Biden Ignores Court Coronavirus Vaccination Ruling, Is Dictator Now


Biden is a dictator.  When the courts order him to do something, he just does it anyways.  The DNC won’t impeach him for this, they want a dictatorship and have made it utterly clear, they want fake elections which allow illegal aliens to vote in DNC hell hole cities so they can dictate to citizens, what happens here to all of us.  Well, seeing my audience here is going nuts over the coronavirus event, it is time for more graphs and statistics to explain the obvious.  I am for vaccinations all the time and for very good reasons and got vaccinated for everything under the sun yesterday and I feel just fine, too.  On with the statistics:


This graph by the NCHS was made April 18th, 2020.  At that time, the ferocious virus was declining in the several states it hit like a hammer blow, especially the epicenter at Kennedy Airport on the border of Brooklyn and Queens.  Both boroughs were hammered hard by the virus that March and April.


Everyone was hoping back then, this would fade away for good.  I was not one of them.  I compared this disease to the Hong Kong flu 50 years earlier, that flu nearly killed me, a young, strong female student.  I am very wary about mega-pandemics due to this first hand experience, fighting for the right to live at the Gates of Death.


Note the little hump from 2015.  That caused a bit of panic back then as I recall.  Note, too, the very steep climb of the 2020 spring event.  To the moon, Alice!  The graph below shows NY City’s covid death rate with the second and third waves:

Note that NY City’s rate didn’t even come close to the early March peak, it was barely a blip and today, nearly invisible compared to March, 2020.  A dozen or fewer die a day of this disease in the many millions of people in NYC.  Below is a graph showing the entire nation:


When the second wave hit last winter after a small peak during the summer months, it was much higher and longer than the very steep climb and rapid fall of the first event that hit NYC.  This second peak was spread across much of the nation.  There was yet another small hump in the summer then a new sharp rise but this was half as much as the previous winter peak.


This is pretty much how the Hong Kong flu and the Spanish Flu operated: each winter/spring would see a peak, a secondary peak and then much smaller events spread across the entire earth.


Here is the hideous death rate in New York at the very beginning of this epidemic:



Biden and the DNC gang is desperately trying to spook us all which is hilarious when we see the kill rate is tiny compared to the original epidemic which had a very dangerous, high kill rate. Biden wants to crack down on disease when it is fading from view.  Yes, more states are seeing death rates over 3,000 per million but oddly enough, not New York, we are still below that total at 2,970 deaths.  Here are all the states with a higher death rate per million:


Outside of NJ which was one of the first states hit hard by this epidemic, the quartet of states these other states with worse outcomes than New York have something in common: they are all the southern states.  Florida’s death rate is nearly identical to New York’s death rate at just under 3,000 per million.


Compare this to Vermont which, despite all the howls of rage from anti-vaccinationists, still has by far and away the lowest death rate in the USA:



We already know that shutting down everything won’t fix this epidemic.  We also know from history, the virus evolves into weaker and weaker forms due to simple evolutionary laws: diseases that kill too much, too fast end up going extinct, quickly.  So after the first wave, it gets weaker which should make us all be very happy this rule of nature generally applies.



I am hoping the Pfizer medicine works, this would be wonderful to have the ability to produce pills that eliminates the most dangerous symptoms of flues especially the lung problems.  I nearly died, once the fever passed, of lung congestion when I had the Hong Kong flu.  I dealt with this via deliberately and very noisily chocking up the fluids and phlegm.  It was nasty and I was OK with being quite isolated while doing this.


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21 responses to “Biden Ignores Court Coronavirus Vaccination Ruling, Is Dictator Now

  1. TinaB

    EMS I would like you to either get out there at protests with your AR- 15 WITH all your children and grandchildren OR off yourself to save civilization.

    We need to get rid of ALL the bigoted, violent people and you are high on the roster.

    And btw IF I thought for one minute my offing myself would save the planet I might consider it. I am 64 and have lived a pretty nice life and the next 10 will not be pleasant (to say the least) as you point out every single day!

    Oil is used for EVERYTHING! Plastic, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer etc… How will renewables replace them? Plus, renewables are highly dependent on FFs as well. Now for a little more math (not fuzzy math EMS)!

    “ONE barrel of oil has the same amount of energy of up to 25,000 hours of hard human labor, which is 12.5 years of work.”

