totally right are either borderline personality disorder, narcissist, or both. It is their ego’s reaction to the fear of being exposed, they can’t even be honest with themselves. They actually believe they are right because they filter the facts that they are willing to perceive.”


    ELAINE: a perfect description of Zeke and Tina, the ‘we are always right and have no proof’ duo.

  3. lou

    USA, least vaccinated are
    homeless, black citizens and children.

    close to 0 deaths from wuflu among them?
    and gov wants millions of children masked and sterilized.

    Do any posters here agree w Elaine?


    ELAINE: the death rate of the homeless from all sorts of things is quite high. You are just unaware of this fact. Also…the government is OK with them all dying. So attempts at seeing who dies of what is pretty low. Thinking that being homeless is a solution to this epidemic: so, are YOU homeless, too?

    Think! I beg people to think. The least tracked populations are the homeless drug addicts. And they die constantly.

  4. ‘120,653 laboratory-confirmed breakthrough cases of COVID-19

    ”8,114 hospitalizations”

    Fau Chi said ” vacceens 100% safe & effective ”

  5. Zeke

    “100% safe & effective”

    I doubt Fauci said that. Or anybody for that matter. It’s just not something anyone knowledgeable could or would say about anything.
    (Even water can kill)

    Why lie? And continue to lie and act cute?


    ELAINE: No one ever said any vaccine for this disease was 100% perfect. This is tossed about by hysterical people who are scared of shots in general. I keep pointing out, since the vast majority of people get vaccinated, this makes it easier for nonvaccinated people to survive. The germ pool is smaller.

  6. vanden bossche hypothesis is that non sterilizing vacination during a pandemic leads to asymptomatic development of variants among the vaxed that are first passed to the unvacinated which seems to be what is happening along with growing cases and deaths among the vaxed.
    This is a very complex subject with lots of variables , much like the climate debate both sides can use data .As with climate data, everywhere except uk they are adjusting the raw.
    But weren’ t we supposed to be done with the C-19 by now ? THE ONLY WAY BACK TO NORMAL IS TO GET THE JAB ! they shouted at us.

    & the worldmeters world chart shows cases and deaths turning up from the 3rd wave. we will see.

    Then there are the growing reports of non C deaths among the vaxed being counted or hidden ? But overall the majority seem to be tolerating the vax as they also were not affected by the virus


    ELAINE: 100% wrong. The new variant sprang up in INDIA and moved to South America and then, via illegal aliens, to the USA. We have OPEN BORDERS during an epidemic thanks to deranged liberals.

  7. 5, why make it so easy ?

  8. Interpretation Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fullyvaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts.

  9. Wow, tons of ridiculous ‘information’ today. HAHAHA.

    Look, no one is providing actual hard statistical facts here except for me. I do this heroically and despite this inability to absorb these graphs and charts and data points, people pretend they know ‘the real story’ which is ABSURD.

    No, people are not dying of flu shots. No, the vaccinated are NOT getting sick more than the unvaccinated. No, Vermont is still not 99% vaccinated, and the number of sick or dead is vanishingly small. Yes, it went up mainly from near zero to slightly above zero!

    And yes, the least vaccinated states that got the disease AFTER vaccinations happened are states with very low vaccination rates.

    And yes, blacks and city people are dying of this disease, they are not immune at all. Also, when blacks get it, it attacks their lungs even worse than caucasians.

    Also: statistics from the slums is terrible due to the lawlessness and wildness and people not cooperating or bodies lying to rot for months, etc.

  10. Arvind Damarla

    The elderly and those with co-morbidities constitute 90%+ of deaths and hospitalisations. They should be vaccinated. But it is a really bad idea for everyone else to be vaccinated. This is a non-sterelising (leaky) vaccine. It is better for the young and health to develop sterelizing immunity from natural infection. Otherwise everyone will have leaky and narrowly-focused vaccine antibodies. In this scenario, infections will continue resulting in the selection of variants that escape vaccinal immunity. I can’t think of a worse outcome for those most at risk.

