Best Buys Stock Falls Suddenly When Diversity Officer Irvin Attacks Kyle Rittenhouse In Memo

Best Buy’s stock crashes when Diversity Officer of the business attacked Kyle Rittenhouse and tells staff they get day off to ‘mourn’ for the death of LOOTERS who set stores on fire, no less!  Corporate America hired an army of SJW leftists churned out of our colleges to run ‘diversity’ offices that are extremely racist and anti-American.  This corporate lunacy is part of the collapse of civilization as all rules and regulations and civil rights are destroyed so that ‘minorities’ and ‘illegal aliens’ can loot, rape and burn and KILL our cities and attack our citizens.  This is insane and will lead to civil war.


Mark Irvin


Mark Irvin is the chief inclusion, diversity and talent officer for Best Buy Co. Inc. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s strategy for creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment for its 100,000 employees. He also oversees all programs aimed at attracting, retaining and growing diverse talent and perspectives.


Evidently, this ’empathy’ and ‘fear’ is all about massive numbers of black people freaking out when it turns out, a white teenager has the right to defend himself from rioting white criminals with huge criminal records who are joining black criminals in looting and burning a city?  What the hell is wrong here with these ‘educated’ people like Irvin?  He isn’t stupid, he is craven and evil.


As all stores in DNC run hell hole cities are systematically looted continuously now and with virtually none of the looters going to prison for this, as blacks loot and burn and destroy everything they can reach inside and now outside of hell hole cities, what does it take to get the black educated elites to finally figure out the obvious?


It is very obvious to me that no one will want to work with or be around or have a job anywhere near any black population!  Our colleges now teach black students that they are victims and have the right to loot and burn civilizations.  This is insane and has a very obvious bad ending yet virtually no, except for a few brave intelligent black politicians and pundits, can see the end result of all this pandering and enabling vile criminal actions in the black community.



Kyle is going after all the clowns that demanded he be punished for legally defending himself from a gang of child rapists, looters and arsonists.  He was attacked by CRIMINALS.  Biden is in real trouble here.  In court, he cannot lie.  In court, he can’t pull rank.  Watching an 18 year old take down this warmongering fool is hilarious.  I wish I had his level of power many years ago when going after Nixon and LBJ!


Kyle Rittenhouse is very well spoken and has a clear mind and good memory.  Getting lawyers to represent him in suing the senile President was easy.  The monsters on the left forgot from the first hour, this young lad was a legal CHILD when this happened to him.


Kyle and his family are getting many death threats.  I know all about this!  I have gotten death threats in the past including a NY Queens detective sent by Democrats to threaten my life after ringing my doorbell!  They all went to prison except the one who sent the detective, he killed himself instead.  HAHAHA.  What is even more stunning today is how the entire Bilderberg gang media is ignoring the MASS MURDER of elderly ladies and little children who were run over by a BLM hate filled felon who was released from jail this last week so he could kill and maim 60 victims!



Biden, upon learning the name of the mass killer this week, refused to say the killer’s name or demand bail be reformed so that obvious terrorists or killers are not released on low or no bail!  Instead, this evil President doubled down on demanding low bail for BLACK criminals!  This is a one way road to destruction…for black males in particular.  Eventually, everyone will assume all black males are untrustworthy and dangerous!  This would be a total disaster for them all, especially the honest ones.




The New York Times pushed very hard for ‘reforms’ which legalized blatant massive criminal messes which now sees outright looting going on day and night everywhere run by Democrats.  When will this stupid insanity stop?  I know: arrest these DNC leaders!  Put them in prison for conspiring with criminals to loot cities and kill citizens!


Across eight days this month, near Chicago, around the Bay Area and in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, a series of fast, high-profile burglaries have alarmed businesses, bystanders and some state and local officials, who have promised to crack down on the crimes.


HAHAHA. Yes, they are ‘cracking down’ via no bail release and light to no sentences when found guilty! Also, it is now legal to steal $960 of goods PER DAY so it is a lucrative business, this blatant stealing. Also, also, if you stop the looters and they get bruised, the business is sued and the government punishes anyone who tries to stop looting.


“We need to make an example out of these folks,” Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said at a news conference on Monday. “They’re not just stealing people’s products and impacting their livelihoods. They’re stealing a sense of place and confidence, and that’s why you got to get serious about it.”