    “A Barrel of Crude Oil is Worth $164,000 – The Human Labor Equivalent of a Barrel of Oil””

    “In 2020, the United States consumed an average of about 18.19 million barrels of petroleum per day, or a total of about 6.66 billion barrels of petroleum.”

    $164,000 * 18.19 million = 2,952,000,000,000 (not to mention the planet could not support the number of humans required).

    Human labor cannot replace FFs period. The predicament we are in is that we NEED FFs for our survival. How are we going to get the energy required to battle the catastrophic weather events coming our way? It’s just TOO LATE!

    NONE of what you complain about every single day matters.. Who will give a shit about your “HERO” Rambo Rittenhouse or any of the “criminals” you blather on about when they are starving!

    Who is responsible (Biden, blacks, Jews etc….) is irrelevant. Like you can really “blame” the predicament on a few people – we are ALL complicit in one way or another and we will ALL pay the price. The end is nigh.

  2. TinaB

    How many people can Earth actually support?

    “But we need to consider not just quantity but also quality—Earth might be able to theoretically support over one trillion people, but what would their quality of life be like? Would they be scraping by on the bare minimum of allocated resources, or would they have the opportunity to lead an enjoyable and full life?

    Perhaps Ghandi was right when he said ‘The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed’.

    Considering that people in developed, westernised countries are not only the highest consumers of all resources, but also the largest producers of waste, it might be time to take stock of our own consumption patterns, and consider what part we can play in ensuring a healthy future not only for Earth, but everyone on it.”

    So wanting a good quality of life for EVERY human makes me a bad guy! HAHAH! Only in the hate filled EMS WORLD!

  3. TinaB

    We needed population control decades ago. I can’t for the life of me understand why everyone thinks they need/are entitled to offspring. Someone please explain.

    CLEARLY there are way too many that should NOT have offspring. It’s complete brainwashing by advertising (see MadMen series on AMC – it’s so worth the watch except for the last season).

    WE NEED our bundles of joy (planet nibblers) for our “FANTASY FAMILY”. I mean how many people really give a shit about their family? Ya right! Can’t wait to put their children in the care of others and their parents in a care home. What family? Like narcissist Kim K and her 4 children with a mentally unstable rap star and now dating a ugghhh I don’t even know what to call him! And the reason young people flock to her is because they have NO PARENTS looking after them (and sadly in many cases it would be no better if they did). Who are their role models? Hate filled bigots like EMS & lou?

    More math! “If you take all this information and add it together, the average child will use about 7,000 diapers in their lifetime and before they are potty trained” No mention of the landfills they go in – are they biodegradable? hahah!

    Also, could someone please explain to me why “childcare” is a political issue. People need to accept the responsibility of raising their offspring and NOT depend on other taxpayers to cover the costs! If you can’t afford them or take care of them then don’t have them. But hey it’s your RIGHT and your are ENTITLED dontcha know!

    It’s race to the bottom folks.

  4. TinaB

    Here’s a good story for ya.
    I started my journey of awareness around 2000. One thing I noticed was all the garbage and where did it go. Prior I had just put the garbage out on garbage day and it disappeared! Brilliant! I cared not one whit where it went.

    Cut to 2002 when I put my garbage out like I always did in the back of my house with an alley for pick up. Vancouver had recently put into effect a $1.75 sticker to put on your bags over the maximum 2 bag limit). Low and behold it was still there at the end of the day. So I brought back in and put it out the next week. Low and behold still no pickup. WTF?

    So I called the City and was told that neighbors with more than 2 garbage bags were putting there garbage in their neighbors area in front of their garbage so they didn’t have to buy the stickers. I was told that I could open their bags of garbage to see if I could find an envelope with their address on it so I would know who the culprit was. YA right!

    Well the problem is solved thankfully! We now have huge garbage and green waste receptacles and restrictions on what weeks what gets picked up. No human labour needed except one to guide and oversee the process not to mention checking to see what you are putting in there and issuing citations. Bye Bye garbage collectors and hello garbage NAZIS!

  5. Zeke

    There was life before oil, during oil, and there will be life after oil, I believe.

    The insanely wasteful and polluting use of petroleum products for ‘single use’ items such as forks, spoons, knives, cups, packaging, plates, wrappers, containers – is polluting and strangling and killing the environment from coral reefs to breathable atmosphere.

    Everything from plastic cutlery to disposable ‘burner phones’ used by coup plotters
    It’s very wasteful.