  11. Arvind Damarla

    If you want o see interesting data have a look at Sweden and India. Both countries have a huge reservoir of natural immunity. Now their case counts are much lower than in highly vaccinated countries that did not allow prior natural infection amongst the unvaccinated. Naturally these countries have very few deaths, are unlikely to see a rise in cases due to any new variants. Contract this with countries like the UK, Ireland, Denmark, etc which locked down pre-vaccinarion. They have very little sterelising immunity and infwcrions continue to rate, despite lower death rates. This is a time-bomb waiting to go off. They have created perfect conditions for a vaccine-resistant variants to emerge. Unfortunately this is an inevitable outcome now.


    ELAINE: Sweden’s death rate is 1,500 per million. Sweden had two peaks when over 100 people died a day. The US is 2,300 deaths per million. But the US got the Milan variant before Sweden. The US and Italy have the same death rate per million.

    Variations of this disease popped up FROM DAY ONE. Within just one month, the Chinese variant was different from the Milan variant which came from Chinese workers returning from New Year celebrations.

    Also, the DELTA variant came from INDIA.

  12. How to do it ,,


    ELAINE: Statistics show that the Amish were hit by the virus. But since most live in the countryside, it was a much lower rate than in cities. I live in the countryside in NY, one of the states hardest hit and we had zero deaths and next to no cases.

  13. from the cdc , lol , this is also how the ”climate warms ” ;

    ”.aORs and 95% CIs were calculated using multivariable logistic regression, adjusted for age, geographic region, calendar time (days from January 1 to hospitalization), and local virus circulation, and weighted based on propensity to be in the vaccinated category (1,2). Established methods were used to calculate weights to account for differences in sociodemographic and health characteristics between groups (3).

    …the statistical model incorporated the use of a weighted propensity score method which is subject to biases in estimates or standard errors if the propensity score model is misspecified. Numerous techniques were used to reduce potential suboptimal specification of the model, including but not limited to including a large set of covariates for machine learning estimation of propensity scores, including covariates in both regression and propensity models, ensuring large sample sizes and checking stability of weights, and conducting secondary analyses to assess robustness of results.”

  14. Zelda

    Supkis is insane. Tremendous amounts of data and scientific research has been posted here proving that these frankenjabs are only effective at causing sickness and death.

    Do you really believe the people that designed and released SARS Cov-2 want to save you? Not to mention that around 200 Congressional Democrats have been treated with Ivermectin WHILE THEY DENY IT TO THE PEOPLE.

    It is generally against my ethos to take pleasure in the suffering of others but I must confess to being tempted to conclude that it is starting to look fitting that Supkis got Darwined.

    Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to
    Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the
    SARS Virus

    Click to access pone.0035421.pdf

    Do note that not all of the mice died right away.


    ELAINE: I do hope you never get vaccinated. It would be a service to humanity. Oh, and SARS kills lungs. Not the vaccination tested. Oh, and the goal is to find something that does work. Some things don’t so they keep on trying.

  15. re Elaines Mississippi /ny comparison , note that Miss. had much fewer cases in the first wave than NY , one can see this in many places [ if U look at worldometers ! ] where the virus just catches up from the low numbers . australia is a good example

  16. lou

    17–we agree.

  17. Elaine is on thin ice here, much more and she will have only the zeke and tinab to read


    ELAINE: I understand. Hearing stuff that is scary is scary. People digging up information is scary, too. The best way to deal with scary information is to freak out and run and hide. I debate everyone and in this case, people are particularly scared and freaked out which leads to hysteria.

    If no vaccinations are so wonderful, you all should be happy! On the other hand, I am against enforced vaccinations for one reason: DARWIN wins in the end. If people want to play the Darwin survival game, I am perfectly OK with this.

    Also, people balk when forced just like a horse when being broke. Whipping a balked horse is very bad, it makes the horse dangerous and uncooperative. I prefer cooperation and if people are scared of shots, I won’t force them at all.

    Live and learn! Or perhaps, don’t live, that is OK if one chooses that path.

    ALSO: Trump agrees with me. No forced vaccinations.

  18. lou

    20–I am in a city. I hear the horror stories. I hear one this week–here–

    IM a hair stylist, I knew someone who fell dead soon after the 3rd jab.

    ELAINE: oh, that is a reliable story! HAHAHA.

  19. Zeke

    “Post hoc ergo propter hoc.”

    – is still an (il)logical fallacy.

  20. Kenogami

    “Post hoc ergo propter hoc.”