He can fix this by committing suicide. Write a note saying, ‘I am directly responsible for all the blatant looting, crimes and murders in California,’ and this will go a long long way, fixing this mess.


Data about how frequently these types of crimes occur is not readily available from two leading retail industry trade groups, and local law enforcement agencies have not shared their data publicly.

They are conspiring to hide these criminals! This is illegal. Arrest all the idiots who run these ‘industry trade groups’ and ‘retail groups’!


A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said that because the investigation was ongoing, he would not say what evidence, if any, the authorities had collected to connect the burglaries on Friday night.


This requires zero investigation.  What is required is a total change in policies, laws and prisons.  These looters should be in prison and be there a long, long time.  ANY thefts large or small should have some punishment.  I used to lecture about this.  ‘Stop the small crimes, you stop the big crimes’ is one of my regular mottos.



The three men found guilty of killing an unarmed black man they trailed after when they found him repeatedly trespassing on private property is a correct ruling.  I have made many, many arrests and at no time did I use a gun at all.  The three men had a right to talk to the black man and to warn him to not trespass and even follow him to learn where he lives so they can report this to the police.


Threatening him with guns was uncalled for and very stupid!  And I have been shot at by men and had them arrested, too.


Meanwhile, the war on police and all civilized people continues to worsen as liberals enable criminals to openly loot, rape and burn and then murder anyone and everyone in all DNC hell hole cities.  This is pure evil.


Meanwhile in Europe, illegal aliens travel thousands of miles and cross oceans to invade England.  Hello!  This is how all the Norsemen invaded England and Europe!  Indeed, this is now so out of control, the English are now being forced to let in all invaders no matter who or where or when!  This is how ancient Rome fell.  England was instantly invade by the Angles and Saxon tribes within a few years of the Roman legions pulling out!







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34 responses to “Best Buys Stock Falls Suddenly When Diversity Officer Irvin Attacks Kyle Rittenhouse In Memo

  1. “it is now legal to steal $960 of goods PER DAY”
    Er, according to whom?
    Nobody go out and shoplift $960 today assuming it’s legal. Entertainment purposes only here, you know.

  2. lou

    Steve is dumb. looting is legal. organized flash mobs. Ive seen a bit of the bold shoplifting, up close.

    PLAGE LAW EXPLAINED. Its is not new,

  3. lou

    Europe is working on a less temporary QR code, which will be valid for not more than one year after getting the Jab (health file).

    Your digital wallet and identity files will also be added. T

    he Dutch financial journalist, Arno Wellens, studied all European treaties and saw this was decided already in 2014. In a “former life” Arno was checking bank balances.

    Arno can exactly show where he is talking about. A brilliant journalist!

    [the only person posting on this blog who things pharma-tech-gov is trying to protect us from covid is EMS].

  4. @2, what are you talking about?
    Just because you saw something happen doesn’t mean it’s legal.

  5. lou

    Former soccer/football pro calls for investigation into sudden-cardiac-arrest events in pro soccer.

    Five-fold increase in deaths in FIFA events over the past year.

    Not very safe, but quite effective, it would seem.

  6. Zeke

    People I disagree with are “dumb”.
    as in (“Steve is dumb.”)

    People I agree with are “brilliant”.
    as in “Amo ….. A brilliant journalist!”

    “[the only person posting on this blog who things (sic) pharma-tech-gov is trying to protect us from covid is EMS].
    “things” -> thinks – there, fixed that for ya, oh great know-it-all

  7. TinaB

    @lou you wish you had a fraction of the intelligence that Steve has. You should just relax now – seriously we all know you are delusional we don’t need anymore proof. Chill out dude!

    trump says: “Kyle is a “fan”. Well there you have it in a nutshell! The mentality is clear! Why choose that word over say you know “supporter”? Very telling. More proof that trump is nothing but a celebrity wannabe. “Cult member” would have been more appropriate.

    Fan (person) “People who approve of or associate themselves with certain politicians or political groups are generally called “supporters” rather than “fans”, although there are politicians with official or unofficial “fan clubs”.
    Intense and organized support for a politician may be referred to as a personality cult, particularly in authoritarian or totalitarian regimes.”

    I believe it comes from “fanatic” – “a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause. “religious fanatics

    ONE WORD speaks volumes.

