Desperate Virginia Dems Lie, Cheat and Steal To ‘Win’ Next Week Election


This is endless: the Democrats remain in power via several tools!  Crime and terror keeps voters from living in DNC hell hole cities, rigged voting machines and cheating while counting votes keeps power above the water line in these dead cities, women in the suburbs woke up to discover their daughters will be eliminated by men wearing dresses in all intellectual and physical competitions, there are many reasons to not vote DNC but the latest is the worse: Biden is giving millions of dollars to invaders from far away and letting them in and then we have to let these invaders vote, too!  Amazing.


I think even the dumbest voters will figure out the obvious.  Hell, even some people reading my news service will finally figure they are effed to all hell by all this.  Or maybe not!  This is pathetic, of course.  The Biden administration is roller derby to hell.


Trump’s kid loves to kid the Democrats.  They hate him more than his daddy!


Meanwhile, in Virginia, the DNC is doubling down with the fake junk they pulled all the time in the past like when they had agents egg on voters on January 6th, telling them to storm Congress.  In this case, they pretended to be Trump supporters who are threatening to march with burning tapers like two years ago:



The rag tag group tried to look like Trump supporters only they are dressed totally alike and have no Trump hats.  HAHAHA.  Talk about crummy fakes.



Conservatives are having a laugh riot at this blatant illicit campaigning by desperate Democrats.  The DNC Virginia governor is falling rapidly in the polls and now will fall even further.



So, one of these creeps is female.  I am guessing, of course, her sexual persona could be anything.  I should call all Democrats ‘it’ since they can’t make up their minds on this topic.  These crazy leftists are certainly not ‘very fine people’ and some leftists claim they aren’t even ‘people’.  HAHAHA.


Meanwhile, the massive invasion from south of our borders continues its relentless march: We are at a key moment here, totally identical to the fall of Rome almost 2,000 years ago. History is like a dog chasing its tail, round and round it goes.




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4 responses to “Desperate Virginia Dems Lie, Cheat and Steal To ‘Win’ Next Week Election

  1. Petruchio

    “Yet the @GOP is sitting on their hands again, doing nothing.” This is a quote from John Cardillo’s tweet at the top here. What ARE the Republicans doing about all this Voter fraud? Why aren’t they doing more? Sometimes noting what is NOT going on is just as revealing as what IS happening.

  2. Zeke

    Obviously Elaine is a partisan political hack.
    Getting her talking points and marching orders from the Trumpterdian RNC.

    So predictable ….. every article is like the one before and the next one. Yawn.

    She is incapable of seeing the rot in the Trumpterdian RNC. As she without a shred of self consciousness or self awareness proclaims herself to be pure as the driven snow – error free. Posting that she is ‘always 100% correct’.

    How sad is that: the Oracle at Supkis.

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