North Dakota ANTIFA Thug Goes Free No Prison Time After Smashing Senator’s Office With AX


A very violent leftist communist rioter attacked the office of a US Senator, Jown Hoeven of North Dakota, this lunatic leftist used an ax to break into the Senator’s office to destroy it on Christmas eve last year!  After the trial and found guilty, the judge in the Fed court let him go with ZERO PRISON TIME, just time served waiting for trial.  This was a very dangerous ideological lunatic they released and do note his huge smile at getting away with obvious assassination attempt.  The rioters who were shot by Rittenhouse were career criminals, the one who ran over all those parade women and children was also a career criminal, too.  Arrest the Democrats who are allowing criminals to attack citizens nonstop!


So, a radical ANTIFA rioter picked up an AX and attacked a Senator’s office one night and…isn’t spending even one night in a prison? This is insanity brought to us by the Biden ‘Justice’ Department! Meanwhile, the Biden gangsters did everything in their power to put an innocent teenager in prison because he defended himself successfully while being hunted down and attacked by a BLM/ANTIFA riot mob in Kenosha. After winning his court case, Rittenhouse moved on to chat like a normal person with Fox News and others while the entire left side of the country screamed bloody murder and upped demands pushed by the Biden gang, to have the Feds rearrest the teenager who is only 18 years old, and charge him again and again like Trump!


The ANTIFA hatchet man was let out of prison after serving only time waiting for trial!  This is an insult to all citizens especially after witnessing the President on down the line on the communist/DNC side of the government, demanding Kyle be put in prison for life for defending himself from a gang of career criminals!  Trump’s son agrees with me:




So, overthrowing the government is no big deal! Attacking places with axes is OK? Good grief, this is utterly insane.


Yes indeed, there are literally hundreds of people locked up in DC by the Democrats and only the Democrats and have no court dates at all and when I visited the mainstream news, most of that is about January 6 and the ‘rioters’ and nearly nothing about the mass murderer or the ax swinging terrorist or the general chaos and open looting going on in DNC hell hole cities.  Nope.  That ain’t ‘news’ at all!


Here is an example I found via Andy Ngo: In Manchester Connecticut, leftist radicals stopped traffic causing many problems.  The leftist media pretended it never happened yesterday, as per always.



So, the car moved very slowly and pushed people who were breaking the law and menacing the driver, he pushed them aside.  This happens a lot.  These ‘demonstrators’ are demons.  They do this endlessly here and in Europe and people are really fed up with them all.  These are the global warming nut cases.  They often are wearing lots of warm clothing due to the cold weather while screaming, even in snow storms, that we are roasting to death.


Since mainstream media is peddling this idiotic story, they are praised for doing this.  I find it fascinating and horrifying.  These poor saps are going to freeze to death as it gets colder and colder.


Now back to the mass murderer leftist lunatic: sleuths who are smarter than mainstream reporters have uncovered all the junk this mass murderer DE Brooks, posted online talking about how to run over people and kill them in the name of Black Lives Matter:

We won’t see this in mainstream news stories!  They are working day and night to pretend this mass killer isn’t BLM.  But he is, he is, he most certainly is.


By the way, my pal, Rudi Giuliani, has a son who is running for NY governor:


And the mad mask mandate continues as our rulers never wear masks except when pretending to wear these only to discard them the minute the media cameras turn off (and doing this in front of all the reporters who won’t report this, of course).  They want to even punish people if they have visitors at home, they are under orders by the non-mask wearing rulers to put on masks even at home!  This is insane and here is one child’s take on this matter, from Senator Cruz:



They don’t teach spelling or penmanship in schools anymore but at least this kid could express a clear thought we are all thinking!


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9 responses to “North Dakota ANTIFA Thug Goes Free No Prison Time After Smashing Senator’s Office With AX

  1. John Culhane

    The question is at what point in his life could this person have been stopped before he killed so many people?

  2. @1, I got as far as the prosecutor reading his prior convictions. Starts with things like possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, failing to pay a fine, interfering with an officer, then moves up to assault.
    Such a bullshit system. I’ve seen a lot of marijuana use and disorderly conduct in my time, but if you’re a black person in America I guess you get locked up for that shit.

  3. lou

    off topic

    Elaine, you may get a kick out of this at 30-32 minutes.
    One of the Kardashians in bondage, in a deleted tweet.

  4. TinaB


    ELAINE: Tina, why do you refuse to eliminate yourself and thus, save the earth? I am very unhappy about this, you obviously don’t believe a word you write here. Talk about greedy and stupid!


    “There is only one system, and it is starving for energy.
    The Human race on the Planet Earth.
    Just like any one Human, when it starts to starve it shuts down the things it can to protect the core.
    We can no longer support our lifestyle, We are Starving.”

    “True, that’s why the USA is basically bankrupt but unwilling to admit it to the World. We have gotten to the point that everything has gone up in price and now shortages are taking place all because extracting energy costs a lot more and we are not getting the return we need to keep the lights on. But then again this was all predicted in the 70’s book Limits To Growth. They nailed our predicament 50 yrs ago when they were laughed at and ridiculed.”

    DUH! It’s such simple math! I am so amazed at how stupid you have to be to not understand “population overshoot” ffs! We are completely dependent on “CHEAP” fossil fuels for EVERYTHING needed for our survival. The party is OVER! KAPUT! Capeesh?

    Your daily rants about such irrelevant nonsense is also baffling. None of it will matter one whit when there’s no food on your table.

  5. Zeke

    John D. Rockefeller saved the whales. It wasn’t his intention but it was the result.

    Before the first oil wells in Titusville, Penna. gushed high sulfur crude oil, the whaling industry was huge and whales were hunted almost to the brink of extinction.

    Civil War soldiers wandering around after the war became the first ‘wild caters’ drilling for oil. Surplus of manpower and scarcity of employment work after being discharged from army.

    People no longer needed oil from whales to light their lamps and such.
    All of this history is detailed in a wonderful out of print book “The Seven Sisters” no longer available.

    The point is we may already be entering a post oil world. Fueled by renewables such as solar and wind and tides. Batteries and electric cars are already making inroads. Efficiencies may call for a re-evaluation of renewable wood and geothermal and the like.

  6. Unlike people here, I used to live a Victorian life style. I used firewood for heating, had sheep and cows and horses, a carriage, bikes, etc.

    I actually practice what everyone preaches!

    I see few volunteers choosing to copy me, though.

  7. lou

    7–We both know Tina cannot herd oxen, live in a tent, build a house that is somewhat energy efficient [your house] etc.

    TALK IS CHEAP and Tina the serial poster proves this.

  8. lou

    7–the ex stripper who became a Victorian?

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