    There was life before that insanity and plunder. Not hard to imagine a world where it is no longer prevalent. Or at least minimized.
    Free take away grocery bags are being phased out in many areas now.

  6. @Tina, re: quality of life, you need to figure out how much consumption really contributes to happiness. We’ve designed an economy around always consuming more. (Mad Men, exactly.)
    I’ve lived in places where water was scarce compared to Canada. Instead of standing under a spraying showerhead for 20 minutes in the morning, we got a bucket of water, a ladle, and some soap. Pour a ladle or two over yourself to get wet, soap up, ladle the rest over you to wash the soap off. Say it used 1/20 as much water as a Canadian shower. I can tell you for sure that consuming 20 times as much water isn’t making Canadians 20 times as happy.
    I have some ideas about how we could reasonably transition our culture to something more rational, but they aren’t very worked out.

  7. TinaB

    AND for the record I could easily go 6+ months without any garbage or recycling all. I compost and have had a worm bin since 2010 so very little green waste either.

    At least 90% of all my furnishings (hard & soft), bedding, shoes & clothes, power tools (I fix things haha), gardening tools, small appliances, most of which is 10+ years old, were bought second hand (Value Village or craigslist) so no packaging. I don’t take any prescription drugs (haven’t seen a doctor since 2007) or eat processed food so no packaging there either. I pick wild blackberries every summer to freeze and eat over the winter. Grew 50 lbs of perfect potatoes this last summer, 12 winter squash, cucumbers, tomatoes etc.. Next summer I’ll add peanuts and sunflowers for my yard birds – they love them and they are so expensive.

    Last week I bought a like new $200 throw blanket made by Bedford Cottage at VV for $10! I have cashmere sweaters I paid $5 for. I can sew so i repair things instead of discarding them. Also, I haven’t used or owned a clothes dryer since 2010 – hanging racks only – outside in summer and near a register inside in the winter – yes even towels.

    I bathe & wash my hair 2 times per week and use a washcloth on the off days. Typically I do a maximum of 2 loads of laundry per month. I have never bought a “bottle” of water. I have not been to a restaurant in years. Have used the same to-go cup from VV for 10+ years. NEVER patronize Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or ANY fast food establishments. Don’t use paper towels either – just rags that I label with a sharpie – floor, dust, stove etc.. I label (meat, veges, cheese to avoid any contamination) and reuse plastic bags until they literally fall apart.

    Since 2015 I have made my own make-up/sunscreen – zinc oxide, titanium oxide & mica minerals. Recently started making my own cleansers with castille soap and almond oil with a little salt to thicken it. Haven’t been to a hair salon in the last 10+ years and no manicures/pedicures either. I’m still hot though – had an older lady ask me how old I was yesterday and she was stunned when I told her. It’s true I look and feel MUCH younger than my counterparts. I have been blessed with the genetic lottery when it comes to looks that’s for sure! 5’7″, long legs, light browm/blonde hair, blue- eyed and close to perfect measurements and optimal BMI.

    I have a 2001 Toyota Celica I bought (because it was a hatchback and I could transport large items myself without a truck) in February 2017 with 201,000 km – it now has 215,000. I have flown one time since 2010 – to Edmonton for my mothers funeral in 2015. I am more self-sufficient than ANYONE I know or 90% of the population.

    I recently bought a tray for $3 at VV and it looked vintage so I tried to find out the age and manufacturer. I googled and found one that looked similar so I contacted the mfg by email to see if it was theirs – tbh I didn’t really expect a response but thought I would try anyway.. I got a lovely reply the next day from the owner of the company – “That’s a fine looking tray, but it was not made by Kaymet……likely from the 50s or 60s”. I replied back and then realized who I was communicating with. Kaymet – Mark – the exclusive supplier of all trolleys and trays to the Royal Family! HAHA!

    Get the picture EMS? I walk my talk as best I can.

  8. @8, that’s awesome. Next I think you need to try and influence the larger culture. Cutting our individual consumption is like peeing in the ocean.
    Canada’s Green party sounds disturbingly top-down lately, but maybe you could shake it up. Or something.

  9. TinaB

    A woman friend of mine (at least 100lbs overweight for years) one day said she was so tired. I said oh no are you not sleeping well? She said, “you try carrying around 100lbs every day all day.” Geesh! I had never thought of that.