  8. Okay, according to Lou and Elaine, all of you can legally loot $960 per day. I recommend against trying it, but if anyone thinks they know what they’re talking about let us know how it goes.

  9. qbutnoa

    ems= The English are now being forced to let in all invaders no matter who or where or when!

    The invasion must be payed for

  10. Zeke

    If Best Buys stock price goes down for a non-business purpose – – might be a good buying opportunity of that stock.

    (Putting aside momentarily the hideous monetary fraud perpetrated by Powell and his FRB criminals.)

    Evidently the horrible inflation we’re seeing now is ok with dead eye brain dead Biden because he nominated criminal Chair Powell for another four year term.
    (not that there was even a real choice b/c the only other person considered was Lael Brainard, whoop-de-doo, a woman, internal plumbing, whow wee. But she is also a member of the criminal FRB Corp.! When what was/is needed is someone from OUTSIDE the criminal so called FedResvBnk to come in and clean house. It’ll never happen.)

    After snatching an ignominious route from the jaws of stalemate in Afghanistan and trying to gaslight us into believing it was the only and inevitable course – looking for new stuff to screw up.

  11. Zeke

    Trump’s language (and therefore what passes for a brain) is still trafficking in ‘crowd size’, ‘big fan’, and ‘ratings’ and such.

    Stoking anger and resentment and grievance and factionalism is the ilk of demagogues.

    (don’t mistake antipathy for Trump with approval of Biden or vice versa.)

  12. Petruchio

    It isn’t just that Corporate America is bringing in the BLM and SJW Mob. It’s just one more step. Corporate America has filled their Human Resources Departments with the #MeToo crowd. It’s hard to believe that such a tiny Minority of people can exert so much influence. My guess is these groups have very powerful backing from somewhere. And of course, you do not see or hear even a whimper about this from our Elected Representatives in Congress. Or The White House. This won’t change until the target of ll this abuse organize and DEMAND, not ask, for change.

  13. TinaB

    djt junior tweet: “Want a great holiday gift for the Trump Lover in your life? Well here it is.
    You’re Welcome.”

    “TRUMP LOVER”…… FFS…who says shit like this? This is adoration on a whole new level! Off the effing charts! These people are not well.

    The only reason trump wanted to be president is because he thought he would finally get all the adoration he desperately needs and be adored by everyone in the world.

    The press would love him too! First criticism said and he took the gloves and never put them back on. He’s just too fragile to just expect and accept that as it’s what every president has endured – except Obama who endured significantly MORE! Just jumped into the gutter (where he currently resides.) and dragged everyone he could with him. He’s nothing more than an entertainer and than second rate at that.

    He didn’t want nor was he remotely qualified for the job – he just wanted the celebrity status. When he realized the colossal error he had made there was no turning back so full speed ahead into the gutter where he will remain for the rest of his days.

    I just can’t stop cringing.

  14. qbutnoa

    Invasion by military age males

    Nigel Farage speaks

  15. Zeke

    Human Resources (HR) is corporate America.

    In any and all and every conflict, disagreement, dispute, HR comes down squarely and unequivocally on the side of backing management over the employee. Never forget that. Ever.

    Human Resources used to be called Personnel but they ALL switched over to HR almost overnight.

    It’s a way of informing employees that they have no personhood. They are a resource to be used by the corp. as it sees fit.
    Like the toilet paper and the mops are rest room and janitorial resources and the copiers and the cubicles are clerical and office resources so similarly with its “human resources”.

  16. TinaB

    And this piece of work!!! The cringe is epic! Kim baby! Being in the same room as that woman would make my skin crawl,

    “Like Cesar Romero on an epic meth binge”

    “Ummm . I guess so, if screaming nonsense amounts to giving a speech in Trumpworld.”

