‘You Bet My Bail Reforms Will Kill People’ Says DA Chisholm


The proto-communist DAs elected in DNC hell hole cities like poor Minneapolis are deliberately releasing very violent criminals into the streets to kill and terrorize citizens and even the illegal aliens, too!    Giving these criminals free rein to loot and kill, crime is shooting through the roof in these Democratic hell hole cities!  A little boy just died in Wisconsin thanks to a black radical BLM monster who was released from jail on a $1000 bond and then went out immediately to find his ex-girlfriend and then ran over HER.  Then he went on a rampage, targeting women and children.  Instead of being locked up until trial, this DA is releasing him if someone posts a $2 million bond!!!  This is insanity.


This killer has a long rap sheet unlike the kid, Rittenhouse, who had zero criminal actions (by his age, I had several interesting interactions with the Law at home and overseas).  I lived in New York City where I was called ‘the Housewife from Hell’ because I arrested so many criminals there including politicians.  HAHAHA.  Well, crime is again rampant there thanks to my former next door neighbor, de Blasio.  Today, this morning, another woman minding her own business was shot and nearly killed.  One inch over, she would have instantly dies with a bullet to the thorax.




De Blasio and his gang, the communist DA, they conspired to put this obvious violent criminal BACK INTO THE STREETS!  He then immediately went forth to try to kill someone.  This is insanity, this is horrifying, the left has lost all sense of reality now.  Note how the gun was modified to muffle the barrel, silencing it somewhat.


Why was this criminal allowed out on no or very cheap bail?  Good lord, I am so happy I don’t live there anymore.  I am too old to have to run around, tackling criminals, every time I venture out of my brownstone!


Now on to Biden and his constant stupidities: after strangling our domestic fossil fuels markets, he is now scared so he is going to suck down all the energy in our reserve holding wells!  He first asked the Saudis to save him and they said no.  This is insane.




This obviously brain damaged senior reveals his insanity yet again:

Worse, he partially covers his mouth and talks softer to include the ‘end of quote’ words.  He does this CONSTANTLY.  Why isn’t he being removed?  Oh, all the DNC suffers from significant brain damage and have trouble remembering anything which is why they are repeating past mistakes turning the 2020’a into the 1970’s.  Rats, this is when I did a humongous numbers of arrests due to totally out of control crimes going on back then.



This is actually a funny video.  It shows how stupid Biden is and how futile his thrashing around is in the end.


Rittenhouse is still in the news.  One by one, the lunatics who attacked him viciously in the communist media are quietly apologizing to him and re-editing their stories attacking him and accusing him of being a criminal when he was found ‘not guilty’.  All talk of taking the lad to court again is rapidly dying out for obvious reasons.  I want all these media clowns and politicians and actors arrested!  But they won’t, they will be sued, they can’t erase the past that easily.


Meanwhile, the Kid rolls onwards, yesterday, he met with Trump at Trump’s Florida resort:


One last stupid leftist story left: Vicky Nguyen told everyone on TV they should not host any dinner parties and eat spaghetti, instead of turkey.  Gobble gobble goes the goons on TV!



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17 responses to “‘You Bet My Bail Reforms Will Kill People’ Says DA Chisholm

  1. lou

    1–grab a mans gun and the man with the gun is a killer? fool.


    Dutch politician publicly talks about the Rockefeller Lockstep document that laid out the plan for the Covid Hoax in 2010.

  2. John Culhane

    Guess who is moving to Florida and buying beach front property.

  3. Zelda

    Top athletes collapsing and children having heart problems and strokes is the “new normal”. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Zeke

    Biden reads from the teleprompter incl. an “end of quote”

    Is that why Biden is always squinting? His eyes are like slits like he’s looking into a bright light. It’s not a natural, relaxed look.
    Is speaking extemporaneously, off script that risky.

  5. John Culhane

    Above example, she wants federal prisons to be emptied within 10 years supporting something called the breath act. She can’t give a straight answer if there’s certain types of criminals who should remained locked up.

  6. Zeke

    Wishing everyone a happy, thoughtful and reflective Thanksgiving. In a way, it’s a nonsectarian spiritually marked day.

    Doing a contrarian Thanksgiving fast today.

    Supposedly Ben Franklin wanted the turkey, not the bald eagle, to be the national symbol.

    It symbolized bounty and nourishment rather than the aggressive qualities of an apex predator.

  7. I’m just basking in the Ahmaud Arbery verdict. Such a tiny win it is, but it’s hope.
    BTW, this is interesting.
    “Jamie Dimon says he regrets joking about the Chinese Communist Party”

  8. I used to raise and sell Bronze turkeys which are beautiful birds. The white ones are ugly. Their feathers are weak, this is deliberate breeding for easy to pluck. To pluck a wild bronze turkey, you need PLIARS! They are very hard to pull off!

    Wild turkeys taste better, too. My domestic bronzes were prize winners, I had one that weighed over 40 pounds, a monster size and a restaurant bought him for Thanksgiving.

    By the way, we have frost on the ground and it is only 25 degrees F outside today. So much for ‘global warming’.

  9. And…is Pelosi moving to Mar Ga Lo? HAHAHA.

  10. qbutnoa

    ems= Note how the gun was modified to muffle the barrel, silencing it somewhat.

    It looks like a torch duck taped to the barrel, not a silencer ?

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