    – is still an (il)logical fallacy.

    But when it occurs a million times, it is a logical certainty.

  21. Zeke

    Vast majority of vulnerable people who die had breakfast within the prior 24 hrs. -> therefore breakfast kills.

    ‘Tis a certainty.

    Elderly women fall and break their hip. ‘Tis the fall that broke their hip.
    ‘Tis a certainty.
    Whereas –
    (Some studies show that elderly women (with osteoporosis) break their hip and then fall – causing them to fall.

    In short – don’t reflexively impute causality to chronology.

  22. Mewswithaview

    Nobody who takes the vaccine knows if they have made the correct decision.

    Nobody who refusers the vaccine knows if they have made the correct decision.

    All decisions are based on personal risk assessment. It is a relatively easy decision to take the vaccine if you are retired, your risk of dying from the virus and anything else is much higher and getting mush closer by the day.

    If you are an airline pilot who maintains a good level of fitness which is essential for the job, the potential side effects of the vaccines can end your career as a pilot and consign you to poverty so your risk assessment is completely different to that of a retired person.

    The mandates introduce the risk of poverty into that risk assessment calculation.

    If you don’t take responsibility for your own health and allow yourself to become overweight and diabetic then your risk profile is different and you will have a worse outcome. Therefore the vaccine in some cases is a temporary absolution of responsibility for the poor choices you have made.

    It is now known that any immunity conferred by the vaccine is temporary so your risk profile is the same many months after you took the second jab. All it has done is buy you some time you have to take other steps to reduce other risks which means reduce your weight and overcome diabetes (where that is possible).

    Both vaccinated and non vaccinated need to have a plan for treatment when they get infected, they must be able to recognise the symptoms and by able to treat it right away in order to avoid hospitalisation. This must be done now.

    I expect there to be an upwards trend of infections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh simply due to the fact that it is flu’ season, the public health authorities seem to have done a good job thus far in controlling the spread, it was not vaccines that bought Covid under control in that state.

  23. The antivaccination gang is crazy.

    Look, NO ONE outside of say, Milan and NY had the first cases of the virus variant that was brought to Italy via Chinese coming back from the new year celebrations.

    The death toll at the BEGINNING of this epidemic was HUGE.

    All the postings here claiming I am wrong provide NO RAW DATA. I go to raw data for information.

    This present wave, the Delta wave, is much weaker than the first wave from Europe. Far, far less dangerous, thank goodness.

    The death rate as my graphs show clearly, are VERY LOW in this resurgence of the variant. It is the exact opposite of the first wave which was a huge killer.

    Mississipi didn’t have much of anything until many months later than NY, for example. And the Mississippi death rate is now, as of today, HIGHER THAN NY. You all ignore this data even though I show you it because I know that even stupid people can figure out obvious things.

    But anti-vaccination people are NOT sane they are crazy. They live in this fine bubble surrounded by vaccinated people and imagine they are smart and we are stupid. As I point out, stupid people often get their wishes and they wish for the pre-vaccination world which had hideous epidemics of vast scale and fatality rates we cannot easily imagine.


    As of data received through October 24, 2021, the New York State Department of Health is aware of:

    120,653 laboratory-confirmed breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully-vaccinated people in New York State, which corresponds to 1.0% of the population of fully-vaccinated people 12-years or older.
    8,114 hospitalizations with COVID-19 among fully-vaccinated people in New York State, which corresponds to 0.07% of the population of fully-vaccinated people 12-years or older.
    These results indicate that laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections and hospitalizations with COVID-19 have been uncommon events among the population of people who are fully-vaccinated (≥14 days after completing their vaccine series).

    To understand the above statistics, it is important to consider that they reflect not only the effectiveness of vaccines, but also changes over time in the intensity of the epidemic, circulating variant strains (such as Delta), and protective behaviors (e,g, masking and social distancing) against COVID-19, as well as the growing number of people fully-vaccinated in New York State.

    To measure the real-world effectiveness of vaccines in reducing cases and hospitalizations, compared to unvaccinated people, additional information and analyses are necessary.

    One approach is to compare the rates of cases and hospitalizations among vaccinated people to the rates of these outcomes in unvaccinated people, over time.

    The next section shows these comparisons among adult residents of NYS, building on previously published methods.