    This is why obesity is so bad and really for the most part, irreversible. I mean what do you do with all that hanging skin if you do manage to lose weight? And exercise? Another friend also 100lbs overweight started going to the gym! Within 3 days she blew out her knee (too heavy). She didn’t even lose 1 lb and in fact probably gained some. And her diet? Well, forget that! It’s Starbucks every day, processed food, cookies, pastries, pizzas at 11pm, etc…. SMH!

  10. Petruchio

    Sleepy Joe Biden isn’t running anything. He’s a figurehead; a puppet. The people ‘behind the curtain’ are running things. This is exactly why they installed Ol’ Joe into the Presidency. “They” being the Forces that own the US Government. They have used this idea before many times even. It goes back at least to Reagan, a B-list Actor. They give him Bush sr. as his VP and the Real Rulers figured Reagan was too stupid to figure out he was being used. I believe these Rulers are amazed at how much they have gotten away with without ANY backlash from the Masses.

  11. Zeke

    This site – both the provider and posters seem to have a propensity for self evaluation which culminates in self praise.
    All the while I’m thinking ‘I’ll be the judge of that.’
    Maybe EMS who I think of as a fabulist sets the tone typically casting herself as a cartoonish superhero in throw down matches with villains.

    Among the reasons I don’t have a Facebook account is that solicitation of ‘How great thou art’ response. Just not into it.

  12. Zeke

    Bush jr. nor Cheney were never held accountable for the illegal invasion of Iraq on false pretenses.

  13. TinaB

    @Steve Sadly I know full well that it does nothing. Not only that if everyone did it the economy would be destroyed. I get that. I don’t do it to make a difference to the health of our ecosystem. And I don’t do it for lack of better options. I grew up in Edmonton and partied and hung out with the Oilers (Gretzky (was interested) et al) at their prime & mine. Came to Vancouver and hung out with the Aquilinis and their ilk- you know VIP at Richards
    on Richards every weekend! HAHA! Those were the days! I quit drinking alcohol also 10 years ago.

    I’ve seen wealth up close and firsthand and frankly it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and in most cases it’s horrible. The cling-ons, clout chasers – downright sycophants – it’s truly sickening.

    II do it because it makes ME feel good mentally and physically and that to me is more important than money. And if it does help others & the ecosystem then bonus.

    When all my NEEDS are met I WANT for nothing. What a reflief!. The simpler my life is the better I like it. Luxury, status and useless material goods are of no interest to me.

    I am grateful that I got to see close up a chickadee eat a sunflower seed in my tree before I left this planet. A far cry from my attitude and awareness in my 20s. I realized I am entitled to nothing and that makes me so much grateful for what little I have.

    I give great thanks and gratitude to Guy McPherson (not just for his climate change views but his courage, honesty and wisdom on the philosophy of life) and Sam Harris. They fundamentally changed my life for the better!

  14. @16, still, you wouldn’t be here if you had no interest in what the larger world is doing.
    Everyone living more like you would destroy the economy _as we’ve designed it._ Which would be bad if the transition were handled badly. But potentially it could be great. We’re not all the same so there’s no single lifestyle for everyone, but there’s so much room for improvement that it’s sickening. So many jobs are honestly just bullshit because we need to employ people. But we could make a universal basic income, and some other proposals; it can be redesigned, and it should be.

  15. Tina, like all communists, thinks she is OK since she only pollutes the planet PARTIALLY. And she is OK with living when demanding everyone else DIE. HELLO: either you are a leftist creep lusting for killing everyone else mostly via starvation/freezing to death or you think humans are bad for the planet but are generous and kind and will commit suicide to save the planet since you, Tina, are eating living things, you are driving a CAR on ROADS that see animals killed and air polluted, etc. etc. etc.

    All people who think we are going to roast to death in the future due to TINA diving her car and heating/cooling her home, etc. should also demand she stop doing this NOW.

    She can half fix this by living in a tent like I did for TEN YEARS and grow all her own food and ride a horse like my old Sparky and sheer sheep for wool to make into clothing, etc. But she is incapable of doing any of this and only whines about how we are all going to die…because she is too stupid to see herself in a mirror.

  16. By the way, I say this all the time to the ‘I love the earth and nature’ clowns. Nearly all of them are polluters, eaters, etc. and they lust to kill as many humans as possible. I know all too well how this operates.

    We see this when they riot, loot and burn. Their ‘world’ is a nightmare world. They can’t see their own evil ways because the rest of us clean up after them and force them to follow rules and laws.

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