  17. @13, BLM and MeToo, as they’re being portrayed, are no threat to corporate power, and actually benefit it. There are feminists and black activists who want to change things more fundamentally, but they’re not being invited to the conversation. Zeke is right, from the standpoint of HR humanity is a resource to be used. (Like the old saying goes, when people tell you what they’re about, listen. HR is what they want to be called.)
    Social equality makes sense from an HR perspective. If your goal is to maximize profits, you want the most talented people getting promoted, and you want everyone focused on their jobs. Sexuality has no place in that. It can cause people to get hired or promoted for the wrong reasons, and people being unproductive at work because they’re dealing with harassment, or wasting work time flirting. Same with racism. If a black person is best qualified for the job, HR wants them in the job. Hiring and promotions should be based only on performance, if you’re trying to make as much money as possible.
    Equality is good because it makes people more like a resource. The ideal is robots, but since AI isn’t quite there yet, we need people to be as much like robots as possible. So we have to pretend they basically have no bodies – no race or gender or individuality, just performance metrics.
    It’s taken awhile for corporations to figure out that this is what they want, but they’re remarkably adaptable. From their standpoint I think they’re correct.

  18. It’s why I have to laugh that Elaine considers so many things ‘communist.’ The Fortune 500 are definitely communists in her schema.
    @Tina, thanks for defending me earlier.

  19. Zeke

    COMMON Stock ownership of the Means of Production.
    If you want to interpret it as such, it could be right out of the ‘Communist Manifesto’.

    Public Libraries, Public School Sys., Public Health, Mass Transportation, etc. could all be misinterpreted as ‘Communist’ if you’re a word twisting pervert or a dictionary destroyer like Grover Norquist. Or if you’re Elaine I guess.

    Only private property is legitimate. But the dirty little secret that they don’t want to talk about is this: – – you wouldn’t even own your own house if the State didn’t grant you title.
    The State issues title to the buyer for a fee and and acts as guarantor of that title going back thru the chain of title since the State took possession of the land. Title Insurance defends the purchaser’s claim again for a fee. We typically don’t look beyond how the State acquired the land.
    Treaty or Land Grant, etc.

  20. Corporations also restrict people’s speech far more than the US government, in my experience. Nondisclosure agreements, of course, but also they increasingly try to limit what you can post on social media, and definitely make hiring decisions based on that. Every place has an employee code of conduct. The amount of things you have to agree to when you accept a job offer is staggering.
    Still, in American mythology, it’s always the government taking away people’s freedom, never corporations.

  21. Zeke

    If you are at work in other than employment status – you are trespassing.
    Employment status allows for the – temporary suspension of the law of trespass.

    People should know their place.

  22. lou

    as seen elsewhere>


    I live in a small town in TX. Every time I go to Lowes Garden Center, I see someone walk out with boxes of power tools, tool sets, etc. The employees are not allowed to stop them. They go to their big duley truck or current year model car. In other words, they don’t appear to be poor.

  23. John Culhane

    Being held in the Southern District of New York as well. You know the one that protects the bankers.

  24. lou


    In Colorado, the courts no longer release the names of sex OFFENDERS. not just rape victims.

  25. Zelda

    First, juries don’t “rule”, they “find”.

    Second, if anyone here is interested in legitimate analysis of high profile use of course cases I recommend Andrew Branca; rather than say, for example,
    the nonsense Supkis is spewing here.

  26. Zeke

    What are “course cases”?

  27. Zeke

    Don’t bother viewing crapy videos where poster is too lazy to even provide note or description of posted video.

  28. Zeke

    American Thanksgiving = an obscene orgy of gluttony – or – a super spreader event.
    We’ll know in about three weeks.

  29. Cheerful leftists are funny as hell!

    You guys have no idea how silly you all look, posting junk here as if it were real. Look, dear posters here, if you hate Trump and hate law and order, you guys are the MINORITY now.

    Even careless Americans are pissed off at leftists now that they get a taste of leftist hyperinflation and leftist looting and burning and raping in leftist cities and Trump is riding higher and higher every day despite being banned from mainstream media systems.

    And why do stupid leftists love censorship? I have censored people here but only when they do PERSONAL ATTACKS. It is OK to say someone is silly or wrong but cussing and sneering and LYING about conversations is very annoying as well as stupid.

  30. Oh, and don’t forget to read about the new African variant of the coronavirus! I explain how this evolves and how the previous variants evolved, each one on a different continent and then, mainly via illegal aliens etc. these then move into all countries since a gigantic army of aliens are flowing everywhere right now, all of them seeking to go to Northern Europe and the USA to get goodies as typical invaders did 2,000 years ago.

  31. lou

    33–USA now has had cases of
    many other diseases from Africa and South of the border.
    With China, Africa and Mexico, Whites and the USA do not have much of a chance.

    NOW–MONKEY POX. A nice nigerian gives us,

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