    Elaine: I hope this helps people understand what is going on here. The NY death rate for vaccinated people is extremely low. The death rate, overall, is also low but the sick unvaccinated are still much more likely to die according to statistics.

  25. In comparing the rates of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases between fully-vaccinated and unvaccinated people using the vaccine effectiveness measure, fully-vaccinated New Yorkers continue to be strongly protected against infection.
    For the week of May 3, 2021, the estimated vaccine effectiveness shows fully-vaccinated New Yorkers had a 91.8% lower chance of becoming a COVID-19 case, compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers.
    Although this effectiveness measure declined through mid-July, this decline then ceased. In the week of October 4, 2021, fully-vaccinated New Yorkers had a 78.9% lower chance of becoming a COVID-19 case, compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers.


    Comparing the rates of COVID-19 hospitalization between fully-vaccinated and unvaccinated people using age-adjusted vaccine effectiveness, fully-vaccinated New Yorkers remain strongly protected against COVID-19 hospitalization.
    Across the time period of analysis, fully-vaccinated New Yorkers had between an 89.8% and 95.3% lower chance of being hospitalized with COVID-19, compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers.

  26. Taken together these results demonstrate that vaccines continue to be highly-effective at protecting New York residents from infection and hospitalization with COVID-19. Put simply, these outcomes are occurring among vaccinated people, but at levels far lower than among unvaccinated people, because vaccines work.
    The ongoing >89% effectiveness against hospitalization is consistent with the results of the original vaccine clinical trials’ results, which showed protection from severe COVID-19 disease at these levels.
    Effectiveness against laboratory-confirmed infections is high, but lower than against COVID-19 hospitalization.
    The reasons for changes in this effectiveness estimate are unclear and may be due to declines in immunity from the vaccines, the marked increase in the levels of the Delta variant during this time period (to >99% of specimens in the federal region containing New York State), and/or changes in protective behaviors over time. This is an area of active study by scientists in New York and around the world.
    Role for Additional Protective Measures: Because vaccines do not offer 100% protection, additional protective measures, such as mask wearing, and social distancing will provide additional protection. Please read the CDC’s interim public health recommendations for fully vaccinated people.

  27. Zeke

    @ Mews above,

    “Nobody who takes the vaccine knows if they have made the correct decision.

    Nobody who refusers (sic) the vaccine knows if they have made the correct decision.”

    All decisions are based on personal risk assessment. It is a relatively easy decision to take the vaccine if you are retired, (disagree here since retiree can more easily self isolate) your risk of dying from the virus and anything else is much higher and getting mush (sic) closer by the day.

    “The mandates introduce the risk of poverty into that risk assessment calculation.”

    Agreed – for the most part. Our bodies are the most personal and only things we really own and have some control over. Putting something INTO the bloodstream is even a step beyond that.

    Mandates (without workarounds such as in lieu of testing) are heavy handed intrusions on personal liberty, removing personal decision making from the process.
    Corporate mandates are one thing; gov’t mandates are worse. They are a ham fisted approach to what should be best left to personal conscious or conscience, imo.

  28. ”Hearing stuff that is scary is scary. People digging up information is scary, too.”

    ” digging up information ”, as opposed to ” reliable sources ” ? , , [ u know that , but now with c-19 the MSM are angels ?? ]

    i don’t find any of this ” scary” , interesting , yes

    at worst its like there’s a grizzly bear over there and i”m keeping an eye on him

  29. there has been a strange riddle in the covid data of late.

    we have a lower CFR variant of the disease that has become predominant. delta has roughly 1/3 the case fatality rate of prior variants (like alpha)

    far more people have acquired immunity from having had and recovered from covid. this immunity is long lasting and extremely effective. (much more so than vaccines)

    high risk cohorts were significantly reduced last year. there is less “dry tinder” now.

    we have FAR more people vaccinated now. it’s 50-90% in many places and in many high risk groups. last year it was zero.

    and yet in many of the high vaccine uptake places, we’re seeing deaths from covid (and excess mortality) rise to levels ABOVE last year.

    this has led many to posit that vaccines not only don’t work, but that they make you worse.

    but on an individual level, this does not appear to be true. (though there is quite a lot of evidence that vaccines induce higher risk in the two weeks post administration and that this is being accounted for dishonestly, added to the “unvaccinated” butcher’s bill, and artificially enhancing reported VE.

    BUT, even if we control for this, vaccines are showing efficacy in preventing deaths among the vaccinated. it’s more like 50% than the 90%+ being claimed, but VE against death in the 50%’s should still be showing BIG community effects with so many people in the high risk groups vaccinated.

    but, on a societal level, it’s not. we’re seeing breakouts to new seasonal highs vs last year and epidemics in covid death rapidly following vaccination campaigns. (MORE)

    all else equal even without vaccines, we’d expect to see attenuation in covid deaths for the reasons laid out above. instead we see acceleration.

    the case rate in covid would need to be 3X last year to drive equivalent deaths and higher than that to show excess. but, it’s nothing like that, especially once you control for testing levels.

    this is showing up in excess deaths as well as covid deaths, so the signal looks real.

    the data has caused a lot of hand wringing and confusion.

    grab a seat, because i have an idea to inject into the debate, i sincerely hope that i am wrong, and i suspect a fair few folks are not going to like hearing it, but it’s the best fit i can find for the data.

    so here we go:


    ELAINE: Yes, it did go up in say, Vermont…which had nearly NONE in 2020. Today, it is now a horrible number: 2 to 4 people dying a day!!! OH NO!!! HAHAHA. Good grief. If you read all my graphs and charts and data, you will figure out that the kill rate at the beginning especially from March to April 2020, was IMMENSE. HUGE. NY hasn’t had anything near that since then. Neither has Vermont or any of the fully vaccinated states.

    Mississippi which has the lowest rate of vaccination has a death rate higher than New York! Higher than New Jersey!!!!

  30. ”perversely, if the vaccinated comprise a spread vector that accelerates deaths in the unvaccinated, that would make it look like vaccines work.”

  31. That is insane. Snoosebomb, everyone spreads germs but people who are vaccinated have a much, much greater SURVIVAL rate than unvaccinated people.

    This is very easy to prove: Mississippi has one of the lowest vaccination rates and the highest death rate per million which just this week, passed both NY and NJ death rates.

    You don’t need to be vaccinated. You can play Russian roulette with germs as far as I am concerned but passing around fake information is infuriating.

  32. Mississippi , as i pointed out had low case/death to start so its catching up like Australia. i suspect this vacceen does very little


    ELAINE: Mississippi didn’t catch up, it shot PAST the two states that had the highest death rate due to being close to Kennedy Airport back at the beginning of the epidemic.

  33. Kenogami

    It would be good and appropriate to draw conclusions based on raw data, as long as the data is honest. But if the data is fraudulent, then it is GIGO. And we know the data on COVID has been fraudulent since the beginning, the Western governments have lied about everything COVID.

    THE PCR tests gave false positive in more than 95% of the cases.
    For profit hospitals were paid lots of money for any declared COVID death: thus deaths by cancer or car accidents or heart failure, etc., were officially declared COVID deaths.
    Cheap, safe, and effective drugs were made illegal, which increased the number of COVID deaths.
    Treatment was refused to the COVID-sicks until they were very sick; then they were killed in the hospitals by ventilators.
    Deaths a few days after vaccination were counted as deaths of the unvaccinated.
    Everything official about COVID is fraud.

  34. Jim R

    Everything official about COVID is fraud.

    I don’t know whether Elaine has been paid, or threatened, or actually believes the M5M propaganda. But you can’t get her to look at any of those facts, @Kenogami.

    Another piece of evidence is the total human population. If this were a black plague event like Elaine keeps insisting, you would think it would have shrunk by a few percent. And it hasn’t.


    ELAINE: I go to many sources in many countries for raw data and other information. I then use a thing called ‘my brains’ to figure out stuff. Also…I was a victim of the Hong Kong flu which was very deadly and killed many in Asia and nearly killed ME. So I have a strong opinion about epidemics based on life situations.

  35. remember how common its always been for soccer players to suddenly die on the field ?

  36. If you look at the statistics and not hysteria, nonvaccinated people still die in greater numbers than vaccinated. Just because 75% of the population has vaccinations and a handful (usually in very small numbers as I shown here already) the anti vaccination gang goes nuts and ignores the immense death rate before vaccinations.

    As I keep explaining, as this moves across the entire earth, out of billions of people only a handful, relatively speaking, are dying of this disease now. There are many but spread far and wide, not in a few ‘hot spots’.

    The disease is now entering its final stage and will tapper off quietly, everywhere but not all at once. As for ‘sudden deaths’ of athletes: did you do research on that topic?

    I find lots of interesting information whenever people say stuff like that. As for the weather: the ‘bad weather’ we have as humans has ALWAYS been ‘bad’ off and on, this is called ‘living on a planet that is tilted and rotates while rotating around a star that rotates around a black hole galactic center’.


    This took me less than one second to find on google:

    The sudden death of a young, apparently healthy athlete is a great tragedy. The odds that any given athlete will die suddenly are very small. Estimates range from 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 300,000 over 10 years. However, each sudden death that does occur is devastating to family, friends, and the community.

    The large majority of these sudden deaths are related to underlying cardiac conditions that were undiagnosed beforehand. The sudden death is usually a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation. This is a heart rhythm disturbance where the heart quivers rather than contracts, which stops the heart from pumping blood. In most cases with young athletes, intense exercise triggers life-threatening arrhythmia.

    ELAINE: So yes, this DOES happen and it happened recently. The vaccination given long beforehand didn’t cause it, this is called ‘happenstance’ and many such have happened when we vaccinate the ENTIRE POPULATION OF EARTH.

    Random chance is a huge thing people refuse to understand. When billions of people are vaccinated, the accidental coincidence of death becomes statistically quite possible.

    In this case, 1 in 50,000 means with vaccinating everyone, dozens and dozens of people would have this sort of mysterious ‘sudden deaths’.

  38. nonvaccinated people still die in greater numbers than vaccinated.

    that’s hard to know when vaxed is defined minus the 2 week window


  39. AGAIN, the Delta variant is NOT killing at the rate the previous incarnation of the disease…no where near as many.

    In all the studies I have seen, the unvaccinated still die more then the vaccinated.

    And both are very few, PER MILLION who are infected compared to a year and a half ago.

  40. Also, until this last week, barely 50% of the US was fully vaccinated. This left a huge pool of people with not enough vaccination or none to have the disease flourish yet in NY, it never got above 50 deaths per day, usually it is below 25 deaths a day in a population of over 17 million people.

    Ever since NY went above 70% vaccinated, the death toll is extremely small compared to a thousand a day. Barely noticeable.

  41. ”AGAIN, the Delta variant is NOT killing at the rate ”

    ”the death toll is extremely small compared to a thousand a day.”


    ELAINE: A thousand a day in ONE CITY.


  42. Zelda

    The media isn’t going to be able to keep a lid on this:
    Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America

    So why are so many young people suddenly having such serious problems with their hearts?

    Can anyone out there explain this to me?

  43. Australia finally reached a 66% vaccination rate yesterday. The US is still slightly under 60%.

    So we have a germ pool of around 40% in the US and 34% in Australia so the germs continue onwards and upwards.

  44. Australia has as of today, a death rate of only 69 per million compared to the US which has a 2,300 per million death rate!

    99 countries have had more covid cases than Australia. Many more had a death rate higher per million than Australia.

    The disease is declining in Australia thanks mainly to vaccinations. The kill rate is way below NYC kill rate which was once the highest in the world except for NJ.

  45. People look at headlines and then come here to toss these to me so I can destroy them with hard facts. In this case, people seem unable to grasp the concept of ‘media lies all the time’ and when facing facts I produce, resort to calling me stupid for not falling for fake news!

    Many things tossed here are UNVERIFIED. That is, TESTED CAREFULLY. Happenstance is turned into hysteria and as I said in the past, statistically, when you inoculate everyone on earth, you get many happenstance problems that happen at the same time. This is inevitable.

    In my lifetime, the only time we had global response like this was the polio epidemic more than half a century ago. I was in the forefront of the vaccination effort being at the University in Chicago where Salk did his research and I was basically a ‘monkey’ for testing the vaccinations.

    Thus, I never had the disease but a dear friend of my childhood DID.

    Since then, I have been a heavy person backing vaccinations.

  46. ”The disease is declining in Australia”, you should try using worldometers

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